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The Crucible Pt. 03

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The four young adults sat in the den, the warm light of a crackling fire illuminating their glum expressions.

“What do you think they’re going to do to us?” Allison worried aloud.

Becky couldn’t resist the opportunity to torment her older sister. “I imagine they’ll start with the whip and work their way up to the paddle… I just hope the marks aren’t permanent…” she feigned in an agonizing whine.

“Shut the fuck up Becky, this is all your fault in the first place” Tom barked. Becky recoiled in surprise, Tom had almost never raised his voice much less cursed at her. Allison and Jen both gasped quietly at Tom’s demeanor.

Tom saw the shock in their mutual reaction and instantly felt a pang of regret.

“Whatever fucker, you were swelling up, ready to pound that pink stink! I was just doing what you’ve been jerking off to for years!” Becky fired back, holding back nothing as usual.

“That’s enough!” Richard’s bellowing voice seemingly shook the room. They all started with a twitch, sitting upright instinctively. “Now I’ve only been home for a few minutes and already I find nothing but disobedience and scandal in my home!”

“Sorry Father” they all chanted in unison.

Melanie and Richard rounded the couch to stand in front of their four young adult children.

Richard let out a loud breath in an effort to resume his usually cool demeanor.

“What your father means to say is that we want you to be happy and at peace living here in harmony with nature. When you bicker and incite bad behavior” Melanie’s eyes landed on Becky “you disrupt the delicate peace we have built here.” Allison, Thomas and Jen all turned and smirked at Becky, eyebrows raised in accusation.

“We need to talk to you about something very important and we need you to listen closely to everything we say in the next few minutes as if your lives depend on it” Richard’s stern but measured tone was sobering to say the least.

“Dad is everything okay?” Tom asked worriedly.

Richard looked over at Melanie as if to ask permission with his eyes. She returned his glance, her lips pressed tightly with tension and gave a nearly undetectable nod.

Richard sighed and turned to his children. “When we bought this plot, it belonged to a group… of.. people” he stumbled glancing back to Melanie. Melanie didn’t return his glance this time though, her eyes were focused down towards the ground.

“What kind of people?” Jen asked.

“Well…. These people had lived here for a really long time” Richard explained.

“Like twenty years?” Becky chimed in.

“No Becky, like much much longer than twenty years…. ” Richard’s expression was grave.

“Oh you mean they were Native Americans? Like Indians?” Allison guessed.

“Well in a way. Perhaps they’re FROM India, but they are much older. At any rate, they knew they could not live here much longer as they are… different” Richard struggled.

“Older than India?” Jen chirped again.

“Well Jen, that’s a little harder to explain. They said they were descendants of a different branch of humanity that was separated long ago and came here to Big Sur to live in peace.”

“You mean like the Nephalim Dad?” Tom quickly recognized the reference.

“I can’t rightly say, but they knew that humans were spreading across the earth and that their presence among us would be disruptive. Even though they knew they had to hide from modern society up in the mountains, they made us promise them something before we could buy the land from them.”

“Wha….” Jen started but was interrupted by a loud knock on the door. Melanie screamed and jumped at the sound, her fingers pressed to her lips as she moved across the room away from the front door.

“Who is…?” Becky asked before Richard cut in.

“Whatever happens now is beyond my control my wonderful children. Just know your mother and I love you and we’ll do whatever we have to to keep you safe. Whatever they ask of you, you do it without hesitation, do you understand?” Richard’s voice was small and tinny now.

Tom looked at his father’s face, seeing fear there for the first time he could remember. Then he glanced at the door as another series of slow deliberate knocks rattled the heavy wooden door in its frame.

Richard turned quickly to open it, seemingly to avoid it being knocked from its hinges. He fumbled through three bolt latches and finally twisted the handle, pulling the door open wide and letting the cold night air draft into their cozy living room.

Three dark figures stood in the doorway, their shoulders almost level with the top of the door.

“Richard. It is good to see you are still here. You’ve aged poorly I’m sorry to see” a deep intimidating voice emerged from the shadow of the hood.

Richard took 3 steps back from the door as the enormous hulk gracefully ducked into the room through the doorway. The other two giants followed the first, standing back up straight once they were were clear. keçiören escort All three wore the blackest material any of them had ever seen and stood at least eleven feet at ease.

