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The Escape

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Apologies for the delay. The fourth and final instalment of my stepdaughter series.


I watched Colleen through half closed eyes and pretended to be asleep. She faffed about the bedroom taking three times longer to do anything than normal; or so it would seem.

True, I did not have work that day but today marked a last major landmark in my plans with Kimberley. Ever since we had all come back from that holiday in Sardinia we had been working hard and saving hard to fulfil our dream of running away to the island. It had taken us a lot longer than we had expected. A fact that caused us much anguish but now, eighteen months later, we were finally at the point where the end was in sight.

My cock twitched as I imagined Kimberley impatiently waiting for her Mum to finish getting ready for work and leave. She too had something to do today and that would take her back to Sardinia again though this time without me.

“Oi! Are you awake?”, Colleen asked me and prodded my leg. “Don’t forget you’re taking Kim to the airport.”

“How can I forget?”, I said opening my eyes and looking at her. My cock twitched again, not because I was thinking about Colleen but because I knew that within five or ten minutes her daughter would be bouncing up and down on it.

“You need to get up.”

“No I don’t.”, I retorted grumpily. “I didn’t finish work until gone eleven last night and we don’t have to leave until ten this morning.”

“You work too hard.” Colleen remarked, “In fact you both do. Fucking ridiculous if you ask me.”

“Well if you want something badly enough you will work for it.”

“Well I can understand Kim but what about you?” Colleen asked. She was getting irritated. When there was something she did not understand she would always read something into it.

“Just a chance for a better life.” I replied. How Kimberley and I had got away with our affair and our plans for so long was anyone’s guess. I had originally given us a few weeks at best.

Colleen gave an exasperated noise and grabbed her jacket from the back of the door.

“Just a few more weeks.”, I promised her truthfully. “I plan to hand in my notice at the end of the month.”

“Good.”, she muttered under her breath and with that she was heading downstairs.

I listened to her fumble about for her car keys, then the front door being unlocked. I was willing her to leave. With a thump, the front door shut and I could hear her footsteps crossing the road to where she parked her car.

I heard Kimberley open her bedroom door and make her way to my room. She was naked and I took in the welcome sight that filled my eyes. I pulled the duvet back to invite her into bed.

“Wait!”, she commanded and peeped through the curtains. “Oh come on, come on.”

I heard Colleen start her car and then moments later she drove away. Kimberley turned to me and smiled. I pulled the duvet back further exposing my erection. She lay next to me and taking my cock in her hand lowered her head towards it and began to suck.


A few hours later I was dropping Kimberley off at the airport. She was taking the paperwork for the house to the agent in Alghero. She was going to be staying at the hotel we had stayed at on that holiday.

We had managed to go out about three months ago. Colleen had gone away for a few days with some friends from work and Kimberley and I had taken the opportunity to fly out and look at some properties. We found the one we wanted and put in an offer which had been accepted. The initial legal work had been done and all that was left was the final paperwork. As we both could not go, it was sent to us, I signed my parts and then Kimberley had to fly out on her own and sign her parts in front of the Italian lawyer.

Our farewell fuck that morning had been pretty intense and I was looking forward to the homecoming one. As we kissed at the airport I knew that it would only be a matter of a few weeks and we would be able to be together all the time. The last eighteen months had been tough on both of us and we had nearly been caught several times.

I drove home and threw myself on the bed. Colleen would not be home for a few hours and the house was peaceful. I thought about the events of the last couple of years. Of Clare. Of Kimberley. Unzipping myself I took my cock in my hand recalled something that Kimberley had told me.

With my cock throbbing in my hand I thought about Clare returning to the bedroom after I had fucked her the night of the party. Apparently, Kimberley had been listening to us having sex downstairs and had been playing with herself while she did.

When Clare finally came upstairs she has told Kimberley everything that had happened and even showed her well fucked pussy with my cum oozing out of it. Kimberley was suddenly taken over by a mixture of ecstasy and jealousy and promptly buried her face between Clare’s legs to lap at my cum and her juices. She managed to get some on her finger and shoved it up her own pussy. She thinks that by the time I walked past her bedroom door on my göztepe escort way to bed Kimberley was laying on top of Clare and grinding their bodies together. Had I walked in at that moment I could have had both of them in a wanton threesome and they would not have cared if Colleen had walked in on us.

