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Wife Chronicles Ch. 01

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Lori had entered the bar an hour earlier with every intent of following through with her plan of ‘payback’ toward her husband. She had dressed in a style to accent her ample breasts, slim waist and very long legs. Her red hair she had left down in a flowing free form of tangles and curls.

At 24 years of age, she had never been so angry with her husband of 2 years than she had been the whole time she had dressed for this trip of retribution. HER HUSBAND HAD CHEATED and now she was out for payback. Granted he had cheated on her during the time they were engaged but it had been with her BEST friend.

Neither she nor her husband Blaine had ever been intimate with anyone else – or so she had thought until his ‘confession’. She gritted her teeth as she recalled the casual way Blaine had blurted out his one nightstand with her friend. The blood boiling anger she again now felt is what had driven her out into the night.

It had been’ payback’ that had mostly driven her as she dressed for the night out. However, if she was honest there was also a sense of curiosity. The same curiosity that had led her husband to cheat on her now led her to sit in the bar the past hour or so. The curiosity of what it would be like to have sex with someone else.

He was the only man she had ever been with and while she had heard stories from her girlfriends of how wonderful sex was and how much they enjoyed orgasms, the idea of orgasms during sex was something Lori, having never really experienced one, could never fully grasp. She was a little curious about what sex with someone other than her husband would be like though. She was interested in addition, about whether the danger and excitement of a lover might push her into actually experiencing the big “O”. She had always wondered why her girlfriends spoke of frequent orgasms while she had never experienced one.

Now, after an hour of sitting in the bar, rethinking her plan, she had decided to forget the whole idea. She spun her self in the bar stool, around toward the exit to leave.

“Hi,” came a voice behind her, “you’re new here aren’t you?” Lori spun back around slowly and looked at the young man who was staring back at her. He was tall, about 6′ 3″ she would estimate, dark-haired and about her age she guessed.

“Uh, yes I guess you could say I am new here,” she laughed, nervously batting her eyelids. Maybe, she could go through with it she thought as she stared at the young man. “My name is Lori,” she smiled as she reached out her hand in greeting.

“Well Lori, nice to meet you. I’m Tim and I’m a regular at this bar — for the last month anyway,” laughed the young man, as he took in the beauty of this young vision before him. “You know it really isn’t safe for a woman as beautiful as you to be sitting alone, especially out in the open like this. Here let me show you to a quiet booth so you can enjoy your drink away from all the lechers in here. If you’d like company I’m more than willing to join you.”

“Dee-lighted,” Lori said as she hopped down from the bar stool and followed Tim to the back of the bar toward a secluded booth. She couldn’t help noticing the rather large bulge in the front of Tim’s jeans as she slid into the booth… it made her blush and wonder what that bulge held. She could not ever recall seeing such a bulge in her husband’s jeans. ‘Ha,’ she thought to herself with a smile, ‘serve him right if this guy was an inch or two bigger.’

For the next hour and half the two chatted and laughed and became maltepe escort comfortable with each other, almost as if they had know each other for years and years. Tim shared that his girlfriend had moved away three months ago and he came to the bar looking for occasional ‘company’ but, other than the bartender Cliff, had found no one to really talk with, “until now,” he said. Lori shared that she was married and why it was she had ventured out that evening. She spoke of how angry she was with her husband and how she dreaded returning home knowing that he would be there.

“You can always come to my place and spend the night,” offered Tim. He laughed to fill the awkward pause, which followed and quickly added, “I have a spare room.”

He smiled his biggest grin and Lori tilted her head back and giggled, her shoulders rising and falling, along with her breasts in the silk dress she had worn. “Alright… I accept your generous offer,” she grinned. “Great,” Tim replied, “I only live a short walk from here.”

As the two exited the bar, into the night, Tim turned backward to walk facing Lori. In this way, they quietly walked the four blocks to Tim’s apartment. Along the way Tim couldn’t help noticing that in the slightly chilled night air Lori’s nipples had hardened under the sheer silk dress and that occasionally she blushed as her gaze slipped to his somewhat growing package between his legs. He smiled self-assuredly as they climbed the steps to the apartment door.

