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The Closet

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Stephen was dreaming once again about his ‘magic’ day. The event was firmly etched in his memory – waiting to be replayed whenever the need arose. And it was happening more frequently nowadays.

He was eighteen years old once again and transported to their family home in Ohio. He shuffled half-asleep down the dark corridors. He had been woken up from his slumber by moaning sounds coming from the direction of his parents’ room. Stephen noticed that the door to their bedroom was not fully shut and he was about to enter when his sixth sense told him to wait.

The boy peeked into the room. The night light above his parent’s bed dimly illuminated the scene which burned vividly in his mind. His eyes gradually adjusted to the shadows and he saw the figure of his father lying on the bed as his mother sat astride his hairy, naked body.

Mom was wearing a white negligee with a loose, deep neck that flopped open as she bent forward in her frantic riding motion. Stephen could see her full breasts dangling like fresh, milky cantaloupes, swaying to and fro. But, because of their large size, the nipples were pushed up against the fabric and thus hidden from view.

His mother had bunched up the lower part of her negligee around her waist to allow freer movement as she sat on her haunches and rode his father’s cock.

The boy was shocked and yet strangely fascinated by the bush of curly, dark pubic hair that enshrouded his mother’s dripping cunt which was voraciously swallowing his father’s tool.

Stephen’s breathing became labored and he felt the beginnings of a weird but not entirely unpleasant feeling that stirred in his loins and radiated to the pit of his stomach. The boy was scared as he tried to rationalize his emotions on seeing his mother’s unruly dark mane tossing about, her eyes tightly screwed shut and her usually calm and gentle composure distorted by the throes of passion as her sugary sweet mouth spewed profanities that Stephen never imagined she had knowledge of.

“Mike, my fuck-stud, what does my cunt want? Tell me, you fucking ass-hole!”

“Jenny, my slut-slave, your hungry sloppy cunt wants to eat my fat cock!”

The boy’s eyes widened with awe as his father’s up-thrusting hips rammed his rod harder and deeper into his mother’s pussy. It made a squishing sound as it worked in and out of her wet hole.

Although he had turned eighteen a month ago, Stephen was a genuine innocent and had never seen a couple having sex before. But he knew enough from his school friends and the net to understand what his mother and father were doing.

“Gotcha! Naughty little Stevie is spying on Mom and Dad’s sex games, hunh?”

Stephen started as the voice whispered in his ear. He recognized the baby powder freshness and warmth of his older sister, Evelyn, who had snuck up behind and wrapped her arms tightly around him.

“You know, Stevie, I haven’t been so lucky before as to see Mom and Dad fucking because they usually keep the door locked. So I had to settle for hearing them do it! Even that was such a turn on. But now we can actually watch them fucking – baby bro, you’re my good luck charm!”

Stephen didn’t know how to react. He and his sister had a love-hate relationship, they loved hating each other. This was a new side to Evie — one he didn’t know at all — but wouldn’t mind exploring more.

Evelyn sensed her brother’s confusion as his body stiffened in her arms.

“Baby brother, this is way tooo hot! Tell me, what are they doing? I can’t see them very clearly.”

Evelyn was lying. She was a full head taller than her brother and could see everything clearly but, in addition to watching her parents having sex, she wanted the extra thrill of hearing her brother describe the scene to her.

“Dad is lying on the bed and Mom is on top – riding him like a horse.”

“Stevie, I want you to tell me every detail of what you see, don’t leave anything out. Are they wearing any clothes — what are your thoughts about what they are doing?”

“Oh, Evie, you always have to be difficult … well, Dad is lying totally naked on the bed. He has lots of hair all over his body – on his chest, shoulders and back; and lots and lots more around his pecker. But I think Mom has even more hair than Dad in her secret place. I can’t see exactly what Dad’s pecker is doing because it has fully disappeared inside Mom’s pussy hair.”

