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The Cabin

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“Do you think your sister’s hot, Joe?”

“What?” Eleven-thirty Friday night. We had come upstairs to the bedroom after going out earlier with Katie, as we did once a month. Dinner. A few drinks. Conversation. Laughter.

“You heard, buster. She is hot, isn’t she? Kate’s hot.”

I unbuttoned my dark blue linen shirt, let it slip from my shoulders and tossed it toward the laundry basket in the bathroom and missed. I went through and picked it up before Bel told me to.

“I’m hardly the one to ask, am I? She’s my sister. How’m I supposed to know if she’s hot or not?”

Bel laughed, out of her own top now, standing on the other side of the bed in a short skirt and red bra. My cock twitched involuntarily. After our Friday nights with Katie we almost always had sex, and that’s what I’d been thinking about on the drive home.

“You’re a man—last time I looked, anyway. Men don’t care about who women are. Mom, sister, aunt, all you see is tits and ass.”

I pulled a face as I came back into the bedroom, tried not to make it obvious I was watching as Bel slipped out of her skirt, walked to the closet and hung it up. Her tiny matching red panties hugged her round ass, caressing it like my hands wanted to.

“But Katie’s my sis, Bel. Sisters are different.” Not telling my beautiful wife I’d had thoughts about Katie since I was old enough to realize girls were different to boys. Hell, more than thoughts. Late nights jacking off in a haze of images, Katie in there somewhere all mixed up with other girls and women, more so as puberty hit its raging peak, less as I got older and guilt kicked in harder, but every now and then those thoughts resurfaced.

I stepped out of my pants, hung them up, walking close by Bel as I went to my closet, feeling the heat of her body touch mine and my cock thickened inside my shorts. When I turned back I saw Bel’s eyes glance down, back up. Her face showed nothing, but I knew she’d noticed. It was friday.

“Well, I think she’s hot. And I don’t see why you can’t think so too. It’s not as if I asked if you wanted to fuck her or anything.”

I think my mouth must have dropped open because Bel put her hand up to stifle a giggle. I saw her gaze drop to my shorts again. All this talk was making me harder by the second, and I wondered if Bel was doing it on purpose. I hoped so. Bel in this kind of mood was fun. When she dropped her hand she reached behind and unclipped her bra, stood for a moment with it cupping her breasts, then she gave a little shimmy so it slipped away and she caught it. Her nipples, already peaked, traced jagged circles in the air.

I walked past her, deliberately not reaching out as I knew she expected, went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. When I came back Bel had removed her panties and lay on top of the bed on her front. I stopped in the doorway and stripped out of my shorts, added them to the laundry. My cock stuck out almost fully erect now and Bel turned her head and looked at me.

“I thought it was too warm to get under the covers.”

“You did?”

I caught the edge of her smile, white teeth against dark red lips. She’d left her lipstick on, and at the thought my cock came fully hard.

“You want a back rub?”

Bel nodded. “That’d be a good start.”

I knelt beside her and ran my hand along her leg from ankle to thigh, allowing my fingers to trail inside the cleft of her ass and saw Bel’s skin pucker into gooseflesh. She liked being teased. I put some more pressure into it and kneaded her waist, back and shoulder, kissed her shoulder then worked my way down. Bel’s hand snaked out, found my thigh, moved up to cup my balls for a moment before finding their true target.

“Mm… I like it when you get hard this fast.” She mumbled into the covers, stroking me without looking, running her slim fingers the length of my erection, smoothing the tip of her index finger over my glans, spreading the slick pre-cum that was already oozing.

I kissed the side of her hip, smoothed my fingers along her thigh, coming up inside her legs and Bel eased herself open for me. She was as ready as me, her cleft slick and wet against my finger. I spread some of that wetness along her crack and around her asshole. Bel shivered as my finger traced her neat, pink bud.

“Oh Joe… don’t tease a girl.”

I kissed her on the point her ass bloomed from her waist, where the valley of her butt began, and she lifted her hips, offering herself to me. I knew Bel liked me to play with her ass, loved it when I licked her there, but we’d never done anything more. I was never sure if Bel wanted anything more, but she sure liked me getting her ass good and wet. She lifted herself again, her hand pulling away from my cock.

