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Weekend Tryst

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*For Rich*

* * * * *

Yes, I can remember everything about that weekend I told him. After several years, that one weekend we spent together in each others arms will be forever carved in my memory.

Rich and I spent a weekend together about four years ago. Our tryst, which turned out to be a two day affair, was the result of many months of continuous flirting back and forth until the heat rose enough to lead us to one incredible sexual liaison.

I worked in a hospital in the role of a nurse manager of a women’s health unit and Rich headed the project to redesign our area. We spent many hours together formulating and finalizing plans to reorganize and refurbish my area. Both married, we kept our relationship low key, but always managed to do lots of flirting back and forth. Rich was tall, with blonde curly hair and an incredible pair of blue eyes. In fact he was known for his blue eyes. Well toned from all the work he did, he was definitely easy on the eyes. He was one of the most popular sights at the hospital, for most all the ladies.

We had been working closely together for about 6 months and the relationship we shared, while we made every attempt to keep it professional, was definitely heating up. One evening, after a horrible day working with a decorator we both did not like, we both decided to share a drink at the local tavern out on the “hook”.

The tavern sits on the beach out midway on a land mass called the “hook.” It’s frequented by all kinds of people from the locals to the out-of-towners who come to the shore to enjoy the benefits of the summer. The place was packed, so we got our drinks and headed out to sit on the beach. The night was warm and the breeze from the ocean was balmy and slight. In fact the heat of the day could still be felt in the sand beneath our feet.

We shared many prior conversations about our families, jobs, and interests, so this conversation only picked up where we had left off many times before. We had been there for a bit and I decided to call home and let my husband know I would be late. I called and told him I was still at the hospital and would be very late due to some problems with a change in the decorators plans. He knew I was working against some major deadlines, so he never questioned me. However, when I got off the phone, Rich asked me why I had lied to my husband.

“I’m not sure quite honestly. I really have no idea how long we might be here, so it seemed easier to explain the lateness of my arrival home that way.” This was my only explanation.

Rich looked at me, and said, “How late do you think we ought to be here?”

Jokingly I said to him, “As long as it takes me to finally seduce you.”

My attempt at a quick flirtation resulted in Rich asking me, “Do you want me to be seduced?”

I suddenly felt like the game we had been playing for so long had finally come to a decision. I did want him. I wanted him bad. I could no longer hide my real feelings behind silly flirtatious remarks. But being honest would take me up a road that could be dangerous.

Before I could answer, Rich said, “Look I know how you feel about me. We have worked together practically everyday for the last 6 months on this project. I can feel something growing between us too. But the truth is, I am married and so are you. I am not willing to give that up, and I know you aren’t either. I know how crazy you are about your husband. I also don’t want to jeopardize our working relationship for a few minutes of passion. We have to keep feelings in check.”

He was right, and I needed to hear it. But looking in those blue eyes was hard to do without thinking I would like to try a few minutes of passion with him.

“You are right. I feel silly now.” I admitted.

Rich grabbed my hand, and said to me, “Look I want you too, but the timing is not right.”

We sat quiet for quite some time, finishing our drinks. The night ended and we parted ways, both in agreement we had to put any sexual feelings illegal bahis aside.

In the following weeks after our conversation, neither one of us addressed the issue again. The project and all the tiny details, as well as the stumbling blocks kept us focused on work, and not on each other.

When it was time to meet with the Interior decorator to finalize our huge order with various companies for furniture, we both had to take a trip to New York City to meet her in her office. When we got to her office, we were informed that the meetings were moved to a two day time period due to some of the furniture reps being delayed. This would necessitate a night spent in the city. The decorator was kind enough to put up in a nearby exclusive hotel, sparing no costs. A quick call home to our spouses to inform them of our delay, and we were off to the first of many meetings.

By the end of the first day, and after many meetings, we were both anxious to get to our hotel. We soon discovered we had adjoining rooms. We both admitted later to having the same initial feelings that adjoining rooms would be the perfect way to get to each other. Unpacking and getting settled, we decided to meet for dinner. Dinner was spent discussing the issues of the day and what we faced in the am. Afterwards, we decided to hit the spa to unwind a bit more.

Meeting in the gym area, I headed for the pool and sauna, and Rich went to the weight room. We both dealt with stress in separate ways. My swim was invigorating and the sauna even better. I was sitting alone in the sauna when Rich came in and joined me.

“Feeling any better?” he asked me

“Oh yeah, this is pure heaven,” I said.

