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The McCallum Legacy Pt. 01

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To the reader(s): I have not written on here in almost 7 years. I have a few unfinished stories. Life got very busy for me upon completion of my Bachelor’s Degree. I started graduate school and my career. Both of which keep me extraordinarily busy. This story came to mind and so I’ve tried my hand back at it to get into the groove of writing again. I will get my other stories completed. Just not sure as to when. Thank you to those who have supported my unfinished stories. Its appreciated. I have tried to finish this one before uploading any of it. There are other parts to it, but I’ll wait to see if anyone is interested in them before uploading. – A

“Brandon, c’mon little buddy we gotta get going,” I said to my 6 year old son who was taking his sweet time getting his coat and shoes on. My wife Christa was already buckling our 4 year old son Carter in his car seat.

“I’m coming daddy,” Brandon said as he came running down the hall pulling his coat on. I muffled his hair as we walked out the front door. We were taking the kids to my in-laws to stay for a week. Christa and I were flying to North Carolina to go see my kid sister graduate with her bachelor’s degree from UNC at Chapel Hill. No, Georgy was no longer a kid, but she was so much younger than me. I was 17 when mom and dad got the unexpected surprise of their life. I had been an only child up until then. Of course, as her older brother I have always been very protective of her even though I no longer live at home and have a family of my own. She was still a kid when I became a father. She was twelve when my oldest son Brandon was born and by the time Carter arrived she was 14. She doted on her cousins and they adored her.

I was in love with my kid sister from the moment they brought her home. She was so tiny wrapped in that pink blanket. I’ve called her squirt since she was old enough to walk. It’s hard not to love someone as adorable as squirt was. She was a cute kid that grew into a gangly adolescent. By the time she started high school she was quite a pretty girl. Her hair was light blonde, wavy and rested just below her shoulders. She had large arresting blue eyes that had her big brother wrapped around her little finger. She was slender, yet shapely. That may be perhaps where some of my overprotective nature of her came from. I know what boys her age, hell, even men my age, think about young shapely pretty girls.

Although we occasionally spoke on the phone, I hadn’t seen Georgy since the summer before she left for UNC. Because of Christa’s job we moved to Denver shortly after that. As an independent contractor I can pretty much work from anywhere. Settling into our seats for the 3+ hour flight to Raleigh-Durham International Airport, I popped my earbuds in to listen to music as Christa already had her audiobook playing in her ear. She didn’t care much for flying and audiobooks were good distractions for her. As the music started in my ears I closed my eyes and let my mind wander back to the last time I’d seen Georgy, the summer before she left for college. A summer I will never forget.


Mom and Dad had called me and asked if I could keep an eye on Georgy as they were going to Las Vegas for the weekend. Christa and I lived about an hour drive from Mom and Dad. After speaking to Christa we figured it would be best if I just packed up for the weekend and stayed at Mom and Dad’s with Georgy instead of burning the gas back and forth. Not to mention, Christa had a car so if she needed to go anywhere she was free to. So, I told Mom and Dad it would be no problem. Mom and Dad were flying out early on a Friday morning: I called Georgy and told her that I would be there after the boys had their breakfast.

I got to mom and dad’s around 10 in the morning. Georgy’s eyes lit up when I let myself in with my spare key. She bound into my arms and wrapped her arms around my back and gave me a firm hug. Its always been like this. I’m a pretty lucky guy. I’ve got parents who are still crazy in love after forty years of marriage and a little sister who happens to adore her big brother. I can live with that.

Georgy and I spent the day together. I took her to lunch at El Charros Mexican restaurant. Georgy loved flautas and they made the best. After lunch we came home and played a few rounds of Just Dance on the WII. I made us a light dinner around 7 and then told Georgy I needed a shower.

Grabbing my stuff for my shower I made my way into the bathroom.

I was just getting out of the shower, hadn’t even reached for a towel yet when the bathroom door opened, and Georgy appeared.


I stepped back behind the glazed shower door, peering around it even as I realized it wasn’t really hiding me, as I asked, “what do you need squirt?”

“I just wanted to see you,” she said as her eyes peered at the opaque glass of the shower door

See me? I thought to myself. “While I’m in the bathroom squirt?”