My body tensed up and a wad of cum landed on my belly. The second coated my fingers. I cleaned myself up and dozed off for an hour or so until Kimberley phoned to let me know she had landed and was just grabbing the rental car. She would go to the lawyers in the morning and catch the evening flight home the following day.

After I had finished talking to Kimberley I went and had a shower and got ready for work. Anything to avoid Colleen. About forty-five minutes later I passed her driving home as I headed towards work.


A few weeks after Kimberley had been back to Sardinia we found ourselves with a couple of days off together. Colleen would be at work so Kimberley said about a trip to see a show and a night in a hotel. She knew that Colleen had no leave owing her so would not be able to come and she made sure that the show she wanted to see was not one that would have interested her.

Colleen made a bit of a fuss and suggested that Kimberley tried to make it up with Paul and take him. Kimberley had finished with Paul a few days after we had got back from holiday and although he had been trying to get back with her she had simply stuck her head into her work and courses in order to avoid the issue. Kimberley was having none of it and told her that she would ask me to go with her.

There were some raised eyebrows, especially when she said about staying overnight but Colleens’ fears were averted when Kimberley showed her the booking confirmation that she had booked a twin not a double room. Once she had been satisfied that there wad nothing untoward going on, Kimberley made a quick phone call and changed the booking to a double.

The day before we was due to go Colleen tried to throw a spanner into the works and suggested she could just phone in sick. Kimberley made a half hearted attempt at changing the booking to a family room but the hotel was full. Reluctantly she relented and we were free for two whole days.

The drive into the city was quite pleasant. We chatted and planned and laughed all the way down. Once at the hotel I parked the car and we checked in. Once in the room we relaxed completely. We made a coffee and chilled out for a while and then Kimberley said she was going to have a bath and get ready.

“I want a nice soak and read my book for a bit.”, she said.

I must have wrinkled my nose with an air of disappointment because she gave me a smile and then kissed me.

“Don’t worry.”, she said, “Daddy can fuck his little girl later.”

Kimberley spun on her heel and headed to the bathroom. I lay on the bed and grabbed the remote. Lazily I flicked through the channels but found nothing much to watch so switched the television off again. My phone rang.

Colleen had just got home from work and wanted to know if we had got there alright. Kimberley was supposed to text her when we arrived and had obviously forgotten. I stood at the open bathroom door and pretended it was shut. Comically, Kimberley spoke into her empty coffee cup to simulate her talking through the bathroom door.

Trying not to give the game away by laughing we carried out a three way conversation for a few minutes before Colleen was somehow satisfied that I was not doing exactly what I was doing, eyeing up her daughter and wanting to be poking my cock into her at the earliest opportunity. Once I had ended the call we both burst out laughing.

The next few hours were incredible. Kimberley had finished her bath and then locked me out while she finished getting ready. I simply got changed and waited for her to emerge from the bathroom. She looked incredible in a knee length black dress and black and silver bolero. Hair and makeup were immaculate. She looked a million dollars and we headed out with every pair of eyes on her.

We enjoyed an amazing meal and the show was incredible. Well worth the money we had spent on the seats. We had behaved ourselves all evening but by the time we had got back to the hotel we knew that we wanted just one thing, sex.

We had started kissing on the way up to the room and barely made it through the door of the room before we started to undress each other. My jacket and her bolero lay on the floor by the door and we had kicked off our shoes. She unbuttoned my shirt and made me sit on the end of the bed and straddled my legs. We carried on kissing and I held her by her waist.

“Daddy, I love you.” She murmured.

My cock ached and I longed to get it inside her. I slipped my hands down and grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it off over her head. Underneath she was wearing a black lace bra with matching thong and lace topped hold-up stockings.

Kimberley pushed me back so that I was laying flat on the bed and we continued kissing, her ample breasts kurtköy escort pressing into my chest. Wanting to release her gorgeous tits I felt for the clasp and released it. She sat up briefly to discard her bra.

“Clare and I were going to treat you to a threesome.” She said, looking me in the eye, “But I went and fell in love with you.”

