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The Robinson Beach House

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Note: This is the final chapter of Lisa meeting the Robinson family. Please read the other Robinson chapters to get up to speed. Some of you wanted a big bang finish. I hope this does it for you. Make sure you are at least 18 years old and enjoy.

I was the last one awake the next morning. Matt and I made love in the middle of the night but he came so fast I wasn’t close to achieving a climax. I moved into the shower and was soaping my back when I heard the bathroom door open.

“Lisa?” It was my future father-in-law, Steve!

I opened the door and looked out. He was standing in his boxers in the doorway.

“Steve? Are you nuts? What if Matt comes in?” My hands covered my breasts and my hairy mound.

“Brenda took him over to see his Grandmother. They won’t be back for at least an hour.”

“What do you want?” I asked noticing his prick bulging in his underwear.

“I think you already know.” He said as he pushed his boxers down his legs. His huge tool sprang out pointing at me.

My night with Matt had me so frustrated my body was on fire as I moved aside to allow my future father-in-law into the shower with me.

Steve took my wrists and pulled them away from my naked body. I moved my hands to my sides and watched his eyes as they moved down my wetness. As he moved forward his prick pushed into my stomach. My hands moved up around his neck as he lowered his body until his tool was pushing into my bush.

“We shouldn’t do this.” I whispered as his hands moved around my hips. He cupped my soapy ass and pulls it towards him. His prick was wedging its way between my hairy lips.

I lowered my body until my lips were at his navel. My tongue moved out and licked the few drops of water inside. “Let me give you a blowjob.” I said as my tongue moved down into his pubic hair.

But, his hands moved into my armpits and he pulled me up. His lips moved to my neck. As he lightly nibbled on my sensitive skin he whispered, “I’ve wanted to fuck you since I first met you.” His prick was again pushing against my opening.

“What about Matt?” I moaned. My legs were trembling as I thought about his huge piece of meat trying to get inside me.

“You said it last night. I won’t tell if you won’t.” My nipples were so hard as they rubbed against his muscular chest.

I opened my thighs as I said weakly, “we can’t do this.”

The crown of this shaft moved inside me as his hands lifted my hips up. My thighs moved further apart. He was so huge he was having trouble getting inside.

“Stop.” I whispered as I lightly bit his earlobe. My legs were now wrapped around his waste. I was his for the taking.

But, he was still having trouble getting inside. My body needed release and we didn’t have much time.

“If we are going to do this let’s do it right.” I said as my hand moved down to guide his shaft inside me at the right angle. My hand stayed on him as his hips drove his rod inside me. My hand slid down his prick as it entered my tight channel. He was inside of me by at least eight inches and my hand still had not touched his pubic hair.

“Oh my god, you are so tight.” He moaned as I moved my hand away to allow him to push in the last 4 inches. I was wondering how I could fit him inside as he shoved it the last inch inside. My lips moved to his as he slowly removed his tool.

“Keep it inside.” I begged as he moved it back in.

I was now implanted on his shaft. I wanted to release my hands around his neck to see if he could hold me up with his tool but we were short of time.

“Hurry! Fuck me on the bed.” I yelled.

Steve’s legs were wobbly as he carried me to the bedroom. We almost fell as he turned towards the bed.

When we reached the bed he fell forward on top of me. His prick moved the last few inches as his weight pushed down. He was hitting the back of my tunnel.

“Fuck me father-in-law.” I moaned as he moved his prick in and out.

“DON’T STOP!” I screamed as his piston pumped inside of me. I now knew how it felt to have every inch of my hole filled.

“OH LISA, I’M GETTING CLOSE.” He said as he gritted his teeth.

“No, not yet.” I cried.

I was almost there when his body got very stiff. I could feel his hot liquid as it hit the back of my pussy. My hips tried to keep moving up and down his prick but he was too heavy. It was too late as his dead weight crushed my soft breasts. I couldn’t breath.

“Please get off.” I begged. His body moved away.

“That was fantastic.” He said as he put his boxers on. “We better get dressed before they get back. Did you like it as much as I?”

“Yes, it was great.” I lied as he walked out of the room. My pussy was sore as I finished my shower and got dressed. I packed my bag and was sitting on the bed drying my hair when Matt came in.

“Morning baby.” He said while kissing me on the lips. “Why is the bed so wet?” he asked as his hand touched the bed.

“I didn’t dry off enough I guess.” I lied.

“Hurry because we will bahis firmaları be leaving shortly.”

