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The October Surprise

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Brooke Woodhead had been working making extra money as a baby sitter every since she’d been in the seventh grade. Smart and responsible, the families she worked for trusted her. Now a senior in high school, she was still working her job. Driving her Dad’s SUV she pulled into the driveway of the Townsend’s.

The Townsend’s had an on again off again marriage, and an eleven year son, Jason, he was six when Brooke had started. Mr Townsend worked as a car salesman at some dealership in St Louis County and had inherited money. Mrs Townsend had been nice enough to her, but Richard Townsend had been something different entirely. In Brooke’s mind, he was absolutely the best looking man she had ever seen. He was blond, he was handsome, he had beautiful eyes that she kept staring at, he had curly hair. Moreover, he had been thirty eight when she had started, but he could have passed for a college guy. She was intimidated at first, staring open mouthed at the man she was going to work for, it took her a year and a half or longer to get over it, but once she got over it, she made passes at the man she called ‘Ritchie,’ every chance she got. Mr Townsend, for his part did very little to discourage the teenager, often flirting with her and complimenting her on her efforts to be sexually aggressive and sophisticated. He was flattered by her attention. And if you asked the gods for a teenage hottie, Brooke would have been it. Beautiful hair, thick and the color of very light honey, pretty face, excellent complexion, and, a lithe curvy body that looked like it had been carved out of marble by some inspired genius.

Brooke dated, Brooke went to the prom, she lost her virginity, she went to dances, she hung out, but the school girl crush she had on Ritchie never cooled off for very long.

She looked herself over in the car mirror, then pleased, she stepped out. She had on tight hip hugger jeans and a white belt, and a white blouse that was open way down her chest, showing deep attractive cleavage. She was pleased with the way she looked, Brooke stuck her boobs out and thought, wait until he gets a load of this! Brooke liked eye make up and had a lot on.

She walked in hoping as she always hoped that Mrs Townsend would not be home.

Mr Townsend came out from the back of the house, he had on dress trousers and a white dress shirt.

“Hey,” Brooke said.

“Hey Blondie,” he said with a friendly voice; it was his nickname for the cute young girl.

“How’s Jason?” Brooke asked.

“Ah he went to the library to use the computer and hang out with other kids,” he said.

“Is Ellie here?” she asked coyly.

“No,” he replied abruptly.

Brooke said, “Good.”

“That’s not nice,” he said scolding her.

“Oh God Ritchie,” the girl said.

She said nothing for a few seconds.

“Guess what?” Brooke asked then.

“What?” he said.

“Next week is my birthday, I’m gonna be eighteen!” Brooke declared.

“Cool Blondie, you’ll be all grown up then, not that you haven’t been already,” Mr Townsend replied.

He grinned at the hot young girl and she grinned back.

“Hey Ritchie, do you remember what you said you’d do two years ago?” Brooke asked.


“You said we’d go out on a date when I turned eighteen,” Brooke said.

“Of course,” Ritchie said.

“Yeah you thought I was too young,” Brooke said.

“I didn’t think you were too young Blondie, but I thought somebody at the police department might think so,” Ritchie replied.

Ritchie came over to where she was standing and stroked the girl’s blond hair.

“So like who was gonna call them, my parents like you,” the girl said.

Ritchie said, “You were beautiful when you were fifteen, but it seems to be a cruel world, and getting worse.”

“My Mom knew we were friends, she was okay with it,” Brooke said.

He said, “Really, I never knew that.”

He took her hand and squeezed it, “Of course I’m going Blondie.”

“Cool,” she said.

The girl went a chair and sat down, then she stuck her legs up in the air, “You remember when I did this?” she asked.


“You were talking about a car that you rebuilt and I said, “Yeah it goes faster and faster and faster and harder and harder and harder until….. ohhhhhhh!”

With this she put her head back against the top of the chair as though she had approached a big orgasm.”

The girl laughed and laughed at her sexually charged remark.

“You’re a little vixen,” Ritchie said.

“I am not,” she said, stopping laughing long enough to say this.

“I was going to have you visit my house,” she said, “when my parents weren’t home.”

“Yeah,” Ritchie said.

“I asked you go by but you didn’t want to ….come,” Brooke said and then she started laughing again.

She laughed again at another double entendre.

The girl stood up walked around a bit.

“You stop Blondie,” Ritchie said.

“You were going to try to tie me up and I was going to kick your butt,” she said.

“You were not, and when did I try to tie you up?” he asked.

“I’m a bahis firmaları strong girl,” Brooke said, “I can kick your butt.”

