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Well Hell…

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Big Tits

To all the literary minded folk out there, apologies for my previous two stories without quotation marks. I hope you will find this story to be grammatically correct. I have to say that I really DO appreciate the feedback though, how else can we learn. Many thanks and enjoy…


Somehow, sometime, I must have fucked up BIG TIME! Why, do you ask? Well, let me see. Could it be because I just lost my stressful but rent paying job, been evicted from my small but comfortable house or maybe because my current hormone level surpasses my quite high IQ level by thousands? Nope, can’t be an either or situation, it should probably be a combination of all three. Yep, that’s me, can’t do anything by half. I always have to go for the big league which generally lands me, without fail, back on my parent’s doorstep. You’d think that by now they would be used to my bouts of minor setbacks, but nooooo! Even when I just come to visit, my father, covertly of course, nervously checks the driveway to see if I am being followed by a moving van. I am aware of my short comings, but please, give a poor girl a break, or breaks in my case.

So it is, once again, that I invade (very unwillingly) my parent’s blissful Prozac haze, which they continuously assure me that I caused. I am of the opinion that they will relocate one day without sending me their forwarding address, wouldn’t you? Let me clue you in to what caused my current dilemma. Do I have to say dilemma’s even if everything happened all at once? I wonder?

I am 30 years young, have long black hair, green eyes and a body that Picasso would have tried to immortalize into the abstract but would have failed. I am gorgeous, and yes, before you pseudo editor/readers say anything nasty, I know I am. I am also, not for lack of trying not to be, a total airhead, albeit a clever one. Life has just always been very accommodating towards me. I got my law degree with flying colors, was offered an internship at one of the most prestigious law firms in the country and basically rocked the courthouse. Unfortunately my expenditure did not equal my income which forced me back to my parental fallback cushion. Not ideal, but hey, I was saving big bucks and then invested liberally at Jimmy Choo’s, perfect! Six months later, I won a big case, got a promotion, moved into an apartment and slept with the boss. Can you guess where I went wrong? Nope, not sleeping with the boss, I should have stayed at home and saved moving back costs.

The boss’s wife found us 69ing it on the boardroom table, threatened to take half of everything, including one testicle which I guess he was rather attached to. I got fired and so followed the rest of my sad but sometimes exciting existence. You’d think that I would have learnt my lesson, but alas, I jump on that wagon, time and time again. Dad should have installed a rotating door, would have prevented my tennis elbow from acting up.

Settling into my boring but free lodgings, again, I started the job search all over. Dad must have had an idea of why I was continuously being fired because he offered me a position in his law practice. The idea behind it being that he could not fire me because we won’t be sleeping together. Yeah right, trust me to find a way to royally fuck up that situation as well. And no, I did not nor will I ever sleep with my dad.

Being the little princess in my own fantasy world, I breezed into work early (around noon) the next Monday morning and waited for the red carpet to be unrolled. Great was my surprise when not only was the carpet non-existent, but I was not even afforded all due courtesy to me (helloooo, remember the little princess). Storming into daddy’s office, I demanded my own office and assistant, not noticing that he had company. Blowing full steam ahead, I protested my appalling treatment, lack of office and the fact that I just broke a nail while trying to claw my way past his anally retentive assistant.

“Uhm sweetheart, can you see that I am busy at the moment,” daddy sweetly asked?

Completely ignoring the unknown person opposite daddy, I barged full steam ahead, “Well daddy, if you were so busy with important stuff, shouldn’t your assistant have stopped me?”

“I am sure that she tried and failed, hence the broken nail.”

“But daddy, how am I supposed to work when I don’t even have my own office, you do know that I am a very respected and sought after lawyer, don’t you?”

Standing up, daddy motioned to the man sitting across from him.

“Chad, I would like to introduce you to my very impulsive but brilliant daughter, Samantha Wells.”

“Sam, meet Chad Lessing the third from Lessing Industries.”

Apparently the warranty on my common sense just expired because I stood there, gaping like an idiot at the most attractive male specimen, I ever saw.

Trying to gather my floundering wits, I held out my hand and tried to act like the professional I sometimes am. Red hot heat sizzled up my arm, straight to my pulsing clit. I know that it might sound like a cliché, büyükesat escort but it was lust at first touch.

“Nice to meet you Samantha, your father said that we will be working together on my case.”

