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The Camping Trip

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It was mid-day and the Williams family car was cruising down the highway having long left the main cities traffic behind. They were now driving past mainly lush farming properties and everyone inside the car was now staring out at the scenic views before them. Richard was at the wheel with his wife Helen beside him and their two offspring in the back.

Helen was daydreaming now, feeling quite nostalgic about the significant day it was. Eighteen years ago today she and her new husband where at the hospital waiting for the surprise package to arrive. They were to be young parents, both being twenty years old and couldn’t be more excited about it.

It came as quite a shock when Helen gave birth to not just one, but TWO healthy babies!

Twins! One boy and one girl.

Their ultrasound had only shown up one heart beat so this was one heck of a surprise to the two newlyweds.

Medical equipment wasn’t quite as accurate back then as it is now days thought Helen.

Either way they took it in their stride, thanking their lucky stars that they had picked out a boy AND a girl name seeing as they hadn’t found out the sex of the child and left it to chance.

So they named them Haley and Alex.

Fast forward back to today and the twins had been fast asleep in the back having been pulled from their individual beds at around seven in the morning, far earlier than any teenager would prefer to be awoken.

Richard and Helen had planned a surprise camping trip to Dubbo for the Twins birthdays and where quite excited about it.

The couple loved camping when they were younger. They could only be described as nature lovers, very outdoorsy and down to earth. However since the kids had come into their lives and with various other work commitments, camping trips had become far less frequent. So although officially this was for their kids’ birthdays, realistically it was more for themselves.

Alex had now begun to stir from his slumber.

“Are we there yet?” He asked as his sister also slowly opened her eyes beside him.

“Your timing is impeccable as always!” Shouted Richard from the drivers seat as he brought the car to a halt outside the reception of the camping park.

“I’ll go check us in, won’t be long.” He said as he exited the car.

Haley had now become fully alert from her sleep.

“Remind me again why we are here…” Asked Haley in a very unimpressed tone.

“Now now Haley.” Said Helen “Your father and I have been looking forward to this for a while now!”

“Yeah I can’t think of anywhere I would rather be.” Alex said sarcastically to them both.

To be fair, the twins probably had a right to be a bit annoyed at their situation. After all, a traditional eighteenth birthday in Australia meant you were officially allowed to drink alcohol legally. So being hauled to a camp site in Dubbo wasn’t exactly the ideal place for this birthday to take place considering the area wasn’t exactly known to be thriving with clubs and pubs.

They were especially irritated seeing as their friends had organised for them to hit the city that night and now that they were around five hours from Sydney, there was absolutely no chance of that plan happening now.

Richard had now finished checking in and was being guided to the camp site.

The car now came to its final destination on a decent sized patch of grass. There were trees everywhere with birds and other various wildlife making pleasant ambient noises to suit this nice outdoor setting.

It was actually quite a pretty area even though it was the last place the twins wanted to be. Being no strangers to camping themselves they both had their own individual tents and sleeping equipment and had this been any other day, they would have actually been grateful for the experience.

So everyone lumbered out of the vehicle, unpacking their stuff as they went to organise the camp site. By the time everything was set up it had begun to rain. It was ok but, Richard had checked the weather report before they left and had come prepared. They had put a camp table in the centre with a mobile gazebo to provide them with cover from the weather then erected three dome tents around the makeshift eating/living area, two smaller tents for the twins and one larger tent for the parents to sleep in.

Richard was now cooking up some sausages on the little camp BBQ they had brought with them while his wife and two teenagers settled in around the table. It was a low line table, not even tall enough to slide proper sized chairs under it so they had to sit cross legged. Everything was downsized to fit everything and everyone under the cover making it a very cosy setting.

“I can’t believe you guys RUINED our eighteenth birthday party by bringing us here.” Said Haley as she scowled at her parents.

“Yeah you guys KNOW about the party our mates set up for us!” Said Alex who had sat next to his sister.

“Oh come on…” Started Richard as he was placing the meat on a plate to bring to the table. “I’d hardly call club hopping a party!”

“Who CARES what you call it dad!” Said Haley “We’re finally bahis firmaları legally able to drink and you kidnap us for a camping trip?? It’s just so unfair!”

“Since when has being ‘legal’ stopped either of you anyways?” Said Helen “You’re trying to tell us you’ve never had a drink with your friends before?” She said snorting out a laugh.