Tim fumbled with the keys and finally clicked open the lock. As they entered into the apartment Tim clicked on the light switch and in the midst of saying “Welcome to…” Lori reached out her hand and placed it upon Tim’s chest, leaned forward, went to her tiptoes and gently kissed him on the lips.

Tim’s response was immediate as he pulled her toward him, parted his lips and probed her mouth with his tongue. A moan escaped Lori’s mouth, as the kiss was broken. “Are you sure?” Tim asked. Lori nodded.

Without a moment’s pause, Tim put his fingers on the two thin straps of Lori’s dress and pulled them over her shoulders. With a slight wiggle the dress slipped quickly to her ankles and Lori was nude except for her pink satin panties.

“Fuck,” Tim whispered as he stared at the suddenly nude Lori. Lori laughed softly at his expletive, which seemed out of place and yet strangely appropriate with his adoring and hungry eyes. His eyes darted all over her body seeking to take in her medium sized breasts, flat belly, slim waist, gently sloping panty line down to just a hint of pubic hair.

Finally, he rested his gaze on her eyes. “You’re beautiful… fuck, oh fuck you are incredible,” Tim stepped forward and forcefully kissed her again on the lips, moving quickly down her neck to her collar bone and then further down to her breasts. He licked her nipples until he heard her moan in pleasure.

Tim straightened back up and took her head gently between his hands and looking into her eyes said, “You’re mine, right? You’ll be with me tonight, right? You’ll do whatever I say, right?”

“Yes, oh fuck yes, whatever you say, whatever you want,” Lori sighed as she stepped into his arms. Lori started to quickly unbutton Tim’s shirt but not quite fast enough for Tim so, he took each side of his shirt and pulled them apart. Buttons flying everywhere, Lori gasped when she saw the smooth pec muscles come into view. In many ways, Tim reminded her of her husband, Blaine, except perhaps that mamak escort Blaine was just a smaller version, and Tim had that large bulge between his legs.

Tim took her hands and placed them at his waist upon the buckle to his belt. “Undo me,” Tim commanded. Lori smiled and began to undo the buckle. After the belt was removed, Tim put his hands upon her shoulders and gently pushed down so that Lori sank to her knees, her face in front of his crotch and the bulge that had grown even larger. She reached up, fumbled with the button to his jeans, and then slid the zipper down. Tim was wearing no underwear, so his dark pubic bush was the first thing to come into view as she slid his jeans down.

As Lori slid the jeans down farther, her eyes got wider and wider as more and more cock came into view. It seemed to go on forever, until finally his uncut cock was freed. It sprang forward, pointing up like some proud gigantic rocket. It was HUGE. There was no other word for it but HUGE… his cock was gigantic… and it had matching balls.

The compressed bulge now free both startled and scared her. “Oh my god,” Lori gasped looking up at Tim from her kneeling position.

“You like my big cock?” Tim asked grinning.

“I don’t know… it is so big… I’m not sure I can take such a big… thing,” Lori said as she started to rise.

“It’s not a ‘thing’,” laughed Tim, “it’s a cock.” Tim put his hand on her head and held her to her knees. “Hey, you said you’d do what I want, right. So, trust me… I know how to make you CUM. You ever really CUM before?”

Lori shook her head no and Tim said, “Suck me, go on start sucking my huge cock… I’ll get you ready to take my huge dick and you will cum for the first time. Okay?”

Lori nodded yes, as she took the fat prick in her hands. She wrapped both hands around the thick shaft, though neither hand could fit all the way around. She could not help but think of how she had never ever sucked her husband and about how much smaller her husband’s penis was. She grinned, ‘ha,’ she thought, ‘this will show him.’

“Go on suck it,” Tim said. Lori looked up from her kneeling position, looked at Tim’s eyes, and raised her eyebrows. Tim grinned down, “What?” he asked, wanting her to say what he knew she was going to say.

“It’s… it’s so… big… really big… so fucking BIG. I didn’t know they got this big! It’s got to be 9 inches long!”

Tim laughed and said, “Yeah 9.2 inches long and 6 inches around. So… your husband is more average size I take it.” He smiled.

“Uh huh,” she nodded as she began licking his cockhead.