“Richard, it is time for you to keep your promise to Queen Nasra. We have waited the allotment of time that we all agreed to.”

“Who is Quee…” Becky attempted to blurt out.

“SILENCE!!!!” the voice of ten men issued from the pitch black shadow that filled the hood of the giant. The sound of the voice literally shook the room, knocking a decorative lamp from its shelf towards the rear of the living room. The glass shattered, but it sounded like it was a million miles away as the reverberation of the shout rang in their ears.

Richard shot Becky a look that she would never forget, his eyes a strange mix of anger, warning, and fear. Becky shrieked, but nothing came out of her mouth as she was truly petrified with fear.

The beasts before them were like no men she had ever seen. Their faces were perfectly hidden, no matter what direction the light shone at them. The skin on their arms were a dark gray color with hideously long finger nails attached to hands the size of serving platters. Even though her father had built the living room with vaulted ceilings, these giants still had to tuck their heads to avoid the giant timber support beams of the roof. Becky found her legs and arms were trembling in response to the orc-like bark.

Tom had covered his ears instinctively, but it was of no help shielding him from the bellow issued by this monster. Just as he brought his hands down, he spoke again, this time slightly softer.

“BEHOLD, QUEEN NASRA OF THE 5th REALM! ANCIENT OF ANCIENTS! MOTHER OF NATIONS AND THE LONE DESCENDANT OF THE HEAVENS!!!!” Allison was also frozen in fear, her hands shaking visibly as they lay across her lap. Her eyes gravitated from the towering master of ceremonies to the door. Outside the darkness deepened rapidly and there was no sound to be heard beyond her own breathing. Not even the crickets dared to shun the overt command.

As Melanie stared on at the door, her mind was flooded with the memories of their first encounter and the terror she had felt when Nasra had put her hands on her the first time. Dread filled her heart and she prayed in silence that they would all survive this visit.

A slight glowing white light lit the door frame only moments before the white robed woman drifted into the room. The robe dragged over the threshold as if the wearer were not touching the ground.

Tom’s mouth fell open as the soft blueish white glow emanating from somewhere inside her hood illuminated her facial features, but somehow hid her eyes. At first glance all he could make out was the graceful curve of her nose and her slightly pouty luscious lips. As she seemingly drifted to the middle of the room in front of the fire place, she drew her hood back over her head.

Even though he remembered their first visit vividly, Richard was taken aback at her beauty. Her dark olive skin stood in stark contrast with her pale gray (almost glowing) eyes. Richard had done his share of traveling in the east and he had never been able to put a finger on her origin. If he was forced to guess, he’d say she was some mix of an Indian princess and a Chinese sorcerer.

“Greetings Richard and Melanie” Nasra’s voice was warm and soothing, utterly the opposite of her imposing henchman. She held out her hand in a gesture only performed by royalty. Richard stepped forward, kneeling to kiss her hand. Melanie dropped her gaze to the ground to avoid eye contact.

“Greetings Queen Nasra!” Richard and Melanie fumbled shakily.

“Ohhhh come now, it’s been a few years since we last met, but surely you have nothing to fear…” Nasra scanned the faces of the petrified family. Her eyes lit across each of them, and settled on Thomas. “You two have made such a LOVELY family Melanie! Congratulations! Let’s celebrate your success here! Bring out the wine!”

Nasra’s warm, beautiful smile swept the room all at once. Thomas instantly felt more comfortable and even thought the giant hooded monsters seemed to shrink a bit. Melanie instructed Allison to fetch the large burlap sack from under the bottom shelf in the pantry and the twins to fetch the crystal goblets from the china cabinet. Allison had been terrified at first, but now felt much more at ease for some reason. She gracefully followed her mother’s instruction as did her sisters.

Nasra stepped towards the couch. “You must be Thomas! I’ve looked forward to meeting you for quite some time now” she bubbled.

“Uh.. You have?” Thomas was caught off guard. He was pretty certain that if he had encountered this… woman before, he would have remembered it.

“We were here the day you were conceived Thomas, have your parents not told you of us?” Nasra questioned, glancing first at Melanie and then Richard.

“Welllll.. we.. we found keçiören escort bayan it difficult to explain to the children” Richard stuttered nervously. This seemed to instantly anger Queen Nasra as she turned toward Richard.