Evelyn pressed her body harder against her brother’s slim frame. Her stiff, erect nipples grazed his back through bahis firmaları the flimsy night-dress. She pulled down her brother’s pajamas and moved her skirt out of the way so that her hairless crotch was rubbing against his soft, cherubic buttocks.

Stephen felt his sister’s wetness on his ass. The sensation of her soft, slippery pubes caressing his butt felt good. He could feel the fleshiness of her swollen nether lips slathering his ass globes with heat and juice. In auto-erotic response, the boy’s buttocks thrust themselves back into his sister’s burning groin as she began moving her hips from side to side, chafing the pudgy lips of her fledgling pussy on the swell of his cheeks. Her slim hips made rotating movements that manipulated her tiny, budding clitoris.

Evelyn’s hands strayed down the front of her brother’s body, reaching for his core. Nimble fingers stroked the warm, flat belly — pausing briefly to skirt around the navel and then diving under the elastic waist-band of the pajama bottoms; racing to their final destination, desperately seeking out the forbidden prize.

Stephen gasped as his sister’s fingers wrapped themselves firmly around his stiffly erect cock; stroking the tool expertly as her other hand cupped his tightly shrunken sac, tickling the underside.

“Baby brother, don’t stop, and tell sis what Mom and Dad are doing now!”

His voice hoarse with passion, the boy was caught between the conflicting emotions of fear at being caught by his parents as he engaged in forbidden sex play with his sister, and the pleasure of giving himself up totally to the new-found joys of his sister’s ministrations as they indulged in the voyeuristic thrill of watching their parents having intercourse.

The pleasure prospect won. Young Stevie’s breathing grew labored as his sister pumped his penis harder. Strangely, his mother’s moans became louder with his own arousal.

“Sis, Mom is now on her knees — her ass is in the air. She is parting her ass cheeks for Dad to fuck. What an awesome ass our mother has – such perfectly rounded and fat, white cheeks!”

Evelyn giggled at her brother’s graphic description and teased him, “You like Mom’s ass, don’t you, baby bro? If you had your way with her, what would you do with her ass?”

“I know this may sound stupid to you, but the first thing I would like to do with Mom’s fat ass cheeks is bite them.”

“Hmmm… so baby bro is not as stupid as he looks! And what else?”

“I would then lick her pink ass hole with my tongue and taste her tangles of pussy hair. I’d love to find out what Mom’s private parts taste like. I have looked for her panties in the soiled linen basket but have never been lucky enough to find any. So, I tried sucking the crotch of her shorts and trousers but they mostly taste of sweat and piss — which is OK too. But I want to get the smell and taste of a real pussy.”

“Silly, you know why you haven’t found Mom’s panties? ‘Coz she doesn’t wear any. She doesn’t wear any bras either, that’s why her boobs are so big and saggy. But you know something, baby bro, your big sister has a pussy too…”

Evelyn pushed sticky fingers into her brother’s mouth.

“Stevie hun, here’s your first taste of fresh cunny juice … enjoy!”

Young Stephen Saunders was going through a sensory overload. His mind was assailed with a kaleidoscope of erotic images- his father fucking his mother, his sister jerking his cock, his tongue savoring the tangy flavor of his sister’s cunt juice and his sister’s pussy lips rubbing themselves on his buttocks.

Mom was goading Dad, “Fuck your cow, my bull-stud, milk my udders and fuck my flaming cunt!”

Jennifer Saunders was now totally naked. Her husband had pulled the flimsy negligee off her so that he could squeeze her large breasts that hung down like cow udders. Just like the rest of her body, Jenny’s breasts were also alabaster white. They had large, pale pink areolas that blended in with the rest of the skin so as to be almost invisible. The most distinctive features about her breasts were her permanently erectile nipples which were dark pink in color and stuck out a full one inch. Hence the likeness to cow udders – not that Jenny minded the comparison. She in fact found the idea of her husband’s bovine shenanigans including milking its udders – a daily chore for him on the farm – a very exciting fantasy.