“Uh…. Nice to meet you too, but which case are you talking about,” I stammered like a fool?

“Sit down Sam and let me brief you, daddy said.” “Chad is the CEO of Lessing Industries and six months ago, Pete Morgan the previous MD was found stealing from the company. He was summarily dismissed and civil charges were brought against him. The case is being heard in three weeks time and we represent Lessing Industries. All the ground work and investigations are done and we only have to prepare our strategy and proposed outcome. I want you to lead argument and ensure a water tight closing. You think you can do that?”

“Sure daddy, but I have a few conditions.”

Groaning, he looked at me expectantly.

“I want my own office with an en suite bathroom, an assistant, parking space near the elevators and one of the company condos. Oh, and I almost forgot, three pairs of Jimmy Choo’s.”

“Honey, you can’t be serious. The office, assistant and parking space can be negotiated, but the rest, won’t happen, daddy smugly said.”

“Well daddy, I hope you have your court shoes polished because you are definitely going to need it. And by the way, you know that I have never lost a court case and you know that you really need me on this. Don’t you want me out of the house and in my own place?”

“Sure I want you in your own place but not at the company’s expense and why in hell do you need more shoes?”

“Daddy, the condo is to ensure that I don’t tell mom about your so called “fishing” trip and the shoes are just because you love me. Need I say more?”

Wickedly grinning, Chad said: “Come on Jack, you might as well give her everything she asked for because I want her on my team. Anyone ruthless enough to blackmail their own father is more than welcome to represent Lessing industries.”

“I suppose that I have no choice in this matter, and Sam, I don’t appreciate you blackmailing me.”

“Oh daddy, you know as well as I do that I would never do that to mom, I think.”

“Well okay then, I’ve got to attend another client at his office, you and Chad can use my office to continue this meeting.” Kissing me goodbye and shaking Chad’s hand, daddy left.

“Alrightie then, where should we start, I asked?”

“Have dinner with me.”

“Excuse me?”

“Come on Sam, you heard me, have dinner with me.”

“I can’t.”


“Uhm… I have to wash my hair tonight.”

“I did not say when.”

“Well, I am sure that I will have something planned for whenever you want to take me to dinner. Now, can we get back to your case?”

“Not before you tell me why you don’t want to have dinner with me.”

What the hell was his problem? I can’t have dinner with him because I want to jump his bones and I am sure that won’t be conducive to a good business relationship.

“Uhhh.. just because…..”

“Care to toss a couple of nouns and verbs in there, I’m lost, Chad smugly asked?”

“Well, aren’t we the comedian? Chad, I don’t think that it will be appropriate to have dinner with you because you are a client. Is that sufficient enough for you?”

“Nope, don’t you have dinner with your other clients?”

“Sure I do, but then it is just business.”

“And what makes you so sure that this won’t be only a business dinner?”

“Look Chad, we both feel a certain kind of chemistry between us and I don’t think we should mix business with pleasure.”

“Why not, are you afraid of me?”

“No, I’m afraid of myself. I know that I sometimes come across as a brainless twit but I do know how to behave professionally and I actually take my job seriously. If you can’t deal with that, I won’t be representing your company.”

“So you admit that I bother you?”

“I guess so, but I won’t let it affect my judgment.”

“Oh baby, I will bother you till your judgment is affected, infected and totally non-existent. You got a problem with that, Chad sensuously purred?”

WTF, I think I just came in my brand new panties. Who does he think he is, Casanova? I have to admit that I have serious doubts as to my mental capabilities with regards to Chad. How am I supposed to work with this guy, represent him in court all the while trying to keep from spending most of the time with my ankles for earrings? Yeah, I have BIG problems and thy name is Chad.

“Chad, we have to keep this professional. I don’t want to lose this case because my hormones decided to have a party. My reputation took a hit since my last employment and I have to work hard to regain some measure of credibility, please understand.”

“I understand, as long as you understand that I don’t give up easily.”