The girl was standing now in the middle of the room, she put her hands back of her head to show off her tits better.

Ritchie said, “You’re a little tease, is what you are.”

“I am not,” Brooke replied.

He came over to where she was standing then looked down at the revealing tittie outfit she had on and said, “You dressed like that for school?’

“Yeah,” she said, lying.

“A Christian school has this kind of a dress code?” he asked.

“I’m not lying,” the girl said.

“You put this on to come over here Blondie,” Ritchie replied.

“I did not,” she said seriously.

“And don’t think I haven’t noticed you either, because I have,” Ritchie said.

Then he began kissing her, she eagerly kissed back as hard as she could.

“And don’t think I don’t appreciate it, because I do,” he said smiling at her.

“I don’t think you can handcuff me to the bedpost,” she said.

“Really,” he replied.

“I don’t think you can do it,” she said, “I’ll fight you.”

“When exactly did I threaten to do that,” Ritchie asked, somewhat surprised by the new line of conversation.

Her arms were resting on his shoulders, he stepped back a little and grabbed her wrists, one in each hand.

She looked at him, his hands were not big, but his arms were incredibly strong, she felt like she was in a vise, she struggled a little bit but it didn’t work.

Brooke felt a blast of desire go through her body.

“Shit!” she exclaimed.

“I don’t think you’re up to it,” she said, “and I dare you to try, I dare you!”

Ritchie kissed her again, and she kissed back just as hard as before.

“Let me go,” she said unconvincingly.

“Let me go,” she said with a lot more authority.

Ritchie let her arms drop and when he did, her arms went immediately around the back of his neck.

She kissed the right side of his face and neck, and then the left side.

Then he grabbed her left wrist and held on like he had before, and the girl leered at him as he did it.

“Do you like rough sex Blondie?” he asked.

“I’m not sure,” she said.

“I think you do,” he replied.

Brooke said, “Like I said, I dare you to try to tie me up.”

Her eyes snapped as she talked and he could see that she was pretty excited.

“You’re a little vixen,” he said.

“I am not,” she said.

“You’re a little bitch,” he said.

“I’m not a bitch,” Brooke replied.

Ritchie put both of his hands on each side of her waste, the girl’s middle went down into beautiful hips, wide and strong looking.

“You think I haven’t noticed those hips?” he asked.

“Well,” she said.

Ritchie said, “I’ve have noticed a lot nice outfits and attractive good looks, excellent.”

Brooke was beside herself, her heart beat in her ears and her clitoris throbbed between her legs, hot waves of sexual desire kept hitting her, She needed the cock and she needed it desperately.

“You’re a hotie,” he said.

Brooke wished he would have his way with her now, anything he wanted, no one was home, it was exactly what she had hoped for, her parents were okay with it, why not take her into the spare bedroom and fuck her??

Ritchie could see the desire on her face, he’d seen it before on other females.

Brooke waited a bit and then sighed again, her hunk was not going to fuck her until the due date? But she never stopped trying, her sister, a hot college girl had told her that every non gay man had his limits. And, that they simply have to have that pussy, you show it to them a few times and it’s all they can think about. And they will relent, every time.

Then Ritchie said, “You’re an outstanding girl, great looking and sexy.”

Her hands went around his neck again and he could feel her caressing the back of his head as she kissed him.

He let her kiss him and grabbed her as tight as he could.

She said, “I like you a lot Ritchie, you’re awesome.”

Brooke needed to get out of there, the sex wasn’t going to happen and she needed to go.

“Uhh my gosh, I need to go my piano lesson, I just remembered, I thought it was tomorrow, but it’s not,” she said breaking away.

“Okay,” Ritchie said.

“I’ll catch you later,” she said putting her coat back on, “sorry.”

Ritchie said, “That’s okay.”

She put her coat over her lap and furiously masturbated in the car on the way to her piano lesson, finger fucking herself and squeezing her clitoris until she had a big orgasm. Brooke needed let off the sexual tension and she did.


The two of them had taken to communicating by emails done through Facebook, he wrote, ‘Dear Blondie, you left so abruptly the other day that you didn’t say where you wanted to go on your birthday.’

Brooke wrote back, ‘I want to go to the Pasta House Company for dinner, I love the cannelloni there.’

He wrote back, ‘Okay cool, then what?”

Brooke wrote, ‘I want to go to Creepy World.’

Ritchie wrote kaçak iddaa back, ‘Creepy World, you mean the haunted house?’