“I SEEM to remember being VERY clear that you were to PREPARE the children for our visit!” Nasra’s eyes seemed to change colors from a pale white to a smoldering red. The three giants at the front of the room stood up to attention. She stood two feet from Thomas, but he could feel heat radiating from her as her mood changed. Thomas was suddenly concerned that whatever this woman Nasra was, that she was capable of truly terrible things if so motivated.

Without thinking, he reached out and grabbed her hand, her reaction was instantaneous. Nasra spun back towards Thomas, locking her eyes on his. Thomas looked deep into the two raging storms that filled his mind. “I’m sorry, I must have forgotten the story, but I remember now Queen Nasra” Thomas begged earnestly, her hand clamping down on his. For a moment, he thought she would consume him with the fire that churned in her presence, but then her eyes fluttered wide open as if she had suddenly had an epiphany. Nasra spun to Melanie.

“I see! You HAVE prepared this one for me Melanie!” Nasra’s gaze drifted up as if she was recounting a vivid dream. “Oh what preparation the two of you had!” she gasped again “and just TODAY! What a beautiful gift!” Nasra aimed her powerful gaze back to Thomas, pulling him to his feet with what felt to him like the strength of a horse or more. She reached up with her left hand and grasped Tom’s chin, pulling his face within an inch of her own and guiding his gaze directly into hers. “What a lucky boy you have been today!”

Tom watched Nasra speak and was struck by her beauty as he fell deep into her gaze. He could literally see her playing back the love-making in the bathroom from earlier that day in the reflection of her eyes as they faded back to a pale white-blue color. He took in a sharp breath as he had never encountered a person such as this, she must be a witch of some kind he thought.

Nasra smiled and laughed sensually… “Oh I’m no witch boy… A witch could never possess what I have acquired over the millennia” Nasra’s voice was like silk and running water. Her voice sent a long shiver down his spine to his pelvis. Tom felt his member swell in instant response. Nasra smiled even bigger and kissed him softly on the lips, her eyes remained locked on his.

Melanie felt a twinge of jealousy and instant fear of reprisal. She was beginning to perhaps understand the implications of the promise they had made to Nasra so many years before and she became even more terrified as a result.

“No need to fear dear…” Nasra spoke to her as if hearing her thoughts out loud “there will be bliss here this evening.”

“You see Thomas, when I was younger I was unable to have children” Melanie expanded on the story for everyone’s benefit. “Nasra kindly gave us a special cure that enabled us to have you and later your sisters.”

“There were stipulations of course,” Nasra continued. “Such as the pills I gave you for each child that would help your body receive the medicine I… administered” Nasra smiled with a naughty look on her face.

As if on queue Becky, Allison, and Jennifer came in bearing the bag and seven large crystal goblets. Allison carefully set the burlap sack on the couch before Nasra.

Nasra found this intriguing and stared at Allison as she reached inside the bag. Her eyes narrowed with recognition as she retrieved an absolutely monstrous wineskin from the bag.

Richard eyed the wineskin nervously. “Is that safe to drink after twenty years?” he asked the room in fear of addressing Nasra directly.

Nasra laughed “You apparently know nothing of drink, but this wine is especially made to age well. I’ll pour us a round and show Allison here how to pour from a wineskin” she smiled warmly at Allison as she lifted up the first empty goblet.

The wineskin sheath was adorned with precious gems on both sides and intricately drawn lines and figures depicting what looked like ancient Egyptians having sexual relations in many various ways. The wine was poured and shared around the room excluding the giants.

“A TOAST!” Nasra’s voice (perhaps unintentionally) resonated in the room as if a chorus of women had yelled. Becky could feel the sound in her chest. “To ancient origins and NEW beginnings!” she exclaimed raising her glass to the ceiling.

They all nervously toasted Nasra in return and began drinking the dark red wine. Jennifer thought it was very tasty, especially for being her first drink of wine. Thomas sipped his glass greedily the second time as the concoction was simply delicious.

In fact most everyone in the room seemed to be taken by the drink (or perhaps its intended effect) and nearly guzzled the first pour within just a escort keçiören few minutes. Thomas felt a warmth spreading throughout him he had never experienced and he sat back onto the couch empty glass in hand. Unlike the girls, he had sipped whiskey before and had gotten rather drunk with his uncle in years prior. This was similar but much stronger.

