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The Curse of the Carnival Ch. 03

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This is the third chapter in this series. You should read the first and second chapter before reading this one. I used the editor from chapter 2 to help me with chapter 3.


The guys in school who knew Karen thought she wasn’t the type who slept around. ‘Probably a virgin’ was the opinion, a girl who would give oral at best. This did not matter to Sean in the least; his feelings toward her were genuine. He had plans of marriage after college too. He figured that he would propose before college and be married after he finished. He never believed she would give it out anytime before then.

That changed with her parting words the night before of, “”I need to see you tomorrow: I need that in my pussy.”

His crotch stirred as he recalled what happened after he drove Karen home. He had parked his car to drop her off and after a bit of foreplay, she had her hand on his massive cock. She never remarked to its monster size but the blowjob she gave him was better than any she had ever done. She seemed to orally attack him with a hungry need. It was after he had zipped up and she was about to go into the house that she whispered those words.

Sean’s mind seemed to blur everything of the past day out as he knocked on the door and waited patiently for her to answer. He could not focus on anything except seeing her again. Knowing Karen, Sean suspected that after she came to her senses, she’d have second and third thoughts, and probably have changed her mind. If that was the case, he was hoping that he’d be able to rekindle the spark that set her off the night before.

When the door opened, it was as if his mind plugged back in again. Karen stood there wearing a low cut blouse and matching skirt that went down to her knees. She wore very little makeup, and had her hair up. His eyes lit up and a smile formed instantly.

At seeing Sean, Karen just stepped right to him to embrace him in a loving hug. She wrapped her arms around his body and squeezed. She had waited all day to see the man see loved. Karen wanted nothing more then to kiss her man all night long. She was hoping that he’d forgotten her words that she stupidly made in the heat of the night before.

As they walked from the house to his car, the two lovers seemed at peace in their lives.

The date went like all the rest of their dates before. After dinner, the two went to see a movie, after which they parked in ‘their’ private cove on Lookout Mount so that they could make out. Sean was more excited than usual. He was going to get a little more than head or a hand job. He was hoping that Karen didn’t change her mind, but her nervous attitude suggested that she probably had. Remembering her reaction from the night before, he thought he just needed to be a little bit more forceful. Feeling she was going to put out, Sean was a little more heated in kissing her.

When his hands were roaming around her body, he decided to reach for her pussy. He dropped his right hand to her knees. Karen stiffened as she felt his fingers on the flesh of her inner thigh. She closed her legs around his hand, imprisoning it.

Sean moved his mouth over to her neck and whispered, “Are you ready to make love tonight?”

As she had been doing with herself, Karen once again thought about what she had said to him the prior night. She was worried. She knew he wanted her badly, but was waiting for her to be the one to ask for it. However, as much as she would have liked to please him, she knew she was not ready to lose her virginity tonight. Thinking of a way to break it to Sean, the idea of losing him burst into her head. She let her head ramble on about losing the man she wanted to marry. Suddenly, tears just started to drop gently down her cheeks.

When Karen didn’t respond to his question, Sean looked up at her face to see it was swollen and in tears. Not thinking of anything else, he stopped groping her, and embraced her in a comforting manner. Holding her tight, he said, “Its okay if you don’t want to do it, I still love you.”

His understanding only depressed her more with his words her sobs increased.

Karen tearfully responded. “I am SO sorry!” Her words were almost drummed out by her crying.

Sean just kept holding her saying softly. “Its okay, I still love you. I am not going to leave you.”

His words of comfort and assurance started to soak in, and soon Karen regained her composure. She took out some tissues and wiped her face. Pulling down the visor, she looked at herself in the mirror. As she was doing this, Sean started the car and headed out of the parking lot.

Once back on the road and heading home, the two of them talked about their plans after college, and their desire to have a large family. Before they knew it, they were still talking in Karen’s driveway.

