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Unexpected Road Trip Pt. 03

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It was time for Jim to hit the road again. His plans were to make it to his friend Holly’s place just outside of Kansas City. He and Holly had been friends since childhood and remained close to this day. Holly was openly bi and Jim was going to feel comfortable telling her all about what took place over the last 2 days. It was an uneventful drive which allowed Jim to reminisce And what a memorable past 2 days it was. His hand found his crotch as he thought about Corey and Mike and how they opened up doors he didn’t know existed. He purposely wore loose shorts without underwear for this trip as he felt he was probably gonna get a hard on or 2 thinking about the incredible sex he just had. He was so turned on by the memories he absentmindedly started jerking himself off. He was so turned on he realized he was about to cum…while driving. Not wanting to mess up his car he decided he was just going to shoot his load into his hand. He caught most of it before he realized he didn’t have a towel or anything to clean his hands with. He figured “what the hell” and bought his hand to his mouth. One thing he learned was that he loved cum both for the feel and the taste. He had become a cum slut.

It was around 4:30 when he pulled into Holly’s driveway. She was waiting for him to show up and opened up the door. They shared a warm hug like 2 friends that hadn’t seen each other in a long time. They sat down with a nice glass of wine and did some catching up. After 45 minutes of telling stories Jim finally said “I have to tell you about the past few weeks. It’s been a very strange ride.”

He started with how he and his wife weren’t getting along to well the last few weeks and about how after losing his job she needed him to get away, how she sent him on this road trip. He went on to tell her about hooking up with Corey, How he was seduced by him and about how much he enjoyed their love making. He wasn’t sure about calling it love making but that is exactly what it was. He told her all about telling Corey his fantasies and laying them all out for her. He told her about Mike and Corey and how the 3 of them went at it for hours trying to not leave out a detail

“Wow” Holly said taking all in after Jim was done. “Sounds like you found yourself. Does this mean you are gay?”

“I really don’t think so, I still love pussy but I may be more to the guy side of being bi. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I never thought I would ever fulfill these fantasies”

“Well, you look pretty happy so it looks like it worked out real well for you. Not everybody gets to live out all their fantasies.”

Jim laughed “well, not all but enough to satisfy me for now. I think I could use a shower.”

While Jim was ion the shower Holly got on her phone and sent out a few texts. Jim returned and clean and refreshed but at the same time he was pretty tired. “Not sure how much longer I can stay up. The last few days have taken their toll on me.”

“OK, I’ll see you in the morning. Get some rest.”

Jim fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. The bed was extremely comfortable and he had the best sleep he has had in days. He was up early the next morning before Holly. He made coffee and opened his phone to get caught up the with the worlds happenings as he had been out of touch for a few days. Holly got up about 25 minutes later and they sat down together for breakfast.

“Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you. I am having a little get together with some friends today.”

“Okay, do you want me to leave for a while?”

“Don’t be silly. You’re more than welcome to join us. These are all really nice yalova escort people. I think you’ll like them.”

“Sounds good. Think I’ll do a little running around and get some groceries. Give me a list of things you need.”

When he got back he couldn’t help noticing the tight clothe shirt with spaghetti straps that showed her midsection and hugged her ample boobs quite tightly. He never really looked at her in a sexual way but damn she was looking hot.

At round 1 o’clock the doorbell rang as the first guest arrived. Holly opened the door and introduced him to Jim as Dan. Dan was about 19 and a decent guy. Next was Paul who was in his mid 30s. Next was a group of 4 people 3 guys and a girl all in their early 30s. Sandy was a stunning redhead that was as hot as any woman he had ever seen. One of the other guys was Steve who was the lucky, lucky man married to her. Barry and Kevin by their sides each carrying a bottle of wine. Kenny and Bruce showed up next. Kenny appeared to be in his 60s and had a very friendly personality. Bruce was in his 40s and came off as a jolly rather large man.

The wine was flowing and everybody was having a good time. This is what happens when good people come together. Holly called Jim over to her as she grabbed a pillow.

“Having fun Jim?”

“Oh yeah, they all seem to be really nice people”.

“Good, I wanted to make sure you were comfortable with everybody” Holly said. Raising her voice a little and dropping the pillow on the floor “OK everybody, you all know what you are here for, let’s get started!”

