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The Pre-Rendezvous Rendezvous

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I reserved a room at one of the smaller and slightly seedy motels for my wife and I to rendezvous with you this evening. You’ve told your hubby that you’re going out with some girlfriends that night and he knows nothing of our pre-arranged meeting for flesh and fantasy.

But the fun starts earlier in the day as I drive down there to check in at 11am. I’ve called you to tell you that I’ll be there and you leave a few minutes early for lunch to make the most of your hour.

As soon as you step in the door I drop my tongue down your throat for a few moments and then pull away and quietly remind you that is as much physical contact as we will have during this hour since my wife is not with us.

You strip from your clothes quickly and move to the bed as I sit in one of the chairs by the window. You prop up a couple of the pillows and get into a partially upright position against the headboard. You smile at me as you take one of your breasts and suckle your nipple for a few moments before trading off to the other one. Your legs are spreading and closing giving me momentary glimpses of your shaved and glistening-moist pussy.

Soon you relinquish your tit from your mouth and spread your legs wide to give me a more perpetual view of your spread pussy and its increasing wetness. My cock is twitching and beginning to strain but I do nothing about as of yet.

Your hands begin rubbing the insides of your thighs, and soon they’re rubbing your pussy full on and spreading your wetness all over your inner thighs, as well as taking the moisture to your tits where you again suck your own nipples to clean your natural flavors with your mouth. You play with your clit for a short while until you feel the urge to cum getting close. That’s when you stop concentrating on your clit and start slipping fingers into your pussy. First two, and then three as you want me to see you slightly bahis firmaları abuse you pussy for me, and then you slip in a fourth to really start making a mess of the bedspread below your ass.

You work your pussy hard and furiously for a time before moving your other hand down to again start playing with your clit. As you massage your little nub with one hand you pull your other fingers from within your hole and lick them clean of your glimmering nectar, then you put them back in yourself and return to feverishly fucking yourself before me.

Finally my own cock needs release from its confines and drop my sweats to my ankles and begin to stroke myself as you watch. But I’m slow and methodical about it, not allowing it to do too much too fast, and you feel the urges of your own release as my cock jerks and twitches like it wants me to do more and let it have its way.

Now your pussy is free-flowing with its juices and the bedspread below you is saturating. I simply say to you, “Cum for me” and your pussy can suddenly no longer hold back as your orgasm overtakes you. Suddenly your fingers are swimming in your fluids and the sounds of your pleasure and your liquid givens splash throughout the room.

But your body is not yet done.

You move from your reclined position and get on all fours with your ass in the air and facing me unabashed. Your face is positioned directly over the soaked spot on the bed that just made. You lower your face onto that spot and as the weight of face presses to it I can see your own fluids rise up like when you squeeze water from a sponge. The side of your face is in a slight puddle of your own fluids and you outstretch your tongue to meet those fluids and lap at them.

Your hands have maneuvered to your pussy once again, and again you’re stroking your clit and plunging your fingers into your vagina. As the fingers in your hole kaçak iddaa become well moistened again you remove them and reach around your ass and insert first one, and then a second finger into the pucker of your bottom.

Now you’re plunging two fingers in and out of your ass, your other hand is still working your clit and you’re rapidly on your way to another orgasm while I’m still methodically stroking my dick, only allowing it enough sensation to make it want more without going further. Pre-cum glistens on its tip and you tell me that you wish you could have it dripping into you mouth. “Your time will come…” I say in a whisper.

Suddenly your second orgasm overtakes you and you quickly shove another finger into your bottom and stroke them in and out like your life depends on it. Your body jerks and spasms and you yell out knowing that I want to hear you as well as see you while you’re cumming.

You let your body fall to one side and keep your face in your own wet spot as you now relax and watch me stroke myself. “I’m going to do this just for you…” I say as I pull one leg from my sweats on the floor and hike it up on the small table beside my chair, and then I drape the other leg over the arm of the chair and scoot my body forward a bit. While still slowly stroking my cock I lick my index and middle fingers on my free hand, and then reach down and around one of my legs and insert those two fingers into my own ass as I also begin stroking with more intent. Because of our previous discussions I know how much you enjoy the thought of a man doing this to himself. This is my little treat to you.

You lie there and have restarted slowly stroking your pussy with the palm of your hand, dipping your fingers between your pussy lips during each of your strokes. Soon my cock is twitching and the cum is building within me. I remove my fingers from my ass and quickly kaçak bahis stand and move toward you. You spin around on the bed and drape your head slightly off the edge and open your mouth to receive my cum as you continue to stroke your pussy.

Now I tense and shudder as my cum pours and spews from cock. Some of it juts out and lands on your chest while the bulk of it pours from the head of dick and lands in your mouth where you swallow it hungrily and open your mouth back up to receive more.

Finally, my orgasm subsides and you have only a short time to clean up and get ready to go back to work. Quickly you get up and adjourn to the shower as you tie your hair up so it won’t get wet. I enter the bathroom after you and you let me watch you in the shower. I now have the urge to pee after my orgasm and I ask you to kneel before me as I lean in over the edge of the tub a bit.

You open your mouth and I hold my dick so that the head is just inside your lips, but we’re still not touching one another. I ask if you’re ready and you simply wink to me. I begin releasing my pee into your mouth and try to control it as you’re stopping to swallow all that you can. My stream flows and I stop it intermittently and watch as the overflow from your mouth trickles down your tits and drips off of the front of your pussy into the shower water. You keep up as best as you can, taking in as much as you can until I purposely pull back and finish off by peeing on your chest and down the front of your body, until I have no more to offer.

Then you stand and say, “My turn…” and on your queue I step into the shower and sit down as you stand over me and spread your legs around the sides of my head. I open my mouth and wait and soon your pee is flowing into my mouth and overflowing onto my skin just as it mine did on you. I swallow as much of you as I can and then step out of the shower so you can finish and get back to work.

Soon you exit the shower and I step in. “See you two tonight,” you say as you blow me a kiss as you leave to throw on your clothes and get back to work.

What a night it will be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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