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What Jeanie Wants, Jeanie Gets Ch. 01

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One more day spent grinding out a living for Jeanie. She hates her job, she hates her so called boyfriend, and she just wants someone to treat her the way she wants to be treated. She arrives home to her only true friend, Jasper the cat.

As she collapses on the couch Jasper is there to provide the love she can’t seem to find elsewhere. She confides in Jasper all her dreams and hopes and wishes. Jasper seems to listen with rapt attention to her every word. The gentle purring of Jasper seems to relax Jeanie and she starts to feel a bit better. Thank god for cats she says to herself..

Jasper leaps from Jeanie’s arms and lands on an open magazine on the coffee table. He paws at a page until Jeanie pays attention. She picks up the magazine and sees an advertisement for cat toys. A local pet store is listed and Jeanie makes note of the address. Jasper seems so excited about the ad, certainly in a way she has never seen before.

Jeanie realizes that the cat is trying to get his way, just as everyone else around her does. The difference is that Jasper loves her as no one else and therefore he must be obeyed.

Jeanie freshens and grabs her purse. She cuddles Jasper in her arms and heads for the car. She pops some Gipsy Kings in the CD player and starts to really feel better about the day. Ah, the power of cats.

At the pet store, Jeanie is searching the store looking for the toys. Bewildered, she finally taps an employee on the shoulder. At least she thinks he is an employee. She does not think a man wearing a fire engine red vest is a shopper. He turns and Jasper does the strangest thing. He leaps into the man’s arms.

As if he had known the cat forever, he gently rubs his head and speaks so softly to hom that Jeanie can’t hear what he is saying. “I’m so sorry” Jeanie blurts out. “He has never acted that way before. I do not know what has come over him today.”

“No need to apologize.” The man says. “Cats are the most independent of all the pets. Your pet knows what he wants and he goes after it. It is a he, isn’t it?”

“Why yes it is! How did you know that? By the way, his name is Jasper.” Jeanie said. It was at that moment that she took a good look at the man and she shuddered slightly. He was no Robert Redford but he had the softest blue eyes and an expression that said everything would be alright without saying a word.

“Jasper, what a splendiferous name! He is surely one of the most handsome cats to enter our fine pet emporium. He must get his looks from his master.”

At this Jeanie blushed and seemed to be at a loss for words. Finally she said “I’m not so sure who is the master. Him or me. I am here tonight because Jasper was in a tizzy to get a cat toy. I can’t seem to find them. Can you help me?”

“Certainly, I am here to serve. If you don’t mind, I will carry Jasper as we go find the toys for this big boy.” the man said as he led the way. “My name is Don, if you have any questions.”

Jeanie guessed that Don was about six foot and pushing 250, a big teddy bear of a man. Jeanie was on the rubenesque side herself with red hair and green eyes. That was the Irish in her. Jeanie was just over five feet tall standing on her tippytoes. She weighed around 200 and thought that maybe her weight was what was holding her back.

“Here we are. We have a great selection of toys.” Don said.

Jeanie thought a wicked little thought about toys when Don said it. Why did she do that? “I’ve got to get a grip on myself” she thought. “I’m here for Jasper” she said to herself. Jeanie was starting to perspire and she could not figure out why. She started to feel a moistness in a place one would not expect to be moist in under the circumstances.

“What sort of activities does your cat engage in? Does he like to chase or jump or bat things around? A lot of cats like soft furry balls cebeci escort that they can lay down and paw on” Don said.

Again Jeanie flustered at the innocent comment. Her mind was going places it did not need to go. Finally she said, ” Jasper is a chaser. In fact he likes to chase the other pussies, errr, I mean cats, in the neighborhood. I’m sorry. I’m not myself today. I had a really bad day and I can’t seem to get my mind focused.”

” I know how that can be. I have to go home and sit under the shower massager after a long day on my feet” Don said. “It is hard to get the kinks out sometimes.”

Jeanie wondered if this guy was coming on to her. He seemed to be genuine and not hitting on her. She was not sure if that was a good thing or not. Her mind was racing to places it had not been in a long, long time. ” I just go home and soak in the tub” she blurted out. “Oops, I’m sorry, too much information!

“That’s quite alright. I understand completely. We all have to find the best way to relax. Speaking of relaxing, I believe your cat has gone to sleep in my arms. I better let you take him back” he said as he gently placed the cat in Jeanie’s arms.