I carried my bag downstairs and found Brenda sitting at the kitchen table. “The men are packing the car.” She said. “Steve told me what happened. Are you OK?”

“Yes. I’m just frustrated.” I said as I leaned over to hug her.

“Oh, he gave you the wham-bam-thank-you-mam?”


“I wish we could slow these men down and get them some control.” Brenda whispered as Matt came barging through the door.

“Let’s go.”

“Always in a hurry.” Brenda whispered and laughed.

As we drove down the Parkway, Brenda told us her brother John would be staying a few days. John was bringing his new girlfriend Anna. Brenda said she worked for John at his movie house.

We were unpacking our bags when Uncle John came in.

“So this is Lisa.” He said as he pulled me into his arms. His lips were moving towards mine when I quickly moved my face to the side. He kissed my cheek. I looked over his shoulder to see a very young girl. I guessed John’s age to be in the forties so when I saw Anna my eyes opened in shock. She looked like she was 16.

“This is Anna.” John said as he introduced us. She took the bubble gum out of her mouth. “Hi.”

“Your room is this way,” Steve said as he grabbed Anna’s bag. I noticed his eyes moving down to her ass as he followed her down the hallway. Her body was short and still had her baby fat. Her ass was nice and round but seemed to have a lot of wiggle.

“John, how old is she?” Brenda asked her brother.

“Old enough sis. Actually older than she looks.”

“JOHN!” Brenda said shaking her finger at him.

“She’s eighteen as of last month.” He said while giving Brenda a slap on her ass.

“Robbing the cradle Uncle John?” Matt said with a smile.

“You betcha.” John replied.

“Lisa can’t be much older.” John said looking up and down my body.

“Ah yes, I’m twenty-one.” I replied.

I moved back into our bedroom to finish unpacking and peeked out our door into Uncle John’s room.

“Why can’t we go to a motel?” Anna asked.

“Don’t worry my sister’s family don’t mind us sleeping together.” He said as his fingers moved up her naked thighs.

I watched as his fingers slid under her cotton shorts. He pulled her shorts out until I could see her pink panties underneath. His fingers wormed their way under her sheer panties as they moved towards her pussy. He pulled her panties back, which allowed me to watch his fingers move into her pink slit. I glanced up to see John’s face looking at me out of the door. He was smiling as I watched him finger her pussy. I quickly closed the door.

After lunch we all headed out to sea on John’s boat. It was big enough for all of us and had sleeping quarters down below. Brenda and I had on our new tiny bathing suits, which kept the men’s eyes on us at all times. Anna was wearing a one-piece suit that didn’t do her body justice. She could see all the attention Brenda and I were getting and looked out of place. The three of us females were lying on the front of the boat trying to get some sun when John came up carrying a bottle of suntan lotion.

“Anyone need any lotion?” He asked.

“I do.” Anna quickly replied.

As John spread lotion on Anna’s back he slipped her straps down her shoulders. I peeked over to see his hands moving over her shoulders and across her chest. His hand disappeared under her suit. His hand completely covered her breast.

“I won’t get sunburn under there silly.” Anna giggled.

Brenda looked up and laughed. “Same oh John.”

“We are far enough from land that no one will see you so why don’t you take off your tops?” John said as he pushed Anna’s top down over her naked breast. His fingers played with her hard tiny pink nipple.

“I don’t think so.” Brenda answered while looking over her sunglasses.

My top didn’t cover that much anyway. “I will if everyone else does it.”

“Me too.” Anna answered. John already had her small firm breasts out for display. Anna’s hip was rubbing against John’s swimsuit, which was bulging from his excitement.

“Well?” Anna asked me. “Are you going to do it?”

I was worried that Matt would not approve but decided to take the gamble. I released the knot and slipped the tiny top off my hot breasts. As I threw the top to the deck my hands moved up to my breasts. “Throw me the lotion please.”

John’s eyes were locked onto my breasts as I spread the white lotion over them. I took extra time as my fingers caressed my nipples.

“Matt’s a lucky guy.” John said still staring at my treasures. His hard-on made a giant tent in his trunks.

“Down boy.” Brenda said to her brother. Too late I laughed to myself.

“How about you Brenda?” I asked as I handed her the lotion.

“I would but Matt is on the boat.” She whispered.

“He’s busy fishing off the back.” John replied.

“OK, but tell me if he’s coming.” Brenda said as she kaçak iddaa reached behind her to unsnap her top. All eyes were on her huge orbs as they spilled from her top. Her large round nipples stuck outward at least an inch.

