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What Mama Don’t Know Ch. 2

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(Author’s note: Although her father refers to her as his “baby”, we established in Chapter 1 that Marcie is legally an adult.)

* * * * *

On the way home the next afternoon, I stopped and picked up a couple of shortie bathrobes for Marcie and myself. There was no point in messing up her dress and cumming in my clean pants every morning, assuming that this was going to keep on happening.

My investment paid off handsomely the next morning. Marcie lounged openly in the doorway to the bathroom. Her robe was wide open as she fingered her cunt, giving me the best view yet of her treasures as I stroked my massive manhood.

After I blew my nuts and she blew whatever it is that women blow, the robe came in very handy again when she was still in it as the bus went by.

“Oops. Missed it again. Are you going to spank me again, Daddy?”, she asked somewhat wistfully.

“Yes I am, little lady. You have to learn to be more responsible.” I was going to tell her to lie across my lap again, but she was already crawling on board. Somehow, her robe came open as she slid across my lap, and so did mine. This put her bare tits directly against my leg, trapping my prick between them.

I poured it on, just like the day before, and she reacted the same. She wiggled, she bounced and she slid across my knees, pulling yet another gob of goo out of my overworked balls as she went off. “How long can a grown man continue getting off twice a day before work?”, I wondered.

Today, Marcie had left her panties off completely as she toyed with her cunt all the way to school, in plain view of her old man, but still without directly acknowledging she was doing it. I was about to ask if she planned to go to school bare-assed, but as we approached the campus, she took a pair from her purse and slid them on.

“Bye, Daddy. Thanks for the ride.”

Not a word from my apprentice flagellant about our mutual masturbation session.

“Any time, Kid.”

At breakfast the next morning, Marcie asked, “Can you help me with something, Daddy?”

“Anything, Kiddo.”

She straddled my lap, opening her robe in the process and asked, “The school nurse was telling us how to test ourselves for breast cancer, but I’m not sure I’m doing it right. Will you check it for me? I don’t want to get cancer.”

“Well, just let Dr. Dad check those puppies out. We’ll see if there is any chance that your tits are going to fall off any time soon.”

“Oh, Daddy. You’re so funny”, she giggled, as she performed some more of her patented squirming.

By the time I had completed a very thorough examination of every potential lump in my baby’s tits, she had managed somehow to trap my sizable erection between her thighs. The head of my dick was sticking up between my baby’s thighs, rubbing against her clit, while I fondled her tits.

Still, she made no overt acknowledgment of the fact. Ok, if that’s the way she preferred it, so be it. I was happy to enjoy her in any way that was comfortable to her. If she needed to act as if we were performing a vital health service while I played with her tits and she rubbed herself off against my prick, then who was I to question my good luck?

Pre-dick-tably enough, it wasn’t all that long before she stiffened and clamped her legs together so tightly, I was amazed that my head didn’t just pop off. I had been getting off so often lately that I might not have gotten my rocks that time if she hadn’t reached down and grabbed the head of my dick to force it harder against her clit as she came.

It worked. She came, she saw, she conquered. She matter-of-factly kept holding my scum-spurting head against her engorged pussy lips as she rode up and down on my lap. When she rubbed the ropes of cum around on her belly and started licking her fingers, I shot another wad I had no idea I was saving.

Another ride to school with my baby rubbing her clit and slipping pants on at the last minute. I could learn to like this if I tried hard enough.

The next morning, Marcie was nowhere to be found. There bahis firmaları was no half naked teenager lounging in the doorway of the bathroom as I showered. Had she suddenly had enough or decided that it wasn’t the right thing to do? I was frantic. I threw on my robe and ran down the hall to her room to see what was going on.

As I burst into her room, she was still in bed, apparently asleep, with the sheet down to her waist, uncovering two of the most beautiful tits I had ever seen. I pulled the sheet the rest of the way off her luscious naked body.

“Marcie! Get up! It’s late! You’ve overslept!”

She blinked her eyes open and made no mention of the fact that she was nude and my rigid dick was sticking out of my robe right in her face.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I’ve been a very bad girl. I guess you’ll have to spank me again.” She got on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed, with her tight little ass almost touching my bursting dick, waiting for her punishment to begin.

Oh, how I wanted to lean forward the few inches that separated us and ram the entire length of my enormous dick in that sweet pussy that was winking at me. However, I somehow managed to control myself to the point of only resting it in the crack of her ass while I smacked her cheeks.