Mike spat a big gob of saliva on his cock and, without ceremony, thrust it through the tangle of pussy hair all the way up kaçak iddaa to the hilt into his wife’s welcoming fuck-hole. This was the way she liked it — hard and long.

“Here, my fuck-hungry cow, milk my cock with your cunt as I milk your udders!”

“Sis…Mom is hunching up so that Dad can get hold of her titties and squeeze them like a cow’s tits.”

Evelyn pulled her brother’s hand and placed it on her pussy. She was breathing hard, “Baby bro, now you massage sis’s wet pussy good and hard, just like massaging suntan oil all over your body.”

And then suddenly, the sensations hit him. Like waves, they overcame him. His head was heavy and he could feel his essence pouring out all the way from his ass-hole to his erupting cock-head. The boy staggered back onto his sister who kept tugging his shrinking tool as his frail body was wracked with the muscular contractions of his orgasm. Her insistent fingers kept milking his penis, gathering his hot virgin seed in her hand and all over her tummy.

Through the confused darkening of his mind and vision, the callow youth thought he could hear Mom shouting that she was ‘cumming’ and his sister echoed their mother’s sentiments, her body shuddering violently as his fingers clumsily triggered her orgasm. Her slim thighs refused to release his agile hands until the last spasm had passed.

He vaguely recalled Evelyn licking his semen off her fingers as she led him to his room and, before drifting off to sleep, he distinctly remembered the unusual and exciting sensation of his flaccid member being sucked clean by his sister’s expert lips and mouth.

This was Stephen Saunders’ ‘magic’ day – the day he first tasted the forbidden fruit of incest.

It was at this point in the dream when Stephen usually woke up. His thighs were damp with pre-cum from his painful erection which stood at a robust five and a half inches. Blood-red and proud, what his cock lacked in length, it made up in its girth which measured almost two inches. At first glance, it appeared that Stephen’s penis had picked up an ink blot on the right side of its crown. It was actually a distinctive birth-mark roughly shaped like a ‘fleur de lis’.

A fine sheen of sweat covered his lean, athletic frame. He was perspiring, despite the air-conditioning — the dream always had that impact on him. It made him feel hot and highly aroused. He whipped the covers off. Like him, his wife too preferred sleeping in the nude. Stephen gazed lovingly at her naked body.

She was sleeping with her back to him. His eyes caressed the dusky, smooth flesh that radiated sex appeal from every nook and cranny. The curve of her wide, broad back that swept down to the swell of magnificent, full buttocks that could put JLo to shame; sleek, long legs that rivaled those of a model’s; and toe-nails painted a dark crimson to match the color of her full lips. In her teens, Maria had been a contender for the Ms. Puerto Rico title and had worked with various modeling agencies before pursuing graduate studies and building a solid career in marketing and communications.

At 25, Maria was five years younger than Stephen — they had met at work and progressed from being just colleagues to lovers, and finally husband and wife. In addition to their love for jazz, Asian-fusion food and fine wine, they both shared an obsession with all things sexual. Their games rapidly progressed from having sex at porn theatres to ‘ménage e trois’ with strangers and group sex parties with other swinging couples.

The society pages called Stephen and Maria Saunders the perfect couple. He was 6′ 2″ and worked out regularly to maintain his sinewy physique. Her sultry good looks, uncanny resemblance to Eva Mendez and a razor sharp wit made her the darling of the media. From the first time that he saw her, Stephen was taken with her full bodied Latino charms – Maria had natural 38 D breasts with large dark brown areolas and fat, protruding nipples that confirmed the fact that she didn’t believe in wearing a bra.

Another, more important reason why Stephen had married her, and one that he would admit only to himself, was the fact that Maria reminded him of his mother in many ways. She always wore the same ‘holier-than-thou’ expression on her face even when they indulged in the most depraved sexual acts; she had the same large nippled, slightly sagging breasts; and most importantly, preferred to cultivate a full bush of dark hair on her pussy and even in her underarms. And, like his mother, Maria never wore any kaçak bahis undergarments.

