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Whipped Cream , Strawberries

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Sitting in the hotel room, getting to know each other better, talking and touching… hands entwined, thumbs stroking. Eventually soft kisses, tender caresses… as our body heat rises… until it is palpable between us. Over on the dresser sit two beautiful bowls, one with creamy sweet whipped cream and the other fresh red strawberries.

I get up and go over to them… reaching in to take a strawberry then dipping it slowly in the cream… turning it… covering it. I walk back at sit the bowls on the nightstand besides us and sit back down facing you. I smile and lift the strawberry to my mouth. Sticking my tongue out to lick the cream off slowly… then sliding my tongue back inside my mouth… closing my eyes and moaning as I feel it melt in my mouth, and swallowing it down my throat.

Opening my eyes again to meet your hot gaze. I place the strawberry to my lips and suck on it… tasting the sweet juice… sliding it in all the way and squishing it… savoring the flavor and texture… chewing it, eyes closed… and swallowing. Then I reach for another… cover it in whipped cream and lift it to you lips. Watching you lick off the cream and watching your tongue… then slipping the strawberry inside… my finger following… feeling your lips cover my finger and suck it… erotically… causing me to shiver…

Moving my hand to cup your face, caressing your cheek. Rubbing my thumb over your lips… leaning forward to place a gentle kiss on you lips… running my tongue over them. Your lips open, inviting me inside… and I merge my mouth with yours… kissing you deeply and passionately… tasting each other… tongues playing. I grasp you tongue between my lips and suck on it… hearing you groan and grab my body, pulling me towards you.

Feeling your hands move under my shirt and slide between us. Pulling back slightly as you lift my shirt and lower your head, nuzzling my cleavage. I feel you lips tug at my bra and you fingers undoing the clasp… running my fingers through your hair… Your hands lifting my shirt and peeling off the bra. I feel the air brush my skin and your hot gaze upon me. I watch as you reach for the bowl and close my eyes as I feel you place cold whipped cream on both breasts… covering my nipples.

I open my büyükesat escort eyes to see your sweet face lower and you hands lift one breast, cupping it as you lips surround my nipple, licking the cream… I moan deeply and run my fingers through your hair, immersed in sweet sensation, feeling my body grow hot and weak… trembling as you move your lips across my chest… licking your way to my other nipple… I am moaning and telling you how much I want you… how much I need you. You feel my body moving and rubbing against yours.

You lift your self and I remove your shirt. Stroking your hot skin… fingers dancing over your chest and stomach. I feel your deep inhalation of breath and then you slide lower… down my body, peeling my pants off… and then my panties. I feel your hot breath on my thighs… your lips teasing my skin… Then you leave me for a moment and return and I feel you sliding a cream covered strawberry through my lips… softly caressing up and down… circling my clit then moving lower… You leave the strawberry held between my lips at my entrance… and you begin to lick off the cream… your sweet lips lapping at my pussy… causing my to writhe and moan… my thighs tightening around you… then I feel you take the strawberry with your tongue and chew it… chewing gently at my lips… then your tongue plunging inside while your hands lift my ass and draw me closer to you… feeling your mouth so hot… moaning and writhing… begging for you to fill me… but you keep going until you feel my legs tighten… my muscles grab at your tongue and my body erupts in spasms….. coming over you… pouring out its sweetness…

My breathing is still rapid as you raise your self over me and I meet your hot gaze… spreading my legs and telling you how much I want your body… how much I need you to take me now… you smile and lowering your face… kiss me deeply as I feel your cock rub against my wet pussy… Then I feel you slowly enter me. I moan against your lips, “Mmmm… baby…”

You push inside… deeply, immersed in hot wetness… feeling my warm pussy surrounding your hardness… I feel your cock pulsing inside as I grab at it with my muscles and squeeze and hold it there… then releasing you çankaya escort to slide out slowly and plunge back inside. Then I clutch your back and lift my hips to meet your powerful slow thrusts, in and out, over and over… slowly building up the pressure… the erotic sensations. Meeting your eyes… smiling sweetly at you… whispering “Now, baby…” and then feel your hard thrusts pounding into me… arching my back to feel your lips on my breasts… You feel my muscles squeezing you and my warmth flowing over you, making it slicker and tighter.

