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The Me Too Experience Ch. 02

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We wrapped up the filming and it felt like a great achievement. It was my finest performance and I was the star of the movie. I felt I was well and truly back to my best.

The final editing was being done and it was to be ready for the big screening in 4 weeks. There had been a sexual tension between me and Ajay but I had stayed away from him. It was difficult as we were on set together and no one else knew but us. The secrecy made it feel more illicit and the tension was palpable but I had to resist. I had to respect myself.

As the talk of the movie began I liked seeing my name talked of again as a star. It was a change in role for me and I worried if it would achieve the box office success.

Ajay called up the cast two weeks before the premier and told them the movie was ready for screening. He asked everyone to come to a private screening at his home.

We were all excited but I was slightly nervous as I had not been to Ajay’s home since the private audition and those old memories came flooding back. As I thought about it the night before the screening at Ajay’s home I found myself becoming hot recalling the sexual energy between us. I had felt it on set but I always found a way to avoid him. I just had to do the same again and I would be ok. But my body was restless and it would not let me sleep. I removed my salwar kameez but my body felt like it was on fire.

Even in my bra and panties I felt so hot. I took off my bra and my nipples were engorged and hard. I could not help myself but rub them. I could feel the drops of milk on the tips of my nipple.

I was still producing milk but I managed to control it by reducing my dose of the tablets. I instinctively slid a hand down my body to my underwear. It was completely soaked. I hoped it was sweat but I knew all too well this was caused by something else. I needed relief to control my body. I started to pinch and pull my nipple. I found my button between my soft wet folds and I began to gently circle and manipulate it.

Thoughts of Ajay would always make me this horny and I loved the way my body responded to my touch.

I began to slide my finger between my folds, the moistness making it a welcome entry. I slid another finger inside as I picked up the speed of my finger fucking. Why could I not find a decent or honest man?

I came hard thinking of Ajay the grotesque director, why did such a fat ugly man turn me on so much?

The night of the screening I wore a long dress that had a slit down my left side from my hips down. But due to the design it folded over and covered me nicely. I had my hair and makeup done by a professional even though it was an informal screening at Ajay’s home I wanted to look my best. Ajay’s words from my last visit still cut into me about me not having any sexuality. I felt a need to always prove him wrong.

I shaved my legs and wore a push up bra. The dress did not show any cleavage but I wanted my body to looks its best.

My driver drove me to the front gate and my visit tonight was much different to my first visit. Some of the cast and producers were already there and I greeted them all. As I came to Ajay he embraced me in a hug but took the opportunity to grope my ass and I felt immediately at unease. I would need to keep my distance from him as he was in one of his perverted moods. It was strange that he had been so professional throughout the shooting. I had always been on guard expecting him to try something but he was simply professional but tonight I had to bring my guard up once more.

Everyone was a buzz about the movie and Ajay to his credit had set out champagne and some nibbles for the guests to enjoy. Ajay called us through to the cinema room as the screening was ready. It was a dark room but the seating was not conventional. There were sofas, bean bags and some comfortable reclining seats that were spaced out. I was sat on the sofa with Shanti who was one of the assistants on set. Ajay was sat at the back with Kanika. She was the supporting actress in the movie. It was one of her first big productions and she was really eager to impress. They were out of everyone’s line of sight as they were sat in the back corner but I kept turning my head to look at them.

Everyone was watching the movie but my head would keep turning to catch glimpses of Kanika fawning over Ajay. She had no self respect. She would laugh and giggle at everything. Her hands were constantly on Ajay. Rubbing his leg or touching his chest and it really began to annoy me. I did not understand these women who would sleep their way to a lead role. It just infuriated me and gave other women in the industry a bad name.

Ajay was enjoying the attention and which man would not enjoy the attention of a beautiful 21 year old. I could see him take advantage of the situation and rub Kanika’s thighs or side of her breast.

She was at the peak of her beauty where as I was now over my best years and I would not last more than a year or two in this cut throat industry. I was envious of the new young bahis firmaları actresses making their way in the industry.

It was then that I noticed her move her hand up Ajay’s thigh and I thought to myself, “God, this girl has no shame.”

