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We Finally Get A Maid

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I just turned thirty and made partner at my firm. I have two great kids and a wonderful wife who I started dating when we were in high school. We went to different universities and then she went on to get a Masters and I went to law school.

Obviously we have both dreamt of all the material luxuries that accompany our new combined salaries, but the first thing we did was hire a maid. Sounds weird but oh how nice it is to sleep in on the weekends and have someone else make breakfast, clean the dishes, wash and fold the clothes, etc. etc.

My best friend is married to a Hispanic woman, and they have three children. Their maid told them that her niece in El Salvador wanted to come to the US but needed to find a job first. She thought of us.

I wanted first to ensure that she was coming to the states legally, and then get some letters of recommendation in order to get a feeling for her. Seeing as how she was going to be a live-in, we had to be careful whom we brought into the house. My friend’s maid said not to worry, that she had known this girl since she was born, and that she would be fully responsible for her actions. Plus, she assured me her niece had a valid US visa.

With that, we agreed on paying her $1000 month for the first three months to see if it worked out or not. The aunt agreed.

Two weeks later there was the aunt knocking on our door with Giselle at her side. No beauty queen, but not bad either. She was about 5’4″, black hair, medium sized breasts and thin. Average face, tan complexion, and I calculated her to be around 20 years old.

We spoke for a while in her very broken English, we introduced her to the kids who took to her very well, showed her around the house, and then took her down to the basement room we had set up for her with her own bath.

The aunt left, and there we were with another person living under our roof.

The first weeks were strange. It’s bizarre having somebody do all your chores. The cooking had to be worked on a little but all in all she adjusted quite well.

Of course, having another female in the house caught my attention on several occasions. It turns out she had a fantastic body. Her ass was nice and appeared to be very tight, she had nice legs and a slender waist. She was always very friendly and each day appeared to feel more and more at home in her new surroundings.

Kate and I had agreed that Sundays and Mondays would be Giselle’s days off. Consequently, on Sundays when I would be sipping on my coffee I would catch a glimpse of her in the kitchen in some very short shorts. Reaching up to the cupboards her t-shirt would ride up her torso and her legs and ass would flex something fierce. Unfortunately, the first time this happened she caught me red-handed staring straight at her ass.

I blushed and pretended to be reading the paper but she knew. This went on for several weekends in a row and progressed in ways that made me feel increasingly uncomfortable. When June rolled around, on one Sunday we had gone out to lunch but returned earlier than usual because Kate fell ill. We pulled into the garage and Kate went up stairs to bed and the kids to change into their swimsuits. When I looked outside, there was Giselle lying on her stomach completely naked on one of the chaise lounge chairs. She was all oiled up and had the portable radio blaring next to her. I assume her legs were spread wide so she could tan her inner thighs and her butt was slightly raised, for what, I don’t know.

In order not to embarrass her too much, I decided to knock on the den window that looked out to were she was. Unfortunately the music was so loud she didn’t hear me, so I went canlı bahis outside and called out to her. Nothing. Of course, as I drew closer, I couldn’t help but admire that fabulous ass of hers. It was perfectly rounded and standing out proud. No stretch marks anywhere, and everything was exactly where it should be. Youth.

Finally I was about ten feet away and yelled out again. She jumped and in that specific moment I caught a glimpse of two very beautiful tits. I would say about 34 C, nice and very firm, with nice size areolas, maybe a 1 ½” to 2″ in diameter. Anyway, she was completely startled. Instinctively she grabbed the towel off the chair and covered herself up, and started excusing herself profusely in that awful English, but, I didn’t know if it was the circumstances, the giddiness, the nerves or what, but she was giggling.

I also apologized for startling her and explained that I knocked on the window and called out her name from the door but that the radio was way too loud. She turned around and bent over to shout the radio off while trying to also cover backside, and at that precise moment the kids ran in and jumped in the pool.

I retired to the den with visions of that incredible oiled up ass on my mind.

