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The Next Summer

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Authors Note:

This time I’m posting the whole thing. No chapters, no teasers. Just the whole thing in one go. It’s a long story but I might as well get it all out there.

I take a little pride in trying to use words that are not often seen in stories of this sort. In the past I’ve used ‘Brobdingnagian’. The word for this story is ‘Pulchritudinous’. Go get your dictionary. LOL!

As always I enjoy your feedback. Fawning admiration is particularly enjoyed. Kidding. But do let me know what your reactions are. It’s not like I get money for doing these little gems!

By DDDDave

“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o )

Monday Afternoon.

“Thanks for helping with the, uh, pipes, Mr. Shagsme!” purred Mrs. Brown to the janitor as she let him out of her apartment.

“Oh, my pleasure, Mrs. Brown,” he replied as he tucked his shirttail into his pants. “Call me any time at all.”

“Oh, thanks. I will.” She smiled as he walked away. “I will.”

Mrs. Brown was no longer the prudish, anxiety ridden late thirty year old woman that she had been just months before. When her only son, Dickie, had left home to attend college in California she had gone thru a lot of changes. Today she was wearing a tight mini-skirt with a blouse tied off just below her boobs. It was unclear if she was wearing a bra. Her well toned stomach was on view. As was her fetching cleavage, visible thru the gaps between the buttons of her shirt.

She turned as she heard footsteps in the hallway. It was her son, Dickie and her across the hall neighbor, Dirk Enbiggen. Dickie had come back from his first year of college just the week before and had spent the afternoon with the brother of his high school sweetheart, Kandi. Kandi was due back from her prestigious East Coast college the next day.

“Did you guys have a good time?” she asked. Both guys were sweaty from the high intensity Frisbee football they had played.

“Yeah, it was great,” Dirk said. “But I’m sweating my ass off!”

Stripping off his sweat soaked shirt Dirk revealed his well muscled abdomen and chiseled chest.

“Ohhhh,” Mrs. Brown sighed at the sight. “Say, um, Dirk, could you help me move some furniture? It’s too much for me to do by myself.” Her eyes lingered on his torso as she spoke.

“I can help, Mom,” offered Dickie. He was having a hard time not staring at his mom. She looked and acted so differently than when he had left for school almost a year ago. When he had come home for the holidays he had found that his mom had drastically changed. Tight skirts and tops over push up bras that displayed her cleavage had replaced her usual conservative clothes. He had been a little uncomfortable with the “new” Mrs. Brown. And her general attitude had been so different.

She smiled. A lot. She seemed happy. It had been very unusual.

And now was even more different. For one thing, Dickie was pretty sure that his Mom had had enlargement surgery on her bosom. (Dickie couldn’t bring himself to think ‘tits’ or ‘boobs’ about his Mom.) She was considerably larger in the chest than when he had been here for Christmas. And she hardly ever wore bras. Like now. She was all but falling out of her top! Before he left for college she had been a saggy C-cup. No longer. Now she was rocking a lavish G-cup chest!

“Oh, no, dear. You spend some time with your little friends. I saw your friend Pam go into Dirk’s place a while ago. Take some time to say hello while Dirk gives me what I need.” She had cozied up to Dirk. She pressed against him as she stroked his bicep with both hands. Her breasts mashed against his torso. “I mean helps move me. The furniture, moves the furniture. It shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes or an hour.

“Now run along dear, run along. And you, young man,” her attention shifted to Dirk, “you just come… along with me.” She slipped her arm around his waist and guided him back into her apartment. As the door closed, Dickie might have noticed her hand was cupping Dirk’s butt.

Closing the Enbiggen’s apartment door behind him Dickie turned to see his friend Pamela Suckit, Pam, sitting on the sofa. Pam was Kandi’s best friend from High School. She, too, had changed in the time that he had been gone.

Pam’s initial plan had been to attend a local cooking school. But that had changed when, within a couple weeks of graduating from High School, Pam’s ‘lady bits’ had started to blossom. Kandi had told him of Pam’s metamorphosis but Dickie hadn’t really understood what she was telling him on the phone. This was the first time he had seen Pam since leaving for college. She looked completely different than she had at High school graduation.

Graduation day photos showed her to be an attractive tom-boyish blonde with a slender figure. No longer.

