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The Professor Ch. 1

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As I sit here grading test papers from my last class of the day, my mind begins to wander as I come across a test paper of one of my students. His name is Anthony very well mannered young man. With his deep big eyes, so soft and warm. His strong muscular build, his dark hair, and his impressive smile. Although, I know that in my line of work, its dangerous to think such things, but sometimes the mind takes on its on life. Today was one of those days.

I had been teaching here at this college now for just a couple years. It was all new to me in ways. I had a change of careers at middle age. Strange as it would seem, I went from being a cop, to being a writer, now that is turn around. And although, I myself had never gotten the opportunity to go to college, here I was teaching, up and coming writers the art of putting ones thoughts together on paper, so that it would be interesting, and compelling enough for everyone to read.

Anthony was a good student, although he seemed a bit distant at times, and kind of withdrawn. I would secretly watch him, as I would hand out assignments to the class as he would flip through the sheets of paper, with this blank look upon his face. My mind would wander to what could be on this handsome young mans mind. I say young, although Anthony was in his 30’s, but for me who was 40, that was younger, and I knew it. Again my eyes glanced down upon the test that Anthony had taken. Looking at the questions, and knowing that he knew these answers, X across it, another one wrong.

Making my mind up to talk with Anthony the next day, maybe offer him some tutoring. With this thought, my lips spread to a tiny smile. As I thought to myself, now Lynn, you know better, and this is just to help him. Remember that, and it will be fine.

Waking the next morning, I began my morning routine as usual, with the alarm going off, reaching over to the bedside table, tapping the snooze button! Again, what seemed like just an instant had passed, the alarm sounded again! BUZZ! Sitting straight up in my bed, as my thoughts raced to what seemed like something that was propelling me, a dream, or reality. I wasn’t quite sure, searching güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in my thoughts for what had just been within my mind, looking a bit bewildered and confused. As I rubbed my eyes with my fingers, thinking God, something is making me feel so enticed by this day, and I just can’t put my finger on it. Struggling with my thoughts, trying to find any remnants of my dream, and not being able to come up with one. As I stand and stretching my arms above my head, headed for the bath.

Turning on the water for the shower, I turned to my closet, to see what I was to wear today. Leafing through my many pants and blouses, but bypassing them. For some reason, my hand reached to this very nice dress, that I had recently bought. I hadn’t wore it yet, seems I was waiting for just the right moment. Although I didn’t realize today was the right moment at the time. Pulling it out of the closet, as I held it before me, very nice, very sleek, very shall I say sexy. It wasn’t a very fancy dress, kind of simple really, white in color, with its rounded neck, coming just above the roundness of my breasts, whereas the sleeves came up over the shoulder, and just slightly over my arm. The material was of a stretch nylon, cotton fabric, kind of like a silkiness fabric. Soft to the touch, but thick enough to press against the skin, showing every curve without, showing the skin showing through. The neckline was rounded, but in the center was white lace so that the material of the dress itself, framed my breasts. As the dress moved down the body, with a stretch like a second skin, over my waist, down over my hips, to just passed my buttocks, so that as I moved, the dress moved with me. A wide, gold belt to complete the picture. Placing the dress on my bed,as I head for the shower.

Within the shower, as I stand there, my fingers moving against my skin, I feel a warmth inside me growing. This feeling,I had not felt in such a long time, I almost didn’t recognize it. The yearning for the touch of another. My fingers sliding down my neck along my breasts, looking downward at them, the nipples erect from the water splashing against them. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Are so I thought. As if my fingers took on a life of its own, they began walking down my body, along my stomach, to my hair line of my most burning desire, slowly my finger moves the neatly trimmed hair, brushing against it gently, as my finger presses downward, to the opening of the lips of my love nest. Parting the lips with my fingers, as the other, gently touches my clit, I feel a shiver pass through my body, and a slight moan escapes my lips. Pressing against my clit with my finger, I feel the pulsating within, gently stroking it back and forth, as I feel tingling below. Then without hesitation, my finger, moves downward to my wetness, sliding back and forth upon the closed lips…. I feel the heat of my juices building, dripping from inside me. As the tip of my finger, captures it. Then without thought, my finger presses within me, as I feel the walls of my love nest wrap around it, pulsating against this tiny finger, yearning for more. As my finger moves in and out once twice, I feel myself getting caught in fantasy. Then suddenly the water turns cold, and it brings me back to reality. Turning the water off, as I dash out, wrapping myself within the bath towel. I move to the mirror, and glancing at my watch notice that 45 minutes had passed since I went into the shower.

My mind had completely lost track of time as my body took over me. As I dried my hair, curling it, to make sure that it was styled just so. Looking in the mirror, seeing the flush in my face, as my thoughts moved back to the shower, wondering if they had anything to do with the dream, I so badly wanted to recall. Thinking to myself, now Lynn, don’t be so embarrassed at your thoughts, you are only human, with human needs. Smiling as I recalled the feeling, but still yearning for that touch of another, to complete what my own body had began.

Carefully, I applied my makeup, as I finished, I reached for my panties, looking at them and smiling, as I touch the white lace, opening the crotch, I think to myself, hummm wonder what my students would think if they knew güvenilir bahis şirketleri their teacher was wearing crotch less panties. Slipping them up my legs, as I feel the lace lie against my well-trimmed love nest, the feel of soft exquisite material. Then methodically placing my stocking upon one leg, then the other.

As I move into my bedroom, and glance down at this dress, a smile crosses my face. Slowly making sure that it is perfect against my body, as it slides down over my breasts, fitted against my waist and hips, and just barely covering the edge of my stockings. Then reaching for the ankle strap white heals that bring out the strong calves that my pants conceal. As I stand in the mirror, turning my body one way then another. Smiling to myself, and thinking yes this is it, the right time!

As I arrive at the college, I glance toward the campus, and there he is, Anthony, the student that I have to talk to. Slowly, almost deliberately, I move out of my car, in a very seductive way. As I park, making sure that when I open my door, I will be face to face with Anthony. Stretching one leg out then the other, watching as Anthony stands there before me. Smiling I look at him, and ask if he could help me bring my papers to class for me. Without hesitation, Anthony agrees, as I think to myself, was that a grin I seen on him. Holding on to the door, Anthony’s hand reaches out to help me out of my car.

I look up to him, the feel of his strong hands on mine, looking into the depth of those wondrous eyes. So big, and beautiful, so deep with thought. Smiling to him as I thank him, I turn to reach for the papers…. as I bend down, my buttocks brush against Anthony’s jeans… and silently I smile to myself thinking, was that a bulge I felt within them. Lifting the papers, as my hips brushed against his jeans, I turn to him, and said, here they are, I do thank you for your help. I also want to talk with you about something if you don’t mind. Seeing Anthony smile, and say, no problem ma’am, what is it would you like to talk about. I motion him to the building, and say we will talk when I get into the classroom if you don’t mind.

As we near the classroom, my heart begins to beat faster. Not sure, exactly how to approach him about what was causing him to be so distracted. And also, something inside me was stirring, not sure, why it was coming out now, but knowing that somehow or another, he was the reason for the episode earlier in the shower.

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