I mamak escort saw a towel flip over the side of the shower as she replied,


I wrapped the towel around my waist and tried to keep it loosely wrapped as I didn’t want it outlining my cock in front of my little sister. As I stepped out, Georgy was leaning against the bathroom counter watching me.

As I made my way around her I asked her, “Is everything okay?”

“Yep,” she said

I noticed her eyes looking down at my towel around my waist. More specifically in the direction of my cock. What the fuck? I’ve got to be imagining things.

“So, Squirt” I tried to say as calmly as I could without sounding nervous “what couldn’t wait for me to finish getting my shower done?”

Pushing herself up away from the counter she walked towards me without saying anything. My eyes widened, “Georgy?”

Reaching towards me, she grabbed the overlap of the towel from around my waist with her fingers and pulled, the towel coming loose, and let it drop to the ground

I should have covered my cock with my hands, but I didn’t, feeling my cock begin to swell. My eyes on hers, seeing them drop from my face to my cock wondering what the hell she was doing.

I didn’t have to wonder long.

I felt like I was having an out of body experience as I watched my little sister, my Squirt, my Georgy, drop down to her knees before me. Her hands were soft as she grasped my cock and began to gently stroke me. Of course, my traitorous cock, only swelling before, immediately betrayed me and hardened in her hand. You are not supposed to let your sister touch your cock my brain was screaming going into full panic mode the moment I felt Georgy’s mouth wrap around my cock and her tongue make contact with the head.

It was at that moment when my cock overruled my brain and I let out a long


She slid her mouth along the length of my shaft wetting me down – Her hand gripped at the base of my cock. I couldn’t help but reach down and knead my fingers into her hair as she slid my cock in and out. Fuck her tongue felt so good as she wound it all over my cock. She varied her speed and the amount of suction she applied. Fuck me! I wasn’t supposed to be enjoying this, but damn her mouth was wonderful. My baby sister was sucking my cock and I didn’t want her to stop. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Get a grip fucker I shouted to myself.

“Georgy?” I said unsteadily trying to get her attention

Looking up at me with those beautiful blue eyes, with my cock stuffed in her mouth, I couldn’t help but think what a fucking beautiful sight this was.

Against my cocks wishes, I slid backward out of her mouth and reached down for her hands.

“Are you upset with me?” she asked as she stood up and took my hands

If she only knew the half of it

“Surprised? Absolutely! Upset? I wouldn’t exactly say that.

“I’m sorry Bryce,” she said as I saw tears start to well in her eyes and she tucked her head down quickly hoping I didn’t see.

“Georgy, my sweet Georgy” I said to her as I caressed her chin and tilted her face back up to look at me.

There is no need for you to apologize; absolutely no need.” I took my thumb and slid it along her lower lip. “Like I said, I was just surprised. Fucking flattered to be honest,” I added with a wry grin. “I have no idea why you’d want to do something like that for me, but believe me, I’m not complaining, Squirt. It felt so fucking good.”

Lifting her chin towards me, I brought my mouth to hers and kissed her softly on her lips. Her eyes closed and I felt her lips open slightly our tongues meeting. It wasn’t fast or frantic, the kiss was tender and filled with emotion as our tongues explored. Her arms wrapped around my neck and I knew in that moment, everything was going to change between her and me. I knew this because I knew before this night was over I was going to fuck my little sister, my Squirt. Momentarily I broke the kiss and reached down swooping her up into my arms.

“Bryce?” She said surprised. “What are you doing?”

“You can’t suck me like that and not expect me to reciprocate. Not even remotely Squirt. There is so much I’m going to do to and with you,” I replied.

Her eyes widened and her lips curved into a slight smile understanding perfectly that she’d started something that she couldn’t, and didn’t want to, stop.

Carrying her into the guest bedroom that I was staying in – I set her down on the bed. Still looking at me she began to make like she was going to undress herself.

“Oh no you don’t you little minx.” I said as my eyebrow arched, and I wagged my finger at her. “You’re not going to deny me this pleasure.”

Never had I ever imagined what Georgy looked like under her clothing. Now I could only marvel at how damn sexy she was. My eyes took in the luscious landscape of her body. Breasts as plump as sweet Georgia peaches punctuated by erect rosy nipples mamak escort bayan that made my mouth begin to water. A narrow waist with hips that broadened out just slightly. The type of hips you want to grab hold of while fucking from behind. And if those hips weren’t enough to get your dick hard, that perfectly shaved mound with pink lips tucked sweetly between her legs made me want to fucking taste her.