At his touch on her arm, she felt a pulse of electricity course through her body that made her knees buckle. “Dear God” she thought. ” I better get out of here before I go off.” It took all her energy to focus and reply “Thank you. I will take the pink race car. Does it come with batteries?”

“An excellent choice. Several customers have said their cats chase the car around the house for hours on end. Batteries are available at the checkout. Let me take you up front and get you checked out.”

“Checked out ” she thought! “I’m checking him out big time.” Hoping she did not say that out loud she followed him to the front counter. She wrote a check for the toy, thanked him and rushed out the door. She could hardly get her keys in the door she was so overwhelmed.

She arrived at home with little remembrance of the fifteen minute drive home. She rushed into the house and literally threw Jasper on the couch. She almost tripped dashing into her bedroom while trying to tear her clothes off. She was so keyed up she almost yanked the drawer out of the nightstand grasping for her favorite pink jelly vibrator.

Jeanie fell into the pillows and swung the six inch toy into action. She spread her pussy lips with one hand while pressing the vibrator onto her clit with the other. She moaned so loud she thought her neighbors could hear. Because of the buildup from the pet store, it took her no time at all until she was awash in her own sweet juice.

As quickly as she had started, it was over. What a let down! Jeanie fell back into her depression and then she heard a knock at her door. She threw on an eggplant colored silk robe and rushed to the door. Could her dream come true?

No. It was her neighbor, Mrs.Clampit, informing her that she had left her headlights on. She thanked her and went to get her keys. As she opened the door, to turn out the car lights she noticed a car’s lights pulling up next door. It was dark and she could noy make out the person getting out, but they were headed to the neighbor’s door anyway. She went back inside and closed her door. No sooner had she set the lock then there was a rapping at her door.

“Who is it?” she said.

” It is Don. I am sorry to bother you, but you ran out of the store without your cat’s toy.”

She broke a fingernail in her haste to get the door unlocked. “Hi” she stammered.

“I’m sorry to bother you, but your place was on the way and I thought your pussycat might want to burn off some energy” he said.

“Are you hitting on me” she said as she tried to keep the words from coming out of her mouth.

“Oh no, I’m sorry. Is that what you think?”

“No. çukurambar escort you just can’t be to careful” as she tried to backtrack. “Please come in. Pardon my manners. Would you like something to drink? Thank you for coming by.” She was really running at the mouth now so she tried to calm down and be quiet.

“Some water would be great. Thanks. You certainly have a lovely house. I will leave the toy on the coffee table.”

She went to the kitchen and returned with the water. She asked him to sit and leaned over to hand him the water. She did not think about it, at least not consciously, but as she bent over, he could see down the opening of her robe and got a full view of her extremely large breasts. As she stood up, she noticed that he was squirming on the couch. “Well” she thought “I’ve got a live one here.”

Jeanie said “Thanks for dropping Jasper’s toy off. Can I give you the fifty cent tour of the place.”

“Sure” Don said.

“Follow me” Jeanie said as she headed for the bedroom. “This is my bedroom. What do you think?”

“I like your Victorian four poster and it looks real comfortable with all those pillows.”

“It belonged to my grandmother and is my prized possession. I sleep like a baby in this” she said. “Sit down and give it a try..”

He sat on the bed and felt something solid yet soft under him. He reached under him and pulled out the pink jelly vibe. “I see you have toys for your other pussy ” he said.

She almost asked him what he was talking about until she saw what was in his hand. She started to blush and then realized that she could have not asked for a better setup.

“A girl has to do what a girl has to do” she said coyly. “You told me stress relief was important.” She said this as she placed her hand upon his excited crotch.

He reached and pulled the tie on her robe. It fell away revealing the two giant breasts. The darker portions were bigger than his mouth and the nipples were hard and bigger than candy gumdrops. He noticed she had tattoos on each breast but kept his concentration on the nipples. He took a nipple between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and slowly twisted them.

Jeanie almost collapsed right there as that electric feeling rushed through her again. She took his hands and helped him stand. Wordlessly she led him to the bathroom and let her robe slide slowly to the floor. She turned on the bath and added some bath beads while he stood watching. She was not sure how it happened, but he was reading her mind and following her lead.