We both sat a bench apart in nothing but a towel. I could feel the sweat rolling down my back, and watched as it built up on Rich. The moisture collecting on his skin made him look even more desirable to me. The feelings of wanting him that I had been able to suppress for the past few weeks, were rushing back. I moved over behind him and offered to rub his neck. He sat up, and I began kneading the muscles of his neck. The sweat on his skin allowed me to work the muscles a bit easier, and I could feel the muscles relax under my touch.

“Damn, that feels good. Where were you the day we met with that stupid ass plumber and I was this tense?” he asked jokingly.

I chuckled at his remark remembering how enraged he was with the plumber. Moving over to his upper arms, I massaged the muscles, and saw him totally relax his arms to his sides. The muscles were huge from working out, and I kept thinking how much I would love to have them wrapped around me. The heat in the room was building, but even more so in me. I wanted Rich. Our conversation from the beach kept creeping back in my head, but I didn’t care at this point

Rich moaned a bit as I returned my massaging to his neck and shoulder area.

“This is wonderful,” he said.

I leaned forward and without any hesitation began kissing his neck. I licked the sweat from his neck, and continued to his shoulder area.

Rich turned to me, rather startled, and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Seducing you.” I whispered. I moved my mouth to his and began kissing him. His lips were so soft, and I pushed my tongue in his mouth. I could taste the beer he had with his meal. Rich did nothing to stop me, and he stood and faced me. Our mouths met again, and I knew he was enjoying the pleasure we both felt through this simple act. He moved back, and looked in my eyes.

“This is dangerous.” He said.

I looked in his eyes, and said, “I love danger.”

Rich then leaned into me across the bench he had been sitting on, and began kissing me again. His kisses were gentle, using only his lips on mine. Slowly he began licking my lips with the tip of his tongue, and even with the hot steam of the sauna to warm me, I felt a shiver race through me. Our tongues soon met again, and we explored each others mouths slowly, and then a bit more aggressively. illegal bahis siteleri He stopped and moved over to the hot rocks, and added more water and a burst of steam filled the room. He walked back over to me.

“Let’s turn up the heat in here,” he said.

Rich then grabbed the edge of my towel and asked if he could open it. I did not hesitate and he began opening the towel, slowly as if he were unwrapping a gift and wanted to save the paper. I now sat totally naked in front of him, and with the steam swirling around us, I was feeling totally erotic. Rich grabbed his own towel, removed it, folded it, and placed on the bench in front of me. I couldn’t help but see that his cock was large, and now totally erect. I felt as if my eyes were riveted on him. He kneeled on the bench in front of me, and began licking my nipples, each one a little at a time. The sweat continued to build on our skin, and in the dim light the sauna offered, our skin seemed to glisten. I moved my fingers through his blonde curly hair as he continued to suck and lick each nipple. My legs were open to allow him room to get close to me, but I now moved them in closer to him, almost trapping him between my thighs. He moved his hands to my thighs and began rubbing them. His hands were large and they easily wrapped around the tops and sides of both thighs, working the muscles. Our mouths met again, and we skillfully played and teased each others tongues. Kissing can be a simple gesture or totally erotic. Rich made it totally erotic.

His hands moved up towards the top of my thighs, and I could soon feel his thumbs pushing into my pubic mound, which I kept shaven. I could feel the wetness that had been building, start to feel as if it was now leaking out of me. His thumbs continued to push and rub slowly my mound. I leaned back into the bench above me, and pushed my hips slightly forward, which was an invitation to Rich to explore me further. His thumbs soon found my slightly engorged clit and he began massaging it. I closed my eyes and let him explore me. One thumb continued to rub my clit, and the other was now moving down my wet slit.

“Oh baby you are so wet,” he said.

“You make me wet. You have for months.” I told him.

With my eyes closed, I could now feel his tongue licking my inner right thigh, in long strokes. I felt a small shudder, and allowed a small moan to escape through my lips. He moved to the other thigh and repeated the long licking strokes. I opened my legs even further, and now gave him the perfect view of my wet pink slit. The invitation was accepted, and he now moved his mouth over it and began licking the wetness he had helped to create. As his tongue moved over my clit and parted lips, I moaned with pure delight.

“Oh God. Oh Yes. Don’t stop, please.” Was all I could mutter.