Jim’s eyebrows furrowed while giving Holly a look of confusion. He turned around when he started hearing noises to see everybody either stripping or already naked. Thoroughly confused he turned back to Holly with a what is going on here look.

Holly who was also undressing said “when you were telling me your fantasies last night you mentioned that you wanted to be the center of a cum party. Well I thought that was a good idea that I could make happen with my connections. Now why don’t you take off your clothes and kneel on this pillow here.”

“Oh Holly. I don’t know about this. This is kinda crazy.”

“After all you told me last night you think this is crazy? These are all really nice people looking to help you with the dream you said you had. No one is gonna hurt you and no one is here to judge. We are all looking for fun” she explained as she started to remove his shirt. The party was all naked now except Jim who realized there was no point in arguing and unbuckled his shorts letting them drop to the floor. He went down on his knees repeating over and over “I can’t believe I am doing this.”

Dan and Steve were the first to step up followed by Kevin. Dan had the biggest cock in the group at 8 and a half inches and was pretty thick. Steve and Kevin were both around 6 and a half inches with decent girth. Dan was stroking his cock as he pointed it at Jim’s lips less than an inch away. Jim wasn’t sure if he could take it but he sure wanted to try. He leaned forward and started licking the precum off before taking him into his mouth bringing a sigh from Dan’s lips. He reached up and started stroking Kevin and Steve. He surprised himself on how much of Dan he could get in his mouth. He discovered that he was a natural cocksucker. He began switching off Dan onto Kevin and Steve.

“Ooooh Honey. It is so hot to see you with your cock in Jim’s mouth.” cooed Sandy. “Is he a good cocksucker?”

“Oh my God baby, he is amazing. You can tell he loves giving head because he is SO good at it.”

Hearing this made Jim feel great. He was performing yalova escort bayan oral sex on a man that was really enjoying it. He took Steve’s cock out of his mouth to smile at Sandy and saw her and Holly watching him intently while rubbing their clits. He looked around and noticed that all the guys were playing with each other. Paul was leaning over and blowing Barry while Kenny was licking his nipples. Kenny and Bruce were hooked up in a deep french kiss. He heard a moan from the girls and when he looked at them saw Sandy on her knees eating Holly’s pussy. This was bi far the most intense sex sessions he ever had he thought to himself as he put Kevin’s cock back into his mouth. He saw that Dan was pumping himself furiously. He was about to cum.

“Remember guys. Jim gets your loads. Let’s cover him with cum!” Holly said rather breathlessly.

Dan put his left hand on Jim’s forehead and tilted it back a little. “I’m gonna shoot” he cried. Everybody stopped what they were doing to watch. Jim’s mouth was open but the first string shot across his face. The next string also hit his face on the left cheek. The third was less powerful and landed mostly around his mouth. Jim took Dan’s cock and drained the last few drops of cum. The group all cheered as Dan gave Jim his reward. Barry who had been blown bi Paul said “I think I’m next” as he walked over to Jim. Jim tilted his own head back knowing how this worked now. With a deep grunt he started to shoot on Jim’s face. It was another big load and Jim was getting his face covered and it was dripping down onto his chest and legs. Spurt after spurt landed until Jim decided he wanted to finish Barry in his mouth, With long slow strokes all the way to the base Jim was giving it his all. Spent, Barry stepped back and let Kevin in for his cum shot.

Kevin stepped up to Jim and said “Oh man, you really are a cum slut” Without knowing why this made Jim more excited than ever as Kevin started blowing his load Wonderful gobs of warm gooey sperm now covered his face. He had a raging hard on as this was making him as excited as he ever had been. Steve and Bruce stepped onto either side of Jim and together started to blow their loads adding another layer onto Jim’s face dripping down to his chest and groin. Bruce then took his cock and rubbed it around Jim’s mouth before feeding it to him. Jim was in heaven. He couldn’t help thinking “man, I sure hope these guys can cum again”.

Kenny stepped up next when Jim felt 2 hands lift him from his knees. Jim offered no resistance because he was in their control. He was ready for anything these folks had. He felt a finger scoop cum from his face and apply it to his butt hole. then gently find entrance.