I hear you whisper, “Oh, sweet pet…” as you move quicker and quicker. I watch you above me… your face tense… your moans as you thrust harder inside me… clutching you body to mine as you jerk inside me… loving watching you come… feeling you spurt inside me… filling me… merging with me… meeting you lips and kissing you deeply… rolling together. Resting side by side, bodies still merged… sweat soaked, hot against each other… lying close together… warm and sated… comfortable and soothed. Holding you close as we drift off, hands lightly caressing then falling still mine resting on your chest and yours cupping my breasts… drifting… floating… sleeping.


Later you wake up, feeling my weight on your legs… you look down and groan, seeing the results of what I must have been doing for several minutes now. I sure look like I’ve been enjoying myself. You can tell by the soft smile I bestow upon you as I notice that you have awakened. You see that I have arranged several strawberries in whipped cream around the base of your already hard, upright cock. I lean up to prop a pillow behind your head and place a soft kiss upon your cheeks, your nose, your eyes, and then I attack your lips, forcing my tongue inside, kissing you deeply.

I feel you fingers caressing my full breasts… and moan against your mouth, before I slip down your body, resting between your legs. You watch as I lean my head down and slip my tongue out to eat the first strawberry. You feel my tongue rub against your skin… nearing your cock. You watch me lap up the whip cream, take the strawberry in my mouth and chew it and swallow. You hear me, “Mmmmmm…” as I savor its taste.

I ankara escort look down at your cock, growing stiffer and reach down with my mouth to capture the next berry. You feel my cheek brushing your hardness, my hair falling over it as I suck out the berry and devour it. I eye the last berry and looking into your eyes, I reach for it… lift it up to my lips and begin to lick the cream off slowly while my hand begins to caress your stiff cock. You watch my tongue slip around it… tasting it, feel my hand stroking you lightly.

I slip the berry in my mouth and then lower my mouth over your cock. I swallow your cock into my warm creamy mouth and begin to suck… rolling the berry in my mouth. You feel my lips caressing your hardness… the berry rolling around your cock. I slide my lips back and devour the strawberry before returning to suck lovingly upon you cock. You watch my mouth making love to your cock, licking it inside my mouth, my fingers caressing the base. You hear me moan as I feel your sweet cock begin to throb in my mouth.

I hear you groaning out loud as I reach down to caress your thighs… stroking your hot skin… moving upwards to capture your balls in my soft hands, rolling them in my fingers… all the time stroking my wet lips up and down you hardening cock… throbbing now hot and hard in my mouth… I lift my head look into your eyes, still stroking you slowly with my fingers… and ask you if you would like to cum in my mouth. You nod, eyes glazed, your body trembling as my fingers rub your cock firmly… sliding up and down your stiffness…

I grin and lean down and swallow your entire cock… rubbing and sucking on it… sucking hard… tightening my lips around your cock… stroking your ass… pulling you into me… sucking and licking you until I feel the blood rush… your cock jerk… over and over again… spurting your hot sweet cum down my throat. I draw it all out with my lips stroking you as you cum hard and fast… seemingly forever… until at last your body stops trembling. I kiss your thighs… your hips… your stomach. Placing light kisses up your chest until I get to your face. I hear your breath still short and deep… slowing gradually as you feel the relaxation flow throughout your body.

Meeting your eyes, caressing your face, placing a soft kiss on your lips, on your eyes… kissing them closed, then snuggling down besides you to rest. Feeling your arms wrap loosely around me and your lips briefly brushing my forehead before we drift off into a blissful relaxing sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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