“A double edged sword that.” I replied cupping her breasts in both hands and fiddling with her nipples.

“Yeah, it was amazing to eat your cum from her pussy.” Said Kimberley, “And then have her finger my arse and pussy while she told me about every time you fucked her.”

I pushed Kimberley off me and stood up. I pulled the rest of my clothes off while she slipped off her thong. I then got on top of her and began pushing my cock into her waiting cunt.

“She said that I was being mean keeping you all to myself.” She continued as my cock twitched inside her.

“Sounds like I was a major topic of conversation for you two.”

I started to slowly slide my cock in and out.

“Well yeah, I suppose you was.” She replied and began to gasp as I quickened my pace.

“Did she ever taste my cum out of your cunt?”

“No but she wanted to. She even fantasised about eating your cum from Mums pussy and was fascinated by the idea.”

My pace increased as her revelations got more and more graphic.

“Fucking hell!” I exclaimed.

“Clare just loved sex. The dirtier the better.”

“Like what?” I was close to coming but hearing Kimberley talk about Clare like this was turning me on so much.

“Well, I remember her telling me that she sucked you off in a car wash.” She said, “And then another time pushed a candle up your arse while she sucked your cock and wanted me to use a strap-on dildo on the both of you.”

I grunted and pulled my cock out of her. Knowing what I had in mind she moved down the bed so that my cock was inches from her face. Her mouth opened just as my cock exploded and started to spew my hot spunk all over her face and tongue.

“Mmmm, thank you Daddy.” She said after swallowing what was in her mouth.


A few more weeks had passed and I walked in from my day job to find Kimberley in the kitchen on the phone talking in Italian. By the look on her face I guessed the news was good and she looked excited to see me home.

“Ciao, grazie.” She said and hung up.

I stood waiting. Kimberley held the phone to her chest and closed her eyes.


She opened her eyes and looked at me.


“They will have the keys from the vendors on Monday.” Kimberley said eventually. “We can escape at last!”

I put my arms around her an held her tight. The last year and a half had been tough on both of us and now we only had a few days left before we could leave.

“I will book our flights today then.” I said and kissed the top of her head, “Christmas in Sardinia it is.”

“I’ll phone the hotel later and see when I can start work.” She replied, “You need to speak to that guy in Alghero and do the same.”

Kimberley was good at languages. She could already speak French and German and in the last year we had learnt Italian. She was quite fluent though I could probably just get by. Once we was living the life I would become more proficient.

We both heard Colleen coming down the stairs. We regained our composure and released each other from our embrace.

“Are you two at it again?” Colleen said entering the room.

We both stiffened and looked at her. Had she discovered our secret?

“Always huddled in corners and plotting some nefarious deed.”

Kimberley opened her mouth to say something but I jumped in first.

“Just talking about Christmas.” I said. I had found that telling the truth, even though I was not the whole truth was the best thing to do in these situations.

“Ah!” Colleen replied though did not look particularly convinced, “Anyway, I will leave you to your scheming. I am off out to see your Auntie Sandra.”

“Oh, well send her my love won’t you.” Kimberley said forgetting what she was going to say.

“I will though I may avoid sending your Dads love.” She said and looking at me, “Your Dad always used to say how much he would like to bonk her.”

“Must be her big tits Mum.” Kimberley said, “Dad is quite obsessed.”

“Hmm!” Said Colleen looking at me and then looking at Kimberley who was wearing a thin vest top, no bra with her nipples quite visible.

Colleen rummaged in the cupboard for her coat and Kimberley pinched my arm.

“So you fancy my Auntie Sandra then? She whispered.

“Well yeah.” I blushed.

Colleen shut the cupboard door and started pulling on her coat. She looked at us both again, shook her head and walked out of the room and towards the front door.

“She knows.” Hissed Kimberley.

I walked to the living room and watched Colleen get into her car and drive off.

“She’s gone.” I announced walking back into the kitchen and then stopped abruptly.

Kimberley had taken pendik escort her vest top off and was standing there casually playing with her nipples.

“Fancy a quick titty fuck then?” She said with a seductive smile, “You can always pretend I’m Sandra.”