But then it was time for the intermission and everyone was applauding and Shanti turned to me and said, “You are so amazing. I hope to learn so much from you.”

Shanti was a costume assistant but everyone wanted to be the star actor or actress. She was probably the prettiest girl in her hometown or college but this was Bollywood and you needed that x-factor or a father that was a film producer to make it but I could not dash her dreams yet, “It comes with experience. You have a lot of talent.”

I searched out Ajay but that irritant Kanika would not leave his side. He was talking to one of the producers while Kanika seemed to be glued to his side. I interjected and said, “Ajay can I speak to you about the editing on some of the scenes.”

Ajay nodded his head as to say sure but Kanika came with him, “Kanika I need to speak to Ajay alone.”

She gave me daggers and would not move until Ajay said he needed to speak to me alone.

We moved away and were stood facing the crowd with the wall to our back and Ajay asked while putting his hand around my hip, “So what did you want to discuss?”

My mind was confused as the only reason I called him over was to break him and Kanika apart so I asked, “What is going on with you and Kanika? Don’t bullshit me.”

He said, “I thought you wanted to discuss the editing?”

He saw the fire in my eyes, “Don’t be jealous. She wants to audition for my next movie. She is a star in the making.”

He let his hand drop to my ass and he ran his hand over it slowly. I didn’t protest but took a sip of my champagne, it was my third glass of the evening and I was beginning to feel a little looser, “I am not jealous. I saw you two in the cinema room. She could not keep her hands off you. I do not want a scandal to ruin the release of the movie.”

He began to gently squeeze and grope my ass, “There will be no scandal. I am not interested in Kanika. I only have eyes for one woman.”

He had let his hand slip into the slit of the dress and he was now groping my ass over my panties. I wanted his attention on me and I let him grope me willingly but I did not want him to know this. He began to run his fingers down the centre of my panties and I had to stop him before it went too far. I pulled his arm out and looked at him scornfully.

I walked away and went to mingle with the other cast. Nikhil, who was part of the support cast, was complimenting me on my performance but my mind was elsewhere as I saw Kanika return to Ajay. Following his earlier groping of my ass I could feel moistness between my legs.

My mind was distracted when I saw Nikhil expecting a response, “It takes a whole cast to make me look good. You were really good also.” His ego was boosted by my compliment. The maid then called us in for the final part of the movie.

I could see Kanika sat beside Ajay and I took a breath as I saw Nikhil taking my seat on the sofa next to Shanti. I stopped by Ajay and Kanika as she was clambering over him. She was such an inelegant woman without any class.

I coughed getting their attention, “I need to go over some things with Ajay in the second part of the film. Will you please let me take the seat?”

She looked at Ajay as to ask whether I was serious and he nodded to say to leave the seat. I could feel her eyes burn into me as she saw me getting in her way.

I sat down elegantly next to Ajay and he asked, “Are you still jealous?”

I turned to him with a little smile, “That is what you hope for but I just want to discuss the movie.”

We settled in to watch the movie but then I felt him nudge my breasts with his elbow. I initially brushed it off as innocuous as he was a large man but then he pressed his elbow into my breast again but this time he held it there. I caught my breath but stopped myself from objecting and continued to watch the movie. I could sense him judging my reaction and as he saw me continue to watch the movie he became bolder in his actions.

He began to grope my breast over my dress. I instinctively stopped him by grabbing his hand and pulling it off my breast and scolded him, “Behave yourself Ajay.”

He had a mischievous smile as though he knew I did not mean the words I was saying. I felt a thrill at his perverted attention and it was something I had missed. I had replayed the events of the audition many times over since it occurred and each time leading me to uncontrollably need to finger myself to release.

He held my thigh as he said, “I have misread the signals and your jealousy. I apologise. I only ever wanted you and I have not stopped thinking about you since our audition.”

I bit back, “So for 3 months there is nothing while we shoot the film. Tonight you are all over Kanika and then feel you can simply grope me. You are nothing but kaçak iddaa a pervert.”

I roughly grabbed his hand and pulled it off my thigh.