“Come underneath me,” she said, widening her legs. I scooted back, slid between her thighs and she tugged me on, her fingers finding my cock again, her mouth dropping to my cock and taking me inside in one smooth motion. Almost at once she pulled back, moved her mouth to my balls and bahis firmaları wet them with her tongue, letting spit fall onto them. I almost came there and then, made an effort to control myself.

I gripped Bel’s hips with my hands and licked along the cleft of her ass and she jerked, jerked again when I found her most sensitive spot with the tip of my tongue.

“Oh shit, Joe, make me come honey.”

Bel’s body was on fire, heat radiating from her, and I made my tongue stiff and pressed against her asshole. Bel whimpered and pushed back. We’d done this asshole thing the last couple of years. I discovered it by accident as I was going down on her, slipped too far back and Bel made no objection so a couple weeks later I tried again. We didn’t ever talk about it, but I knew Bel liked what I did.

I pushed my thumb inside her pussy, cradled her clitoris in the angle of my hand and moved it gently. I pushed harder into her ass, probing deeper than I ever had before. Bel rode against me, taking my cock inside her mouth again but she was breathing hard now, gasping around my length and not really doing much but I didn’t care, I was going to come anyway from what I was doing to her.

Bel rocked steadily against my hand. I lifted my left hand and used my finger against her asshole. I’d done the same for the first time a week before but hadn’t invaded her, just used the tip to add a little pressure. This time I pushed, slipping my tongue clear, her asshole wet and ready and I pushed my finger inside her and Bel gasped as I slipped the full length inside.

“Oh God Joe, you’re a fucking animal… don’t stop.”

“You like my finger?” Words. I sometimes wondered why we didn’t use them more, Bel and I.

She nodded, my cock slipping free of her lips and I humped up against her face.

“Say it,” I said, about to tip over whether she was sucking me or not.

“I like your finger, Joe.”

I pushed harder, working it in and out faster, my face inches away, entranced at the sight. Bel has a stupendous ass, the budded center pink and sweet and inviting, but I hardly dreamed she might want me to do this to her.

“Where d’you like my finger, Bel?”

“Oh God.” She trembled. “Don’t make me… oh sweet Jesus…” The trembling increased and I knew she was there already.

I lifted up, licked around where my finger entered her and Bel squealed. She sat back, flattening my face under her ass as my finger buried itself deep inside her. I felt her hand join mine at her pussy as she bucked on top of me. I was going to have to move soon because I couldn’t breathe, but I’d hold on as long as possible because Bel had never come like this before, not with me and, I guessed, not with anyone else either. I slipped my thumb free of her pussy and fumbled for my cock, needing my own release and Bel gasped.

“God yes, Joe, rub yourself for me.”

This sure was a night for surprises. The thought of Bel watching me jacking off sent me over and I arched my back, spraying cum. Bel rolled off me fast and for a moment, my finger pulling free from her ass with a tiny pop and I thought I’d done something to disgust her, but she was searching for my cock, trying to take my cum into her mouth. I could breathe now, and see, as my cock ejaculated onto Bel’s cheek and then her bright red lips closed over me and I came against her tongue. We’d done this before, but usually I pulled away before I came, unsure if Bel wanted me to come into her mouth. Tonight she was hungry, swallowing everything I had left that hadn’t already splashed across her belly.

In the aftermath we lay head to toe, Bel playing with my softening cock. A ring of lipstick marked where her lips had tightened around me. Now she sucked the entire flaccid length inside her mouth, releasing it wet and glistening. I stroked her back and ass, brushing my fingers across her asshole.

Bel said, “We’re you thinking of Katie? Is that why you came so hard?”

I lifted up, removing my hand from her ass and she pulled a face.

“What’s this thing with Katie? And no, I wasn’t.”

“I wouldn’t mind if you were.”

I stared at her and Bel laughed.

“Why the big frown?”

“Where the hell is this coming from, Bel?”

She shrugged, breasts moving.

“I been thinking lately, is all. Katie seems so lonely these days, and kinda stressed.”

“She does an important job.”

“I know. But she needs some fun, too.” Bel tried to look innocent but there was something going on inside her brown eyes.

“Then we can fix her up with a date.”

“Katie’s scary, you know that. Remember John Parker? We both thought he was perfect, but Katie’s so… so beautiful, so bright, I think he felt inadequate. It didn’t last two weeks. How many long term relationships has Katie ever had?”

“That I know about?”

“Sure. That you know about.”


“So how does she de-stress?”

“Maybe she’s got her own way.”

“When was the last time she took a vacation?”

