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The Day I Took My Daughter Ch. 02

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My eyes followed Annabelle’s thong-clad ass around the kitchen idly as she pottered about that evening. My mind played back the afternoon’s filthy fun with lascivious glee. It was only Marty’s agonized throat-clearing that drew attention to the fact that we weren’t alone together any more. I kept the grimace of annoyance from my face and took my eyes away from Anna’s cute butt for a minute.

Marty and his girlfriend Rita were sat at the kitchen table sipping on their Gin and Tonics — that boy had learned bad drinking habits off his mother. What was wrong with a goddamned beer, I wanted to know?

They were both looking at me strangely. Marty seemed mildly horrified by my blatant appreciation of his sister’s behind. Rita… well there was shock on that pretty face for sure, but I sensed a little something else too. I gave them both an easy grin and took a sip of beer. I know I should’ve been worried at that point — maybe concerned that I was gonna get found out… but I was still riding the high of what had happened earlier. I felt untouchable.

“Do you guys want some salsa in your tacos?” asked Anna with her head in the fridge. I refrained from making an off-color comment.

My son and his pale-but-pretty girlfriend murmured their responses and in short order the four of us were sat around stuffing Mexican food down our faces and all the awkwardness of a moment ago was forgotten. As home-made Mexican goes, this little knocked-together meal was extremely satisfying. It was just what I needed to refuel my batteries before having a second round between my daughter’s thighs.

Anna kept looking at me throughout the meal. Her bee-stung lips kept quirking up at the corners into a secretive little smile that dimpled her cheeks adorably. I met those big blue eyes with my own and smiled back confidently. Her cheeks went pink and she dropped her eyes to her plate, biting her bottom lip coyly. Damn but I wanted to fuck her right then!

My eyes drifted back to my son and his girl and my smile faded into mild disgruntlement. How the hell was I gonna get rid of these two idiots?

It was at that point that I realized that maybe I didn’t have to get rid of them at all. I smiled again, this time directing it at Rita. She looked slightly startled at my sudden attention.

“Would you like another drink?” I asked and Marty looked at me suspiciously — he knew my usual attitude to him drinking heavily in the house and though he could see I was up to something, he obviously hadn’t twigged my true motives.

“What’s going on?” asked Marty flatly as I poured drinks. I grinned at him annoyingly.

“Can’t a father have a drink with his son when he wants to?” I asked and Anna giggled slightly into her own drink. I’d have to make sure she didn’t have much more — didn’t want her passing out on me later.

I pretended to take a deep drink from my beer and turning managed to subtly pour the remnants down the sink. I got out another and sat down next to Marty.

“Look — your mom’s away for a few days and I just thought it’d be nice to have some father-son time.” I said, “Your sister and I had such a nice time this afternoon that it made me stop and think. We don’t do enough of that kind of stuff in our family and that’s why we’ve been drifting apart, you know?”

He nodded uncertainly and took a sip of his drink. Anna was trying to stop herself laughing. She knew what I really meant by ‘that kind of stuff’. I wonder whether she knew where I was going with this.

Rita was looking a little uncomfortable and seemed on the verge of getting up and leaving us to have some time alone. I suddenly no longer wanted her to leave. I was intrigued to see how far I could take this.

“Rita, honey — don’t go.” I said with a fond smile, “You’re practically family now anyway… lets all just have a few drinks and enjoy the evening sun outside.”

Rita seemed genuinely touched by my including her and beamed at me prettily. Marty grinned his thanks at me as I slapped him on the back and stood, exaggerating my drunkenness to walk unsteadily out onto the patio. Anna caught up with me hurriedly and slipped her small hand into mine.

“What are we doing daddy?” she asked and I looked at her closely, seeing the nervousness she’d been hiding so well up to that point. I gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

“Just wait an see, honey-bear.” I murmured back and she shrugged a little fatalistically. I was going to have to instill in her a bit more confidence in my decision making abilities.

The drinks continued to flow, and soon enough the sun was dipping low and we were bathed in the soft-white electric light of our patio-lamps. They had solar-powered bulbs that charged up in the day time — stupid gimmicky little things. I bided my time looking for an opportunity… something, anything that would show me what my next move should be.

In the end it was Anna who provided me with that opportunity. She didn’t even have to be prompted (bless her sweet, slutty nature). Quite drunk by this bahis firmaları point (it was around nine pm) Anna drained the glass of schnapps she’d been sipping on and announced that she was going for a swim.