By then, Karen had regained her composure and smiled when Sean leaned bahis firmaları in for their kiss goodbye. She responded back with a more passionate kiss on the lips. She was again content with her relationship again. Not wanting the night to end, Karen thought she would give Sean a little something to ‘thank’ him for being so understanding. Besides, she liked the taste of his cum. As she once again remembered her strange excitement fro the night before she decided she would give him another blowjob again.

“My parents are asleep for the night, why don’t you come in for awhile?” Her face seemed glowing with excitement.

“Okay, if you want to. I guess we could watch a movie or something.” Their eyes met and a subliminal message seemed to be passing between the two. Sean’s crotch was radiating heat.

As soon as the young couple walked inside the darkened house, holding hands, Karen led him into the living room and over to the couch. Their eyes met again and she gently pushed him down of the sofa. Then, sitting right next to him, she reached for the remote, handed it to him and then placed her hand right on his inner thigh. Sean tried not to overreact and scare her. He turned on the television and started to look for something to watch as his girlfriend rubbed his inner thigh right next to his dick.

Sean started to change the channel, feeling the heat from her hand. As he went through the channels, his pain came back. It did not come slowly like the night before in the car; this time it just surrounded his whole genital region. Sean could feel his dick enlarge, as his balls swelled up. Dropping the remote, he could do nothing but think about sex. The underwear he was wearing held his dick so much in place he felt even more pain.

Karen’s own excitement was building, partly based on hearing Sean’s increased breathing and sensing that his libido was overactive. Further, her mind was quickly becoming clouded with the memory of his cock from the night before. Was it really that big? Did it really taste that good?

Not fully understanding what was happening, Karen felt a wave of lust wash over her. She could think of nothing else but having her boyfriend’s cock. Boldly, not thinking of the consequences, she knelt down in front of him and hurriedly reached for his pants.

As his girlfriend unbuttoned his pants with fumbling fingers, Sean’s cock was already trying to break free from its confinement.

Karen desired nothing else but her boyfriend’s cock. As she pulled his pants off his legs, she ripped his Fruit-Of-The-Loom in two. Right after that her mouth eagerly sought, and then found, his throbbing cock.

As her mouth began to accept his prick, some of his pain eased. Sean felt his cock just throbbing with this low intensity pain as her mouth bobbed up and down on his shaft. He put his hands behind her head as she tried to take all of him in her small mouth. Karen used her right hand to slowly jerk his cock as she slobbered on his thick shaft. She could only get half of his dick into her mouth before she felt she would gag, but this didn’t stop her from doing it repeatedly. Indeed, Karen even picked up the pace with her hand as her mouth and tongue worked on his throbbing rod. She moved her left hand to start rubbing her clit to ease her own sexual needs. The teen girl soon felt herself lose control as she came, over and over.

Sean was feeling like never before. Until now, he was always content to this halfway solution to his urges. However, they were so strong now that Sean wanted a little more then a great blowjob. Karen’s pristine pussy was what he had in mind. He felt himself lose control of his actions again as he lifted her head off his swollen cock. For a long moment, he looked down into her eyes, seeing the smoky lust that she had never before displayed.

Standing up from the couch in front of Karen, Sean threw away his torn underwear. Still looking down at Karen’s innocent face, he knew that he was going to take his prize and her virginity. Pulling her up from the floor, she raised willingly, allowing herself to be placed on the couch. The boy reached down and slid her panties off her legs.

Nervously, Karen kept one leg straight out and at the back of the couch, and then lowered the other off the couch, placing her foot on the floor, spreading her legs for her lover-to-be. There wasn’t the slightest thought to stop what was about to happen.

Now kneeling before her, Sean aimed the head of his rock hard dick at the entrance to his girlfriend’s virgin twat. Karen was ready to accept his large member and was bracing for his huge cock to penetrate her.

Karen could not contain herself as Sean eased his dick into her. “AHHHH, ITS SOOO BIG!!!”

Sean still had some control and knew that he would have to go slow for a while until she was ready to accept his full shaft. He could feel kaçak iddaa how tight she was, and it was turning him on. As his head pushed further in, he could feel his manhood begin to break through her hymen.