Alex and Haley looked cautiously at each other at this statement from their mother.

The table went quiet for a few moments before Richard broke the silence.

“God you’re like two Deer’s caught in the headlights!” He laughed at them “You two really think we haven’t noticed the occasional late night ‘goodnight’ slur to us before you stumble down the hall to your bedroom??”

The twins remained speechless, both too worried to speak uncase they got into any more trouble.

Helen sensed their unease. “Relax guys…” She started in a soothing tone “We were young once too you know. Your father and I just thought it would be fun to unwind around a camp site and have your first official LEGAL drinks as a family together.” She said with a smile.

Richard now opened the esky to withdraw from it two beers and some red premix vodka bottles. He handed Alex one of the beers keeping one for himself then gave the other two drinks to his wife and daughter.

“I wasn’t sure what your poisons where but I figured I couldn’t go wrong with beer for us men and lolly water for the girls!” Richard said as he smiled at everyone before cracking his beer open and taking a deep gulp from the bottle.

Alex and Haley continued to exchange concerned looks.

Their confusion wasn’t exactly without warrant, up until now they both viewed their parents as ‘by the book’ and strict almost to the point of being uptight! They rarely saw them drink although they would occasionally come back home after a night out to themselves looking a bit unsteady on their feet.

Not to say that they didn’t get along with their mum and dad, being young parents they got along well with their kids. It just felt awkward to see them go from being responsible adult figures to actually laughing about the fact that they had knew the two teenagers had been engaging in underage drinking!

Soon the atmosphere moved from awkward to happy and relaxed as the four of them got into their second then third drinks. They talked about nothing in particular. The twins would tell their parents about how school was going then Richard and Helen would tell them how work was.

All of a sudden Helen pulled another bottle from the cooler.

“So who wants to do shots?” She said as she held up the bottle to everyone revealing it to be tequila.

Alex and Haley looked at their mum, again taken by surprise.

“You serious??” Haley remarked in surprise.

“You guys ever had tequila?” Asked their dad.

“None of the parties we’ve been to have had straight alcohol, just beer and stuff really.” Alex said.

“Niiiiice…” Said Helen “This should be a new experience for you two then! I have to admit I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to share your first drinks.”

“This is so weird hey.” Said Haley “Mum and dad having drinks with us. It’s just not right, you guys are usually so responsible and what not!” She said with a smile.

“Look we just felt we needed to be good role models to you both, so we toned down any unruly behaviour around the house in your presence.” Said Richard “To be very honest, your mother and I had a fairly reckless youth all the way up until you two where brought into our lives. It was only then that we decided to get our lives together, but we really found it quite hard finding a good job with our bad grades from school and no qualifications or work experience.”

“Yes so we decided to give both of you the best chance at life we’d have to leave our silly behaviour in the past and act like ‘grown ups’ for our kids to take after.” Said Helen with a laugh. “But we trust you enough to know you’ll both be fine.”

With that Helen grabbed some lemon to cut up and handed everyone a piece.

She then lined up four shot glasses to fill up and moved the salt over to the table.

“It’s called lick-sip-suck” Said Richard as he grinned at the twins “You shake some salt onto your wrist, lick it off before you take the shot of tequila and suck on the lemon afterwards!”

“Alriiiight…” Said Alex and Haley in unison.

So they followed their parents lead and mimicked their actions as they licked the salt and down the liquid.

The twins coughed and gagged after downing the alcohol.

“Suck the lemon!” Shouted Helen in laughter “It takes the edge off.”

As the two sucked the sour fruit they calmed down a bit.

“That was HORRIBLE!” shouted Haley at her parents who where now just about rolling around in laughter.

“Hey you keped it down and didn’t throw up, that might as well make you a natural!” Shouted Richard in laughter “Again?”

The twins shrugged and looked at each other “Why not?” Haley said now starting to laugh herself.

They all took another shot, the twins handling it better the second kaçak iddaa time round now knowing what to expect from the fiery liquid.

By now everyone was well and truly feeling the effects of the alcohol they had consumed. It at completely lightened the mood. Alex and Haley had all but let go of their anger towards the impromptu camping trip and where now starting to enjoy the company of their parents.

“So when you say you where ‘reckless’ when you were younger, what do you mean by that?” Asked Haley.

