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The Light of the City

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Steve and Liz had always enjoyed talking. They had been close for years. A solid friendship. He took a new job over a year ago for a change after losing an adult child to cancer. She was let go recently from the same company where they had worked together for years. She found this experience incredibly stressful and called him for support and advice. Since that phone call, they had been communicating via personal Emails, which had become increasingly emotional.

“… I keep pushing off doing anything about finding a job in my anxiety over all this change. I feel so uncertain. I’ve never felt so lost. My husband doesn’t even want to be around me for all the negativity,” she wrote.

He replied, “… I know how hard big life changes are. Trust me. I know. The last couple of years have been among the most difficult of my life, and that’s partly due to my anxiety over changing jobs on top of everything else.”

Finally, she was hired where he now worked, partly based on his honest recommendation. They were working together again, and their in-person conversations resumed. One night, when he was working late, she appeared at the door to his office. The office was high up and had a large window overlooking the city. It was after sunset.

“Hi,” she said with a smile.

“They’ve got you burning the midnight oil too?” he asked.

“Yeah. It’s the same everywhere I guess.”

The smile left her face. She closed the door and sat down in a chair on the other side of his desk.

“I’m having so much trouble learning all these new systems,” she said, her eyes beginning to water. “This is more difficult than I ever imagined. I’m just as stressed out now as when I was losing my old job.”

“I’ve felt the same way. A transition like this after so many years in one place is difficult.” He wanted to give her a hug but was afraid she would see it as inappropriate at the office. Thinking about it though, they had always had the type of relationship where they could talk about kaçak iddaa anything, so he thought he would just ask her.

“Liz, would you like a hug?”

She felt a sense of relief. To his surprise, she stood up, walked around the desk towards him, and responded, “Yes.”

They embraced. She, being the smaller of the two by quite a bit, put her head on his chest. They squeezed each other tightly and pulled close together. They were each a little surprised at this but couldn’t stop or let go.

As time passed, she felt his cock get hard in his khakis. She pressed against it and he felt her pressing. They eventually separated and looked at each other. Then, she glanced out his window at the city lights. “Wow,” she said, “You’ve get a much better view than I do from my office.”

She walked over to the window. He thought for a minute. He couldn’t help himself. “I want to keep touching you,” he whispered, softly, thinking that the walls might be a little thin and that others might be working late.

Her heart began to race a little upon hearing him. “Please,” she whispered, still gazing out the window.

He turned off the lights, then walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, gently kissing the back of her neck and fondling her tits through her clothes. They were bathed in the glow from the window. After a minute she unbuttoned her shirt and unclasped the front of her bra.

She jumped when he began touching her bare breasts with his hands. It had been a long time since she felt such excitement at another person’s touch. He pulled her close with his left arm and fondled her with his right, brushing her right nipple. She jumped again. She could feel his hard cock through their clothes. He felt her ass pressing against him.

She turned around. He pulled up her skirt and reached into her panties, She jumped again.

“You’re tense,” he said.

“Yes… but this is helping,” she replied, looking up at him.

She widened her stance to spread her kaçak bahis legs slightly for him. She begin to feel a small wave of pleasure. She thought she might cum right then, with her longtime friend rubbing her pussy, and playing with her clit.

After at time he pulled down his pants and his hard cock sprung free. She knelt before him, right in front of the window and took it in her hand. When she kissed the end of it, he jumped. She slid her mouth over his cock and began slowly sliding up and down on it. She tasted his pre-cum. She tasted him.

“Oh,” he whispered, as he looked down at her. Her heart raced as she looked up at him and felt the thrill of pleasing a person she admired.

“I want to fuck you,” he whispered.

She stopped and looked up at his face, somewhat startled. She could hardly believe what she heard, but it was what some part of her wanted to hear. She hesitated, then confessed, “I want you to fuck me, Steve. I’ve dreamed of it.”

They both felt the same. This wasn’t right, but it was safe and comforting. Each knew the other well. Well enough to know that monogamy had been part of their DNA, at least up until now. Neither one of them could reproduce. They would be discreet. It didn’t get any safer than this.

He began to grab for his chair. She took his arm.

“I want you to fuck me while I look out at the city lights,” she said softly as she dropped her panties and rolled up her skirt.

She leaned over and grabbed the windowsill. She felt the cool office air penetrating her slit and flowing over her ass. He maneuvered in place behind her, grabbed his cock, and pressed it between her labia with his other hand on her exposed ass. She was very wet. His hard cock slid into her easily, giving her another start. He began to pump away, while she braced herself on the windowsill, looking at the city lights, holding on tight so as not to hit the glass.

He put his hands on her hips and pulled her into him while he thrusted, sliding in and illegal bahis out of her, pressing on her ass each time he slid in. She felt his balls swinging into her. They were both still wearing their clothes, at least in some manner. They both found this exciting somehow.

“You’re so hot. So beautiful,” he whispered.

“You feel so good inside me. I can’t believe it’s you. This feels so good,” she whispered.

As they were getting close to cumming, he reached his arm around her waist and pressed his fingers over her clit. She felt his touch and began rocking into him as he pulled her towards him with his left hand on her hip. She could feel the rhythmic force on her clit along with his cock repeatedly sliding deeply into her and a wave begin to grow inside her. She looked up and could make out his shadowy reflection in the window with the city lights in the background. He was looking down, concentrating on her form. She began to feel an intense wave growing inside her. She had not felt this kind of sexual stimulation in years.

She shook and let out a muffled moan, biting her lip to keep from getting too loud. He kept going. It was the most intense orgasm she could remember. As she was finishing, he moved both hands to her hips, pulled her ass against his thighs and groaned under his breath. She could feel his rock-hard cock push into her deeply as he shot his load inside her with intense pulses. Relief swelled over him.

After they were both satisfied, they froze, pressed together with him inside of her while their breathing returned to normal. She wondered if she should say something.

After a short time, he pulled out and away from her. She turned around. He felt the cool air on his softening cock as some of their moisture evaporated. She felt a trickle of cum running down the inside of her thigh. They just stared into each other’s eyes as the room grew quiet.

They each knew that soon they would reassemble their clothes, make the long drive home, and get into bed with their spouses. They also knew that they would probably feel it necessary at some point to talk about what just happened. But for now, for right now, they just needed to be still and be together.

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