So began the period in my life which will forthwith be known as the GREAT STRUGGLE! Chad and I met on several different occasions to çankaya escort discuss the case and on every occasion he did his best to breach my every objection. Every waking moment was dedicated in homage to him. I struggled to work, sleep, eat and breathe. My body was a fine tuned instrument ready to be played by his more than capable fingers and other body parts. He frequently touched me, seemingly indifferent, every chance he got. He made sexual innuendos and then looked surprised when I called him on that. Gnashing on my “oh so pearly white” teeth, I tried to grin and bear it like the good little trooper I thought I was, but alas, nothing worked. My libido ranked upon the top five things to avoid and my hormone levels soared amongst the clouds. I became a blithering idiot when Chad invaded my space and I think that I achieved “Guinness world book” status as to the state of my continuously creaming pussy. You’d think that I would have dehydrated but no, I am also a candidate for “medical wonders around the world”. And so continues the heartrending saga of my not-so-happy-non-sexual existence.

Two days before trial….

By now, fully aware of any aspect about the court case, Chad and I met over lunch to discuss final details.

“Hey beautiful, have you missed me, Chad asked while undressing me with his baby blues?”

“Yeah, like a dog misses his flea colony. Get serious Chad, the trial is in two days and we have to be prepared for any eventuality.”

Completely ignoring my heartfelt words, Chad continued: “I missed you baby. Last night I had to resort to self pleasure while thinking about you. I was licking your tight little pussy and you screamed my name…”

“If you don’t stop now, I will definitely be screaming your name in annoyance. Don’t you ever get tired of rejection?”

“Baby, the only rejection I want from you is when I pull my cock out of your pussy and then fuck it right back in. Are you wet?”

“Chad, stop it right now and yeah, I am sopping wet. I hope you are very uncomfortable with that bit of information. Now, where were we?”

“Me fucking you senseless?”

“Oh please, can’t you ever be serious?”

“I am serious about fucking you, baby and licking your pussy and giving you multiple orgasms. Can’t get more serious than that, now can I?”

“Okay, let’s get this out of the way. We want each other badly, let’s get through the trial and then we can think about sex.”

“I don’t want it out of the way and the trial can go on for years. I am not prepared to wait that long, okay, Chad said?”

Moving slightly on the booth seat, Chad pulled me closer to him. No preliminaries, Chad moved his hand beneath my mini skirt. Not taking his eyes from me, he stroked my pussy through my sopping wet panties. Sighing, I opened my legs as far as the skirt allowed. Grinning, Chad slowly pushed my panty to the side and finger fucked me to orgasm. Holding me close to him, he soothed me from my high, all the while whispering his fantasies to me. Taking my hand, he lowered it to his straining cock.

“Feel what you do to me baby. I want to fuck you so bad!”

Feeling his enormous erection had me creaming again. Trying to unzip him, he stopped me.

“No touching my cock without me fucking you. You want it; you know where to find me.” Kissing me senseless, he took the bill, paid and left the restaurant leaving me in tatters.

Day of Trial…

Sitting in the court room as if he owned it, Chad’s eyes devoured me as I approached.

“Hi gorgeous, I expected a visit last night.”

“Please don’t start Chad; I’m nervous enough as it is.”

“I know of one certain way to relax you, care to give it a try?”

Ignoring him, I went over the defense to introduce myself. Returning, I started unpacking my notes and other paraphernalia.

Chad was making my life a living hell. During opening arguments, he whispered sexual fantasies and when that did not work, he wrote them down on my notepad. Completely distracting me, I knew that I had to do something to make him stop otherwise we were going to lose, big time. When everybody’s attention was focused on the defense, I jabbed Chad in the ribs, took my middle finger and fingered my wet pussy. I thought he was going to pass out when I took the same finger and smoothed it on lips.

“Now stop your shit, Chad. Lick your lips when you think of something bad and leave me to try and salvage this case.”

Well, it worked except, Chad was licking his lips every time I was stupid enough to look at him. I never seem to win with him; he had me wet, pulsing and panting until lunch break. I excused myself to visit the ladies room and he walked with me. Entering, he was right behind me and quickly dragged me into the nearest stall. Before I could say anything, he kissed me hard.

“Now baby, you gave me a taste of your sweet pussy and now I’m ravenous for more.” Pulling up my skirt, he tore my panties from my body. Dropping to his knees, he stabbed his tongue into ankara escort my bald and quivering pussy. He sucked my pussy lips, clit and pleasure hole as if starved. I came and drenched his beautiful face with my juices which he lapped up greedily. Barely able to stand, I cautiously watched him unbuckling his belt and dropping his trousers. I should have guessed that he was a commando kind of guy and his huge nine inch cock saluted me. Pulling one of my legs around his ass, he pumped his cock into me and kept it deep inside. Slowly pulling his big cock out, I waited for the next onslaught, which never came.

