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The Women of Honey Hollow Pt. 01

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Part 1 has a few pages of setup for the story about Mike who is trying to find himself after his wife walks out on him to find herself. Mike finds a place to hang his hat and meets his neighbors. It takes a little while to get where it gets interesting so please have patience and keep reading.


Chapter 1

How the hell did I get here?

I have asked that question to myself time and time again. All of a sudden I found myself 50 years old and alone for the first time in 30 years.

It had been 6 months since that fateful day and the pitiful looks from my neighbors and my kids hovering over me was not helping me get over my wife’s sudden exit from my life. I knew some life changes had to be made so after giving away whatever was wanted by family I sold my house and the rest of my belongings and set out for parts unknown. I didn’t know what I was looking for but I hoped it was going to be an adventure.

I knew from the many trips we had made I didn’t want to live in the south year around so I headed due west keeping away from the interstates. The good thing about traveling on the secondary roads is the chance to see some of Americana. I stopped in small towns and ate in out of the way diners, knowing that was the way to meet some interesting people.

I criss crossed the country and finally found myself in the Great Smoky Mountains. Following a narrow road well off the beaten path I found a small town, just a few buildings and about two dozen homes clustered in an area less than a mile square. I stopped in the general store to get something I could eat while I was on the road and saw a ‘For Rent’ notice on the bulletin board. I thought that was strange because I didn’t get the impression that there were many strangers coming this way that were looking for a place to hang their hats and most of the locals would know what was available if they were looking.

I went outside and had a snack that I had purchased and looked around the small town square, it seemed to be a nice quiet place and I had a fleeting thought that I might like to settle in a place like this for a while. I finished my snack and opened my car door to continue my trip to parts unknown when my curiosity got the best of me and I went back in the store and copied the number from the sign I had seen earlier. Digging out my cell phone, I turned it on and dialed the number. It rang a few times and I was about to cancel the call when a pleasant sounding female voice answered. I introduced myself as Mike Trance and asked about the rental property. She told me her name was Grace and she had a small house for rent. The price was right so I asked if I could look at it and she told me to wait at the general store and she would stop around to pick me up in a few minutes.

I described my Suv and she said with a giggle that she knew every car in town so all she had to do was look for a strange one. I got good vibes from her mood and settled down anticipating her arrival. I saw an old beat up Ford pickup coming up the road and wondered if it was Grace. I didn’t have to wait very long as a young, pretty brunet climbed out of the cab and walked up to me holding out her hand to me. “Hi, I’m Grace, you must be Mike,” she said as a way of introduction, “Climb in and I will show you the house.”

We didn’t go very far and small talk was all we had a chance to do as we pulled up in front of a small bungalow, kind of run down but nothing that a coat of paint wouldn’t cure. There was a kitchen and living room along with two bedrooms and a full bath. Everything was worn and thread bare but clean. I was pleased to see that it was furnished and in fairly good condition. We discussed if she wanted a lease and she said she would rent from month to month.

I had a weak moment and asked when I could move in and Grace, with a smile, said today if I had the rent in advance. I had the cash so I paid her on the spot and got a receipt. She showed me around the rest of the property which was overgrown and unkempt as the house had been unoccupied for most of the summer. She brought me back to my Suv and thanked me and wished me well.

I went in the store and picked up enough food for a week and headed back to the house. The water and electric was on so I didn’t have to wait to have that done. I unpacked and decided to explore a little. I found a little stream on the edge of the woods and I wondered if there might be fish to catch. Some nice trout for breakfast would taste good one day. The closest house was probably a half mile or better down the road and I didn’t see or hear any signs of life all afternoon. It was early evening by the time I cooked some dinner and settled in. I had a sat card for my laptop so I amused myself for the evening before turning in for the night.

