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Time with a Mature Stripper Ch. 04

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Big Tits

Without bothering to get dressed, we went into my small kitchen where I started making French toast and bacon for our breakfast. Cooking the bacon was a little precarious since I was naked, but I managed to not get any burns in bad places. I plated everything up and we sat down to eat.

She said “this looks great, thank you. A girl can’t live on eating cum alone.”

I laughed and said “damn, I’d like to provide enough for you to try.”

She laughed and said “I’d give it chance if I could. What kind of photos do you want to take first?”

I thought about it and said “well, we’ve got the black lingerie set from yesterday, and the blowjob video from this morning. I think if we get one or two more sets, we’d be ready to try and launch. How about if we do a set in your hot pants and bikini from last night, and maybe a shower set. Want to do that?”

Nodding, she said “that should work. Lets do the clothed one first.”

I agreed as we finished our breakfast. We talked more about her job and what she’d need to make in order to quit the club. If she could match her monthly wages in tips online, she’d be able to quit and live on her online presence only. Which would be a lot easier and free up even more of her time.

When we were finished, I put the dishes in the sink and asked “how do you want to do the hot pants shoot?”

She said “how about like a lap dance? You sit on the couch and take pictures and I’ll act like I’m at work.”

That sounded great to me. We went back to my living room where she started getting dressed. She put the red bikini top on first. Her big boobs were barely contained by the cups. The flesh on each side of her breasts pushed out around the small pieces of cloth covering her nipples. Then she pulled on the red short-shorts up her legs and covered her hairy black bush. She kept her pubic hair trimmed in a triangle. The shorts were ridiculously tight on her. The bottom of each ass cheek was hanging out from each pant leg and her pussy lips were visible in a camel toe. Finally, she stepped back into her heels and did a slow turn for me.

She asked “do I look okay?”

My dick had gotten hard again as I watched her dress and I said “you look fucking incredible.”

She smiled brightly and said “go put some clothes on. Guys don’t get to be naked when I give lap dances.”

I went into my room and got dressed quickly. When I returned to the living room, she was bringing up a playlist on her phone. Classic rock music started playing and she pushed me down onto the couch. I took out my phone and brought up the camera.

She asked “ready?”

I nodded as she began dancing. As she moved and gyrated her hips, I started taking pictures. Stephanie bent over to let her tits hang down in her bikini top, showing the camera an excellent view of her pale cleavage. Then she turned around to let me get a picture of her ass in the shorts. My cock was tenting the front of my pants after just a minute of watching her. She removed her top, freeing her big boobs and draped them in my face. I got a nice close up shot of her hard nipples that were casino siteleri in my face. She then straddled my lap and pressed her cunt against my dick. Her camel toe was rubbing my cock through her shorts and my pants and made for a very sexy photo. After dry humping me for about 30 seconds, she stopped and stood up on the couch cushions. Her hot pants were snugged even harder into her pussy lips and her camel toe even more pronounced. Before she started lowering her shorts, I took another picture of the camel toe.

At first, she only undid the button of the hot pants and barely revealed her thick, black bush to the camera. The black hair peaking out of the top of her shorts was so sexy. Stephanie unzipped them and slid them off. Her pussy was glistening with her juices and I could smell how turned on she was because it was right in front of mouth. Using her hands, she spread her lips wide showing me the pink inner lips and clit. I took a couple more pictures before she finished the dance.

I asked “think that’s good?”

She said “yeah, that’s probably enough.”

I said “good.”

Then I reached up and grabbed her ass cheeks and dived my tongue deep into her pussy without warning.

Stephanie let out a surprised bark of laughter and nearly yelled “oh! This doesn’t happen at work!”

I paused my lapping and said “hope you don’t mind, you just looked like you’re turned on as much as I am.”

She pulled my hair and pushed her pussy back to my mouth and gasped “I don’t mind at all. God you know how to eat a girl out.”

Still holding her ass, I pushed my tongue deeper into her cunt and heard her moan. Her fingers were twisted in my hair and I tasted her get wetter. I sucked her clit in between my lips and flicked my tongue against it. Her legs on either side of me trembled after a few minutes.

She pulled my hair harder and said “god, shit, make me cum. Almost there, almost. Fuck, almost there. Keeping sucking my clitty.”

I squeezed her ass cheeks in my hands harder and kept up my stimulation on her clit by swirling my tongue around it. After another minute or two, she pressed her pussy against my mouth harder and groaned deeply. Her pussy became ever more soaked and her legs and ass shook. I kept right on running my tongue around her clit while she moaned loudly through her orgasm. Finally, she pushed my head back and tried to catch her breath.

Stephanie stepped down from the couch and said “whoa that was good. Thank you. Let’s take care of you before we do the shower shoot. Something tells me you need it.”

I gestured at my tented crotch and said “yeah, maybe a little. I about blew it when you were grinding on my lap.”

She smiled and asked “how about a quick handjob before the shower?”

I said “yes, please.”

I adjusted on the couch and took my pants off. Stephanie knelt in front of me and started stroking my cock for me. I sighed with relief because I was painfully hard after the oral. She kept stroking me and would run her palm over the head every so often to get it slick with my pre cum. With a quick güvenilir casino steady pace, she jerked me off while using her other hand to gently massage my balls.