“Damn Sis. Those are fantastic.” John muttered.

Brenda smiled as she lay back on the deck. “Who wants to do me?”

“I will.” I said as I moved next to her.

I knew it would drive John crazy to see another woman caress his sister’s breasts. I filled my palms with lotion and started at her shoulders. I glanced over at John to see Anna’s fingers wrapped around his bulge.

I slowly dropped my fingers until I made small circle above Brenda’s nipples. My wrist rubbed against one of her hard nips. My fingers moved around her nipples making sure not to touch them just yet. I wanted to tease John and make him beg.

“Do you want to help me Anna?” I asked looking over at her. The head of John’s prick was now sticking out above his waistband. Anna’s fingers moved around the crown.

“Sure.” She said as she moved to the other side of Brenda. I handed her the lotion. “You take the right one.” I directed.

Brenda was breathing hard as Anna and I spread lotion over her chest. Anna’s fingers played follow the leader with mine when I finally touched her hard tips. My fingers stroked her nipple like it was a small prick.

“Why don’t you do the rest of me?” Brenda asked. I looked at Anna and she smiled.

I peeked over at John who now had his prick halfway out of his pants. His fingers were stroking it as Anna’s fingers moved down Brenda’s stomach. I wondered how far Anna would go with another woman.

My fingers moved slightly ahead of hers as I moved past her navel and to the top of her low cut bikini. It was test time as I moved my fingers gently under the top of her bottoms. I looked up at Anna and waited. She looked scared as she looked back at John who was now openly stroking himself. I guessed his prick was about 7 inches long.

“Go ahead.” John whispered to Anna.

Anna’s fingers were trembling as she pushed the fingertips under Brenda’s bikini. As our fingers moved south so did the top of Brenda’s bikini bottom. I expected Brenda to stop us since John was there but she remained silent. As my fingers touched Brenda’s full bush I saw Anna’s fingers stop. I nodded my head yes to her. She smiled and moved her fingers deeper into Brenda’s forest.

Our fingertips met at the top of Brenda’s slit. We stopped for a second and continued. She took the right side of her gash and I moved down the left side. We stopped again when we reached her swollen clit. I looked over at John and he whispered, “let me see.”

I leaned over and whispered in Brenda’s ear. “Can he see?”

“Yes.” She whispered back.

Anna took one side of her bikini bottom and I took the other. Brenda lifted her hips to allow us to slide her bikini down past her dark bush to the middle of her thighs. Her pussy was now visible to her brother for the first time. Anna and I moved our fingers back to her bush and lower into her dripping hole. Our fingers moved like a team as we played with her clit, which was so big it stood up through the dense hairs.

“Oh GOD! Brenda moaned as my fingers moved into her open pussy. Out of the corner of my eye I could see someone coming around the side of the boat.

“Quick. Pull up her suit.” I cried to Anna. We got her bikini up over her bush just before Matt walked around the corner. He froze when he saw his topless mother.

“Oh jeez. I’m sorry.” He said as he quickly turned to face the other way.

“It’s OK Matt.” Brenda said. “Seeing me topless is no big deal now-a-days.”

I glanced at John who had stuffed his hard-on back in his trucks. “Turn around and enjoy the view.” John told Matt.

Matt turned and looked to the side of the boat. He turned slightly and looked at me. I saw his eyes as they popped to his mother’s breasts and quickly back to me.

“I can’t believe you are doing this.” He said to me as he sat next to me. His eyes were now moving quickly to each of our breasts. Anna was smiling as she stuck her small breasts out further.

“If it bothers you I’ll put my top back on.” I looked down at his swimsuit and could tell it was indeed bothering him but, in a good way.

“Ah, no that’s OK. It will take me a few minutes to get use to it.”

“Why don’t you take off your shirt and let me put some lotion on you?”

Matt pulled his tee shirt over his head and lay back next to his mother. His prick was tenting up in his trunks. “Do you want to help me Anna?” I asked with a wink.

“She doesn’t have to….” Matt started to say before I put my finger on his lips. “Hush.”

Anna took a position on the other side as our cream filled hands moved down his smooth chest.

“When do I get my turn?” John asked. Anna’s body blocked his vision.

“Lie back and I’ll do you.” Brenda said as she sat up and grabbed the lotion. This was getting good.

We finished Matt’s kaçak bahis chest and our fingers moved down his stomach. “You can do the back now.” Matt said as he tried to turn over. I stopped him with my hand. “Not finished yet.”