He was calm and took the rejection well, “I am a professional and we were filming but now we celebrate. Kanika is not a threat to you. My eyes and hands are only for you.”

He was trying to win me over but I was not going to give in, “Who is your penis for? Young girls like Kanika.”

He had a cheeky smile as he unzipped his trouser. I was gob smacked and shocked at this sudden exposure. I scanned the room but we were out of everyone’s line of sight. I instinctively tried to cover it with my hand hoping not to be seen by others with him so exposed. But as I touched it I found a lust begin to overcome me and instead of admonishing him I was unable to remove my gaze from his erection.

I began to run my fingers over it and then I tried to pull my hand back but he held it in position and the lust was becoming too strong.

I inhaled deeply as I felt myself involuntarily begin to stroke him. My mind had been taken over by my lust and I only wanted one thing.

I used my thumb to run the precum over the head of penis. I was in awe at his member and I loved watching it in throb in its glory. I felt myself lean closer and closer towards it. All of a sudden I felt his hands at the back of my head pulling me the final distance as I began to lick the head and take it in.

The taste was intoxicating and it made me hunger for more. I continued to pump his cock as I took the head into my mouth.

I sucked on it like a lollypop trying to urge the cum out. I hungered for it. I needed to taste it.

I could sense him scanning the room to insure no one had spotted us. It was a big risk and so public but I had a hunger inside me and I had tried to control it for so long around this man. Luckily the movie had a loud musical number and the song was drowning out the sounds of me choking on his cock.

I then felt his penis throb violently in my mouth and I felt spurt after spurt of cum hit my throat. I tried to swallow but it was too much and it dribbled out my mouth. I was so lost to my lust that I ashamedly scooped it with my finger and licked it off. I went back to sitting in a normal manner and Ajay put away his hard cock as though it was nothing. I had only done this once before for Akash. Ajay should be fortunate that a woman of my stature would even look at him.

I straightened myself up and acted as though nothing had happened. I hated that this fat old pervert could make me feel so weak. Ajay whispered, “You fight your natural urges. You need to give in to your feelings.”

The movie finished and everyone stood up to give it a round of applause. We were all proud of the final cut and even if it did not become a success I was proud to say that it was the best performance of my career.

We all gathered for a final round of drinks as we discussed the movie. Ajay then introduce me to Raj Mehta who came late to the screening. He was a sharply dressed man in his 50’s. He had some grey hairs but still a full head of hair. He spoke in Americanized English and he had a really sophisticated way about him like he was from some bygone colonial era.

Ajay greeted him with a hug and said, “Raj my good friend. You missed the film. I will show it to you another time.”

Ajay turned to me and said, “We would not have made this film if Raj did not fund the production. His generosity knows no bounds.”

Raj looked slightly embarrassed, “I just want to give back to a society that has given me so much. I am happy to help. Are you going to introduce the star of the movie? Of course she needs no introduction. I have seen all your movies, Shalini.”

Now it was my turn to be red faced with embarrassment. I had never really heard of Raj before and I wondered where his wealth came from as he seemed to have such benevolent actions. Ajay was called away by some of the producers to discuss the movie and it gave me a chance to speak to Raj alone.

As Ajay left our little group Raj took hold of my drink and directed me to some seats away from the hubbub. He seemed more relaxed now that we were on our own as he said, “You look even more stunning in real life. I watched all your movies with my ex-wife. You always captured my attention. You had this magical presence. Almost like you were other worldly.”

I blushed red as I felt myself become embarrassed. Was he deliberately letting me know he was divorced, “They are just films. This is the real me. Just an ordinary Indian lady. So what do you do?”

He explained, “I am an investment banker based in Hong Kong.”

That was a big red sign and I slightly recoiled thinking of Akash. He noticed my reaction and said, “I know your husband and men like that. They don’t work hard but get greedy and they get used to things that come easy. They do not appreciate a fortune even if they are marred to it.”

Was he talking about me or money when he said they like easy things? Was I an easy conquest kaçak bahis for Akash? It brought back old insecurities.

I asked, “So what makes you so different? All bankers are crooks from my experience.”

