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The School Nurse

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My name is John, I was a senior in high school, I just turned 18. I was on the wrestling team, and I wrestled 185. This is a true story.

I’m 6’2″, with big shoulders, a large chest from lots of weight lifting, and long legs, big feet and big hands. And yes, my cock is pretty big also; at least that’s what the school nurse told me.

One night I was thrown off the mats by the school heavyweight, who outweighed me by sixty pounds. Ouch! I hit the bleachers right on my thigh, and damn it, it hurt. I limped around, trying to shake it off, but I couldn’t stop thepain. Coach sent me to the school nurse, I hobbled down the hall.

Nurse Hastings is a goddess, I really didn’t mind seeing her. Nurse Hastings was in her mid-twenties and built like a proverbial brick shit house. Her large breasts gave most of us guys instant hard-ons when we saw her. Her breasts, even though obviously encased by a bra, swayed inside her blouse.

She also had a very thin waist and athletic looking hips. If we were lucky, her large, dark nipples were visible and were incredibly sexy. She had dark hair, down to her shoulders; her Italian heritage gave her dark skin as well. She stood about 5’4″ and probably weighed about 110 to about 120 pounds. She didn’t wear a wedding ring, so she was considered fair game, but she was so much older than us, so nobody gave her a serious chance of being available.

I knocked on the door to her office, and she called for me to enter. She came out of the back office to meet me, asking me what was wrong. I explained to her what had happened, and a look of concern crossed her face. I was still dressed in my shorts, kneepads down around my ankles and a t-shirt. She told me to take a seat on the edge of an examination table. I complied, and she pulled a metal stool in front of me.

“Does this hurt?” she asked as she pressed her hand against my thigh.

“Only a little, the place where it really hurts is right here,” I said, showing her the place, right below my left hipbone.

She palpated the area, noting the heat and a mild contusion. She told me to take some Ibuprofen and apply ice for the next 12 hours, and heat after that. She wanted to see me during practice the following evening.

I went home, suffering during the trip home and resting as best I could.

The next day I woke up sore and limping.

After school I went to see Nurse Hastings again. She smiled at me when I returned and asked me how I was doing.

“I ache,” I said.

“Well, the ice was supposed to keep down the swelling during the first 12 hours, now you have to apply heat to aid in the healing.”

I asked her what kind of “heat packs” she had, and she handed me one, a chemical kind of contraption. She explained how to heat it and apply it. She popped it into the microwave and applied it to my thigh. It felt great!

Something stirred in me as she held the warm pad on my thigh, and I realized I could see right down her blouse and see most of her rather large, and what appeared to be very firm, breasts. Zoiks, illegal bahis what a pair! I couldn’t help it;

I started to pop a boner right in front of her. I was embarrassed and tried to think of baseball, church, anything to prevent me from having a major erection in front of this older, professional woman.

She must not have seen it as she kept up a line of chatter with me, remarking about the weather, the wrestling team’s chances that year, and about things going on in the town. Everything changed when she accidentally brushed against my now throbbing erection.

Her wrist gently rested on the side of my throbbing cock and she stopped talking, her eyes shifting over to the large bulge in my gym shorts.

“Oh my” she said. I wasn’t quite sure what to do; I was too embarrassed to even think about anything at that point.

She looked at the bulge in my shorts and just lowered the heating pad. My heart was pounding as she moved her tiny hand slowly and gently toward my cock. She palmed it slowly, moving her hand gently up and down, judging its size.

I groaned a little, it felt so damn good. After a few seconds she put her other hand on my cock, gently stroking my length. I had only been with a few women before, and I felt like my heart was going to pound out of my chest, the ecstasy was so incredible, I felt like I was going to shoot off in my pants.

“Your cock is so big!” she exclaimed, finally looking up at my face. I had no idea what to say, I mumbled something incomprehensible, and she moved one, then both of her hands up to the waistband of my shorts.

She gently lifted my shorts over my throbbing cock head and the cool air washed over my cock. As she lowered my shorts, she kept saying “Oh my goodness, oh my…” My cock was finally released; pre-come flowing freely from the head.

Slowly she wrapped one of her hands around my shaft, she couldn’t close her fingers around it. She began to stroke me up and down. Then she took her second hand and joined the first. She gently stroked my cock and bent it down towards her face and opened her mouth.

I couldn’t believe it, she actually was going to insert the head of my cock into her mouth, and she was going to suck my cock!

As her mouth wrapped around the head of my cock, I felt such pleasure, Her mouth was so warm, so wet, and so damn sexy. I didn’t know what to do with my hands and I gently stroked her hair, her shoulders, and her back.

She lowered her mouth around my cock, keeping both hands wrapped around the shaft. I heard her slurping loudly as she pulled her mouth of my cock, and she rubbed my cock all over her face, exclaiming, “Damn, what a lovely big cock, I love your big cock, God, what a cock.”

She returned to sucking my cock… I felt my orgasm approaching and I tried to tell her “I’m going to come, oh God, I’m going to cum… fuck…. Oh god, I’m coming. Ohhhhhh” I began to come buckets, I felt spasms from the base of my cock thrusting out jet streams of jism up the whole length of my cock. I hung onto her, illegal bahis siteleri my hips uncontrollably bucking back and forth, thrusting on every spurt.