“Not a bad idea.” I agreed as she stood up. Now — she’d been sitting on my lap for the last half hour or so and I’m probably not going to shock you by saying at that point I was pitching a fair ole tent in my swimming shorts. Thankfully Marty’s eyes were glued to his sister as she wandered gracefully to the pool.

“I think I’ll go too,” he slurred and raised an eyebrow at Rita who rolled her eyes.

“OK — I’ll go get my costume from the car.” she sighed and my ears pricked up.

“Why don’t you just skinny-dip?” I suggested hopefully. Marty guffawed drunkenly, thinking I was joking. Rita stared at me wide-eyed. Her gaze dropped for just a second to the obvious bulge in my shorts and her cheeks flushed pink.

“No way!” she said emphatically. I hesitated then, and maybe I was just fooling myself, but I thought I saw a glimmer of interest in her eyes. Almost as if the shyness was a total front. My eyes narrowed.

“Come on Rita!” I said with the most reassuring voice I could manage, “We’ll all do it, won’t we Marty? It’ll be fun!” Marty gaped at me and chuckled a bit more. The idiot was drunk as a fart — he hadn’t a clue of my intentions for him and his pretty young girlfriend.

“Ummm…” Rita’s big green eyes glanced from me to Marty hazily, “only if you do it first?” she slurred triumphantly. She thought she’d saved herself an embarrassment… how wrong could she be.

I stood up proudly and with no further a word whipped off my trunks and threw them into the pool gaining me an impromptu round of applause from my daughter who’d been watching from the shallows.

“Way to go dad!” she giggled and wolf-whistled and giggled some more. Definitely no more alcohol for her tonight. I bowed to the pool and again to Marty and Rita who was staring from my face to my dick and back with an incredulous little smile.

“Well?” I asked and she blinked in confusion.

“What? – You want me to rate you out of ten or something?” She said with laughter in her voice. I shook my head.

“Your turn, Rita.” I said quietly and something in my voice made the smile slip from her face. She glanced from me to Marty and back uncertainly. Marty was so drunk he was really barely aware of anything anymore. She licked her lips nervously and I nodded firmly, looking her straight in the eye. She could have had no illusions as to where I was taking this but she still didn’t seem to quite believe it.

Rita’s fingers rose numbly to fumble with the small buttons of her summer blouse. Her cheeks were tinged pink and she seemed to be breathing more heavily. Was this turning her on? I grinned, wondering whether she’d fantasized about fucking her boyfriend’s dad before… the look in her eye told me yes, the little slut.

Anna stumbled back up onto the patio, water dripping off her lithe young body. Rita paused, unsure whether to continue.

“Go on.” I said as Anna dumped herself unceremoniously on her brother’s lap. Marty moaned incomprehensibly.

Rita’s blouse slipped away and I chuckled to see the silver studs in her nipples which were rock hard already. Her breasts were smaller than Anna’s but firm and round — lovely. She stood and hesitantly shimmied out of her skimpy dark skirt. As she dragged her lacy white panties down I started massaging my stiff prick openly. She let out a little moan of horny disbelief as I stepped forward and pushed her (gently) down to the paving slabs.

“Anna!” I called and my daughter raised her head from where it had been pillowed on her now-unconscious brother’s shoulder with bleary eyes.

“Get down here and pay some attention to your brother’s girlfriend!” Anna slowly moved to obey, though a little slowly.

Anna knelt beside Rita who was staring up at us in a daze, her dark hair laid about her head on the patio like a midnight halo. I pointed and Anna lowered her mouth to Rita’s firm rounded little tits. My son’s girlfriend moaned and lifted her hips as I slid two fingers inside her slippery little hole.

“Oh god!” she whimpered sexily, “This is fucking nasty!”

I chuckled, watching Rita’s disbelieving eyes follow my unoccupied hand as it touched my daughter’s shoulder, slid down her back, over her ass-cheeks then between her thighs. Anna moaned as she sucked and licked at one of Rita’s nipples eagerly, enjoying the sensation of her father’s fingers massaging her moist mound.

“Anna,” I grunted and she looked up at me and awaited my instructions. “I’m gonna fuck this little whore now — I want you to get me ready for her, OK?”

“Yes daddy.” she murmured obediently and scooted closer so that she could take my fat cock into her mouth. I stroked her blonde hair and gazed down with fatherly benevolence as I plunged my stiff cock into her warm inviting mouth for only the second time. She looked so good with her kaçak iddaa lips wrapped around her daddy’s dick. It made me proud.