She laid back across the bed and I stood there admiring her naked body

Resting my hands on her thighs, I placed kisses on her inner thighs as I eased my way between her legs. I drug my nose between the lips of her pussy and then slid my tongue against her clit. Her back arched as my tongue made contact. Lowering my mouth back down, I brought my tongue up between her folds and inhaled.

When I raised my head from between Georgy’s legs she was laying back across the bed. Her chest rising and falling from her rapid breathing. Her hair was a beautiful mess around her head and face. Sliding my tongue over my lip I could taste the remnants of her orgasm. God she tasted so fucking good. I knew this would not be the last time I tasted her cum before mom and dad came back.

Pulling myself back upright I crawled over her until her head was below mine. Her eyes were hazy as she looked at me.

“Hey squirt,” I said while looking down into her eyes.

She smiled shyly.

Using one of my legs I nudged her legs open a little further. My cock raging, and I wanted nothing more than to be inside of her right now.

I leaned down and gently kissed her lips. “My sweet, sweet Georgy.” I said, trying to slow myself down because my cock was aching in such a way that I knew if I fucked her the way I wanted to at the moment I would probably hurt her. I could feel her chest rising and falling beneath as her breasts pushed against my chest. She arched her hips up against me wresting my rigid cock between us. I could tell she was impatient for me to be inside her. I reached down and adjusted my cock so that it lay right at her entrance.

“Bryce don’t tease me” she half moaned half whined.

It was a twisted feeling, but I loved the fact that she wanted me to fuck her. My sweet Georgy wanted my cock. I could feel her wetness as she kept rubbing herself against my cock. As I leaned my body back down and brought my lips to hers, with one hard thrust of my hips I drove the full length of my cock into her. Two things happened in that moment; she gasped, and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt I felt some slight resistance as I plunged inside her.

With my cock still inside her I froze. My eyes were wide as I looked down at her. Her eyes were just as wide as she looked back at me.

“You’re a virgin, aren’t you?” I said to her more as a matter of fact than a question.

She nodded in the affirmative.

“Oh baby,” I said softly. “I had no idea. Why didn’t you tell me?

Surprisingly, even in spite of this fact, my cock was still rock hard inside her. I adjusted myself more comfortably inside her.

“I was afraid you would say no. I wanted you to be my first.”

Oh god. Could today get any more surreal?

I brought my mouth down to hers and kissed her. She returned the kiss. Our kiss was initially soft but grew more hungrily. As our kiss grew in intensity I slowly began to ease my cock in and out of her. She was so fucking tight and felt so damn good. She moaned into my mouth. It didn’t take long before I was thrusting into her more vigorously. Her hips came up to meet mine with each thrust. I pulled myself up just enough to grab her legs and put them over my shoulders. I watched as my cock descended into the sweet depths of her sweet pussy. Was I really fucking Georgy? My brain could hardly conceptualize what my body was doing. Using my body to push her legs back towards her chest my cock reached maximum depth inside her. Listening to Georgy moan was intoxicating.

“You like this baby?” I said to her as my cock continued its assault

In spite of her heavy breathing, she managed to smile at me as she looked at me with lust glazed eyes. I could get very used to the way she looked at me in that moment.

I knew I wasn’t going to last very long. I wanted to extend this as long as I could, but I knew I was going to cum. I wanted to cum inside her, but I didn’t have any idea of whether or not she was on birth control. I wouldn’t think she would be considering she was a virgin. But I decided to ask anyway. The last thing either of us needed was for me to impregnate her.

My breaths were ragged, but I asked, nonetheless. She said she was. Mom had put her on them when she started her cycle to regulate it. That was all I need to hear. I could feel the buildup of my orgasm inside me.

“I’m going to cum baby,” I breathed out as my hips went rigid and my cock stiffened harder inside her.

