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The Face of Innocence Pt. 01

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Matt sighed. Another meeting with co-managers about a yet another new policy to be implemented, another issue to be sorted out, another presentation full of numbers that are vitally important, yet so excruciatingly boring.

It unfortunately can’t be avoided. His job as a team leader for a team of sales consultants at a very successful and prominent insurance company was definitely not his passion, however, it paid bills and the benefits were good. He strode into the meeting room already filled, giving a general wave of greeting as he found his chair. For the next hour the drone of voices discussing, presenting and arguing about matters of importance could not hold his attention, and he sat doodling on the notebook in front of him until he heard the chairman announcing that the minutes will be emailed to them all before close of business.

He found his way back to his desk, and opened his laptop to check his emails for lack of anything else to do. The consultants at their cubicles spread out around him were all busily chattering away on their phones, either sitting, standing, striding up and down, each doing their own magic to get the sales numbers on the board.

He had a couple of emails waiting, some stats sent from upstairs and another meeting request which he begrudgingly accepted. The last message he opened, however, made him sit up straight. It was from the floor secretary, reminding him that he had to go to the main reception area at 15h00, as he was to welcome the new IT guru which would be working from their floor in order to sort out the system issues they were constantly suffering. He looked at his watch. Three minutes late already! He jumped up and started jogging to the glass doors which separated their floor from the main building and reception area.

He groaned inwardly, as he was not looking forward to the meeting with yet another smartass IT guy who is probably also not going to be able to sort out the system errors, and who will probably also need some basic coaching on the system first.

As he came up to the reception desk, he was catching his breath to ask whether his new charge had arrived yet. His eye caught a figure standing in the waiting area, admiring the view of the lily pond in the courtyard through the window. Although her back was turned to him, he was immediately intrigued. She was petite, tiny really, with with a cascade of rich chestnut hair almost to her middle. She also had a stunning figure as shown off by the tastefully fitted patterned dress she was wearing. It reached to just above her knees, and the shapely calves and dainty ankles below made it difficult for him to look away. He dragged his gaze back to the smiling receptionist, and enquired as to whether the IT specialist had arrived as yet.

“I’m right here.” a musical voice said behind him. He turned around canlı bahis to find a delicate, almost elvish face looking up at him. He could see now that she was fair, with a full mouth and a pair of dark brown eyes that reminded him of a doe.

Taken completely off guard, he stammered a “Hi, I uh…”, while his mind was furiously trying to process what it was seeing.

She put her hand out and said: “I’m Genevieve, and I presume you are Matt?”

He could see the laughter in her eyes as he took her hand and finally found his voice and composure. “Yes, I’m Matt, sorry I was expecting…”

“…some geeky IT guy?” she finished for him. The laughter was now playing around her mouth too as she watched him blushing slightly.

“Yeah, I guess, they didn’t really give me any details on who would be sent.”

“No worries, I’m kinda used to that reaction by this time. Please don’t feel bad.” He could see that she meant it and he felt relieved beyond measure. He could not imagine offending or hurting her feelings in any way. She seemed fragile somehow.

He frowned at these thoughts, and shook his head a little. ‘Keep it together, dude.’ he told himself.

“Please would you follow me, I’ll show you to our sales floor where you would be sitting. The powers that be thought that it would be good for you to be on the floor amongst the consultants so that you can see what our system is up to. And you will also be close to me, should you have any questions.”

“Thank goodness, I was dreading being isolated in an office somewhere.” she said with a smile.

Matt showed her to her space and introduced her to some of the available consultants. He could see every single male in the rooms eyes drawn to her and the tell-tale straightening of ties and squaring of shoulders when they walked past. This made him inexplicably angry, and he had a sudden urge to strangle every guy who even looked in her direction. ‘You are being ridiculous, Matt, you only just met her yourself!’ he reprimanded himself all day every day for the next week.

Genevieve was the brightest woman he’d ever met. She started finding the smaller errors almost immediately, and she got along with everyone as if she’d been there for years. After a week, Matt finally plucked up the courage to ask whether she would like to have lunch with him. “I thought you would never ask!” she said with that smile which had been haunting his dreams and waking hours constantly since he met her. He had to admit to himself that he was smitten. They had a standing lunch date thereafter, and they frequently ran over the designated time, because they could not stop talking.

When she talked, she told him about her family, her previous job, her flatmate and her childhood. He was mesmerized by her voice, her eyes lighting up when talking about her mum, and the way she bahis siteleri laced her fingers together when deep in thought. He was ecstatic when she revealed that there was no boyfriend or love interest on the scene. When it was his turn to talk, she would listen avidly, making him feel like he was telling the best story on earth, laughing heartily and genuinely at his jokes.