She wrote, ‘Yeah, you’ve heard of it?’

Ritchie wrote, ‘Yes, Jason and I were going to go last year and then didn’t.’

Brooke wrote, ‘Yeah I’d like for them to scare the shit out of me.’

‘Okay, the Pasta House and Creepy World, sounds good!’ Ritchie wrote.

‘My friends from school told me about Creepy World, there’s nine different haunted attractions there, that’s going to be excellent.’ Brooke said.

Ritchie wrote, ‘I had one thing I wanted to do, I finished work on that old van I was re doing, I’d like to go in it, that’s what the hippies used to do, they’d get liquored up, stoned, then go to a concert and then screw around in the van after!’

‘Sounds great! Come by around five.’ Brooke wrote.


He liked to go to garage sales and auctions, and at one of them, he found an antique ring that sold for a hundred seventy five dollars, it was part gold with a blue topaz stone in it, it was Brooke’s birth stone, so he bought it for her.

Ritchie gave it to her when she first got in the van. She opened the box up and looked at it. The girl held it out admiring it.

“I had it engraved on the inside,” he said.

It said, To Blondie, love Ritchie.

“It’s awesome!” she said loudly, “it’s totally amazing!”

Brooke said, “That’s so sweet, incredible!”

“Thank you,” she said and leaned over and kissed his cheek.


For a girl no heavier than she was, Brooke was a robust eater, polishing off all of her salad, garlic bread and pasta. Ritchie had noticed that she was quite active, a good swimmer, she was a life guard in the summer at the public pool, and she bicycled, he had been on bicycles trips with her himself, she played tennis.

He looked at his watch, it was 6:45 pm.

“They open at 7:00,” Brooke said.

Ritchie said, “Right, well lets take off when you’re ready.”

“I’m ready.”

They were in north St Louis county, having driven there from north of Alton Illinois. The Scream Park, as it was called, was south and west in a little town called Fenton.

They got in Ritchie’s van and left.

“This is supposed to be the biggest haunted attraction in the United States,” Brooke said.

“Cool, I like scary stuff,” Ritchie replied, “I like horror movies especially.”

“There’s supposed to be nine different haunted things that you go through for one price,” Brooke said.

“Excellent,” Ritchie said.

“Do you have favorite horror movie?” she asked.

“I like Brian De Palma’s stuff from the 70’s and 80’s, Sisters, Dressed to Kill, and he made one called Body Double, it’s not really a horror movie but I’m quite fond of it.”

Ritchie said, “It was called an erotic thriller when it came out, and it was!”

“Huh, sounds interesting,” Brooke replied.

“The Walking Dead is good,” she said.

“Yeah, really.”

There were hundreds of people waiting to go through at Creepy World when they got there, Ritchie parked and then he paid for two speed passes, which allowed the buyer to jump to the head of the line.

It was fairly cool and they had on jeans and coats.

He said to Brooke, “Are you ready?”

“Yeah this is going to be cool!”

The first thing they went through was a haunted drive in movie theater, Ritche thought it was called Route 666. There were old junk cars parked and zombies came out and attacked the people walking by. Brooke yelled her head off when she saw them. And some of them had chainsaws.

The second thing was a haunted mansion, it was dark looking and creepy, with artificial fog or smoke. Then, Zombie Paintball, where you went out on a hay wagon and shot zombie targets. Brooke yelled and screamed the whole time, obviously enjoying it.

It took them an hour and a half and then they were back in the car. After he pulled out on the road, Ritchie got out a grocery sack. “I got you some other things,” he said.

“What’s in there?” Brooke asked.

Ritchie dug out a shot glass and handed to Brooke, “I got you your own shot glass,” he said.

“Cool!” she exclaimed, “got any whiskey?”

“Sure,” he replied and got out a bottle of Johnny Walker.

He got another glass for himself and Brooke poured two drinks.

Brooke downed her drink, the hard liquor burned her throat but she was eager to start drinking and getting drunk.

Then Brooke poured two more shots.

Ritchie ran the heater and it got quite warm inside the van.

Then he took a package of cigarettes out and a lighter.

“Are those for me too?” she asked.


“Great!” she exclaimed her eyes sticking out, “I’d love to try a smoke!”

She opened the package up and took one out, fingering it. She noticed they were long and thin. Then she looked at herself in the mirror to see how she looked holding a cigarette.

Then she eagerly lit up her first cigarette.

She got it going and then began seeing what it was like.

Brooke blew a puff of smoke at the windshield, “I kaçak bahis could learn to like this in a hurry,” she said and smiled.