He laughed and I felt my own tension ease a little, “Well I make honest money and I have for many years. I do not need to cheat anyone to make money. I also use my money to invest in projects like this movie. I have a diverse portfolio of investments.”

I never understood money or investments, “I never like talking about money.”

He seemed relieved and asked, “So tell me what is your next acting project? Which blockbuster will you be in next?”

My agent had been trying to get me other roles but I was still on the Bollywood blacklist. I was even contemplating TV or B grade movies as there was no work for me, “I have not decided yet. Bollywood may not be an option for me anymore.”

He seemed surprised, “I do not understand. Shalini Roy, Queen of Bollywood no longer wants to work in Bollywood.”

I was so sick of being dubbed Queen of Bollywood, “It is not that I do not want to work in Bollywood. Akash has ruined things in Bollywood for me after his swindle. I don’t mean to be rude. But I would have never taken this role if I was still in demand.”

He had a smirk on his face and I was relieved he had not been offended, “You know that is the reason I give Ajay money for films. He makes good films. No politics. No bullshit. This is his 3rd movie that I have fully funded and they are all hits. There is too much old blood in Bollywood. I don’t mean to be rude.”

He had a point but I got my first break as my father had connections as he was a music composer, “Well I am not sure that is fair.”

He was abrupt, “You don’t need to bullshit me. I know how it works. Forget Bollywood. You do not need them. I invested in a Hollywood movie that is shooting in Hong Kong in 2 weeks. I may be able to get you a supporting role.”

I almost choked on my champagne, “Hollywood? Movie? How can you do that?”

He smiled, “I am putting the money in and it gives me privileges. Are you interested?”

I was gob smacked as I said, “Yes. Of course. Yes.”

He picked up the phone and began dialing, “Hey Johnny. Sorry about the time. About the shoot for next week I need you to find a role for a Bollywood starlet. I need this movie to be a hit in India.”

He looked over to me and winked at me as to say we both knew that was just an excuse. He said a few umms and aahs before he added, “I will send you a dance sequence of her. It is from a movie a few years ago but trust me she has not aged a day.”

He showed me the clip of me dancing in a green sari from “Tum.” It was such a niche reference and was not one of my big films, perhaps he was a real fan. It was also one of my favourite films but was not a big hit.

He then said, “Nudity?”

He looked over at me and I shook my head vehemently, “Sorry Johnny. That is a definite no. This is Bollywood. They are a little uptight when it comes to things like that.”

They both laughed and I burned a little red inside at being mocked. Raj ended the call and said, “You are in. 2 weeks from now. He will send over the script.”

I was slightly annoyed, “You didn’t need to mock me about the nude scenes.”

He looked slightly amused and it annoyed me slightly, “I am sorry but these Hollywood directors are different. They expect nudity but I told him no. You are now a Hollywood star?”

I smiled, “Thank you Raj.”

The rest of the evening we just talked and I found myself really liking Raj’s company. My driver was late in picking me up and he offered to take me. As his driver drove us we continued our conversation. I found him so easy to talk to or was it the alcohol but I was enjoying his company.

I do not remember when it happened but I became aware lf his hand just above my knee. It was over my dress and it seemed to be there only so he could lean in to talk to me. I didn’t want to object and he had done so much for me. It was only innocent and I let it rest there.

He began talking about the first time he got involved in movies. A client of his was a Hollywood producer and invited him to LA. He became more involved from there and only later turned to Bollywood. The way he talked was intoxicating and I was lost to his stories. The car came to a stop and I came to my senses as I realised we were at my home. I had not realised his hand had snaked inside the slit on my dress and was high on my thigh only millimeters away from my panties. I had been lost to his words that I had not realised I was so exposed to him. I adjusted myself and he removed his hand almost as though he was not aware of where it had travelled to.

His driver was about to get out when he stopped him. Raj opened his door and came over to my door and he opened it for me. I was smitten and I could not hide my smile at the his conduct. He had saved me from the perverted attentions of Ajay and I felt lucky to have his attention. He walked me to my door and there was a slight awkwardness between us as we said our goodbyes. He was walking away when I swiveled on my heel back to him and said, “I have some of my old movies if you want to watch one.”

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