“Sam baby, now you know exactly what you’re missing. This is killing me but I won’t finish us off. This was me, taking you. What I want from you is to be 100% committed to this and then to come and take me. Do you understand, Chad asked while fastening his trousers?”

“Uhm…shi…..wh….,” I tried saying while I actually wanted to strangle him.

“Sam, we have to go now, come on baby, let’s go.”

I had no strength and my pussy screamed for some major attention and he wanted to go back to the courtroom. I can barely remember my own name and now I have to go and argue his company’s case in front of strangers. Oh hell no!

“Leave me the fuck alone, you bastard. What are you trying to do to me? One minute you fuck me senseless and the next you withdraw. What the fuck is up with that?”

“Just trying to sway you to my bed, honey, is it working?”

“Hell yes it’s working, you will definitely end up in your deathbed rather sooner than later, I choked.”

“Aw come on sweetheart, you know you like me, Chad grinned.”

“Fuck off Chad, I need some time alone and do not even try to say something else right now or I won’t be able to guarantee your good health. Just go, please…”

Seeming to understand my need, Chad left with a secret smile on his beautiful deceptive face. Well, I might as well declare myself insane and head on back to the Happy Retreat Lunatic Asylum. I am sure that by now they noticed that they were one inmate short. Yep, won’t mind if I do. Might as well go kick some courtroom ass, why waste a bad disposition on myself, I ask you?

While we were on lunch or should I say Chad snacked on me rather, Pete Morgan decided to end all the drama and asked if we were willing to deal. Chad agreed, wanting to get the case settled and Pete agreed to three years in prison and paying back every dime he stole. Well, that was easy and ensured a nice commission for me. Packing up my shit, I stood to leave.

Chad took me by the arm and asked: “Still angry at me, princess?”

“You know what Chad, I am not going to waste another second of emotion on you, be it anger, lust or whatever. I hope you have a great fucking life, I’m history.”

“Gee baby, did I hurt you that much?”

“No Chad, you didn’t hurt me, you just left me seriously frustrated and now I am going to look for someone to scratch this mighty itch you started. Goodbye, I cheerily said”

“There is no fucking way that anybody else will drink from your pussy baby, I made you wet and I will lick you dry. You got that, Chad nearly shouted?”

“Well Chad, seems like you are pure out of luck this time. You told me to come to you, don’t you remember? Let me assure you, it will be a cold day in hell before I even consider that. Bye pumpkin, I cheekily said.”

Needless to say, I did not go out and fucked myself to death. I stayed at home and fucked my poor vibrator to death. I could not get Chad out of my system but tried really hard to. I shouldn’t have bothered because he sure would not let me forget him.

I got to the office around eight o’clock the next morning and nearly had a fit. On my newly chosen desk, there was a framed photo of Chad in all his magnificent naked glory. Wow, what a specimen and how the fuck did he get inside my locked office? Taking the photo while looking one last time, I opened the top drawer of my desk to put it away and then I had my long awaited fit. Nestled in tissue paper, the most beautiful bustier, thong and suspenders waited to be drooled over.

Charging out of my office in search of the Judas who let Chad in, I nearly flattened my assistant, Peggy.

Apologizing, I asked her if she let him in.

“Well uh, yes, he said that he wanted to leave a personal note of thanks for your brilliant strategy. I left him in your office for only ten minutes, was I wrong to do that,” Peggy nervously asked?

“No Peggy, but please do not allow anyone inside my office when I’m not there in future, okay?

“Sure Ms. Wells, won’t happen again.”

“Peggy, please call me Sam, you make me feel ancient when you refer to me as Ms. Wells.”

“No problem Ms… uhm… I mean Sam.”

“Peggy, give me twenty minutes then come and discuss my scheduled appointments with me, I feel as if I am way behind on everything.”

“Will do Sam.”

Returning to my office, I cautiously opened every drawer and cupboard, expecting something worse to accost me, but luckily nothing else was hidden. On my notepad though, Chad had written a bawdy poem which made me smile. The bloody idiot, he was worming his way under my skin and I felt the first tugs at my heart. No way josé, I will not fall in love with the insensitive jerk, not ever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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