After a few good smacks, she pulled forward enough to let my dick fall below her cunt and reached back with one hand to hold it against her pussy lips again, like she had done during our “breast cancer” checkup yesterday.

The combined effects of her riding my dick and my slapping her ass caused us both to get off very quickly. This was becumming a habit!

By unspoken agreement, we continued to pleasure each other every morning, without ever acknowledging that we were flaunting taboos. Any time her mother wasn’t around to see her, Marcie would quite openly play with her pussy and her tits in plain view of my greedy eyes. Likewise, I felt free to be quite open in pleasuring myself at these times.

Sue kept up her early-to-bed routine so she could be out of the house by six. This left Marcie and I together alone in the family room for a couple of hours every night. She would curl her legs under her ass on the couch and stick two fingers in her cunt while I stroked my massive hardon, as we pretended to watch TV.

One evening, as we got bolder and bolder, I stuck in a porno flick I had rented just for the occasion. It showed a guy about my age pouring the coal to a young girl that could have been Marcie’s age. Marcie watched in fascination as the girl sucked the guy off, then sat on his fat dick.

My heart skipped a beat as my baby daughter took all this in, then came to sit next to me on the couch. I’m still sitting there with my dick in my hand and she is still pretending we are having a tea party.

She almost absent-mindedly reached a small hand out to touch my bursting prick that seemed to grow even bigger when she touched it. Her eyes grew wide as she found that she could barely reach around it with both hands.

I sat back and let her have full access to the fatherly cock and balls, with no restrictions on how or what she might do with them.

She must have spent an hour just squeezing and stroking my big prick. She weighed my balls in her hands and measured all the dimensions of the “arm” she was holding. It wasn’t the first time she had seen it, obviously, but it was the first time she “saw” it. By the time she stuck a tentative tongue tip in my pisshole, she knew every mm of my dick.

I sat very still, not wanting to disturb the moment. Whatever she decided to do was ok with me, whether it was to go to bed and dream of other things, or straddle me and fuck the hell out of herself on her daddy’s dick. Either way was all right by me.

Very slowly, she bent her head forward, further and further, until the head of her daddy’s dick was completely inside her mouth, but her mouth was so wide open that nothing touched me except her breath, which was driving me insane. It was as close as I’ve ever been to blowing my nuts kaçak iddaa without touching myself or being touched.

She kept me in this condition for what seemed like an eternity, then slowly sat up, smiled at me and went to bed. As hard as I was, and as close to coming as I had been, it seemed like I should do the same. After the sustained subtlety of her lovemaking, a common jackoff seemed like some sort of sacrilege.

Somehow, I managed to calm my nerves sufficiently to drop off to sleep. Sue was snoring away beside me and I was greatly tempted to ram my dick through her nightgown to relieve the intense pressure in my balls, but I thought I owed it to Marcie to save it for morning.

As it turned out, I guess I saved it for myself as much as anyone, because the load I blew over the shower door was the most massive of my life. What an explosion! Fittingly, the first gob flew out of the shower stall and landed on Marcie’s face as she watched her daddy do his morning jack off.

The rest of the morning was a repeat of the day before. Marcie now leaned openly against her door with one foot in my lap while she rubbed her cunt for me on the ride to school. I could hardly wait for Sue to go to bed that night. The anticipation of the unknown delights in store for me with my innocent young daughter was driving me wild.

Without a word, Marcie started the tape at a section she had cued up before I got home, then sat beside me on the couch, as before. This time, however, she did not reach for my prick, but kept her eyes on the porno, where the guy was going down on the young girl.

“Oho!”, I thought. “This is what we want.” I slid to the floor between my daughter’s thighs and gently stroked her silky legs that opened wide to allow me access to everything she had, just as I had done for her last night.

I reached into the end table where Sue and I kept the massage oil we used to use before she changed her shift. I warmed the bottle in my hands then spread it liberally on my baby’s peach-fuzz-covered thighs.

Marcie moaned as she settled back into the cushions and closed her eyes. I slid her ass closer to the edge of the couch to give me better access to her dripping cunt lips and began a slow, teasing, exploration of every fold of her semi-virginal pussy.

I used every trick in my book to titillate and torture her pussy. I even slid one finger in her cunt and another up her ass while flicking my tongue over her fully aroused and erect clit.

I could feel it coming a long way off and knew that she was building up to a record shattering orgasm, before backing off, leaving her gasping for breath. She looked at me with pain in her eyes, but wouldn’t finish it off herself, or ask me to. She saw that it was payback for last night and recognized that the pain might well be worth it, based on the ferociousness of my orgasm this morning.

