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The Muse

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Rebecca adjusted her blouse, straightened her skirt and tied her small white apron around her waist. She checked her pocket for her order pad and pen, scraped her long red curls up and twisted them into a knot at the back of her head. With one last look in the mirror she made sure everything was in place and pushed her way into the hotel bar where she worked.

At 18 years old Rebecca, or Becks as she was known, wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted to do with her life, she just knew it wasn’t waitressing. But this job would do until she could find something or until she got herself into university. She scanned the room to see which guests were present and which of the locals were in. She smiled as she scanned the room, there were only half a dozen people in and with luck the night would continue that way.

She wandered around tidying up and straightening out. She did a circuit of the bar and took a deep breath as she approached Henry Portman.

Henry Portman was a local man and knew Becks parents. He was 56 years old, owned his own business and had been divorced for many years. He had a full head of deep black glossy hair and was lightly tanned. His dress was casual but he wore jeans and t-shirts well. His smile was broad as Becks approached.

“Good evening young lady.” Henry said as Becks drew up to him.

“Good evening Henry, I hope you are well.” Becks answered with her usual courtesy. She looked at Henry’s glass and raised an eyebrow. Henry lifted it between his thumb and second finger as Becks placed her tray underneath it.

She walked across to the bar and refilled the whisky glass with his usual tipple of Laphrohaig breathing in the rich aroma as she did and then added it to his nightly tally. It currently stood at 4 which meant he had been in the bar for about 2 hours. He must have shut up the office early for a change. Putting the glass on her tray she carried it over to him.

“Thank you my dear.” He said as she put the glass down.

“You’re welcome, quiet day?” She replied.

“Yes, pretty quiet, I’m waiting for new work from my regulars.” Henry replied by way of explanation.

“Ah, I see. Well I shall leave you to it. Let me know if you want anything.” Becks said as she turned away.

“You know what I want young lady,” Henry retorted. “I want you to pose for me. Let me paint you.”

“I know you do, but I meant food.” Becks said, a twinkle in her eye.

Henry had been chasing her to pose for months, flirting with her and getting the same in return. Nothing had ever come of it thought, for a start, Henry was simply too old, the same age as her parents! She wasn’t against being painted, it was simply that it was Henry, a man she had known since she was a child.

Henry shrugged and picked up his drink. He didn’t normally chase women, particularly ones as young as Becks but for some reason he couldn’t stop himself. He knew that her long red curls would look stunning against her alabaster skin and his mind whirled with the possible poses he could paint her in. He sat and watched her, his muse.

An hour later Henry said his goodbyes and wandered back to his chapel conversion home. Opening the door, he flicked the light-switch and breathed in the faint smell of paints from his studio. He closed the door, hung his jacket and made his way to the living room. Pouring himself another drink he sat on the large leather couch and pondered his next move. After an hour, he moved from the couch and made his way up the wide wooden staircase up to bed. He fell asleep thinking of paints, canvas and Becks.

The pair continued their dance of words over the next 5 months. The weather turned warmer, the skirts shorter and the tops skimpier. Henrys small gallery continued to pick up and Becks continued to work at the hotel, still unsure of her next move. She was now approaching her 19th birthday and she had still not fully made her mind up about what she was going to do. Part of her just wanted to find an everyday job and join the rat race but a larger part of her wanted to go to Vetinary College. She had a love of animals, an unwavering interest in them and all the right qualifications. On the back the of all that she had decided to apply and was waiting for the results of the applications she had submitted.

She scraped her hair up, straightened herself up and walked into the bar. As she did she walked straight into Henry, literally.

“Ooof.” Henry expelled air as Becks barrelled into him.

“Eeek.” Becks said at the same time, her head banging against Henrys chest.

She looked up, one hand on her forehead, the force of the collision had shaken free one long curl which now fell down the side of her face. Henry frowned down at her, concerned.

“Are you ok?” He said, bending down to her level.

“Yes, I am fine thank you.” Becks replied a little too curtly. She immediately blushed. “Sorry.”

“It’s ok,” Henry replied. “Are you sure you are ok though?” as he said it, he put one finger under her chin and lifted her face towards his.

“Yes I am fine Henry, honestly.” güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Becks said as she looked at him. She let him turn her face from side to side, his concern turning to appraisal.