Rita’s eyes were glued to the scene the whole time, her lithe little body quivering as my fingers prepared my way in her hot wet pussy. Finally, I slipped my cock from Anna’s mouth with an obscene ‘pop’ and let her guide me with trembling fingers to the entrance of Rita’s sopping love tunnel.

“In you go, daddy!” she said brightly, massaging Rita’s puffy pussy-lips as my dick slid snugly inside of her.

“Yesssss!” I groaned as at last I found myself sliding balls deep inside the hot wet snatch of my son’s girlfriend. She moaned and wrapped her legs around my hips, raising herself to meet each thrust with shocking eagerness. Her pretty green eyes stared up at me hotly and she dragged her nails across my shoulders as I fucked her.

I didn’t want my daughter to be idle while I tried out this sweet new pussy, so I turned my head in her direction.

“I want you to fuck your brother.” I panted at her and she stared at me doubtfully.

“Marty?” she said as if I was crazy — I paused my thrusting and gave her a stern look.

“Yes, Marty!” I affirmed, “Are you gonna argue?” Her mouth worked for a minute as she tried to reconcile herself to the idea. Rita helped me out.

“He’s got a really big dick, Anna,” she purred, “Please do it — I think it’ll be soooo hot!”

I began moving inside Rita again, sliding back and forth as we both watched Anna approach Marty hesitantly. Anna peeled off her bikini which was still wet from the pool and hopped onto the lounger beside her unconscious brother. He didn’t struggle or really stir when she started to undress him.

“Oh god yes, do it you slut!” moaned Rita, watching avidly as Anna glanced back at us once, once at her brother’s sleeping face and then took his flaccid cock in her mouth. He moaned slightly as his sister sucked him to rapid hardness. Rita was right about his size, he almost had me matched.

“He’s waking.” I whispered to Rita and she whimpered in a mix of fear and excitement. How was he going to react to all this? He was waking to find his own dad fucking his girlfriend in front of him and his own sister sucking him off. That kind of shit is enough to mess with anyone’s head.

I turned Rita’s face towards me for a moment and she blinked in surprise when I pressed my lips to hers. A kiss seemed almost out of place with innocence amongst all of this other filth. Her mouth tasted sweet and young — not as sweet as Anna, but then that had the added spice of incest. I lifted my mouth from hers with a smile as she moaned and gazed up at me, her hands grabbing at my ass to urge me on.

“Wha’th’fuck….?” came Marty’s cry of shock as he finally came too — still dunk as a skunk but much more aware of what was going on. I grinned at his suddenly pallid expression as he watched me slamming my prick into his girlfriend’s tender young pussy. She suddenly moaned as she made eye-contact with him and I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock spasmodically, juices were leaking from her in a flood as suddenly she was cumming on my prick.

Marty was trying feebly to fend off Anna’s attentions but I knew from experience how limber and strong that teenage girl was. I pulled my rigid prick from Rita’s sopping hole as she quivered in the afterglow of her orgasm. I left her lying there and walked purposefully to where my kids were struggling with each other. Grabbing Marty’s shoulders I forcefully pinned him to the lounger.

“Stay still you little pussy!” I growled, “Just relax and let your sister take care of you.”

Marty stopped struggling. His heart had clearly never really been in it any how. Anna straddled her brother’s lap and lifted his mighty prick to her pink pussy-lips with a sigh of anticipation. I found Rita suddenly at our side again, watching.

“Oh my!” she moaned and stroked Marty’s hair as he stared from her to his sister with wild eyes. Anna looked me in the eye with a nasty little grin that seemed to say well, here I go again, and with that sank down on her brother’s big cock. Marty and Anna moaned together as she took his stiff tool deep inside of her pussy. I smiled to see the look of guilty satisfaction on my daughter’s face as she began to ride her older brother’s cock.

“I’ve dreamed of this!” moaned Marty and Rita looked down at him in surprise at the revelation.

“We may have to have words,” she said sternly, and I laughed. Marty grinned, finally loosening up a bit, his hands slid up his sister’s hips to caress and massage her breasts as they bounced with the motion of their fucking. Rita wandered around my side of the lounger and sank to her knees at my feet. I smiled down at her as she fed the head of my grossly swollen prick into her hot eager mouth. The feel of her warm wet tongue slithering over my cock-head nearly made my knees give. I groaned in appreciation and tangling my fingers in her dark, almost black hair began to pump my dick in and out of kaçak bahis her mouth.

Anna’s face was flushed with excitement and her eyes had a far off glazed look as she pistoned up and down on her brother’s dick. The pool-water had evaporated off her hot skin to be replaced by sweat.