Maria often wore boob tubes and spaghetti-strapped tops to work, and did not give a damn about co-workers who made rude jokes about her underarm hair. A leading fashion magazine had recently done a photo-feature on her wearing beach wear and skimpy intimate apparel that showed off tufts of her underarm and pubic hair. The style pundits were soon hailing her hirsuteness as the beginning of a ‘back-to-the-raw-basics’ fashion trend.

Stephen stroked his erection as he traced a wet path with his tongue down her back, stopping at the curve of her full buttock cheeks upon which he lightly nibbled. His tongue tasted the saltiness of the dark valley and dived deep into the crevice. The half-asleep Maria instinctively spread her legs to allow him access to her ass-hole and pussy.

His lips gently tugged at the dense growth of fragrant, curly foliage in her genital area. The hair had been dyed blonde now to match her honey blonde tresses. Stephen noted that the roots of the hair were dark where the dye had faded. His clever tongue laved her unfurled pussy lips until he could feel them moistening and swelling up; transforming from a cool pink hue to a blood-engorged shade of rose.

Propping himself up on one elbow, he moved into position and, draping one leg over her hip, penetrated her. His thick, hard cock slipped smoothly into the warmth of her cunt like a hot knife in butter, plunging silently into her slavering depths like a welcome invader.

Instinctively aroused, the sleepy woman sighed and thrust her hips back to receive his rock solid offering. Stephen penetrated deeper and harder into her ravenous pussy which rhythmically squeezed the musculature of his plundering cock. Her sighs quickly turned to grunts as he rammed into her body with greater force, his sweat-drenched midriff slapping hard and bouncing against the shuddering resilience of her tanned buttocks.

Rivulets of perspiration dripped from his brow onto her neck which was tilted back with exertion. The veins on her neck and forehead throbbed as she reached back to grasp his firm buttocks and pull his body to hers – cramming his rampant tool deeper inside her – again and again.

Maria’s breathing was labored as she ordered Stephen to fuck her harder. The muscles of her vaginal walls gripped his pumping cock more tightly and she changed her position to the doggy style which allowed him deepest penetration.

Their sweat-soaked bodies slipped against each other and Stephen pummeled her ass faster, going for the finishing run. His open palms delivered stinging slaps onto her shivering butt cheeks and he rubbed his finger on her wet, matted pussy hair before shoving it into her pink, puckered ass-hole.

She whimpered at the intrusion but thrust her buttocks back for more punishment as the anal entry added to her sexual tension. Stephen felt the muscles in his penis contracting until he groaned loudly and crumpled against her rocking body. The delicious weakness overtook him as he erupted deep inside her uterus – shooting out thick ropes of his hot seed against the slimy walls of her cervix which sucked up all his offerings.

Her cunt muscles refused to relinquish his softening tube of meat and she continued to grind her pussy against his crotch until the sudden release of tension. A series of violent spasms overtook her as the orgasmic reflex contracted her genital muscles. Throes of pleasure washed over her and she collapsed on the damp sheets, moaning softly.

Maria lazily luxuriated in the moment of bliss, absently fondling her husband’s flaccid, juice drenched penis before falling into a dreamless sleep. Stephen pulled the covers over her satiated frame.

During the scant few seconds of his orgasm, Stephen knew that their fevered love-making was just a temporary fix – it could not quench his thirst for the inevitable. He had hoped that his marriage with Maria and their hyper-active sex life would help him overcome the darker, forbidden desires that had haunted him from his childhood days. He longed for the extended and deep orgasms that he had experienced in his early life; the unique sensations that rumbled up from deep within his prostrate and exploded savagely through his rampaging cock – shooting out seemingly endless streams of potent semen – leaving him limp, lifeless and wonderously tingly all over.

But the dreams were coming more frequently now and the obsession could no longer be denied. He felt like a carnal vampire with a depraved, passionate hunger that would not go away. And the realization dawned on him that as much as he had tried to ignore it, he needed to visit the Closet again. And soon.

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