Becks stood quietly and watched him silently, quizzically as he assessed her. His brown eyes moving over her face, taking in her features.

Henry suddenly realised what he was doing and let his hand fall.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “Can I have a drink?” He finished with a grin.

Becks laughed. “Yes, I’ll get it, go and sit down.”

Henry turned and made his way to his usual window seat. Sitting down, he appraised what he had just seen. He had always known that Becks was pretty but on closer inspection, her skin was flawless, no marks, no blemishes, not even freckles on the creamiest alabaster skin. No make up to speak of, the most perfect rose bud lips and eyes of ice blue. All finished off with deep copper red curls which he suspected flowed almost all the way down her back. He watched as she approached.

“Let me paint you. Please.” Henry said as she drew close. Becks looked at him and grinned.

“I’ll tell you what. IF I get into Vet College I’ll let you paint me as a birthday present.” She said and turned on her heel and grinned over her shoulder at him.

Henry picked up his glass and raised it to his lips. That meant if she was going away in September he had just over 2 months. He sat back and started thinking about how he wanted to position her and where, never thinking for one moment that he wouldn’t paint her.

Two weeks later Becks found him sitting in the lounge. It was a busy night, the holiday season was in full swing and the hotel was bursting at the seams. She hurriedly dropped his drink on the table.

“I got into Glasgow and Bristol.” She said as she hurried off.

It took a moment for Henry to register what she meant and as it did he looked up to find her gone again into the melee of people. He waited for her to come past again.

“Does this mean I get to paint you then?” He said as she rushed past.

“Yes.” She said briefly over one shoulder.

“When?” He called to her retreating back.

Becks soon came around again and cleared the empty table next to his, giving it a wipe clean with her free hand. As she did she thought about when she was off again.

“I’ll write the dates I am free down while I am on my break.” She said to him.

“Ok, no problem.” Henry answered and leant back in his chair.

45 minutes later, he sat with his glass refreshed and a short list of dates in his hand. He perused them, mostly weekdays, a couple of weekends. He thought a weekday would be best, a young girl like Becks would want to be with her friends at the weekends. He borrowed a pen from the next table and circled a date a fortnight away.

Getting up, he made his way out of the busy bar passing Becks as he went.

“Stop!” He said grinning.

Becks came to an abrupt halt, her tray full of drinks. Henry tucked the piece of paper in her apron pocket.

“I’ve circled the date, 10am, my place.” He said and got out of her way.

“Ok.” She said as she scooted off.

Henry walked back to his home with a satisfied grin on his face. Time to get ready.

Two weeks later, Henry got up to glorious blue skies and a day that promised high temperatures. He got himself a coffee and walked into his studio. Opening the windows a breeze floated through. The sun shone through the window and across the wooden floor. Henry immediately knew where he wanted Becks to be. The only thing he didn’t know was if she would allow herself to be painted nude. He hoped she would.

At 10am there was a knock on the door and Henry opened it to find Becks standing there. She had denim shorts on, a dark green strappy t-shirt, flip flops and a massive floppy hat with a deep red gerbera on it.

“Allo.” She said a little nervously as she grinned at him.

“Hello young lady.” Henry replied standing to one side. Becks walked past him and he closed the door behind her.

“This way,” He said and directed her into the studio. “Coffee?” he asked.

“Yes please,” Becks replied quietly as she wandered around looking at Henrys work. “You’re good.” she said with a little surprise.

Henry laughed his thanks as he went into the kitchen and came back with a coffee mug in each hand to find Becks sitting on the floor cross legged, combing the curls out of her hair with her fingers. He caught his breath as he watched her from the doorway she was oblivious to his presence as she gently drew her fingers through her luxurious waist length curls. His mind began to wander and he shook himself and walked over to her, offering her the coffee.

“Thanks.” She smiled, reaching up for it.

“You’re welcome,” he replied and sat down on the floor opposite her. “Now, I have a number of ideas for poses but most of them include you being nude. If that’s not acceptable then I need to know and we can have a rethink.”

“No,” Becks said, “I think I can do nude, what did you güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri have in mind?”

Becks and Henry sat and discussed the ideas they had. Henry had thought about using the hat as soon as he saw it, but he dismissed it as he wanted to make the most of Becks skin. As he talked he became more animated and they both slipped into an easy and comfortable dialogue together.