Morning came with bright sun streaming through the windows and I got up, showered and prepared for the first day of the rest of my life, at least for the next month. I had found a shed at the rear of the property and thought if there were some tools there I casino siteleri would see what I could do to neaten up the place. There was a mower, gas, rakes, clippers and some other assorted garden tools so I pulled out the mower, checked the oil and smelled the gas. It smelled reasonably fresh so I pulled the cord and it started on the first pull. I guess someone was glad that work was going to take place on the old homestead.

I put in a few hours cutting the grass before the heat of the day drove me inside for a shower and some lunch. I ate on the porch and thought I had accomplished quite a lot in the time I had spent working. I was tired but feeling better to have been doing something productive.

I was just finishing up lunch when I saw Grace turning in the driveway in her old beater. My spirits lifted a little bit more as she came up on the porch and asked if everything was ok. Looking around she couldn’t help but notice that I had done some work on the overgrown yard. Smiling she said the place looked better already. I told her that it would take a few weeks for the grass to renew itself and some rain would help it along.

We spent some time talking and she explained that her father lived here until he passed away a few years ago and that she had rented the place a few times but no one wanted to stay very long. She never said why they didn’t stay but only stayed a week or two. She had been trying to keep the place up but it was too much to take care of her own place and this one also.

She said she had been married but divorced her husband 4 years ago. I told her my story and she said she hoped I would find what I was looking for. She got up to leave and told me to call if I needed anything. I had to smile to myself as she got in her truck and drove away. I wasn’t ready for a relationship but I did enjoy her company.

Night fall brought out the biting bugs and they drove me inside, there was a nice breeze and the screened windows open to the night air cooled the house down nicely and I got ready for bed.

Chapter 2

I usually sleep a very deep sleep and rarely dream but last night was the exception, weird dreams, erotic dreams and nightmares, I awoke more tired than when I went to bed. I was disturbed by the dreams and tried to put them aside and put it down to being overtired and in a new place. I didn’t mind the erotic dreams but could do without the other stuff, at 50 years old having a wet dream was at the top of that list.

I decided I would work some more on making the place presentable and after breakfast got the tools out and started on the next few hours of the project. There was probably about 2 acres to get back in shape and I could only cut about half of the mowers width at a time so it was slow going. I had cut and raked the front yesterday so the back would not be seen if it took a while longer than normal. Again the sun got high in the sky and the heat forced me to stop but I was making progress little by little.

I was just starting lunch when I heard a knock on the door, answering it I opened the door to a lady holding a basket covered with a plaid cover. She introduced herself as Mary McRee and wanted to welcome me to the area. I asked her if she wanted to come in but she declined handing me the basket and saying she had to get back home. I thanked her and after she left I found fried chicken, mashed potatoes and apple pie in the basket. I decided to have some for lunch and keep the leftovers for supper. I spent the rest of the day riding around the countryside trying to get my bearings so I would feel more at home.

Evening fell and after supper Mary returned and asked if I had enjoyed the meal that she fixed and I returned the basket, thanking her for her thoughtfulness. I couldn’t help but notice that more of her shirt buttons were undone and showed a good amount of cleavage. She looked to be in her mid-fourties and in good shape. I also noticed that there wasn’t any wedding ring. She was a more relaxed than earlier in the day and shook my hand warmly as she turned and left.

A few weeks passed and the nightly erotic dreams persisted. I supposed it due to the lack of interest for the past six months since my wife left. I was annoyed but also mildly amused that I was returning to my youthful dreams.

I had been working on the property and it was looking nice and the exercise was doing me some good also. I had developed a nice tan and even though I was in pretty good shape I had hardened up in the places I needed to, pardon the pun. Mary hadn’t been back since she brought me the chicken dinner as a welcome gesture and I didn’t even know where she lived so I might return the favor.

I mentioned that the house was in a remote location and I don’t think I saw a half dozen cars pass by in the few weeks than I had been there. I had taken to working outside in just a pair of shorts and a hat to shield my eyes from the sun and had fleeting thoughts about trying to go nude but I thought better of it as I was sure as soon as I stepped canlı casino outside I would have a visit from Grace or Mary.