“Oh God, Oh… fuck…”

Finally I stopped shooting and I gradually returned to reality. I found her still sucking on my cock; drops of come were smeared on the side of her face, dripping off her chin, and were settling on her chest. She stroked every drop out of my cock, her hands milking every drop from me.

She finally stood up and wiped off her mouth, smiling at me. “Call me Susan, ok?” She excused herself to clean up and returned, eyes shining, her bra obviously missing. I couldn’t help but stare; these mammaries were being presented to me, and these breasts I had fantasized about, her dark nipples burning a hole in her white blouse. Her nipples were so hard; they pushed her uniform out obscenely in the most erotic way. Her large breasts swayed beneath her blouse like two restless puppies, I stood transfixed by her sensuality.

I was naked from the waist down now, my cock drooped only a little. She walked up to me and pulled my t-shirt off insistently. “I want to feel you next to me, your skin, please,” she said.

“I want to feel every inch of you, let me take off your uniform,” I responded. She stood up, staring at my hands as

I unbuttoned each button of her blouse, revealing her tanned skin slowly, agonizingly slowly, erotically. Her breasts were revealed to me, not really needing a bra, they stood out proudly from her chest. She had solid D cups, and I nuzzled her nipples, and cupped both her breasts in my hands. I couldn’t resist her incredible tan lines, I had to lick them, and she held my head in her arms and almost smothered me in her incredible cleavage. I couldn’t get enough of her breasts, but I moved on to her stomach. I took off her blouse and kissed my way down her stomach.

Her abdominal muscles were rock hard, she obviously spent a lot of time in the gym hherself. I gently removed he stretch slacks and kissed my way down to her white panties. I detected her musky wetness as I kissed her panties and gently licked between her thighs.

I gently hooked her panties in my fingers and removed them, gently kissing every bit of exposed skin. God, when my fingers entered her honey pot, I found her completely soaked. I gently probed her pussy, shifting her around onto the examination table, spreading her silken thighs, resting her legs on my shoulders. I found her clitoris and began to nuzzle it, spreading her lips as I licked, sucked and gently nibbled her to an intense orgasm. At the same time I stroked her G spot inside, right above her pubic bone, she bucked and made a lot of grunting and groaning noises, coming violently.

As she lay back, her chest heaved with her hard breathing and she asked me to take a break for a minute. I stood up and just looked at this goddess lying in from of me, her juices still wet on my lips and hands. Her nipples were swollen, her eyes closed in ecstasy, her luxurious hair in a halo canlı bahis siteleri around her beautiful face. I felt lust return to my cock as if I had never had an orgasm.

My cock throbbed in my hand.

Susan stopped me for a second and said, “I have got to measure how big your cock is, I just can’t believe it.” I stood as she took a wooden ruler to the side of it, and measured me at just a touch over eleven inches. “My God,” she proclaimed, “I’ve heard of big cocks before, but I can’t believe I’m actually seeing one – live!” She stroked my cock idly with her hand as she explained that she had broken it off with her ex-fiancé a few months before and hadn’t had sex since then. She said she just couldn’t resist, and she had to see how big my cock really was. Lucky me!

She gently lay back, pulling my cock into her. “Bring that big boy to me, lover, I want you to fill me up like never before.” She rubbed the head of my cock up and down her wet slit and gently inserted the head into her sopping wet pussy. “Fuck me, oh god, fuck me.”

I stood on my feet and pushed gently, her pussy looking impossible small.

The head of my cock is the size of a pool ball, the stalk is relatively hairless, and my pubic hair is sparse, making me look even more imposing as I pushed into her. As she got used to my huge cock, she controlled my insertion with her hands on my hips, to prevent me from ripping her apart. Finally, after an interminably long time, I bottomed out, our hips firmly enmeshed together. I began to slowly fuck her, upwards, so that my cock would drag across her G spot every time I could. She orgasmed the first time I stroked across her G spot, and finally, after five minutes of this, she begged me to get stop, to just “Fuck her.” Who was I to say no to this lady?

I began giving her my entire cock then, my whole length, just plain fucking. Her hands gripped my back, my arms, and my ass. She kept saying, “Oh God, so big, so good, you are such a great fuck, oh, oh, oh… fuck me, you’re so…” God, what an ego boost!

Finally I felt my orgasm approaching and I warned her. “Just fuck me, God, just come in me. Fuck me, oh God, I love your cock. Oh God, more, please, God, so good.”

Later, Susan told me she could feel my cock swell inside of her, and she could actually feel my cock pulse as I pumped shot after shot of molten, white-hot jism deep insider of her. I shuddered as I came for nearly thirty seconds. I felt my knees weaken one more time and I almost collapsed on top of her once again. She held me against her body; I felt her breasts pressing against me. Her breasts were so firm, her abs were heaving, so firm, so hard, so ungodly sexy.

Susan finally helped me stand up, my softening cock finally slipping loose from her gripping pussy. We cleaned up, both of us sneaking peaks at the other, grinning from ear to ear.

We continued dating for the next three years, I have moved in with her, attending the State University, now a junior. What a hot woman, we fuck ever time we can, every place possible.

We’ve had a few three ways – Susan and Iseem to be in hot demand. If you’d like, I can tell you about them. Let me know.

Guys, if you’re ever get hurt, just hesitate to see the school nurse – you just might be very glad you did!

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