Henry paused in his aerial windmilling and looked up at Becks. She was sitting easily, leaning forward with one knee up and her hands resting on it. Her chin was resting on them and she was completely engrossed in Henry’s conversation. There was fluidity to her, everything joined in all the right places, the curves of her chin, fingers, knees, hips and calves, not one straight line anywhere. The sun shone in through the full length window at her side and cast shadows down one side of her and elongated itself across the floor. He held his breath.

“THATS how I want you,” he breathed. “Can you do this again naked?” A note of hope in his voice.

Becks smiled and looked at him.

“Yes, I think I can.” She answered standing easily.

She walked over to the couch and kicked off her flip flops. Crossing her arms in front of her she lifted the hem of her t-shirt and lifted it over her head. Her pert breasts bobbed slightly as she moved about, turning her t-shirt the right way out and laying it across the back of the couch. Unbuttoning her shorts, she let them fall to the floor, bending, she picked them up and put them with her top. Turning she clasped her hands in front of her and looked at Henry.

“Ok, I’m ready,” she said with a deep breath. “Be kind.”

Henry laughed and indicated the floor again as he grabbed a sketch pad and pencil. Turning back towards her, he watched as she folded herself onto the floor again. He watched in mild amusement as she tried to regain her posture to no avail. Henry crossed the floor again and sat down opposite Becks once more.

“So….tell me about Vet School.” He said, trying to put her at her ease once more.

Becks happily complied and soon relaxed once more, half regaining the posture she had been in previously but, like Henry, her arms became animated as she talked. As she reached the end of her conversation she searched for something more to say.

“How long have you been painting for?” she asked him, looking around the studio once more.

“Oh a long, long time now.” Henry started. He continued his conversation and watched Becks slowly relax as she listened to him. Finally she was back in the position he first wanted to capture her in. Picking up his sketch pad slowly, he continued to talk while his hand moved over the pad capturing the essence of the young women opposite him. He sketched in cursory shadows so that he did not lose them completely before the light moved again and as he finished his conversation, he finished his sketch. He looked up at Becks and stopped talking. Becks was sat once more with her head on her chin but she now had her eyes closed. The gallons of curls spilled all down her body and he just drank her in, suddenly aware of her beauty once more, the artist in him taking a back seat.

“My god you are gorgeous.” He breathed quietly, not wanting to disturb her.

A small smile graced Becks lips and she opened one eye blushing.

“Thank you.” she said quietly and humbly.

“You are very welcome,” Henry replied easily. “Would you like to see the first sketch?”

“Yes please.” Becks replied and unfolded herself. Without thinking she crawled on her hands and knees towards Henry, taking his breath away.

He watched as she moved lithely, like a young lioness towards him, her small breasts moving against the flow of the rest of her body, swinging very slightly. She moved to the side of Henry and sat down cross legged once more, looking at him expectantly. Henry grinned at the childlike expression on her face.

He turned the pad towards her and waited for her reaction.

“Oh god, that’s not really me…..is it?” she asked in a whisper.

“Well it’s the way I see you.” Henry answered.

“It’s beautiful.” Becks breathed. Overcome with emotion at the light sketch in her hand, she felt her eyes filling up with tears and blinked them away furiously. She looked up at Henry, her eyes bright and smiled at him.

“Thank you.” she said.

“You are VERY welcome,” he replied. “But this is only the sketch. I’ve got to put it on there next.” and he nodded at the large canvas on the easel.

“Well its very beautiful as it is, I look forward to seeing it.” Becks said. She leaned forward and kissed Henry softly on the cheek.

Henry looked at Becks and smiled. Without thinking, he leaned forward and kissed Becks full on the lips. He pulled back and had the good grace to look abashed.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I shouldn’t have done that.”

Becks leaned forward and kissed him again, curiosity winning out over the knowledge of who Henry was. She pulled back.

“No, you shouldn’t have.” she said.

Henry güvenilir bahis şirketleri put his hands on Becks arms and pulled her towards him. Becks smoothly moved onto her knees and leant towards him. Henry wrapped his arms around her and gathered her in. Becks arm came around Henrys neck and she pulled herself into him, pressing herself against him, her breasts against his chest. Henry swung his arm around Becks knees and lifted her easily onto his lap. Becks curled into him and wriggled to get herself comfortable, making Henry moan. Their lips never parting.

