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The Pickup

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You are sitting at the bar with your friends as she walks in wearing a black leather mini skirt, white halter with a deep V neckline, stockings and black heels. All you and your friends can do is stare at her. But for a while, all she does is ignore you, but you can finally feel her looking at you. She comes over and whispers in your ear, “Take me away and love me all night long.” You just smile at your friends as you take her hand and lead her away.

You take her to your place and as the door closes you wrap your arms around each other locking your lips in a kiss that leaves both breathless. She gently sits on the couch as you bend over to remove her shoes. Massaging each foot makes her purr like a little kitten. Moving up her leg, you stop just short of where she wants you to be. You slowly undress her, nibbling and kissing each area as you uncover it. When you take her bra off, you make sure to pay special attention to her tits and nipples. She moans as you rub and squeeze her tits before you pull one nipple into your hot waiting mouth. She arches her back to pull you closer to her. As you suck and bite on one nipple, your other hand pulls and twists the other one.

Slowly you move down to her belly button. She moans asking for more, but you lay her down on the couch on her stomach. You start at her neck nibbling and kissing and sucking your way down her body. You find that the back of her knees and ankles are sensitive erotic spots ho her. She jumps and tries to move away every time you touch them.

“I want you,” she says, but you like being in control. You begin to feel for her, so you remove her panties and run your fingers over her pussy, planting kisses all over the bald pussy that is revealed to you, yet güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri never licking it with your tongue. She starts to bounce all over trying to get your to pay attention to her clit. You then take her by the hand and lead her to the bedroom.

She watches as you slowly remove your clothes in front of her. “Please” she moans. “I want you inside of me.” You tell her not yet that you are not finished playing and teasing her. You slide up from her feet licking and sucking as you move higher. You find that behind her knees is a very sensitive erotic spot. You finally reach her pussy and gently start to licking and sucking on her clit and the lips of her cunt. She moans deeper and longer whenever you suck on the lips of her pussy. Your tongue starts to push inside of her wet hole, slowly fucking it with your tongue. This causes her to raise her hips trying to get your tongue as deep as she can inside her.

Again, you gently suck her lips into your mouth and start biting them and tugging on them. You quickly release her lips and suddenly engulf her clit in your mouth flicking your tongue across it ever so slowly, forcing her hands on the back of your head pushing it closer to her wetness. You then suck on it even harder and biting it till she can’t stand it any longer. She cries out as you suck on it begging you to keep it up.

As your tongue licks it harder and harder, she starts to cum screaming your name out, pushing your head to her pussy as it pours her cum onto your face and down your throat. You hungrily drink down her cum, keeping her cumming over and over again.

You then move up beside her on the pillows, lightly rubbing her nipples as you look into her eyes and see the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri look of utter satisfaction. You kiss her deeply so that she can taster herself on your tongue.

She starts to get up and starts kissing your neck and jaw as she moves her body over yours. She keeps moving down your body kissing as she gets to your chest, sucking on each of your nipples. You groan as she moves slowly down your belly gently licking and nibbling as she moves lower and lower. Her breath is hot as she gets closer and closer to your crotch. She moves all over, but never touches your cock. She smiles at you saying, “You are not the only one who can tease.” You start to groan and know that you are in trouble for teasing her the way you did.

She cups your balls in her hands lightly squeezing them. She starts to pull one into her mouth sucking on it, also making sure that the other one is not feel left out doing the same thing to it. Slowly you feel her tongue sliding up the length of your shaft. Once she reaches the head, she pulls it into her mouth taking it all the way down her throat. You feel her nose rubbing in the hair on your crotch. She pulls back until just the head of your dick is still in her mouth. She starts to swirl her tongue around the head of your dick. Once your cock is nice and wet, she releases it from her warm mouth and blows cool air up and down the shaft. The air-cools it down, but just as suddenly, she swallows the entire length back down her throat bringing back the heat of her mouth. “Oh Lord” you moan. She just looks at you and giggles. Your hips begin to bounce and you go even deeper into her mouth.

“Fuck my face” she says to you. You begin slowly, pulling it in and güvenilir bahis şirketleri out of her mouth. But she won’t let you keep up this pace long. She moves her head with every upstroke you make. You can feel your cum begin to boil in your balls. She again takes your balls in your hands milking them with every stroke in her mouth. “I’m cumming,” you shout out. Cum starts flowing up the long shaft of your cock into her hot waiting mouth, jet after jet of hot sticky cum flows down her throat. She eagerly drinks down every drop of your load. One small drop falls down onto her chin. She takes a finger and collects it up and then sucks on her finger teasing you with it. She then takes your cock and licks it clean and you start to get hard all over again.

But this time, she wants your cock in her wet pussy. She climbs up on top of you and slowly lowers her wet cunt down on top of your hard shaft. Once she is fully impaled on it, she leans over and kisses you, enjoying the feel of being so full. She starts to move her hips front to back making sure you can feel every part of her hot cunt. She starts squeezing you with the muscles of her pussy. She then starts moving up and down your cock, “Faster” you say to her. You decide that she is going to do nothing but tease you, so you take control and roll her over onto her back. She leers at you and asks you to fuck her hard.

You slam your hard dick into her wet dripping hole, your balls bouncing against her ass. “Fuck me” she screams. You start to slam into her harder, faster and deeper into her cunt. Slowly you start to feel the contractions in her pussy just as she starts to moan that she is about to cum. You continue to pump away at her to keep her orgasm going, but you can’t last all night. Your hot cum boils out of your long cock, filling her cunt with your juice till it starts to run out of your pussy mixed with her cum running down her thighs.

You lay down next to her gently kissing her until you both fall asleep in each other’s arms till you wake again and start all over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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