When her blossoming bra size had hit the DD-Cup range she had been approached by the owner of the local strip club, ‘The Rack Room’, bahis firmaları when he noticed her sitting at her usual table at the local hang out. Making hundreds of dollars a day rather than studying and working in a hot kitchen had made the offer to be a house dancer too good to pass up. Besides, she was proud of her ‘new look’ and enjoyed showing off her newly developed ‘lady bits’ to others. To her infinite pleasure, her development had not stopped until months later.

So now, in front of Dickie, sitting on the sofa, half watching TV was a sexy blonde bombshell that vaguely recalled the tomboy, Pam Suckit. A riot of blonde hair, falling half way to her waist was the topper to a killer figure shown in revealing detail by her sexy get up. Magnificently large round breasts pressed forward against the man’s sleeveless t-shirt that was all she wore above the waist. Dickie had never seen breasts this size before. Pam was larger even than his ‘new’ Mom. It didn’t help that the shirt showed side boob that verged on the impossible. The shirt clung tightly to her abdomen and even more tightly to the imposing bowls of flesh perched high on her chest. A pair of the shortest short-shorts clung to her crotch while her feet were tucked into a pair of high heels.

“Hey, Dickie,” said Pam. “C’mere and sit down!” She patted the cushion next to her.

“Yuh,” he muttered as he slowly approached. He couldn’t help but stare as he walked to the sofa.

His interest was plain to see to Pam. Since she had started to work at ‘The Rack Room’ she had become very aware of the interest she now generated in all the guys. And it looked like Dickie was not going to be an exception. She loved it! He had always been crazy for her BFF, Kandi. In High School Kandi had led him around by the nose until, finally, in Senior year she agreed to be Dickie’s girl friend. Pam had never seen the attraction.

But now, looking at Dickie with more experienced eyes she found she was having second thoughts. He was cute. He seemed to have a nice enough body and he was having a hard time not staring at her recently expanded boobs.

She loved her new body! She had always been attractive, nice hips, good legs and toned mid-section. And now she had really, really big boobs that drew the attention of all the boys. They stood almost straight out from her rib cage. Her nipples were almost always erect. And they were so very sensitive!

“What do you think of my new look?” she asked. She had alway been direct.

“Well, um, that is… different.” was all he could offer.

“Yeah, I suppose so. But I’m making a ton of money every week at ‘The Rack Room'”.

Quickly sliding onto the sofa near Pam, Dickie tried not to stare at the vision next to him.

“So, Dickie,” Pam turned to face him, “maybe you could help me with some thing?”

Dickie was still staring at her chest as it quivered in front of him. Despite the size of Pam’s colossal bowls of flesh they didn’t bounce, really. They were too firm to bounce. But they did quiver and shake as she moved. Sticking straight ahead of her, those incredible bowls of flesh looked like they had been glued onto her chest, rather than growing out from them. But they were wholly natural.

Her nipples were kept in an almost perpetual state of rigidity as they rubbed against what ever she was wearing. Perched atop an almost spherical pair of juggs, they poked thru the t-shirt, begging for attention.

“Um, I’ll try, I suppose so. What do you need me to do?” he gulped as he raised his eyes to met hers.

“Down at ‘The Rack Room’ the boss is going to let me do some lap dances this weekend. But I’ve never really done that before,” she lied, watching him try to keep his eyes on her face. Most men couldn’t help but stare at her big firm bowl shaped tits! And Dickie was really having a hard time of it. She grinned.

“So I was wondering if you would let me practice? With you.”

She smiled coquettishly waiting for his reply.

Dickie had no idea what a ‘lap dance’ was but he wanted to help his friend if he could. He took his reputation as a good guy seriously.

“All right,” he told her.

“Great! Thanks Dickie. You just sit right there in that chair and I’ll dance for you. Now remember, the rules are that you can’t touch me. If you do, then I stop dancing, okay?”

“Alright.” He didn’t understand. What did not touching her have to do with dancing? He sat in the chair Pam had pointed to.

Pam pressed the play button on the boom box. A driving beat filled the room as she turned to where Dickie sat.

Less than a minute later Dickie understood the touching rule. This was not dancing, not the way he had danced at the Prom or any of the other dances he had gone to.

This was very different.