Another week passed and my wife was leaving with her sister and her sister’s kids for a week in Cape Cod. She left on Saturday morning and there I found myself all alone with little 19-year-old Giselle.

Saturday was uneventful. I went to the office for a while, hit nine holes at the club after lunch with my good friend, and then headed home. I had my dinner in front of the TV, and that was that. As Giselle picked up the plates and what not, I did notice her much more relaxed. She was barefoot, wearing those infamous short shorts again, and a light t-shirt. I’m no expert, but I could swear she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Anyway, after she washed the dishes I invited her to sit down with me and chat (as best we could). I discovered that she was really just a kid. She had graduated from high school and wanted to work for a year in the states in order send some money to her mom and save up some for college back in El Salvador. Plus, seeing as how she was living with a “gringo” family, her English would improve drastically.

I asked her what she did for fun back home. Dancing, clubbing and bar hopping. Sounded like a typical teen to me. She missed home and especially going out for a beer.

Having said that, I told her to get two out of the fridge and have one with me. She was overjoyed.

“Reeeely Meeester Livingston?”


We continued our chat for a while and I noticed this girl could really pound them down. We each had five beers in us and I was already buzzing. I hadn’t drunk beer since I was in college but she on the other hand was just fine.

Eventually we got around to her love life and determined she had no significant other at the present time. We polished off the six-pack each, and then I excused my self to go to bed. I watched TV in my room and then dozed off.

Sunday I woke up at 11:00! I don’t remember the last time that had happened. No one crying, shouting or running around. The house was completely silent.

I went downstairs, poured myself some juice and read the paper, which on Sunday takes me a good two hours.

Afterwards I decided to get some work done. I went to the kitchen, pulled out the bills and started writing checks. When I checked the phone bill, I was surprised to see it was $300 more than it usually was. Upon closer inspection, I saw a whole slew of calls to 1-900 numbers, which Kate and I never call. Curiosity got the better of me and I bahis siteleri picked up the phone and dialed the number. No, it wasn’t a sex phone line, it was a horoscope line offered in English or Spanish. Had to be Giselle.

I went downstairs to the basement and knocked on her bedroom door. She opened the door a crack and I asked her to come upstairs when she got dressed.

About twenty minutes later she came into the kitchen and I asked her if she had been calling this certain number. She said she had, and asked what was the problem. When I told her that the total of all the calls summed up $300 her face turned white as a ghost.

“Oh my God Meeester Livingston, I had no idea they cost money.”

Poor kid.

Than she started sobbing and begging me not to fire her. Me, being a sucker for a woman crying got up to comfort her and tell her not to worry. We hugged and I patted her back while she continued to beg me not to kick her out.

I continued to reassure her not to worry.

“If you fiiiire me, I have no where to go and my aunt will kill me.”

When she finally understood and believed that I wasn’t going to fire her, she stopped sobbing, got a big smile on her face, and hugged me tighter.

Honestly, the feeling of her firm tits against my chest was doing wonders for me, and unless she had no feeling in her midsection, she had to feel my erection growing under my shorts.

She assured me she would pay me every last penny and didn’t know hot to thank me. However, I swear I don’t know why, but my dick was now harder than I ever recall it being.

I know she sensed this because she started lightly pressing on it. I felt really uncomfortable now because if I pulled away she would certainly see my hard on. Finally, it occurred to me to ask her for a glass of water so she would turn around and then I would go upstairs.

The plan worked great. She turned to get the glass and I practically ran up to my bedroom. Then I heard, “Meeester Livingston, I half your water.”

My hard on was ridiculously evident, I had nowhere to turn, so I decided to get in bed and under the multitude of covers and quilts. Giselle came into the room and placed the water glass on my nightstand and said she knew exactly how to thank me. With that said, she pulled her t-shirt over her head, let her hair down, pulled the short shorts down around her ankles and crawled under the covers naked as she headed to give me the absolute best blow job I have ever had.

I was flabbergasted. This girl took my cock as if it was the last glass of water in the desert. She was awesome.