I thought kaçak iddaa back. As far as I remembered it had been the year we both turned eighteen and Mom and Dad took us to Florida, the Keys, for a week. We had lazed around on the sand, taken a skiff out on the water, fished for bonefish and dived for clams.

“When?” Bel nudged me, and I was aware I’d gone to another place, picturing Katie in the tiny black bikini she wore that year that was too small for her. By then we’d both been offered placed in college and it was as if the bikini was part of her old life and she didn’t want to buy a new one. I guess Katie had known she was on a different track by then.

“Eight years, I guess. Katie doesn’t do vacations.”

“She should.” Bel snuggled against me, her body soft and boneless after the sex. I kissed the top of her head, smelling shampoo, felt myself starting to get hard again.

“I agree. A vacation would do her good.”

“I’ll ask her.” Bel hugged me, kissed my cheek, wiped the wet spot away with her fingers. “She can come with us.”

I turned my head. What the hell was Bel plotting here? Why this all of a sudden? I thought after five years of marriage I knew my wife pretty well. This stuff was coming completely out of left field.

“You think that’s a good idea? We booked the small cottage, didn’t we?” Same as we did every summer, even though Florida was not a summer vacation spot, we liked the heat, the lack of crowds other than the Brits who had been sold on the idea of a week in Florida, not knowing it was going to top a hundred most days.

“There a couch pulls out into a bed. You can use that.”

I laughed. “I can?”

Bel started running her fingers down my belly, catching the start of my pubic hair and my cock twitched and stiffened and after a couple more passes her fingers closed around me.

“I thought me and Katie could use the bed. You already told me she’s not hot, so you won’t want to fuck her. But I might.”

“Bel, what the fuck—” But she stopped me, swinging her legs over my head and sitting on my face while her mouth took a good length of my cock. I stopped arguing, the feel of her tongue probing the head of my cock too great to resist, and I probed back, pushing as far as I could inside her pussy. And while Bel made me come again it was Katie I pictured sitting against my mouth, wondering if she’d taste different to my wife, knowing her body would feel different. What was Bel thinking of?


Katie surprised me. The following month at our usual get together, as we sat in Torini’s eating creamed chicken with asparagus tips and tiny roasted potatoes, drinking a good Pinot Grigio, Bel up and popped the question straight out and Katie said sure, she’d love to join us if we didn’t mind a hanger on.

“Are you sure?” It was me tried to put the lid back. Bel hadn’t said a word all week, acting normal. Me, I’d discover the idea popping into my head at odd moments, each time wondering what Bel was thinking of. I’d never heard mention of her having a thing for girls, but she sure as hell sounded like she had a thing for Katie. Or was she only teasing me? Strange way to tease, I thought.

Katie turned her gaze from Bel to me, clear blue eyes large, intelligent. My eyes—except I lacked that intelligence.

“When was the last time I took a real vacation, Joe?” Her eyes wandered my face as if looking for something, rose back to meet mine having failed to find it. She raised perfectly manicured brows, pale blonde to match her hair. We might be twins but Katie looked nothing at like me. Light where I was dark, slim and willowy, intelligent. And, of course, she was a girl. I’d noticed.

It was the same question Bel had asked me, so I gave the same answer. “The year before we went to college.”

Katie nodded. Bel speared asparagus and slid the tip between her lips in a distracting manner. She slipped it in and out three times then bit down, chewed. It was lucky the table hid the bulge growing in my pants. We formed a triangle, sitting at a round table, Bel marginally closer to Katie than she was to me so I could see both the women I loved easily.

“That seems an age ago now,” Katie said. She looked down at her plate, moved some chicken around. A small frown crossed her brow as though she was trying to make sense of what she was eating. “Nine years ago.”

“Eight,” I said.

“Is it? How about we settle on eight and a half?”

I nodded. Katie was always right about these things.

Katie laughed, decided on a small piece of chicken, lifted it to her lips and chewed. A little cream sauce caught on the side of her mouth and her tongue came out and licked it away.

“Too long then, I guess. God, I wonder if I still got that old bikini?”

I felt my face warm, remembering how she’d looked in it. She’d had it since she was sixteen, but by eighteen her breasts and hips had filled out. I don’t know why Mom and Dad didn’t tell her to go get a new one. It was positively obscene. Katie would lie on kaçak bahis the sun lounger, sweat pricking out across her back, thighs slightly parted. I lay on the other lounger staring along her thighs to their meeting point. The black nylon cupped her ass like a lover’s touch, outlined the cleft between her legs. Here and there faint blonde hairs curled out from beneath the elastic and if anyone had asked me to get up I couldn’t have because my cock was painfully hard.