I went into town to buy some groceries and again I was surprised to find only young ladies or their mothers shopping but I noticed that there never seemed to be any men around town either. That struck me as odd but I put it down to the fact that they probably worked out of town and were only around on the weekends, after all there weren’t many families living close to one another. I also noticed that every woman I saw was nicely proportioned and in good shape unlike the trend of obesity that was spreading throughout the country. Everyone was friendly and pleasant while I was doing my shopping but I felt like I was intruding in a private club.

I packed up my stuff and went back to my little house and was surprised to find Grace sitting on the porch waiting for me. She offered to help me in with my bags and we chatted while we put them away. She was completely at ease in my kitchen and seemed to know where everything went which made me a little suspicious but after a second thought I supposed it was because her father had lived here for many years.

I asked her if she was here to collect the rent and she said it wasn’t due for another week and because of all the work I had done she was only going to charge me a half month rent. I said that was very nice but I didn’t expect to be rewarded for that and I was happy to have something to do and I wanted to live in a well kept place.

I said that if she bought the paint I would get started on the house as it was in need of a paint job and unseasonable weather would soon be arriving. She agreed but only if she could defer the rent for the labor. We came to an agreement after a few laughs and I asked her to stay for dinner. I was a little lonely and would like some company to share a meal.

She accepted and asked what time dinner was as she had something to do. “How about six,” I said and she left saying she would see me then. I had bought some steak and shrimp and thought a Surf and Turf dinner would hit the spot and would not tax my cooking skills. I prepared some potatoes for baking, fixed a salad, seasoned the meat and went to start the charcoal grill.

Grace was right on time and dinner was great if I do say so myself. We sat sharing a bottle of wine and talked for most of the evening. I was curious about the area and whatever neighbors were close by and she filled me in without seeming like a gossip.

I told her that Mary had stopped by with a housewarming dinner and she smiled like she already knew it but didn’t say anything. She did say that Mary was very nice and had two daughters in their twenties. I asked her where she lived and she there was a dirt road about a half mile south of here on the right and that Mary’s house was the only one on the road as it was basically her driveway. She asked why I wanted to know and I said thought I would visit and thank her for the hospitality. She frowned a bit but didn’t say anything and I could tell she felt uncomfortable so I dropped that conversation.

We talked some more about the house and she thought she would like a contrasting trim if I didn’t mind the extra work. I agreed and said whatever color she decided it would be fine. About nine o’clock she said she had better go and I walked her to her truck, she turned around and took my hand, thanked me for the meal and surprising me, kissed my cheek. Between the erotic dreams and the kiss, I had a surprise making the front of my shorts tight. I watched her drive down the drive and turn toward town and I supposed home as I didn’t know where she lived. I guess I would have to save that for another day.

I cleaned up the dinner dishes and picked up a little before turning in for the night and my usual erotic dreams.

Chapter 3

I awoke with morning wood for the first time in a long, long time. I went to the bathroom to pee and shower and when finished I dressed and went to the kitchen for some breakfast. I was breaking some eggs when there was a knock on the door.

When I opened the door I was surprised to find Mary with two beautiful young ladies by her side.

“Mike I would like you to meet my two daughters Rachael and Jenny,” after I managed to get my wits about me I said, “I am glad to make your acquaintance ladies, won’t you come in? I was just going to fix breakfast and you are welcome to join me.”

The three of them stepped in and I brought them to the kitchen and offered them coffee or tea as they sat down at my table. Coffee was accepted but breakfast refused as Mary said they already had eaten. Turning on my charm I said “What do I owe the pleasure of your company so early this fine morning?”

Mr. Trance we would like to talk to you about doing some work at our place if you are available. “Mike, please call me Mike, but I don’t really want to hire out to do work at my age.”

Mary looked down and said: “We really need someone to do some light repairs and there kaçak casino isn’t anyone around here to do them. You are the first man we have seen in a long time and judging from what we see here you are quite handy, we really could use some help.”