Pam started by folding her t-shirt up from the waist to expose her taut muscular belly. And then again. When she finished swaying back and forth in front of him she had folded the bottom of her shirt up so far that she was kaçak iddaa showing two or three inches of the bottom of her boobs and inches of bottom cleavage. She drew his attention to this by sliding the fingers of both hands up under the shirt and cupping each breast briefly. Her hands looked so small!

The straps of the shirt barely covered her nipples. The sides and inner slopes of her large round, perky breasts were on display. Her rock hard nipples, perched just above the middle of her tits seemed to be trying to pull her boobs up and away from her chest! It was a cock hardening sight!

And Dickie was rock hard! He was too embarrassed to ask Pam to stop. But he really needed to adjust himself.

Pam was standing inches in front of him. Her hips swinging left and right. Her tits bounced a half beat behind her hip movements. She gyrated to the beat of the music while she pranced around in front of him. From time to time she would bend forward toward him and quiver her shoulders to make her magnificent boobs shimmy and shake under her skin tight shirt.

She turned her back to Dickie giving him a moment to shift his position and get a little more comfortable. But his movement did not escape her attention. He looked uncomfortable as he shifted to ease the tightness of his crotch. She was having a gas watching him react to her sexy dance moves. She had learned very quickly at ‘The Rack Room’, watching the other girls. And the fact that she had one of the best bodies in the joint made her a very popular lap dancer. True, there were a couple of girls that boasted tits bigger than hers. But no one had breasts as firm and perky as hers. No one had more prominent nipples that constantly seemed to crave being sucked and licked. As wondrously big as her tits were, they were almost perfectly spherical bowls. Even without a bra her cleavage was defined, deep and alluring! Those pink nipples perfectly capped the thrusting bowls of flesh.

Glancing over her shoulder she saw that Dickie was staring at her ass while she shook it in his face. Glancing down she saw the expected hard on. Her dancing was having a predictable effect on Dickie.

Slowly she swiveled to show him her silhouette. She ran her hands up and down her stomach, allowing her finger tips to dip under the waist band of her short-shorts while her hips slowly moved forward and back. Dickie noticed that her shorts were held together at the seam by a series of large rings.

As she pulled her hands up, Pam cupped under her tits, squeezing herself. She pushed her tits up and together before slowly sliding her hands under the t-shirt.

Smirking at Dickie’s entranced look she pinched her nipples. While Dickie gaped at her she slowly, seductively raised the shirt up and off. She kept one arm across her tits while she dangled her shirt in front of Dickie and let it drape across his face.

She had timed it perfectly. Into the silence between songs she spoke.

“Do you like my big titties, Dickie?” she asked as she tossed the shirt behind her and pulled her arms away, allowing him to see all of her bosom. It was clear that Dickie did, indeed, like her big titties. She could see that he was bulging out of his pants!

She stood, proudly, topless, in front of him. Hands on hips she started to shimmy and prance again as the next song started. The bouncing flesh of her boobs held Dickie’s attention. And Dickie’s reaction to her dancing held her attention. It looked like he had a respectable cock.

Pam had always thought of him as a nerd. Hell, he WAS a nerd. But maybe there was more to him than that?

Swiveling around again she backed up between his legs. Her tight little butt brushed against him as she continued to writhe in front of him.

“Remember, Dickie! No touching!” she told him as she let her weight settle on his thighs. Arching her back she rested her head on his shoulder allowing him to look over her shoulder and down upon her epic breasts and cleavage.

She let her lips lightly caress his ear as she whispered, “If you’re a good boy, I may forget about the ‘no touching’ rule. Would you like that, Dickie?”

Even over the music she could hear him gulp before he was able to choke out the predictable response. No one had ever turned her down when she made that offer!

“Um, yuh, sh sh sh sure,” he stammered

“Ummm, good, Dickie, now, be nice!”

She was pretty sure she was killing him! She knew for a fact that Kandi had never let him get anywhere. He probably hasn’t even touched a girls boob, she thought! What fun! A virgin!

Still on his thighs she shifted her weight back and forth while gently holding her breasts. She scissored her nipples between her first and second fingers and squeezed her big boobs rhythmically several times. In response the perky nipples grew to even greater prominence. As she slid out of his lap she let her hands drift across his crotch. She could feel the heat trapped under his jeans. And she could clearly feel a large, throbbing kaçak bahis lump throbbing and twitching. ‘Yummy’ she thought to herself.