Looking me in the eyes she said “tell me when you’re about to cum. I want you to cover my titties in your spunk. That way I’ll have a mess to clean up in the shower. Think you can give me a load big enough to get both boobies nice and sticky?”

Hearing her talk like that was turning me on more and more and I nodded. I watched as her boobs wobbled from the motion of her arm. The slick jerking sound, the view of her tits, and the feeling of her stroking brought me to the brink of orgasm.

I panted “I’m gonna cum.”

I expected her to stroke me faster, but she let me go completely. I groaned with frustration and looked at her questioningly.

She explained with a devilish grin “I want a big load this time. I’m going to edge you for a few minutes.”

I laughed and said “oh come on! Too mean!”

My cock was throbbing in front of her, but my orgasm had subsided. After another few seconds, she stroked me again, but slowly. I sighed again and just watched her work. Her hand gripped my shaft perfectly as she stroked. She would alternate between long slow strokes, and fast quick jerks on just the tip of my cock. After a few more minutes, I was panting for breath.

She asked “are you close?”

I nodded and said “yeah, and it might not matter if you want to edge me or not at the point. My balls feel like they’re going to burst.”

She gave me a pouty look and said “oh poor baby! Okay, give me that big load.”

Stephanie started jerking me off as fast as she could and aimed my dick at her tits. She let go of my balls and used her left arm to prop her boobs up. I grunted loudly and came so hard it almost hurt. My first shot of thick spunk hit her in the neck. My second rope of cum landed in her cleavage. She aimed my next shot at her left nipple and splattered it. The next at her right nipple. Stephanie stroked me as I shot two more strings of jizz on the tops of her boobs. When I was finished, I collapsed back with a sigh. Her chest was covered in white cum.

Smiling she said “good boy! I knew you’d cum more than usual that way. Get a picture and I’ll get in the shower.”

I took a photo of my cum that was dripping down her neck, cleavage and tits and then followed her into the bathroom. I have a bathtub shower with sliding doors. She opened one side and turned the water on to get warm.

As she was waiting she looked in the mirror and said “wow, damn, that was a lot of jizz, Wil. Are you done for the day now?”

I said “uh, maybe. We’ll see if he gets hard watching you in the shower. Is it hot enough?”

She felt the water and stepped in. I started taking photos again as I watched her rinse all of my cum from her large breasts. I snapped more pictures as she washed her hair; the shampoo suds ran down her back and over breasts and cleavage. She washed her underarms, ass, and pussy. I felt my dick start to harden again as she posed her body for the camera.

She canlı casino glanced down, laughed and said “damn, does that thing ever get tired?”

I shrugged as I took another picture and said “not when a beautiful naked woman is showering in front of me.”

She smiled and said “that’s enough pictures. Come join me.”

I took my shirt off and put my phone on the counter. I stepped into the shower and Stephanie squatted down in front of me. She took my prick into her mouth and sucked me to full hardness.

Once I was fully hard she stood and said “your tongue is great, but I need your dick.”

She turned and showed me her back, then bent over offering me access to her wet round ass. She braced herself against the wall and I guided my cock into her pussy from behind. The shower continued to spray down us as I slowly began to hump into her. I slid the shower door open so that I could watch me fuck in and out of her in the mirror before holding onto her hips again. Watching my hips slap against her big ass and thick hips was a real turn on. I watched her hanging tits swing back and forth as my cock pushed in and out of her gripping pussy. Stephanie looked sideways at the mirror and we made eye contact while I fucked her doggystyle.

I broke eye contact and looked down to watch my cock sliding in and out of her tight cunt. I humped into her harder after a few minutes. I was pulling almost completely out of her before I would slam back into her as hard as I could. Each time my hips clapped against her ass, she’d let out a gasp or “oh!” The water was starting to lose some of its heat and I figured we needed to finish before it got cold. My apartment didn’t have a massive water heater.

Stephanie said “oh god, I’m gonna cum! Fuck me faster!”

I stopped my slow pullout and hard slam in and started fucking her pussy in a quicker smoother motion. I reached up her back and pulled her soaking black hair into my hand and she groaned out loud. I kept my fast humping until I started cumming inside her from behind with a sigh. I only managed to last as long as I had because she’d gotten me off several times that day already. As I thrusted into her as deeply as I could, her orgasm started too. Her legs shook and I watched in the mirror as her tits hung and wobbled as she came. Her pussy got hotter around my dick as it gripped me more tightly. I slowly moved my cock in and out as she rode through her orgasm. Once we were both finished, I pulled out of her cunt and my spunk leaked out and ran down her left leg.

She straightened to stand up and let the shower clean away my cum again. Once clean, she turned around and kissed me. I reached around her and shut the water off. I reached for towels and handed one to her and one for me. We dried off and then went and flopped onto my bed.

She said “fuck, I think I’m cummed out today.”

I chuckled and said “yeah me too. I feel a nap coming on.”

She said “mm, yeah. I’m tired after all that.”

I said “lets crash for a bit and then we can upload your content and launch your page.”

She snuggled up against me, rested her head on my chest and said “that sounds good. Thank you for helping me with everything.”

We fell asleep naked on my bed.


Thanks for reading, rating and commenting. I’ll try to write the next chapter more quickly than this one.

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