I thought it over and asked “Before I commit to anything I need to know what you need doing so I know if I can do what you need.” Mary said it was light repairs like fixing some leaky faucets, sticking doors, stuff like that, probably not more than a few days puttering work and they would pay me for my time.

I said that I would come over and look the job over and if it was just a few days I would do what I was able and there was no need to pay me, just consider it as a neighbor helping a neighbor.

Mary, Rachael and Jenny smiled at me, finished their coffee and gave me directions to their house. I didn’t tell them I already knew where they lived because I didn’t want them to think I had been looking for information on them.

Finishing my breakfast I had time to ponder my early morning visit by three lovely and maybe lonely ladies. Their comment about the lack of men confirmed my suspicions that there were not many of my gender around and I was wondering if that was a reason to be careful or at least watchful.

I left my Suv in the driveway next to the older model Dodge Caravan and walked up on the wide porch and as I was about to knock, the door opened and one of the daughters gestured for me to come in. Up to this point neither of the girls had spoken and I didn’t really know which one was which, both lovely, blond, about the same height and build and could easily be twins.

Mary came out from another room and welcomed me with a smile and said she would show me what needed doing. The house tour took but a few minutes and it was in great shape, everything looked fairly new and obviously well maintained. She showed me the leaky kitchen faucet and a door latch that needed to be replaced, the door to a bedroom that wouldn’t close because it needed to be planed down.

I explained to Mary that I didn’t have any hand tools other than a few wrenches and screwdrivers. She said that there were all kinds of tools in the shop in the cellar and if I told her what I needed for parts she would see that it was taken care of.

I asked where the cellar door was and one of the girls brought me downstairs. There was a full workshop with all kinds of hand tools as well as some motorized saws and a drill press. I found a drawer of assorted plumbing washers and a hand plane and the rest of the tools I would need and started to go back upstairs.

The girl that brought me down was standing on the stairs and when I got there she just stood there and didn’t move. I asked what her name was and she said she was Jenny. Her voice was soft with a slight musical ring but she still didn’t move. I reached out to try and move her aside and she put her arms around my neck and kissed me full on the lips, her tongue brushed my lips and I parted them to let her have her way. She broke the kiss and said thank you as she blushed a bright pink, turned around and ran up the stairs.

Shaking my head in surprise I made sure I had what I needed and went back upstairs. Jenny was nowhere to be seen so I got to work fixing the sink and planning the door. I was done in about an hour and told Mary when she got the new lockset to stop by and I would come and install it. She thanked me and I left for home. That visit sure gave me something to think about. Jenny’s lips left a lasting memory on mine and again my shorts were tight. I guess time and a change of scene was giving my fifty year old dick some new action. I had to wonder what else was in store for me.

Grace stopped by later that day with some paint, scrapers, brushes and some drop clothes to cover shrubs and stuff. She also had a ladder strapped to the truck and I took it and laid it along the side if the house. She told me how much she enjoyed dinner and hoped we could do it again. She wouldn’t get any argument from me as she was great to talk to and was very easy on the eyes.

I would guess that she was about 5’8″, slim with a nice butt and a chest that while not overblown it was one that made my mouth water. I hadn’t looked at a woman that way in quite a while but her tender kiss the other night and Jenny’s today was waking up Willie. Maybe I wasn’t dead after all.

She sat for a while to talk and I asked where she lived and she said on the other side of town and she would take me on a tour sometime. She changed the subject and I told her about my visitors this morning. I was trying to get a read on her reaction the other day when I mentioned Mary but she was mum about the whole thing. More to think about. I was beginning to think there was more to this town than was apparent.

After Grace left I decided to take a hard look at the job ahead of me and found that most of the paint was in good shape but needed a good cleaning before I could scrape and paint. I knew there was a hose in the shed and I had some pretty strong detergent and I remembered a push broom somewhere so I guessed that was a good place to start. Washing the house down took most of the afternoon so it was a good time to stop and think about my situation and dinner.

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