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The Controller Ch. 02

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This story is left up to the readers the course of this story will be in your hands as a way of letting us interact with each other. Just leave it mind control no aliens, demons, robots etc. Leave a comment of what you want the direction of the story to take JUST NOT RAPE and rating on this story. (Any comments about wanting rape in this story will be deleted and ignored.)


Later on Wednesday night at 9pm

That night Kylie managed to get through quite a few people that night thanks to Megan using her powers in one night Kylie managed to go through 5 males and 4 females until she met Taylor. Megan began talking to Taylor until he revealed (after they exchanged names) that he scouts for porn films that gave Megan the idea of getting Kylie her fantasy job. You will cast Kylie in every film you scout for and you will fuck her so you know what she is capable of.

Upon sending this thought Taylor took Kylies hand leading her into the toilets, Megan knew that this would get her fantasy job she had so as Taylor dragged Kylie towards the toilet Megan jumped bodies doing what she did back at the college. She jumped into the closest body she could though without looking she didn’t know what person she would go into as the pub was packed. As Megan’s mind stepped out of Kylie’s body she was standing in the pub as a spectral being as she walked through the pub she found that within jumping bodies and resting for a few hours it excelled her powers higher than it was before she was in her own body.

Megan stepped out of the body as it was just going through the bathroom doors. As Megan stood there as a spectral being she walked around the pub seeing who was there, Megan bahis firmaları wanted to try something as she found a rather tall and muscular male stood at the bar ordering his drinks. Megan sunk to her knees before placing her spectral mouth over the persons covered cock as she began to lick it she noticed that his cock was getting harder. This was too much for Megan to bear as she slipped into this blokes mind to take over.

Megan found out that this muscle bound man was a virgin so Megan sought to change that though she wasn’t going to go about it like she did with her tutor Kylie. Oh no Megan was going to make it special and after searching his mind she found that he had quite an attractive sister which would do nicely. Megan also found his name was Tim his sister was living with him, they both worked but Megan was sure she could change that.

Megan also saw that their minds were automatically pushed back while she occupied the body. Megan cut of all say that Tim had over his body reducing him to be able to view only, Megan placed the drink down on the counter again telling the barman to give it to anyone who ordered exactly the same as compliments of the pub. Megan then moved as Tim back to his flat where he and his sister were staying. When Tim put his keys in the door he heard a female’s voice Megan guessed it was Tim’s sister as Tim walked in Megan saw why in Tim’s mind she was attractive to him.

Tim’s sister was 5 foot 4, big breasted they must’ve been E cups easily, slim build, red hair, nice clothes that showed off her assets. Her voice was also energetic, cheerful in the middle of being high pitched and monotone.

“Hi Sis.” Megan said in Tim’s voice showing kaçak iddaa Megan that Tim’s voice was in the middle of being low and high, masculine.

“What have we got planned tonight?” Tim’s sister which upon scanning Tim’s mind, Megan found that his sisters name was Chantelle asked. Before Megan responded to her question she used her powers to get Chantelle think that incest with her brother was a good idea by sending the thought.

“You will want to have sex with Tim, you think he is dreamy, the man of your dreams and most of all so sexy that you want him to be your boyfriend even though he is your brother.”

After Megan sent the thought she saw that Chantelle’s body language changed and her eyes filled with lust. As Tim spoke Megan saw that as soon as Tim drew in an breathe to speak Chantelle immediately turned her head to look at Tim. “I thought we could just stay in and watch a movie tonight.” Only to see that Chantelle eyes light up as she knew what she had to do.

Tim went and got a film put it on and half way through the film pretended to go to sleep to give Chantelle the opportunity to do what she needed to do. Chantelle saw this then she silently moved to in between Tim’s legs sucking his cock through his briefs and trousers. Megan felt a jolt of pleasure shoot up Tim’s spine as automatically his cock started to grow making it uncomfortable for Tim with his covered up cock. Tim undid his trousers pulling them down in a swift movement allowing his 16 inch cock stand tall and proud.

Damn!! For a virgin he had a big cock.

Chantelle gasped at seeing her brother and lovers cock for the first time. “That is the biggest cock I have ever seen.” Chantelle kaçak bahis said while she was giggling like a school girl, as she took his entire cock in her mouth though she didn’t gag with it in her mouth. By this point Megan had forfeited the illusion of being asleep. As Tim started thrusting into his baby sister’s mouth everything about incest and taboo faded away this even felt right in Tim’s mind as during this interaction Megan took a step back allowing Tim’s mind to come forward and regain his body.

Tim then proceeded to pull Chantelle to her feet stripping her naked in the process. Tim then picked up Chantelle impaling her on his hard cock as she screamed from pleasure Tim started pulling her on and off over and over thrusting his cock further into her pussy. This process went on for over 30 minutes. Throughout this act Megan could feel the pleasure that Tim was feeling and using some of her control to stop him achieving orgasm.

As the time went on Megan could feel Tim’s need to orgasm get greater so she decided to let him cum as she decided to step out of Tim’s body as her work was done there. Just as Megan stepped out Tim’s body he came all over Chantelle’s face as Megan watched in her spectral form as the brother and sister enveloped each other in a passionate kiss. Before they both broke the kiss long enough to have a brief discussion.

“Well that was fun wasn’t bro?”

“Yes Sis that was fun we must do it again soon.”

“Definitely but first why don’t we become partners not just brother and sister but boyfriend & girlfriend. I mean we do love each other unconditionally.”

“Sounds like a good plan.”

They resumed their kiss just as Megan started to walk off towards the door which she didn’t need to open as she was a ghost now. Only one question remained as Megan left Tim and Chantelle to there budding relationship. That question was. “Who am I now?”

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