She climbed into the tub and slid into the warm, soapy water. He bent down and took the washcloth and dunked it in the water. Slowly he rubbed the cloth across her chest. He did it so gently and tenderly that she caught her breath from the action. This man was treating her skin as if she was the most fragile artwork on earth. It was pure heaven.

He moved to her back and as he washed and rinsed each part, he would gently blow dry and kiss the area. It was as gentle, it was like butterflies landing on her and beating their wings to dry her. It took him 20 minutes to bath her. He stopped just as the water was cooling and helped her out of the tub.

He took the towel and wrapped her body in it. He took another towel and slowly massaged her hair sending tingling jolts of pleasure from her brain to her extremities. After drying her hair, he gently tongued her ears removing the excess water with each delicious lick.

He led her back to the bed and bent her over the edge. He got on his knees and started with her feet, sensuously dabbing the water off with the towel. Each dab was followed by a long slow kiss to the just dried area. As he worked his way up her body, Jeanie could not believe the magnitude of the quakes her body was feeling.

When he reached ankara escort her ass, he spent even more time drying the valley leading to the hole. As he probed her hole with his tongue she yelped with joy. His tongue was so soft rimming her hole and then he would push the tongue in and she would cry with joy. If she died of a heart attack right now, she knew she would die happy.

At last he was finished with the backside of her. He turned her over and laid her softly upon the bed. Again he started with her feet and took his time working north. It seemed like hours had passed before he was dobbing and kissing her inner thighs. He was finally getting to the point as she saw it.

He carefully parted her pussy lips and she could hear him drawing in the musky smell of her sweet pussy. He took his tongue and lashed out at her clit. Her body was rocked by the most powerful jolt yet. He then took the tongue and lapped at her pussy ever so slowly. It seemed he was going from the very bottom to the clit and then sucking the clit into his mouth and holding it captive.

Jeanie was in total ecstasy and this guy had not even undressed yet. Reading her mind, he started to undress. He stopped and moved her to the center of the bed. He took the belt from her silk robe and wrapped it around her wrist and tied it off to the bedpost. He took his belt off and did the same with the other wrist.

Jeanie gave no fight to this action as she had total trust for this man. He was the gentlest and most caring lover she had ever known. After tying her, he came from the side of the bed and leaned across her and took her right nipple in his mouth. At the same time this revealed his left nipple close by her mouth and she hungrily sucked it into her mouth. Being a large man, he had enough breast for her to get a good grip on with her mouth. She sucked his nipple until it was rock hard.

Each of them were trying to make the others nipple harder. It was a contest enjoyed by all. He pulled away and went around the bed and repeated the same action with the opposite breast. He then climbed off the bed and finished removing his clothes. She noticed he was sporting a nice erection of a usable size.

He climbed back on the bed and got on his knees. He knelt close to her breast and took his cock and rubbed it over the nipple. With his other hand, he fondled her clit between his thumb and forefinger. He then inserted his middle finger completely into her pussy. Pulling back, he revealed the finger glistening with her juice. He put the finger in his mouth and slowly licked the sweet, sticky nectar from his finger. He repeated this action but put the glistening finger in Jeanie’s mouth. She hungrily licked the sticky goo from her finger. Could anything taste better she thought. She moaned loudly as he removed the finger.

He straddled her and dove his head into her pussy. He was licking her clit like a man possessed. As he did this, he angled his ass to her face. Without thinking, she arched her tongue into his hole and he pushed it even closer for her. She was rimming his hole when she realized that one of her hands was free because her wriggling had loosened his belt.

She could have pretended that nothing had happened and decided to seize the moment instead. She found the jelly vibe rolling on the bed. She stuck the end in her mouth and again tasted her own sweet nectar. She licked it off replacing it with her slick saliva. She then pressed it to his honey hole and slid about three inches into him.

Anticipating a jump from him that never came, he moaned a joyful sound and begged her to push it in further. Jeanie was ecstatic. A man who could take it as well as give it. She pressed the vibe as far into his ass as she could and then turned it on. She was not sure, but his cock rubbing on her chest seemed to get harder.

As she fucked his ass, she could feel him meeting her rhythm on her pussy. If she changed, he changed. He was totally in tune to her and her needs. The faster she fucked his ass, the faster he went at her clit and pussy…They were truly melding as one.

Part 2 Cumming Soon…

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