Pam hadn’t been sexually active for all that long. But working at ‘The Rack Room’ had given her lots of opportunity. And she had taken advantage of many of those chances! She had discovered that she really, really enjoyed sex!

Pam had found that most men thought that they had large dicks and were great lovers when, in fact, they did not and were not. She was really curious about how Dickie would compare. She wanted to find out. She had never had a boyfriend in school. She thought Kandi had been crazy to ‘go steady’ with Dickie. And she knew that the young couple had never gone beyond simple kissing and holding hands. Kandi had told her that enough times. They were saving themselves for marriage, Kandi claimed.

Still bouncing to the beat Pam twirled in front of a staring Dickie.

She turned in front of him, allowing him to get a good long look at her profile again. Arching her back she took care to expand her rib cage, making her boobs jut even farther than ever. She sucked in her stomach which made the contrast between her slender waist and her oversized breasts even more obvious.

Moaning just a little she pinched her nipples, pulling them up and away from herself. It felt so good when she did that! She let them snap back again, watching them tremble.

Still holding a tit lightly in each hand she lifted the one closest to Dickie. Smiling down at him she chewed her lower lip before extending her extremely long, pointy tongue to lick around her nipple. The contact made her moan in excitement. She lifted herself further and sucked and nibbled on her nipple while watching Dickie watch her, spellbound. Again extending her tongue she licked around each nipple as she pushed her tits together.

She straddled his legs, this time facing him. Putting her finger under his chin she lifted his face so he was looking in her eyes.

“Remember, no touching,” she mouthed. She knew he could not hear her over the music which was still pounding away.

He nodded his head in response before returning to staring at the amazing body that was still moving erotically only inches away. He could feel her legs as they moved against his. Once in a while he could feel her crotch settle against his. Never for very long, but it was happening more often now. He was holding on tight to the seat of the chair so he wouldn’t make a mistake.

Smiling, Pam leaned forward and arched her body the few inches needed to be able to graze her nipples against his shirt. She felt the contact shoot thru her like a bolt of lighting.

Gasping a little she let her weight fully settle onto Dickie’s lap.

As she did Dickie glanced up into her eyes which were darkening with growing lust. She smiled again as she again arched her back and rubbed her titties against his chest.

“It’s okay if I touch you, Dickie! But you have to let me be in charge!”

“Alright Pam, but it’s hard, you know!”

“I know, Dickie. I know how hard it is.” she told him as she lightly ground her pelvis against his.

He moaned in response and gripped the chair even tighter. Pam could feel his dick under her crotch while she moved against him.

‘Golly,’ she thought to herself, ‘it feels like Dickie has a big dick! Who would have thought it?’

Dickie was wondering what might happen next. He had been faithful to Kandi while at school. He was still a virgin, but his will to remain faithful was being tested by Pam and her amazing, sexy body and alluring looks.

Did she really want to fool around with him or was she just practicing like she had said?

She bounced up out of his lap and danced behind him. Leaning over him she dropped her bosom onto his head. Giggling, she battered him with her tits, dragging her nipples through his hair. Moving to his side she pushed a stiff nipple into his ear.

After teasing him like this for another moment she stood in front of him again. His face was flushed and his eyes were roaming up and down her body as she posed for him.

Turning sideways again Pam slowly undid the rings holding her shorts together. She let the garment slide to the floor and was left wearing only a pair of pink thong panties.

Again turning her back on Dickie she slowly lowered herself into his lap. This time there was little tease. Instead she ground herself back against him.

“Oh, Dickie, I like to lap dance with guys like you. You’ve been such a good sport. And you followed the rules so well.” She was grinding and grinding against him. She thought that she could feel his cock getting larger and harder as she moved.

“I think it’s time we ignored the rules, don’t you, Honey?” she asked as she spun in place on his lap. Not awaiting an answer she gave him a scorching hot kiss. Plump lips mashed to his, she thrust her tongue into his mouth.

Dickie was inexperienced but he was no fool. He kissed her back, running his hands up and down her back. His concerns about Kandi were melting away.

Moaning into his mouth Pam enjoyed feeling her pussy riding over his erect dick. It DID seem like he had a large one, she thought.

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