“It’s not what I thought it would be, the smoke tastes great, but it hurts my throat when I inhale,” she said.

“You just need to practice,” Ritchie said.

“Yeah I just need practice,” Brooke replied.

She took another puff, and tried to inhale it.

Brooke waited a little bit, then took another puff, inhaled it, managed to hold it despite it hurting her untrained throat then blew it towards the old van’s ashtray.

“How’s that?” she said triumphantly.

Ritchie said, “You’re a good smoker Blondie, I may have to start calling you Smokey.”

The girl laughed a little and then took another puff, then blew it at the ashtray.

She said, “That wasn’t anything like what I thought it would be, they say it makes you sick and stuff.”

Ritchie said, “It never made me sick, I liked it the first time I tried it.”

Brooke said, “That’s weird.”

“I lot of what you hear growing up is propaganda,” he said,” especially in school.”

“I don’t know,” Brooke replied.

She smoked her cigarette down and put it out.

They drove on then Brooke said, “Wow, I’m feeling those shots pretty good, how about another one?”

“Yeah, it’s your day,” he said.

She got the bottle and poured herself another shot of whiskey. She drank some of the shot, the whiskey burning her throat.

Ritchie looked over at her and said, “Technically you’re supposed to drink the shot all at once, and then drink a beer after.”

Brooke took the shot glass and downed the rest of it, then she coughed two or three times.

“How’s that,” she said.

“You’re doing good,” Ritchie replied, “you’re doing shots, and, you had your first smoke.”

“You’re all grown up now,” Ritchie said looking over at her.

“Yeah,” she said, “drinking, smoking,” then she laughed.

“You go girl,” he said admiringly.

Brooke said, “We could go out drinking, I could get a fake I.d and I could get totally fucking blasted.”

In a little bit Ritchie turned off of the Interstate Highway into a side road.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“The park,” he said.

“The park, what park?” she asked.

“Jefferson park.”

They pulled up and stopped in a small park in the St Louis County suburbs.

“What are we doing?” Brooke asked.

“Do you see the small mattress on the floor of the van, lie down on it if you would and see if it’s comfortable,” Ritchie said.

Brooke grinned, she knew now what it meant, he’d talked before about hippies fucking in vans.

She got up and laid down on it,”Yes it’s quite comfortable,” she said truthfully.

Her heart began to race, it was gonna happen now! She could tell.

She grinned a shit eating grin up at him. Men, even studs, were no match for women, sooner later they gave in, they just have to have that pussy! He said it was because of the eighteen thing, but that wasn’t really it, he just couldn’t resist any longer!

“What do you think you’re going to do?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” he said.

Brooke said, “You know damn well what you’re gonna do honey.”

Ritchie stood over her looking down, then he got down next to her on his knees.

He grabbed her wrist, like he had before at the house, “Let me go,” she said.

Brooke fought but she couldn’t break loose, then he grabbed her other arm.

Ritchie’s cock was bullet hard.

Then he pulled a red scarf out of what looked like a gym bag, let go of one of her wrists to tie the other one. She tried to struggle, but kept giggling and laughing.

“No, you don’t like being tied up,” he said.

“Hey shut up,” she said.

Then he tied the other arm, reaching down to get her jeans loose.

She laughed some more.

“I know why you’re doing this, it’s because I’m a woman now,” Brooke said facetiously.

He looked at her.

She leered at him and said, “That’s bullshit, you know it and I know it.”

Richard looked down at her and reflected for a moment. At times he had profound feeling for Brooke, she was nice, she was smart, she was extremely pretty, she was feminine in a talkative teenager way. And, most important, she had the one thing that had never failed to turn him on in an attractive female, she was sexually aggressive. It was often done in a giggly teenybopper sort of way but it was done nevertheless. And not once or twice where the woman gets pissed off and quits, but relentlessly as though it were a war of wills that she was determined to win. He pulled at his goatee as he thought.

Then as if to break up his thought she spread her legs out wide and invitingly and he got a good look at her glistening cunt for the first time.

“Let me spell it out for you baby,” she said.

Richard looked down at the young girl again, his smooth poker face was a blank, hiding the boiling emotions that she sometimes created in him.

Just like before, Brooke’s vagina throbbed and ached, and it needed to be filled with a nice nice big erect cock, hot, hard and ready to send a woman on a journey into the outer space of orgasm.

Ritchie looked down at her already wet pussy, “Great looking cunt Blondie, of course I was pretty sure it would be.”

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