“You gonna fuck him Dan?” Holly asked while stroking Sandy’s hair.

Wait, what Jim thought. That big cock in my ass? There is no way.

Dan nodded his head and put the cock on the hole but not entering yet. Meanwhile this put Kenny over the edge and shot all over Jim’s head mostly in his hair. While he was getting covered Dan slid the head of his cock in. He very slowly worked his way in stopping and retreating every time Jim flinched. Dan felt Jim loosening up and proceeded to slide his big cock all the way in. Jim sighed as he felt his prostate being massaged. This and being eaten bi Sandy was too much for Holly as she let out a cry.

Watching Dan pounding Jim’s ass was a turn on for everybody. That big cock

The guys were getting a second hard on which made Jim a happy guy. Even though he was covered with cum he just could not get enough. He was truly falling in love with the idea of being a total cum escort yalova slut. Holly was now returning the favor to Sandy who was quite the vocal sex partner. As Dan was giving Jim a good pounding the other guys stood around Jim stroking their cocks. Steve reached over and started stroking Kevin’s cock and Kevin was more than happy to to stroke Steve.

“Oh yeah Dan fuck my ass. Give it all you got while these guys cum on me again.”

“Check this cum slut out. He can’t get enough” Bruce said. And he was right. The more Jim got the more he wanted. It took a little bit longer for these guys to shoot again. One after another they guys gave Jim a second coating. Sandy let out a big moan as she was cumming. Now it was Dan’s turn to cum. Oh to be 19 again.

“Uhnnnn” Dan grunted as he drove his cock as deep as he could pumping his sizable load into Jim’s ass. Dan pumped a few more times before withdrawing dripping cum down Jim’s balls. Jim turned around with his back to the couch taking it all in.

“Your buddy is the best Holly. He took it all like a champ.”

“Watching you get used like that was so hot Jim. I’m so glad I could help you fulfill your bucket list. Was it everything you had hoped it would be?”

“Oh my God it was amazing Holly. I can’t thank you enough for this.”

“Hey wait a minute” Bruce chimed in. “We all came but look at Jim. He’s got a raging hard on that needs to be taken care of.”

“Well, Hell. He’s been such a good cum dump we should all give him a hand.” Kevin said.

They were all more than happy to oblige and Jim soon found himself lying on the couch still cum covered and was now being massaged by 7 sets of hands using the cum as lubricant. The feeling of all those loving hands rubbing him was exquisite. Now it was Kenny’s turn. While all his buddies were rubbing the cum all over Jim, Kenny positioned himself between Jim’s legs. He was really worked up bi now and figured he wouldn’t last too long which was a shame.He had never in his life felt so alive. Kenny’s mouth felt like the softest velvet.

Jim didn’t really want to cum too quick but it seemed Kenny was determined to get his load. Kenny was working Jim’s cock over deep-throating him and going all the way back up to the head and all the way down to the base and he did it effortlessly. Kenny knew what he was doing and years of experienced cock sucking were evident. Try as he might to hold off the stimulation was too much for him.

“Oh my God, I can’t hold out any more. I’m gonna cummmmm.” and with that he had the most explosive orgasm of his life. Stream after stream of cum was shooting into Kenny’s mouth which he hungrily swallowed. Kenny didn’t want to stop sucking but his motion did slow down, making sure to get every last drop. The group was cheering each other on and enjoying themselves immensely.

Holly asked “Well Jim, What did you think? Was it everything you dreamed about?”

“Oh my God it was and SO much more. I could not ever imagine it being this good.”

Holly smiled at Jim. “I think you should just stay naked with all that cum covering you for a while. Who ever wants to hang around can stay We have no plans and I imagine Jim probably wants more.”

He was a little stunned at first but quickly realized yes, he did want more. A few stayed while others had plans and went on their way. As Jim sat up still with cum all over him he was amazed at how his life had changed in 4 days. He came to the conclusion he loved having a cock or 2 in his mouth. While he knew he wasn’t all out gay he also knew there was no going back now. He loved cock and wanted more. His sex life will never be the same again. It was going to be better. He looked over at Dan who stayed. Dan was beginning to get another hard on. Jim instinctively reached out and started stroking it.

He was loving this unexpected road trip.

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