Matt’s body was tense as our fingers rubbed lotion on hi stomach. I wonder how far he would let us go especially with his mother there. Anna’s fingers again followed mine as I touched the top of his swimsuit. My fingertip went under the material. Matt gasped but didn’t stop me. My hand slid under which raised the waistband. My whole hand was in his trunks when my fingers captured his hard-on.

“Well?” I asked Anna who’s hand stopped at his navel. She smiled as she slid her hand next to mine under his suit. I moved my hand off his prick to allow her to touch him. “Oh.” Matt moaned as her fingers measured his hardness. As her hand moved down his prick I placed mine on the tip. My hand followed hers as we spread the hot cream down his length.

As we moved our hands back up Steve came around the corner.

“Damn.” He exclaimed when he saw our hands in Matt’s trunks.

“Come on over and get some lotion.” Brenda said as she moved back to allow him to lie next to her. Anna moved over to do John.

“Why don’t you guys put these small towels over your eyes to prevent getting too much sun on your face?” I asked as I handed Anna and Brenda a towel. John complained but we all told him to shut up and enjoy it.

As soon as the towels were in place I quickly moved over to take Anna’s place with John. Anna moved to do Steve and it left Brenda to do Matt. Brenda whispered in my ear. “I can’t do my own son.”

“He has no face. You can do him.” I giggled back to her. She smiled and took the bottle of lotion.

We all positioned ourselves so we could watch the others as we moved our hands over their hard chests and stomachs. All three had full hard-ons under their swimsuits. My fingers moved under John’s waistband until I touched the top of his prick. “That’s it baby.” He moaned thinking I was Anna.

Anna face was in shock as she saw the size of Steve’s bulge. Her fingers moved slowly under his suit. Brenda was on fire as her fingers slid under Matt’s tented suit. She heard him moan as her fingers found the crown of his hard-on. “Lisa, I’m not sure about this.” He whispered to his mother as her hand moved down over his length.

John was not shy as his fingers pushed his trunks under his hips. His prick jumped out into my hand. John was not circumcised and at first I didn’t know how to jerk him off. I experimented and pulled his foreskin back. As my hand move up so did his foreskin. Cool.

Anna’s eyes were wide as she moved her hand up and down Steve’s foot-long boner. She had to push his trunks down to enable her to stroke him. I looked over at Brenda who had Matt’s prick out of his pants. She was cupping his balls with one hand and jerking him off with the other.

As I looked at Brenda I felt John’s hand suddenly move up my thigh and between my legs. His fingers slid inside my bikini bottoms before I could stop him. When he felt my string bikini he pulled the towel up to see me jerking him off. He knew I was not Anna because of my bikini. I moved my finger to my lips to keep him quiet. He smiled as his fingers moved into my wet pussy.

Steve’s towel moved down so low he could peek over it. His eyes got big when he saw Anna’s face on the body of the person jerking him off. I motioned for him to be quiet as well. Matt was the only one who could not see.

Steve lived up to his history as he shot his hot cream in Anna’s hand. John was right behind him. Matt was the winner but I wasn’t sure how he would react if he knew it was his mom jerking him off. Brenda turned and gestured for me to come next to her.

I sat down as she moved back. As she removed her hand I quickly slid mine on. Matt froze when Brenda’s hand left him but smiled when mine took her place. In less than 15 seconds he came.

“OH, OH.” He moaned as he shot his spunk straight up into the air.

As soon as I emptied him he leaned down to pull his trunks up. His towel moved down and he looked over at his mom and dad. They clapped. “Good job son.” Matt was embarrassed but he soon was laughing with the rest of us. He was the only one who did not know about the switch.

The four of them moved back into the boat to get ready to return to the shore.

“I can’t believe we just did that.” Matt said as he held me close. “Could you see my Mom beat off my Dad?”

“Yes.” I said as I kissed him on the cheek.

“And Anna doing it to Uncle John?”


I would never believe my prude parents would do such a thing. I laughed to myself. If only he knew?

We headed back to shore and the six of us stood by the outdoor shower. “Who’s first?” Brenda asked with a big smile. “We have to do it quickly so why don’t the girls go first?” I offered.

Brenda didn’t wait for an answer and pulled Anna and I inside with her. She locked the door and quickly pulled off her bikini top. Her massive tits pointed at Anna and I. “Next.” She said looking at me. I smiled as I pulled off my top. My nipples were so hard they were hurting me. We both looked at Anna.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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