“Hey, we could go shopping,” Bel said. “We can buy you a new Florida outfit. I bet you don’t have much in the way of shorts and halter-tops, do you?”

“Funnily enough it’s not a look I wear often.”

Katie graduated top of her class, having studied law. Instead of going to a big city firm—she could have gotten a job about anywhere—she moved back close to where I lived with Bel. We weren’t married then, soon would be, but we’d lived together since our second year in college. Katie started at the bottom but within three years was made partner. She specialized in high end corporate law, the kind of stuff us mere mortals didn’t even understand. To Katie it was like breathing. I guess when we shared a womb together all my brains leaked across and went into her. I do okay, but I’m no Katie.

“You sure you can make the time?” I was still trying to put obstacles in the way, not sure why, not sure if I wanted what Bel seemed to be planning or not. No, wrong. Wanting it, but wanting it too much, not sure if Bel was kidding me, most times convinced she had to be.

Katie glanced at Bel. “Remind me of the dates, Bel?” The way she said it I was convinced they had talked about it before tonight. Katie pulled her iPhone from her bag and opened her calendar.

“First week in August,” Bel said. “Roasting time.” She grinned.

“We always used to go then, didn’t we?” Katie scrolled through the months on the small screen, then looked up at me, studying my face again.

“Except that last time. But you know Pop, he always said it was cheaper in summer.”

“He was always such a tight-ass. Still is.” She looked at me such a long time my face grew warm and I concentrated on my dinner. She was still looking when I started chewing and glanced back up.

“Pop’s okay,” I said.

Katie nodded. “Sure. I know he is. But he does love a bargain. I’ve got a case finishing end of July, nothing in the diary until the end of August. I’d been thinking of taking a break anyway.”

I ate more chicken with a spear of asparagus, not making a fuss with it like Bel had.

“You had?”

Katie shrugged. Beneath her loose dress her breasts moved. I swallowed, looked for more chicken.

“Don’t you believe me?” Katie smiled sweetly.

“You never have before.”

“Well this year I am.”

“How about tomorrow?” Bel said, breaking the tension that had grown between me and my sister, something going on here, something completely new.

“Tomorrow?” Katie broke eye contact, leaned toward Bel and I looked at the two of them, Bel dark haired, olive-skinned, Katie blonde, her skin the color of cream but I knew she rarely burned, always using plenty of lotion. There had been times she’d asked me to spread it across her back and I’d always obliged, needing to lie on my front again after. Seemed to me, thinking back, I spent a great deal of time lying on my front on vacation.

“We can go shopping tomorrow. For your outfits.”

Katie laughed. “That sounds fun. Sure.”


We drove down in our station wagon because Katie’s Porsche had no chance of carrying the three of us, and it seemed she didn’t want to bring her own vehicle anyway. It was like she’d let go, released hold on herself, letting Bel direct her. Maybe that was a vacation for Katie, not having to be controlled and in control all the time.

I knew the way to the cabin in my sleep. We started before dawn, leaving Heartville a little after 4 a.m., 600 miles ahead of us. Katie sat in back dozing, dressed in the new clothes she and Bel had picked out for her. She had tossed only one small suitcase in the back of the station wagon so they couldn’t have bought too much on their shopping spree. We slid from Georgia into Florida with the sun coming up on our left, stopped an hour later for breakfast. An hour after that we were on our way again. By five in the afternoon the station wagon bounced along the half mile of rutted track and I pulled up on a sandy turn-in behind the cabin we rented this time every year. Katie and Bel had changed placed on the way down and as I killed the engine Katie leaned forward. I looked away, trying not to stare at the way her breasts stretched the halter top she wore, like I had spent the last two hours trying not to stare at her long legs resting on the dash.

“Joe—this is the same place.”

I nodded, said, “Of course it is,” and she grinned.

“You come to the same place we used to? Every year?”

I nodded again.

Katie laughed and slapped my chest with the back of her hand.

“I never knew.”

“We there?” Bel had fallen asleep in back, straightened up now and leaned over the seat. She rested one hand on my shoulder, another on Katie’s, her long fingers dark against Katie’s skin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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