“Yeah, care to elaborate??” Retorted Alex.

“Oh, we just spent pretty much our entire teenage years under the influence of one thing or another. Hopping from party to party, just generally getting into mischief.” Said Helen smiling at her kids.

“Under the influence of one thing or another??” Queried Alex.

“Yeah mainly alcohol or weed.” Said Richard “Although we did occasionally get into some of the more sinister stuff. Remember that time your brother found us some magic mushrooms honey?” Said Richard looking to his wife, although it sounded more like he was reminiscing over good times than actually asking a question.

“Oh yeah…” Started Helen “That was an interesting night!” She laughed back.

“No WAY!!” Alex and Haley said together in astonishment.

“Nup. I don’t believe you, I call bullshit!” Haley said in disbelief.

“Oh yeah, we where into all sorts back then! Your father was a bad influence on me!” Helen said.

“Dad was the bad influence you say?” Asked Alex.

“Yeah, I don’t know why I was attracted to him really. He was a bit of a drop kick, must have been that rebellious streak.” Said Helen cheekily. “I think that old motorbike you picked me up on for our first date did the trick.”

“Motorbike??” The twins both said, surprised yet again.

“Yeah, I miss that old thing.” Started Richard “Had to sell her to help fund that expensive school you two go to.” He said now sounding a bit sad.

“There are always other bikes Honey, it was worth it I’m sure.” Said Helen trying to comfort her husband.

Just then a massive gust of wind blew through the camp ground taking with it a gust of rain spraying everyone underneath the cover in water.

“Wow, its really bucketing down now!” Said Alex.

“Yes well on that note, its late I’m drunk and I’m getting wet…” Said Helen before pausing for a moment. “The rain doesn’t help things either!” She laughed.

It took the twins a second before the noticed the innuendo.

“EWwww, gross mum!!” Shouted Haley.

“Ha ha, your mother gets a bit ah… how should I say, over excited when she drinks.” Said Richard looking to his wife sounding a little taken aback by her forwardness in front of the kids.

“Either way I think it’s time to hit the sack. Come to keep me warm hubby?” Said Helen to Richard.

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Richard said before disappearing into the tent with his wife and zipping the door up quickly to keep the rain out.

“All I can say is thank fuck for the rain!” Alex said quietly to his sister. “I don’t wanna hear what the hell is going on in there tonight after that remark.”

“Yeah I second that!” Agreed Haley.

“I might turn it in now myself hey.” Said Alex.

“I’m going to stay up and finish my last drink.” Haley said.

“Suit yourself.” Alex said with a smile. “Good night sis.” He said as he too disappeared into his own tent.

Alex was asleep within seconds but no more than ten minutes later all of a sudden his tent zipped open and in flung his sister before quickly zipping it up behind her to stop the rain poring through the open entrance.

“Haley what the fuck??” Said Alex groggily.

“Sorry bro, my tent is SATURATED! It must have sprung a leak as soon as it started raining because all my stuff is soaked!” Said Haley.

“Why don’t you just sleep in the car? There’s always an emergency blanket in there for these situations.” Asked Alex.

“Well the car is locked, and I’m guessing mum and dad have the keys in there with them.” Started Haley “And I’M not game to interrupt them in the middle of anything.”

“Hmmmm, good point” said Alex as he moved over to one side of his mattress and unzipped his sleeping bag to allow it to cover them both “I suppose it’s only for one night.

“Thanks Alex” Murmured Haley as she got onto the bed beside her brother. “Goodnight.”

The two of them tossed and turned for a bit trying not to touch before Haley said something.

“It’s too cold to sleep with the sleeping bag unzipped, and there’s not enough room on this bed to avoid touching.” She started “Look we’re brother and sister right, it’s not weird just zip it up and we can keep each other warm so we can get some sleep!”

“Alright sis alright.” Alex said as he zipped the bag up around him again. “Jump in.”

Haley slid into the sleeping bag in front of her brother facing away from him. It felt quite awkward for the two of them, but they eventually found a comfortable enough position to rest in with Alex as the big spoon cuddling Haley then they both drifted off to sleep.

A few hours kaçak bahis past when Haley awoken to a particularly loud thunder strike outside. All of a sudden she noticed there was something hard in between her legs.

As she came to, she remembered where she was and who was behind her.

“No. It can’t be.” Haley whispered to herself as she carefully reached down to feel what the object was.