Things were good, and although she caused Matt many sleepless nights and wild, inappropriate dreams, he was happy for now. He feared that he might scare Gen off if he made any advances. She was beautiful, free and she could probably have any guy she chose at the snap of her fingers. He just knew that he could not lose her trust. Therefore their relationship stayed friendly.

A couple of months went by, and Matt was once more on his way to one of the endless meetings. He gazed sideways into an empty, dark office on his way past. The door was ajar, and as he passed he thought he saw a figure inside and he heard a sob. He stopped dead in his tracks. His heart pounded painfully in his chest. It was Gen. He pushed open the door softly, and saw her sitting on the abandoned desk with her back to the door. He closed the door softly behind him.

He saw her shoulders quivering, and heard her sigh as he approached. Reaching out, he gently touched her shoulder. She turned around with eyes full of tears, and he felt his being melt for this creature. He needed to hold her so bad, it was a physical pain inside of him. “Are you okay? What’s wrong?” he asked her, as she wiped tears from her eyes. She looked so fragile and small, he would give anything to protect her and make her happy

“I’m having some very scary thoughts, Matt, I don’t know how to cope with them.”

He took another step closer “Hey, please tell me what I can do, you know I’m here for you.”

She came forward the last couple of steps and buried her face in his chest. “Please just hold me, Matt, I need you to hold me.”

His heart skipped a beat and then started racing. He wrapped his arms around her, and felt her small frame press against him.

Gen grabbed a fistful of material at the back of his shirt in each hand, and pulled herself close to him. She found that he was satisfyingly hard and male, and he smelt like musk and orange blossom and manliness.

Matt was at a loss, he felt the need to make this woman his throbbing as a dull pain in his lower abdomen, as if he had been punched hard. He looked down at the crown of shiny hair, and he could not resist to bow his head down a little and to inhale her scent. She smelt warm and spicy. Cinnamon and vanilla filled his nose, and he felt light headed. He started stroking the beautiful mane of hair, and she stopped quivering and melted even further into his chest.

“That feels so good, Matt, please don’t stop?” He bahis şirketleri became more bold, and pushed his fingers into her hair and started stroking her scalp. She groaned a little and he could feel her pressing her entire body into his. He was acutely aware that the ache in his lower abdomen had moved south, and that his groin was throbbing. He was sure that she would be able to feel it, pressed up against him as she was. He could feel the heat from her body seeping through his clothes, all the way from their knees to her head.

She suddenly lifted her head from his chest and looked him on the eye, searching for something there. He found that he had trouble breathing. “I have a confession to make… ” She was flushed, her usually creamy skin had points of rose over her cheeks. “I’m not really scared of the thoughts on my head, though they are mostly dangerous, bad thoughts…”

Matt looked down and could not take his eyes off of her lips, which was moist and pink and plump. “Matt, I’m only scared of the feelings inside me when these thoughts come. I can’t control these feelings and I don’t want to try to control them anymore.”

Matt’s breath caught in his throat. He very softly asked: “What are these thoughts you’re having?” Gen flushed a deeper rose, and he could see that the blush was creeping down her neck this time. The tops of her breast were just visible from the neckline of her blouse, and there was a rosy pink flush on the creamy soft skin there as well.

“Well, see, these thoughts are all of you.” She dropped her gaze, and her lashes hid her eyes from Matt. “They are all about you, doing wicked, wicked things…to me.” When she looked into Matt’s eyes he could see the naked desire and he felt the throbbing in his groin flame up so that he had to groan from the pain of it. He needed to possess her completely and he could also no longer fight the urge. Her half-open mouth invited him in. He pulled her face to him and kissed her with all the passion he had hidden all this time. He cupped her face in his hands, and her luscious pink lips opened up under his mouth. She tasted sweet, soft and warm.

Gen placed her hand over his, and guided his hand down her neck, over her clavicle and down to her breast. He could feel her erect nipples under the material of her blouse, and he instinctively circled the mound with his thumb. She groaned with pleasure, and he felt her tilting her pelvis into him, pressing close to him.

She could feel his erection rock hard and massive press against her belly. She let her hand slide down his chest and over the front of his pants to his erection. He was hard for her and her body screamed that she needed him inside of her.

Matt found the seam of her blouse and let his hand slide up until he encountered her full soft breast. She had no bra on, and he found the erect little nipple and rolled it between his fingers. Gen arched her back and Matt slid her blouse up and over her head. Her breasts gleamed in the half light, and Matt lowered his face and took a nipple in his mouth.

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