Our steadily escalating relationship took one more step the next morning, when Marcie joined me in the shower. As usual, she didn’t speak or acknowledge what she was doing. She simply opened the shower door and came in. She lathered herself thoroughly, then went to work on me. When we were completely sudsed, she reached between her legs and stuck my dick between her legs so she could ride it like a wagon tongue as she rocked back and forth on it. She hummed to herself as she rode and held it tight against her pussy lips without any attempt to slide it into the tight little heaven my balls were begging for.

There was no surprise when she began shaking. Her body had been giving off signals for five minutes that a nubile volcano was about to erupt. I don’t know how long it had been since she breathed, or since I had, for that matter. All I know is that my body seemed to be holding back a torrent of cum, to avoid turning it loose before the proper time.

When Marcie finally cut loose, so did I. My cum mingled with the suds at her cunt as she wilted in my arms. If I hadn’t caught her, she would have collapsed on the floor of the shower room. I quickly rinsed us both off kaçak bahis enough to prevent too big a mess and easily carried her light, lithe, body to her bed.

“Just rest a few minutes, Baby. I’ll call in sick for both of us and we’ll take the day off.” I tucked her in as she curled up in a contented ball, with her finger in her mouth, like she always used to do when she was younger.

What a treat! I laid beside her and held her in my arms while she slept, until a stray sunbeam caught her eye just right and wakened my sleeping beauty.

“Oh! Hi, Daddy”, she piped, as if she weren’t completely naked and half lying across mer daddy’s big dick. “I had a little nap”, she informed me as she absent-mindedly stroked my prick. “Wake up!”, she shouted jokingly at my dick as she slapped it into a full stand.

“Know what I’d like to do?” she quizzed as she continued to stroke my painfully distended prick.

“What, Baby? Anything you want, you can do.” What could I deny this angel-faced darling who was bringing me such intense pleasure that increased daily?

“I want to see if this thing will fit into me without tearing me apart.” It was the first time she had openly acknowledged the idea of fucking me.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” I asked, hoping against hope that she wanted it more than anything in the world.

“More than anything in the world!” she declared as she raised herself up to straddle her father’s loins.

“In that case, we better help things along a bit. Come up higher for a minute. You’re going to need a little preparation.” I pulled her ass toward me until she was sitting on my chin. What a beautiful sight! This pink passion flower that was soon to be split by my huge pole needed the advantage of a good licking to get it ready.

When Marcie could take no more licking without dissolving, she looked me straight in the eye and raised her ass over the end of my prick. Slowly, very slowly, she lowered herself onto it. Inch by fearsome inch disappeared inside her slender body as I tried desperately to remain still when my whole being was urging me to ram it to the bottom of her tender pussy.

She must have done something ahead of time to get rid of that nuisance of a cherry, because there was no interruption of her steady ride to heaven. Perhaps one of her schoolmates had popped it for her, but without opening the road wide enough for my load.

Finally, she sat, triumphantly, astride my prick, with the entire shaft buried within her tiny body. “Look, Daddy, I did it!”, she beamed, as if she had managed to do a somersault for the first time. The fact that my dick was buried within the tightest, hottest, most fantastic glove it had ever experienced was not mentioned.

For perhaps fifteen minutes, she just sat there in wonder. A minor quiver ran through her body from time to time, but basically, she just sat there and let her body adjust itself to the intrusion of my enormous prick.

When I began to wonder how long I could remain hard without motion of any sort, her pussy started to make tiny spasms, clenching my dick like a hand. The spasms remained subtle, but increased in frequency until my back arched away from the bed, raising my baby high into the air.

“Ride’em, Cowboy!”, she sang out as she kicked her heels into my thighs.

This was more than I could endure without relief. Such a massive stream of cum flowed out of my prick into the depths of her tight pussy that I wondered how it could stay in there.

My question was answered as she reached her own peak of ecstasy. The contractions of her pussy caused by the intensity of her orgasm squeezed out not only my cum, but massive quantities of what must have been female cum. The bed was soaked. “Better clean that up before Sue gets home”, I thought.

Little did I know that Sue had doubled back that morning, to check the progress of her plan.

“I wondered how long it would take for you two to get together”, she said from the doorway.

My blood ran cold. Was this the end of life as we knew it?

“Marcie, you’ve been a bad, bad girl”, she said as she stripped off her clothes. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to spank you.”

Marcie laid across her mother’s bare legs as my dick rose again. “Yes, Mommy.”

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