Her suspicions where confirmed when she noticed it was connected to her brothers groin.

Alex’s penis had become erect and snaked its way out of the bottom of his boxers to nestle its self comfortably between Haley’s inner thighs!

“Oh my god.” Haley said loudly this time.

“Hmmm?” Alex mumbled.

Alex stretched his arms out a bit as he slowly awoken then he froze when he too noticed what had happened.

“Where you just having a good dream or do you actually get turned on by your own sister?” Asked Haley slyly.

“Well, it just sort of… Happens for no reason some times.” Said Alex sounding embarrassed.

“OK.” Haley said quietly as if thinking “I guess if it’s just an accident. I’ll just try ignore it and go back to sleep.”

She went silent. Alex was mortified but at least his sister hasn’t made a big deal out of it so he tried to shrug it off. Then he felt an itch on his stomach.

He moved his hand down to scratch it and in the process shifted his body away from his sister, moving his shaft still tightly wrapped in Haley’s legs.

Alex had never even touched a vagina yet now all of a sudden his penis was rubbing against the fabric of Haley’s panties. He knew it was wrong, but it just felt so damn good!

As he pulled his hand back out from in between them his hips slid back towards Haley now causing his foreskin to pull back slightly

Haley’s breathing had deepened now, Alex thinking she had drifted back to sleep.

He became bolder now and gradually started gently humping his sisters inner thighs.

He felt Haley’s arm move downwards and he froze thinking he had been caught.

Alex could feel her adjusting her panties before she moved her hand away again.

“Don’t stop…” Haley breathed.

She was awake!

“Shit I’m sorry sis!” Whispered Alex.

“I said don’t stop.” Repeated Haley.

Unsure as to why his sister hadn’t screamed and run away in disgust, Alex pushed back into her now realizing what his sister had done.

She had moved the crotch of her panties to the side now letting his penis slide along the folds of her pussy unhindered by fabric!

Alex could feel her wetness as he grinded his hard cock against his sister’s moist hole, sliding it against her clit making Haley shudder.

The pressure was starting to build as Alex begun working his way to an orgasm with his sister starting to moan beside him now pushing back onto his manhood.

“Sis I’m about to make a mess here.” Whispered Alex.

“Wait, wait wait!” Said Haley sounding alarmed.

They both stopped what they were doing as Haley unzipped the sleeping bag and slipped away from her brother now shivering in the cold air. Alex could see her nipples through the fabric of her pyjama top as she rubbed her arms trying to get warm.

“Turn the heater on sis, you’ll freeze to death!” Said Alex.

They both had an electric heater hooked up via a power chord coming through the fly of the tent. Their parents forbid them to use it at night in case they fell asleep with it on and started a fire; it was reserved only to keep them warm whilst they get dressed in the morning.

Haley leaned over to flick the switch on the heater then pointed it towards her as the warm air flowed over her, soothing her from the cold of the night.

“Alex this is wrong…” Haley started as she looked at him through worried eyes.

“I’m so sorry sis. It… It just happened while I was sleeping!” Said Alex stuttering now.

“Yeah I believe you.” Haley said “But you keped moving it afterwards!”

“I know, I’m sorry for that.” Said Alex “But hang on, you told me to keep going at one point!”

Haley looked up at her brother staring at him through innocent looking eyes. “It did feel kinda good.” She said quietly as if saying it to herself.

“I’ve never felt a man’s penis before.” Haley said looking down in embarrassment.

“Really??” Asked Alex sounding surprised now.

“Well of course not!” Retorted Haley sounding offended “I’m not some kind of slut or anything!”

“I never said you where!” Alex said defending himself “I just thought… Well you know, a girl like you would get a lot of attention… You’re pretty hot you know. I mean, for my sister.”

Alex was now admiring his sister in the faint glow from the camp grounds lights hitting the side of his tent. He’d never looked at her like that before. She’s his sister and he’d never go there, but whether it was the alcohol or the lack of sleep, somehow tonight he realized her beauty.

Her long dark brown hair nearly black flowing down her back with a few short strands in the front making a cute little fringe. She had the same build as her brother, not necessarily athletic but blessed with a fast metabolism meaning it didn’t matter how much or how little they ate, their body’s remained in shape although Haley regularly ran giving her a gorgeous tight chest and legs.

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