Becky felt a tingling throughout her nether regions and her modest nipples were swollen to the point of jutting through her thin cotton sun dress.

“You seem to be enjoying this wine very much Becky” Nasra was on to her immediately. Becky just grinned back and nodded. “Have more!” Nasra chirped as she filled her glass again. Allison stood up and gently received the wineskin from Nasra as if on queue and began pouring everyone’s glass. She made it all the way around the room until she reached her father.

Richard’s glass was still full minus the toast. He was rigidly poised in the very back of the leather high back parlor chair, his hands white-knuckling his knees. If Allison could have read his eyes they would have said run and don’t ever look back, but alas she failed to see the warning in her relaxed state.

“What’s wrong Daddy? You don’t like the wine?” she asked innocently. This brought instant attention to him from Nasra and company.

“Yes Richard, what seems to be the problem?” Nasra shot him the mother of all evil eyes.

Richard shifted uncomfortably. “I just don’t respond well to drink is all….” There was still a quiver in his voice that made Thomas in particularly uneasy.

“Drink up and be merry Richard, for tomorrow….” Nasra ordered in a firm but soft tone.

This seemed to upset Richard even more, but he obediently lifted his glass to Nasra in a toast before proceeding to chug the remainder of his first glass. Allison filled it again as soon as he lowered it.

“Well you all are WAY to stiff, we need MUSIC!” Nasra shouted with glee. As she did she shed her outer hooded white robe entirely. It drifted in slow motion to the floor, lighting on the absolutely huge bear rug that Richard made years prior. One of the giants reached into his pocket and produced a small black box with a button on top that glowed blue. After pressing it, the whole room filled with an ethereal symphony of strings and percussion, a pulsing bass line and bass drum merged in after a few moments.

Nasra’s under gown was quite scant and almost transparent. Thomas’s predicament grew instantly as Nasra’s full female form was revealed through the thin material. Much like his mother’s body, Nasra was not skinny in any way, but flaunted her full female figure with expert form.

Richard too was caught off guard at the beauty of Nasra’s body, his own predicament swelling in response. If he didn’t know better, he would have been very attracted to her.

Everyone was finishing off their second goblet as Nasra began to perform what Richard thought was similar to a belly dance he had once seen in San Francisco. She used the tail of her translucent dress to carve graceful arcs through the air. She spun and drifted around the room like a drifting, spinning top. At times her high arcing dance would pull the dress up over her hips, revealing the plenty of her rear section. At other times it would reveal a healthy but maintained bush covering her pelvic intersection.

Allison had found her place back on the couch with her sisters and her brother, sipping the last of the wine. She felt euphoric as she watched this beautiful creature dance to music that could only be explained as heavenly. A warmness was spreading all over her body and she began to feel the urge to join Nasra as the pulsing rhythm permeated her being.

Melanie was at first alarmed by Nasra’s open near-nude performance in front of her children, but the wine was doing its work on her as well. She found herself soon swaying back and forth to the music from her faithful perch on the arm of the massive couch.

Nasra’s timing was nothing less than perfect and she swooped down, scooping up Allison from the couch to join her in the dance. The two held hands, laughing and spinning in concentric circles in a wide arc around the outer edges of the large living space. As they approached Melanie, again Nasra grabbed her hands and pulled her onto the dance floor. Richard looked equally scared and intrigued at this development.

The three of them orbited the room to the ever louder pulsing music that seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere all at once. Melanie and Allison were smiling and laughing, enjoying the pure euphoria of the wine, the music and the opportunity to dance. It wasn’t long before Becky and Jennifer joined in the fray, mimicking the movements of the goddess that had seemingly descended from heaven here in their living room.

As the minutes flew by, the music slowly accelerated and the pulse increased. Melanie could feel her body heating up to the point where she was sweating profusely. Without inhibition, she raised her sun dress over her head and continued to dance topless, her large mounds bouncing about.

Nasra laughed and followed suit, casting her silky under-dress to the side. The giants stood motionless in stern observation. One by one, Jennifer, Becky, and Allison shed their dresses until all three wore only panties.

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