“Fuuuuuuuucccckkkkkkk,” I groaned out as my hips jerked and my cum shot out in large quantities escort mamak inside Georgy. My body was jerking as my cock spasmed inside her. A few more jerks and I felt my orgasm begin to subside. As it did I eased Georgy’s legs off my shoulder and gently lay myself down on top of her chest. My breathing was erratic, and my chest was heaving. I felt Georgy’s hands gently caressing my neck and fingering my hair. Once my heart-rate slowed down to a relatively normal rate I slid my cock the rest of the way out of her, as it had began to soften, and rolled over onto my back beside her.

We both lay there quietly for a moment. I pulled myself up a bit and propped my pillows up behind me. I pulled Georgy into me and she rested her head in the crook of my arm as she looked at me.

“Why did you want me to be your first?” I asked her, hoping to learn what motivated this.

She was quiet for a moment

“Well,” her cheeks began to color as she spoke

“I know I’m not supposed to because you’re my brother, but I’ve had a crush on you since I was 12. Its never went away. When I used to play with my girlfriends and we would pretend we were married to our celebrity crushes, I never told them that I always mentally envisioned you. I know Christa’s your wife and I really like her. I’ve always been jealous of her though. I wanted to be, for you, what she was. I wanted to keep your house and have your babies. I wanted to be the one who you kissed when you came home from work. I know it sounds absurd, even silly, but that’s why I wanted you to be my first.”

To say I was stunned would be a gross understatement. I never imagined hearing Georgy say that. My beloved little Squirt liked me. It was hard for me to reconcile that Squirt was the sexy young woman laying naked against me right now. The same sexy young woman who I had just fucked.


Hearing Georgy say my name broke me out of my introspection.

“You really know how to stroke an old-man’s ego don’t you?” I said as I smiled down at her.

“You’re not old Bryce. Not even close.”

“Well, compared to your hot young ass I am,” I said as I tweaked her nipple between my fingers.

She flinched as she laughed

I needed to get cleaned up and so did she. So I suggested she go take a bath while I took a shower. Yes, I could have invited her to shower with me, but I didn’t think that was safe to do as I would definitely be inclined to fuck her again and I wasn’t sure she was ready for that considering this had just been her first time. We both got cleaned up and when it was time for bed, she crawled into bed next to me that night.

I woke up the next morning to my phone ringing. As I opened my eyes, I was momentarily surprised to see Georgy laying naked asleep next to me. Her hair was splayed across the pillow. Her face was serene and peaceful. I was staring at her as I grabbed my phone, “Hello,” I said into it.

“Hey babe,” Christa chimed

My body momentarily stiffened as the gravity of the reality of what happened hit me.


“I didn’t hear from you yesterday. Is everything okay over there. Is Georgy alright?” She asked.

My eyes trailed over Georgy’s body. The sheet was pulled down just slightly below her breasts and she looked ridiculously fucking sexy. My cock stiffened as I looked at her.

“Yeah, she’s fine babe. Everything here is okay. She had so many things she was sharing with me and then she got me into a game of Monopoly. You know how competitive she is,” I laughed as I replied. My guilty conscience praying that Christa didn’t discern that I had just lied to her.

“Okay. Well, the boys miss you. I know you’ve only been gone overnight, but they missed you tucking them in last night. They’re both still asleep but I want you to make sure you call them today.”

“I will babe,” I assured her.

After we hung up I pulled Georgy close to me. She woke as I did. She groggily looked at me and a slight smile punctuated her face. I leaned in and gently kissed her.

“Good morning Squirt.”


Needless to say, we spent very little time out of bed for the rest of the weekend. By the time my parents returned, I was well versed in every nuance of Georgy’s body. She had immersed herself in me and this weekend was definitely one I was likely never to forget.


I was awoke from my reminiscing when Christa reached over and grabbed a hold of my cock through my jeans. My eyes popped open and I turned to her,

“What are you dreaming about?” she asked. “You’ve got a fucking hard-on, on the plane.” She smiled at me as she said it, so I knew she wasn’t accusing me of anything. Not like I would have told her that I wasn’t sleeping to begin with. I was remembering fucking my little sister.

With a very roguish expression on my face, I leaned over and kissed Christa’s neck as I whispered in her ear, “fucking you.”

About an hour later our plane landed. We disembarked, got our bags from baggage claim and made our way to go pick up our rental car. Our flight time gave us about an hour and half before the commencement ceremony was to begin so we made a quick pit stop and got freshened up before heading out.

My mom greeted me with a warm hug,

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