“Oh yeah, suck that cock”, moaned Tim as he watched her pull his dickhead into her mouth, sucking cock for the first time in her life.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Tim continued, “Suck my fat dick babe. My big dick knows how to make you cum, to make you feel like a woman, to complete you and make you shudder, as you get wet. You are getting wet already aren’t you, with my big cock in your mouth?”

Lori moaned her agreement, as she felt her panties grow wet with excitement. She was wetter with Tim’s cockhead in her mouth than she had ever been with Blane’s whole penis inside her pussy. She moaned as she sucked and licked.

Tim pulled her mouth toward his dick and said, “Yeah take some of my shaft babe, it is so hot to look down and see you bobbing hungrily on my man-sized meat. My cock is gonna show you what making love and fucking is all about.”

Lori continued sucking ankara escort on Tim’s cock for another fifteen minutes but she was only able to get about a quarter of the huge prick into her mouth. Finally Tim pulled her to her feet and asked, “You like sucking cock? Does it feel natural to suck on my big cock? Does it make your pussy wet?”

“Oh yeah,” Lori responded, “I’ve never been this wet in my life.”

“Ha,” Tim chuckled, “That is the way it is SUPPOSED to be, and you are about to get a whole lot wetter because I’m gonna show you what a FUCK is… for the very FIRST time and shoot my load deep inside of you.”

Instead of protesting as she knew she should, Lori moaned in agreement. Tim placed his hands on her waist and lifted her straight into the air; Lori had no option but to wrap her legs around his chest. As he slid her down his hard-muscled six-pack, Lori moaned in expectation. Her pussy slowly slid down until it rested on the top of his thick cock, her legs now wrapped around his waist.

Lori, felt the gigantic cockhead pressed against the lips of her pussy and she instinctively tensed in fear. But, Tim’s reassuring voice caused her to relax and the head of his cock slid in. She gasped as she felt the tip of his huge member pop in. Lori started to cum and scream and moan. A small amount of perspiration broke out on her forehead as she started to orgasm for the first time in her life.

“That’s right babe, I’m inside you… my cock is inside your pussy.” Lori could only gasp for air as Tim whispered in her ear, “you will never feel the same again… you’ll want my cock to fuck you again and again.” Lori gasped over and over, as she began to cum. “This is what a guy’s cock is meant to do, to make his gal feel totally complete… to fill her cunt with his cock jizz while she moans and begs for more.”

Lori moaned, knowing he was right and because Tim had begun lifting her up and down on his cock, slowly inching in the length of his cock. With each inch that entered her tight cunt, her orgasm increased in magnitude. Little gasps and screams escaped Lori’s throat as she said and begged over and over, “you are so big, you’re splitting me apart… oh fuck… don’t stop… please give me more.” Tim responded in kind, “yeah babe take my big cock… ride that fat dick… let me show you how a man fucks his woman.”

After about 30 minutes of making love in the standing position, with Lori cumming the whole time, Tim’s huge 9 plus inch cock was finally all the way inside Lori. Tim carried Lori to his bedroom, impaled upon his cock. Tim could feel her wet pussy juices running down his huge balls and the insides of his legs as he laid her on his bed.

Tim pumped his cock in and out of her well-stretched pussy. “Oh yeah babe, I want to lay you on your back and pump my load deep inside your cunt,” Tim gasped, “I want to look inside your eyes as I unload my dick sauce inside of you.

Lori screamed in renewed and heightened orgasm as Tim unloaded a huge amount of sperm inside her. He shoot load after load until cum was dripping out of her pussy. Lori used her ankles repeatedly to pull Tim’s ass toward her so his thrusts and spurts of semen matched her ebbing orgasm. Finally both spent, Tim collapsed onto the bed pulling Lori over on top of him, her legs on either side of his hips and his mammoth cock, though softening, still embedded deep inside her.

Lori thought to herself, ‘I don’t know what I’m going to do now but I know I am NOT giving THIS up.’ And Tim thought, ‘Damn it was fun to show her what a man-sized cock can do… I wonder if it would be fun to show her husband.” They both smiled.


Let me know if you like… if you want more… or if you have other story ideas (give description of characters and plot).

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