As her womanhood tore open, Karen found herself screaming out, “PLEASE GO SLOW, IT’S SO LARGE!! YOUR COCK IS TOO BIG FOR ME!!!”

The tightness of her pussy made it hard to move as fast as he wanted to. He could feel her pussy start to contract a little, as she came all over his dick. The pussy he wanted so badly was getting wet around his prick. The pain around his groin was easing every time he pushed further in. Just as he did with his mom and his sister, the teen kept penetrating further in. Almost all the way in, he could see Karen was in the throes of an orgasm. Sean pushed in all the way in until his balls were against her tight asshole. His tremendous cock now impaled his virgin girlfriend.

Although he was still unsure if she could handle the full length of his shaft, Sean nevertheless eased his dick out, ready to start pumping her. As he pushed back in, and pulled out again he could feel her pussy gush her juice on his dick. Her cries of pleasure, moans, and whimpers were like music to his ears. The feeling of her tight pussy was like nothing he has ever had before. Not going as fast as he was accustomed too, Sean still kept shoving his rod deep inside his girl’s virgin hole.

As Sean looked up to see if Karen was enjoying it, he could see her mother standing behind the sofa. She had her robe open and nothing else on. The feeling of dread, and doom surrounded him, but that did not stop him from fucking her virgin daughter. He was too far gone to stop. As he continued to pound in and out of the writhing Karen, Sean could see that her mom’s hand was rubbing her pussy as she watched them.

Karen’s mother was quite the looker for her age. At 38, she could still turn some heads. She had a modest C cup breasts, and her body still held some of its former glory. At 5’3″ she had a small tight frame and displayed a great ass, so very similar to her daughter’s. Her hairy pussy was filled with her fingers as she was masturbating herself.

Ann had been woken up by the sound of her daughter’s cries upon losing her virginity. After hearing the cries, she walked downstairs to see Karen’s boyfriend slamming his dick into her daughter. She had gotten close enough to them to see just how massive a cock the boy had and she was shocked that her daughter was not only able to take it, but was amazed that Karen was writhing and pushing up to meet each of his downward thrusts after every withdrawal.

Ann lost complete control of her senses after seeing Sean, though not in the way that she should have. Instead of wanting to kill him for ravaging her daughter, she inexplicably had a complete urge to have his cum. Walking over to the rutting couple, she could see that her daughter was having a tough time handling the boy’s massive dick. Ann walked up to the two of them and bent down beside them.

Ann spoke softly, “You’re going too deep for her. If you don’t go so deep she can handle you going faster.”

Karen froze her movements upon hearing her mom’s voice, fear gripping her because her mother was there, yet already her mind was trying to understand her mother’s words.

Ann would later analyze her own actions, but for now she was already in the heat of lust. Although she was certainly not a person that one could refer to as oversexed, there was something about seeing such a massive cock thrusting in and out of a cunt that overwhelmed her sense of right and wrong. She wanted that cock so badly, but knew she had to wait her turn.

Sean’s head was reeling from the total insanity of the situation, the wonderful pleasures from the sex and the terrible pain. Because of that pain, he wanted to pull out of Karen’s tight, now-squishy cunt, yet he knew that he had to keep it deep inside of her to please his girlfriend. Every time he pulled back within that hot slit, the pain increased, only to be relieved when he thrust to her depths again.

Although Karen was still petrified by the sudden presence of her mother, Sean was undisturbed by having Ann watch. However, he realized that they were about to embark on a more forbidden course when he felt Karen’s mom’s hand move between the legs of the rutting lovers.

When he felt Ann’s hand encircle his cock, he wanted to tell her to stop, but after all, this was his girlfriend’s mom and he was fucking her daughter. Somehow, she had managed to move her face into position and suddenly Sean felt Ann’s lips encircle his shaft. He was frantic to put a stop to this but any protest would have been useless; Ann did not intend to stop her blowjob. She had never seen a cock this big and wanted all of it.

Sex had become the order of the day. Neither mother nor daughter seemed to kaçak bahis be thinking rationally any longer. Karen should have been frantically squirming about to get out from under her boyfriend. Instead, she lay panting awaiting a move from either Sean or her mom.

