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To My Lover

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This was a sweet note I received to say “Sorry I had to go to work.” I hope it pleasures you the way it did me…

Hi. Work is sucking today. I’m really sleepy. I keep dozing off and dreaming about the morning I was picturing in my head from when we spoke the whole way to work. It was so damn cold when I got into the car this morning. I am so sick of the cold.

All I could think about was climbing right back into bed and your warm sexy body pressed against mine. Running my hands all over you and slowly undressing you so our bodies could touch without any obstructions between us while kissing you deeply and thanking you for coaxing me to stay.

Squeezing you close to me as I kiss your neck and gently nibble on your ear. A little bit of precum getting smeared on your belly as we squirm to get closer together. Your warm, moist pussy sliding around on my thigh as you wrap yourself around my leg and grind it. I tighten the muscle and grab your ass to add more pressure on your clit. You let out a moan into my ear and your fingernails dig slightly into my back.

My cock somehow swells even larger from hearing your moan as I make my way to your nipple. With one hand I cup your breast while I roll my tongue around your nipple making it as hard as my dick. You reach in between us, grab my cock and gently stroke it up and down. I can’t help bahis firmaları let out a moan myself.

Your legs still wrapped around my leg grinding those hips into me even harder. I make my way back to your lips. Our tongues dart around each other and I release your legs from mine and roll you onto your back. I replace my leg with my hand and with two fingers circle your clit. You are so warm and inviting that I want to slide my cock in there now, but your hand has me frozen in this position. I slowly make my way back down your body with my mouth, stopping to give your other breast the attention it deserves. All the way down your sexy stomach.

As my mouth reaches your pussy I’m in no mood to tease you by stopping so I replace my two fingers with my tongue immediately. Your hand stops on my cock and you let out a loud moan. Your sweet taste and your now heavy breathing are driving me crazy.

And then you squeeze my cock and pull it towards you as you take it right into your mouth. I want to explode all down your throat now, but just grab you ass and press your pussy on my face as my tongue swirls around in a frenzy. The sound of muffled moans from us both has me losing my mind.

You wrap your legs around my head and start fucking my face. I’m so turned on that I start pumping myself in and out of your mouth. I can feel your body kaçak iddaa start to quiver, your legs tighten and your pussy starts throbbing. I can take no more, your orgasm sends me over the edge and I thrust myself into your mouth and shoot it down your throat. We squeeze each other until we relax and pause to catch our breath.

I turn around and kiss you deeply as your juices get rubbed all over both of our faces. My cock is in no mood to relax though and is still rock hard. I move over top of you our lips still sliding all over each other. I dip my hips down and the head slides right in, making me groan in delight.

Two pumps is all it takes to get into your dripping pussy…all the way in. I hold it there and just circle my hips, pull my mouth from yours to breathe and look you in the eyes. I reach down and grab your legs and pull your ass up to me a little. I slide inside a bit further and I can feel the back of your pussy with the tip of my cock.

You moan softly into my ear as I slowly start to pump you, making sure you get every inch inside you. You grab my ass and pull me closer trying to take in even more. I’m so excited I start giving it to you a little faster a little harder. Our lips lock again breaking only when you moan.

Your body although limited in movement is arching itself toward me. I lean over and moan in your kaçak bahis ear and ask if that feels good and you cannot reply, except for a loud moan as you cum all over my cock. I pick my head up to see your face as you lean your head back. Your head snaps back forward and you push me off of you straight back onto the bed.

With your pussy still pulsing you place your hands on my chest and start riding me. Before I know what has happened you lean over and suck on my nipple still bouncing on me. I grab you hips and push you down on me as my hips thrust upward. Oh, god this is good.

You lean over and kiss me and my hands move to your ass squeezing your cheeks as you fuck me. As much as I’d like to hold off and watch you cum again I can’t. Your soaking wet pussy has me drenched.

You sit up straight with your hands on my chest again and ask how I like that. I cannot reply. I simply reach up and grab your breasts and look into your eyes as I explode inside you as I fill you with my cum I can feel your pussy pulsing again and you erupt in orgasm. Our bodies slow down and we struggle to catch our breath. You lay down on my chest and I pull the blankets back over us.

Now that’s how you spend a morning. This is the image I had in my mind all morning and If we were together this morning that’s what would have happened after “can’t you be late?” I’ve been so aroused all day it almost hurts in my jeans. I hope I can make it until we chat, but i don’t know because I can’t stop thinking about it.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm……..would you like a morning like that?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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