“How does that feel, honey bear?” I asked her with a sly grin. Anna licked her lips and moaned, slamming herself up and down the length of her brother’s cock with animalistic pleasure.

“So good, daddy!” she panted. I leaned over and pressed my mouth to hers. My sweet daughter opened her warm mouth to accept my tongue eagerly — answering by slipping her own tongue into my mouth in return. Our lips parted and I looked down at Marty’s flushed face.

“Don’t cum inside your sister!” I warned him sternly. He gave me an ‘I’m-no-idiot’ look and leaned up to take Anna’s left nipple into his mouth. His sister moaned and hugged his face to her tits in shameful delight. He thought I didn’t want him knocking her up — in truth I just wanted to make sure if it did happen the kid would be mine. That thought alone was finally enough to bring me to the edge.

Rita squeaked in surprise but didn’t take her mouth from my dick as I began to spray thick loads of cum over her tongue. I moaned like a bull and grinned down at my son’s girlfriend as she swallowed down my sperm eagerly. As the last of my load dribbled onto her tongue, I took my dick from Rita’s mouth and rudely wiped it clean on her face. She didn’t seem to mind — in fact she laughed a little as if this was some silly dream she thought she would wake from at any minute. I grunted to myself with satisfaction as she cleaned the last drop off my tip with her tongue. This was no dream.

I’ve always been a virile man, but at that moment when I looked at my daughter riding her big brother’s dick and realized my next move… I even shocked myself. Within seconds my cock was upstanding and hard again. Rita whistled appreciatively and I think she had designs on me. I had other ideas.

“Anna, hold still for a minute,” I ordered my daughter. Anna gave me a pained look of frustration as she obediently slowed to a halt on her brother’s dick. I pointed to my daughter’s perfect ass and smiled wickedly at Rita.

“Get her ready for me will you?” I asked, making it more of a request than how I’d spoken to my daughter(Rita was a guest after all). Rita gaped at me, but didn’t argue. Getting on her hands and knees on the space behind my son and daughter, Rita willingly lowered her face between Anna’s butt-cheeks and began licking her puckered little asshole. Anna moaned lightly, Marty was moving slowly beneath her — keeping a steady but slow in and out rhythm as he pumped his dick up into her tender pussy.

I stood behind Rita and to take advantage of a good source of natural lubricant shoved my cock roughly inside of her. She moaned into my daughter’s ass. I couldn’t quite see from where I was, but I think Rita had two fingers inside Anna’s ass before she decided she was ready.

I slid my stiff prick out of Rita as she got out of the way. I clambered up behind Anna and pressed the swollen crown of my cock to her butt-hole which was wet with Rita’s saliva.

“Oh Jesus daddy!” moaned Anna as I pushed forward insistently, “this is so wrong!!” It was funny but that really didn’t sound like she wanted me to stop any. I paused to tease her.

“Fuck! Just do it daddy! I want to feel it all the way inside me!” she complained. Happy to comply I plunged my stiff cock hilt deep up my daughter’s delicious warm asshole. I could feel her brother’s dick moving inside of her. Slowly but with increasing urgency my son and I began to fuck my daughter mercilessly. We worked in instinctual rhythm, The sound of our cocks squelching in and out of her sopping holes echoed around the patio with the slap-slapping of my hips hitting her ass-cheeks.

Anna screamed out her orgasm as her young body quivered and shook between the bodies of her father and brother. I leaned close to her ear and nibbled on her earlobe, whispering filth to her.

“Do you like that?” I panted as I fucked her. She turned her head to kiss me hungrily.

“Yes daddy!” she moaned.

“You like being a slut for your own father and brother?”

“Yes daddy, I do!” she whimpered.

“You’d like to be a little slutty sex-slave for your daddy wouldn’t you?” I growled, reaching under to squeeze one swinging tit as I fucked her tight asshole.

“Y…y…yes daddy!” she stammered, writhing beneath me. She came again then, suddenly shaking like a leaf as we fucked her. She went limp it seemed and concerned in case she’d passed out I lifted her up off her brother’s dick and turned her around in my arms. Her beautiful blue eyes fluttered open and she smiled up at me.

“Why did you stop?” she asked quietly as I stroked her blonde hair back from her pretty, innocent-seeming young face. I laughed and lifted her up, standing with her in my arms so that her legs were wrapped around my back and her arms looped about my neck. She slid down onto my cock with a sexy little moan and once more I was back inside my daughter’s tight young pussy. Marty stood and took my place in his sister’s equally tight asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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