I yanked the covers off the bed so I could see her. There she was, naked as the day she was born, going for broke. In fact, until that moment, I had never cum when getting a blowjob. I now knew what I had been missing. As I was ready to blow my load I told her to pull away but she would have none of that and kept going and going ‘till I deposited a good amount of semen in her mouth.

When she pulled away and laid next to me, she mentioned how she had loved to do that.

Anyway, I told her that regardless of how fantastic it had been for me, that it was completely unnecessary.

“Oh no Meeester Livingston, it was, eh, very necesario for me. I half not had, eh, sex, in a long time and I need it, you know?”

“Giselle, I don’t know if this is a good idea sweety.”

“You no find me pretty?”

“Of course I find you very pretty, its just that we have a business relationship, you know?”

“I half idea. You do whatever you want to me,” she said as she was stroking my cock and reviving it beautifully, “and you don’t tell señora Kate about bahis şirketleri the phone calls, ok?”

As my mind started racing about all the things I was going to do this girl, she got on top of me again and this time placed my cock in her opening. The feeling was delightful and the view could not have been better. Her breasts were perfect and her nipples hard. She started getting in to it a lot, and then I decided I better be the one controlling the action so I turned her over, and I got on top.

She was exquisite. Her dark hair against the white pillowcase. Moaning and groaning. Bucking upwards to meet my thrusts. It was great.

Unfortunately the newness of all this was making me not last that long. I decided to pull out and do my specialty.

I started kissing her neck then the underside of her breasts and finally took a nipple into my mouth and lightly nibbled on it. She was loving it!

I did the same to the other nipple while I stroked her lips (lower) and clit.

I worked myself down to her pussy and started out very slowly licking up and down her engorged lips. Then I teased her with pushing my tongue in as far as it would go and then licking all the way up to her clit. For an El Salvadorian girl, she was pretty much a la mode as we say. She had shaved all the hair around her pussy except for a little on top, which was very nicely trimmed.

As I was eating her out, I slipped a finger inside her very wet pussy to see if I could find her g-spot. As I was doing this she said, “Pleeeese Mr. Livingston, put another finger in.”

I did so and attacked her clit with my tongue and lips. She started saying things in Spanish which I didn’t get but I knew she was at the point of no return. Right before her first spasm, I pulled one finger out of her snatch and introduced it into her ass. She bucked, inhaled air, and then bore down on both of my fingers, the one in her front and the one in the back. I could feel her vaginal spasms squeezing my fingers as she came.

After a minute or two she looked over at me and said she wanted me inside her, which I graciously obliged. Just as I was in her and fucking her hard, a little voice inside me said, CONDOM!

Boom! What the hell was I doing. What if this chick gets pregnant. Fuck that, what if she has AIDS? Well, I decided it was too late. I didn’t have any condoms anywhere and I was already inside her to the hilt.


I then stopped and turned her over on all fours and started banging her from behind. Aside from the fabulous view, her moans and shouts were really turning me on. As I leaned forward to play with her clit, I was pleasantly surprised to feel her hand already there. Consequently, I decided to play with her breasts. I’m proud to say she came before me. I don’t know if it was my fucking or her hand, but whatever it was it worked out great. I continued to pound into her getting closer and closer with each stroke when she looked back towards me and said, “please meeester Livingston, in el culo por favor.”

Ahhhh, my dream come true. My dick was already wet but after I pulled out I smeared some juice on her asshole and then pressed my dick into her.

“Despacio por favor”

After I got the head in I waited for a little while for her to get use to the feeling. In a moment she started slowly pushing back. This continued ‘till I was all the way in. She then started gliding back and forth, back and forth. Eventually, she picked up the pace and obviously felt completely comfortable so I started playing with her clit. She started getting more and more worked up and I just couldn’t handle it anymore and blew my load into her. Nirvana. I fell on top of her and fell asleep.

When I awoke it was dark outside and the room still reeked of sex. Giselle wasn’t there but you can bet your ass I was going to take advantage of every last minute of my family’s vacation.

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