“Who says I haven’t slipped my cock between her tits already?” I said unzipping my jeans.

“Mmm! Naughty Daddy.”


With the flights booked and our get-away car loaded and parked a few streets away we was almost ready to leave. Kimberley was reluctantly going to her leaving party at work. I was all out of excuses so was going to spend the evening with Colleen.

We went out to dinner for the first time in a while. After, we went home and sat in the living room to drink a bottle of wine. I had been driving so Colleen was very drunk by the time we opened the second bottle.

“I was talking to Sandra earlier about you.” She said.


“Yeah, she kind of hinted that something did happen between you two.”



I fidgeted uncomfortably in my chair and looked at Colleen. She had this knack of making out she had heard things about me so as to catch me out or make me confess. This was something that had made me realise how lucky Kimberley and I had been all this time.

Colleen looked at me and sipped her wine. She was trying to read my body language which was another of her talents.

“Well, you know when we stayed with her that time in her holiday home?” I said finally.


“I walked in on her as she was getting changed.”

Kimberley and I would be on a plane in two days time and I saw no reason to keep everything a secret anymore.

“And?” Colleen asked.

“I saw her tits and we flirted a bit.”

“Is that all?” She pressed, “She suggested that something more than that happened.”

I closed my eyes and visualised something that had happened later that night when Colleen had fallen asleep. I had crept into Sandra’s bedroom and masturbated over her ample tits.

“No, we just flirted and I left.” I told her, trying to be conservative with the truth.

“What about Claire?”

My throat went dry and I could feel my stomach knot up.

“What about her?”

“Kimberley told me that you had been fucking her.” She added, “Claire I mean not Kimberley.”

“Well yes, it was when we had separated.” I said, grateful for the unexpected caveat.

“And Denise?”

“What, next door?”


“No, we shared a few beers over the garden fence but that was about that. Kimberley told me that I should ask her out.”

Colleen looked at me with a harsh glint in her eye. She opened her mouth to speak a couple of times and stopped herself. Then, with an accusing look on her face she asked the question that was eating away at her.

“And what about Kimberley?”

“What about her?” I asked.

“Well, you are a bit, how shall I put it? Close.”

“We always have been.” I retorted.

“Yes I know, but there is close and there is close.”

“So you are accusing me of fucking Kim?”

Colleen looked as if she was going to ask me out right. She took a sip of her wine.

“Well no, I guess not.” She said finally, “It was just something Sandra said.”


“It doesn’t matter.” Colleen continued, “I think she was probably mistaken.”

Colleen closed her eyes and fell silent. I took my cue and took my empty glass to the kitchen and decided to take the dog out to stretch our legs and clear my head. By the time I got back Colleen had taken herself off to bed and Kimberley was waiting for me.

“Where the fuck have you been?” She asked me.

I simply held up the dogs lead in answer.

“I was just walking in the door when Mum was going to bed.” She continued, “She told me that I should just run away with you.”


“Have you told her anything?” Kimberley asked.

“No. We was talking about things. Sandra seems to know or have guessed about us and hinted to her today.” I explained.

Kimberley looked uncertain. She fidgeted a little and looked uncomfortable.

“Two more days.” she said, “Just two more days.”

“Exactly! That is why we must keep our heads.”

We kissed.

“What did Sandra say then?” Kimberley said eventually as we broke off our kissing.

“I don’t know. I think she hinted that we her and I did something a long time ago. What she said about us is anyone’s guess.”

Kimberley looked a little relieved but then curiosity got the better of her.

“Did you fuck my Auntie Sandra then?”

“No!” I laughed, “Well, not fuck. I saw her tits one morning and that night I crept into her room when Mum was asleep and tossed myself off over her.”

Kimberley looked surprised.

“It was about three or four years ago.” I continued, “Long before you and I.”

“You and I what?” Kimberley asked, “Started fucking?”

“If you want to put it like that, yes.”

I did consider trying to get Kimberley to have sex but she seemed too agitated. I simply kissed her again and told her she should go to bed.

“OK Dad.” She said with a weak smile.

I watched her disappear upstairs and then went back into the living room and switched on the television. Within about ten minutes I was asleep.

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