Ann savored the feel and taste of the monster cock. After about a minute, she stopped her sucking and put the cock back into her daughter’s tight pussy. Once again a mournful moan escaped the teen’s lips as her boyfriend resumed his thrusts.

As his cock stroked in his girlfriend’s tight channel, he turned and stared at her mom’s naked chest. Ann’s nipples were small and erect, and he wanted to suckle on them. As he leaned over to start licking her chest, he could feel the pressure in his balls rise. That familiar pain he felt before was returning, and he knew he was ready. Not stopping for a second his final thrust pushed deep inside Karen, so far she thought she was getting split apart. Sean could feel his balls gushing out his sperm, deep inside his girlfriend. The tip of his cock exploded as his cum shot deep inside Karen.


Ann, hearing her daughter’s frantic words and Sean’s frenetic moans, and seeing their wild and heated reactions, waited for the boy to pull out before she would feast on the remnants of sperm on his dick. She watched as her only daughter was being filled up with sperm and waited to taste it from that wonderful dick.

Finally, a hiss of breath expelled from Karen and the teen fell back, satisfied. As she fell into a semi-conscious state, her mother quickly grabbed a hold of Sean’s massive cock and sucked the last drops of cum off and out.

Sean still had that pain throbbing in his loins. He wondered why it did not go away now. He had cum, but the pain was still present. The only thing different was his dick did not go soft at all. This was something completely new to happen to him.

As Ann sucked his manhood down her throat, she knew her turn had come. As much as she wanted to taste a full load of this boy’s cock, she couldn’t wait any longer. She needed this wonderful hunk of man inside her.

Ann got up and sat next to her daughter, opening her legs for Sean’s dick. Taking the hint, Sean moved in front of Karen’s mom. Karen watched in excited surprise as her boyfriend moved in front of her mother and moved his prick into her mother’s bushy vagina. What should have been upsetting to her had just the opposite affect. This was sending exploding feelings in her pussy. She had an urge to start rubbing her clit, as Sean pushed his meat full hilt into her mother.

Ann never had a cock this big inside of her, and she loved every minute of it. “You are such a big stud, you know that? Your dick feels so good inside of me.”

Sean started to slam his rod in and out of his girlfriend’s mother like a piston. He could feel her twat exploding all over his cock. Ann kept looking at his eyes as her pussy got railed like never before.

“Damm big boy, you really know how to fuck a girl, don’t you?”

The wild scene was overwhelming for Karen. The teen could not rub fast enough as she stared at her boyfriend’s cock going in and out of her mother, first to her depths and then withdrawing before plunging into her anew.

With her pussy needing more attention then she was giving it, Karen stood on top of the couch and faced her mother. Until this moment their relationship was strictly mother and daughter. Now that lust had overtaken the two of them, all morals were lost. Karen bent her legs so slightly, slowly, until her pussy was in Ann’s face.

Ann saw that her daughter’s pussy was dripping with spunk. Her heart was pounding from the excitement. She knew that her life was changing at that very moment. Deep inside she was horrified at what she was going to do, but just the thought of tasting the load of Sean’s sperm was going to make her orgasm. She hungrily and eagerly grabbed her daughter’s hips and brought them in closer as she planted her mouth at the entrance of her oozing pussy. She licked the cum as it dropped out of Karen without missing a drop. Ann then started to lick the entrance to her daughter’s once virgin hole with her tongue. She could not stop licking as Sean slammed her harder, and harder. She pulled Karen down with more force so that she could plunge her mouth into her daughter’s pussy.

Sean could not handle what he was watching. It was so hot, yet so revolting. He felt the pressure building more quickly than before. As he rammed his dick into the woman all the way, he suddenly and forcefully shot his load. Not as much as before but more than any other man could hope to.

All of her life, Ann had never felt cum spurting into her, but with Sean shooting such a huge heated amount, she could feel his hot load enter her.


Sean dropped to the floor, and the pain stopped.

He awoke on the couch covered by a blanket.

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