Henry wound his hands into Becks hair, curling around the copper mass, holding her head as his tongue danced with hers, twisting around, exploring each other. Becks ran her tongue over Henrys teeth, her mind telling her to be quiet as she mentally squeaked and giggled at the fact that Henrys teeth were his own. Unable to contain it any longer she started giggling in the kiss. Henry broke away.

“What?” he said expecting the worst.

“Oh, nothing.” Becks replied immediately, blushing.

“WHAT?” Henry asked again.

“It doesn’t matter.” Becks affirmed and kissed him gently on the lips.

“Yes, it does.” Henry said and pushed her back, holding her arms.

Becks sighed and blushed again.

“It really doesn’t matter. Honestly.” Becks sat and flushed bright red. “I had a silly thought and it doesn’t matter.”

“Tell me now or I will make you tell me.” Henry demanded.

Becks sighed.

“I had a silly thought and it surprised me that you had your own teeth.” She dissolved into a fit of the giggles.

“Oh you will pay for that young lady.” Henry grinned at her as Becks clamped her hand over her mouth and tried to recover herself.

Henry gently brushed his fingers over Becks skin. Becks almost immediately stopped giggling and drew in a shuddering breath. She looked up at him as she let it out and he kissed her once more, drawing his fingers over her small breast and nipple.

Becks moaned softly and squirmed again. Henry lightly passed his fingers over her body, drinking her in as his lips, teeth and tongue toyed with her lips. Becks reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck once again, pulling him close.

Henry broke their kiss and looked at her wordlessly, raising an eyebrow. Becks nodded and Henry ran his fingers through her hair.

“Are you sure?” He asked softly to the unanswered question.

“Yes.” Becks whispered and uncurled herself from his lap.

Becks stood and waited, watching as Henry stood up. He took her hand and led her from the studio, sketch pad and pencil discarded and forgotten. Henry led Becks to the wide staircase and started climbing it, pulling Becks in his wake.

He turned the corner into the bedroom and led Becks to the bed. She climbed on and curled up, suddenly self conscious. Henry watched her as he got undressed and joined her on the bed. Becks immediately curled into him.

Henry lifted himself on one elbow and leaned forward, kissing Becks shoulder. Slowly placing kisses all down her shoulder and collar bone, feeling Becks relax under his touch and move towards him. Henry raised his leg and wound it around Becks own as they pressed into each other, his semi erect cock pushing into her thigh as Becks looked up at him.

Becks smiled shyly and Henry smiled back.

“Hello.” he said, Becks giggled slightly.

Bending forward he kissed her and becks immediately responded, pressing herself against him once more. Henry slid his hand across her skin and grabbed a handful of her backside, pulling her into him, skin touching skin from chest to toes. Henry could tell that whilst Becks wasn’t a virgin, she certainly wasn’t overly experienced. He didn’t want to take advantage but he also didn’t want to hold back. He found himself needing her and craving to show her what experience could bring.

Taking charge of the moment, he rolled Becks onto her back. Her hair tumbled as she moved and he brushed it away from her face. Kissing her softly he ran his hands over her skin once more, hearing her sigh and feeling a slight shiver from her as he did. He kissed his way around her face, her eyes, her forehead and the tip of her nose. Moving his way down her jaw line, he kissed her neck and went across her shoulders, first one way and then the other. Becks squirmed under him and sighed softly as he moved down towards her breasts.

Becks pulled her breath in sharply as Henry gently pulled his teeth across one of her nipples. Henry smiled, he knew he had not hurt her, just simply made her jump at the sudden shock of something less gentle than lips on her skin. He bit softly on her nipple before pulling it into his mouth and sucking on it. His hand busied itself with her other nipple, rolling it gently under his thumb before taking it between his thumb and forefinger to pinch it, pulling it softly, making Becks moan.

Henry swapped sides and paid attention to her other nipple with his mouth, his finger gently circling the erect nipple he had just left behind. Becks moaned gently and arched her back towards him, her hand coming down on Henry head as he continued to toy with her. Henry moved down Becks body, her pale skin going into goosebumps as he moved over her, his breath warm on her skin, his lips burning into her as he moved down her slowly, kissing his way towards her mons.

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