His tongue licked my smooth moistened lips and moved to my clit, taking it between his lips, gently pulling on it. He licked my slit in long strokes. He probed, he licked, and sucked my juices. He soon pushed deep into my pink wet core, and I could hear him begin his own moaning.

“Oh Rich, this is so good. Lick me, Suck me.”

Rich pushed his tongue in and out of my wet pussy, and I began moving my hips into him, in a rhythmic motion. I could feel my orgasm coming to a head, and wanted him to taste it, to devour it.

“Oh God rich I am cuuummming. Please don’t stop. Suck me.” My moans were coming between my panting breaths. My ass was off the bench and my hips were bucking into Rich fast and furious. When I finally exploded, Rich continued to lick me, and suck my juices, that had rushed out at him. I finally felt as if I had to push him away from me, as the physical intenseness increased to almost a feeling of discomfort. I needed to catch my breath.

“Oh God Rich, that was incredible,” I said.

Rich picked up his head, and looked at me, and his face was soaked with the combination of my juices and his own sweat from the sauna. I leaned forward canlı bahis siteleri and grabbing his face, I began kissing him and licking his face. The combination of our body fluids was so intense, so erotic. Our mouths met again, and our tongues moved into each others mouths exploring, teasing.

Rich and I exchanged places, and I was now kneeling in front of him, anxious to go down on him. His cock was hard, and the skin glistened from the sweat that had built up on him. The veins of his cock were so engorged and the head was almost totally purple. I could smell his scent as I neared his cock, and this too was so erotic. I began licking and sucking him slowly although I fought the need to want to take him too aggressively. I wanted him to remember every lick and suck he was about to receive from me. The head was spongy and soft and I loved teasing it with my teeth. Rich leaned back, and soon closed his eyes. I licked the head of his cock, and held on to the base with one hand. I swirled my tongue around the tip, and soon took only the head of his cock in my mouth and began sucking on it. I licked his pee slit and could taste the small amount of pre-cum that had oozed from him.

“Oh Rich you taste so good,” I told him.

Rich moaned his response to my pleasuring him. I took his cock now deeper in my mouth, and allowed him to hold my head loosely, while he ran his fingers through my hair. I continued to pleasure his cock till he begged to fuck me.

“Oh baby, I want to be in you. I need you.” This was all I had to hear from him.

I moved to his lap, and straddling his legs, I was able to position myself over his cock. He placed his cock at my wet opening and slowly I lowered myself onto him. The feeling of allowing him to enter me slowly was so intense. I took the lead and slowly rode him. He held my hips and allowed me to control the building pleasure I was again feeling. Pushing my hips forward I was able to take him deep in me and feel his cock rub against my clit. As the surge of an explosive orgasm began to tear through me, I rocked onto him faster and faster, and we almost climaxed in unison, with me arriving first and he shortly there after.

“Oh Rich, it feels so goood. I wanted this so long. Mmmmmm.” My panting seemed stronger with the thick air due to the steamy conditions.

As his cum burst deep within me, I could feel his cock spasm, and enjoyed his primal grunting. He, too, was panting hard.

“Oh damn baby, this is too fucking gooood. Oh Yesss.”

As the two of us enjoyed the small after shocks that we both felt from our climaxes, I kept his cock in me, and tightened my muscles around him. I remained on his lap, and we enjoyed soft lingering kisses.

As we kissed, we heard the door open, and moved to cover ourselves. All I remember was a quick blur of an unknown face, and a quick, “I’m sorry”, and the door closed again. We both chuckled and decided we needed to move our party upstairs to our room.

The rest of the night and the following afternoon and evening were spent together in our rooms, discovering each other, enjoying what we both waited months for. The lovemaking was so purely sexual. We both did not want to jeopardize our marriages, so we both knew this could not continue. We did continue to work together, and there were times we wanted to be together, but we never did. What we both had at homes was satisfying enough. We maintained a friendship for many years, and eventually I moved away.

I recently moved back into town and ran into Rich at the local coffee house. It was easy to catch up, and as I was leaving the coffee house, he grabbed my hand, and asked me if I had remembered how much fun we had in the city that weekend.

“Yes, I do. How could I forget?” Was all I could answer. I left him standing there watching me leave, and wondered if there was any chance we could repeat those days and night together. Do I dare take the chance? Would he? I leaned into my car and pulled out one of my business cards and ran back in the coffee house. I handed him the card and told him to call me. He grabbed the card, and winked at me.

“Count on it,” he said.

I smiled back and headed home with wonderful memories to ponder, and new plans to make.

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