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Wild Child Ch. 07 – Epilogue Pt. 02

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Faye picked up her purse. She knew what she wanted, and she was resolute. Now that he had kissed her, she had to know.

Now that she had come this far, she had to go through with it.

She checked with one of the bridesmaids who had the guest lists. Called the hotel, pretended to be Tristan’s sister, found the room number he was staying in.

That night, she went to the hotel. In the lift, she looked at her dark hair, smoothed down her dress and exited the elevator lightly when the bell sounded on the 15th floor.

She knocked once, twice.

Tristan opened the door. When he saw her, his face darkened.

“What do you want,” he said, lowly.

“You know what I want,” Faye answered. She pushed past him into the room.

He was the same, after all, after all those years.

A single luggage bag in the corner, barely any evidence of habitation in the sparse room, a pressed white shirt on a hanger in the open closet.

“Just one night.”

“Excuse me?” Tristan said.

He turned and looked at the woman who had filled his dreams for years and years.

She stood beside the double bed, in a skimpy black dress, with an expression that was resolute, defiant.

“One night,” she said. “You owe me that. After all this time. And I will go home to my… my job, and my single apartment, and… and no Kitty, and no..”

To her shock she felt her eyes fill with hot tears, spilling over.

“No you.”

Tristan watched her with an unreadable face. He had known many sides of Faye, in their time together, but this – this he did not know.

He stepped closer to her and pulled her in his arms, stroking her hair and wiping her tears away with his thumbs.

Tucking her fringe behind her ears, he held her face in both hands and looked at her.

Faye returned his gaze, with soft, large eyes, pleading.

“One night,” he said, immediately kicking himself in the gut as he uttered the words.

Relief flushed over her, and Tristan too, as he lowered his mouth to hers.

She tasted like sex. Like decadent pleasure, and hours of sensation, naked skin, teasing, dark orgasms.

He felt himself swelling in his jeans. Reaching up, he pulled the straps of her dress down, palming her delicate shoulders as he swept his tongue into her mouth, feeling his arousal spike between his legs.

“Tristan,” Faye gasped, feeling his weight on her finally, as he pushed her gently on the bed.

Still fully clothed, he moved his mouth down her neck, cresting the swell of her breasts. She breathed in shallow bursts.

“Take this büyükesat escort off,” he said in a deep, lust-edged voice. Obeying, Faye sat up and pulled the scrap of a dress over her head, tossing it into the corner.

His eyes went dark, looking at her in her lace bra and panties. She felt her pussy lips swelling with arousal as his gaze went to the juncture of her thighs.

She was exquisite, as ever. All hot eyes and soft flesh, musky and sweet, the heady smell of her arousal filling his senses.

Tristan pushed her down onto the bed, reaching behind her to slip the cups of her bra off. He pulled the fabric away and leaned back to take in the sight.

Flushing, Faye looked up at him.

“Surely you remember,” she said.

Wordlessly, Tristan bent his head to her breasts, suckling a nipple as he reached down her body with his hand, pushing her legs apart.

Faye sighed, breathing harder as she felt his fingers move up her thigh. He paused at the apex of her legs before pressing them so they fell open to him.

He paused.

“What?” She breathed. He looked down at her, and a slight smile curved his lips.

“Tell me what you want,” he said. She bristled under him, unable to contain her desire.

“You know what I want,” she answered throatily, bucking up against him to feel his erection pressing between her hips.

“You want me to touch you here?” Tristan replied, moving his fingers over the crotch of her panties.

Faye uttered a moan. “Ye-es.”

Her pussy lips were soft and full, and already he could feel her moistness beneath the cloth. Tristan grew harder in his pants and he shook his head slightly.

“Here?” He repeated, stroking down the front of her panties, feeling her swollen clit. She gasped, and he rolled the flesh lightly between his fingers.

Her darkening, unfocused eyes near undid him.

He pulled her underwear down her legs and felt her flesh with his bare fingers.

“So wet,” he breathed, fumbling against her, slipping a finger into her folds. She mewled beneath him, arching against his touch.

He pressed two fingers into her, flexing his thumb against her clit.

Helpless, Faye ground against Tristan’s fingers. He was rubbing her ache, stoking it. She flexed against him, needing more.

“Please,” she breathed.

He lifted his torso off her and leaned down, kissing her neck, down her breasts, stomach.

Drugged, she looked down and saw his handsome face between her legs, his arms folded around her thighs and resting on her belly.

A çankaya escort roguish smile curved his lips.

“Haven’t had this view in years,” he said.

Faye looked at the ceiling and grinned.

“Neither have I- oh..”

He opened his mouth on her pussy without warning, sliding his tongue lavishly over her slit in one stroke.

She shuddered under him, and he pressed his lips into her wet folds, licking her fleshy clit and tasting her juices.

“Why do you taste so good,” he said in a low voice. He reached up and pushed one finger, then two, inside her.

She groaned, pressing his head into her crotch as he ate her out, flexing fingers into her core, stroking her ache as he licked her.

“Please,” Faye gasped. He did not relent, moving his head from side to side, his soft lips suckling at her flesh, his mouth devouring her pussy, his tongue moving up and down her slit, dipping into her, tasting her, his fingers stroking faster and faster into her.

She clenched her legs together and shuddered.

Tristan ate her orgasm. Fevered, he felt her begin to cum, and took her deeper into his mouth, tasting her bittersweet musk, her juices coating his lips and fingers, staining the sides of his cheeks. He licked her relentlessly, coaxing her to orgasm as her muscles convulsed, her legs clasped him to her centre, drawing out her pleasure.

With a soft cry, Faye collapsed back onto the bed, releasing her grip on Tristan.

“Good?” He asked, sitting up. She looked down at him. He had her juices smeared all over his mouth. It made her still-throbbing pussy ache.

“So good, you won’t believe,” she answered.

He let out a small chuckle, climbing onto the bed and laying beside her.

She flipped over to straddle him. He looked up at her, smiling softly.

“I’ve thought about this so many times,” Faye said, undoing the buttons on his shirt. His eyes grew serious and he clutched her wrist.

“So have I. But you must know, it’s just one night.”

She stilled for a moment, wrestling within herself, before nodding.

She pulled his shirt over his head, then knelt between his legs and undid his pants, tugging them off as he raised his hips to help.

He lay there in his boxers, the soft light from the hotel lamps casting shadows on his face.

“You’re so handsome,” Faye murmured. She reached for Tristan’s face and opened her mouth on his. He took her kiss and returned it, stroking her cheek.

She could feel the curve of him, hot and hard, pressing into her crotch.

She ankara escort ground onto it, revelling in his desire for her, before lifting herself off him and kneeling between his legs.

“Do you still like the same things?” She mused, toying with the dark hair that feathered Tristan’s skin from his belly button and into his boxers.

His eyes turned dark as he watched her, stroking him through his shorts. He stifled a grunt, flexing into her palm.

Faye smiled to herself as she pulled down the fabric of his boxers and exposed the fleshy crown of his cock, turgid and glistening.

Decadently, she sucked the musky flesh into her mouth.

He groaned audibly, trying to push more of himself into her lips.

She pulled away, pressing him back into the bed and taking his cock in her hand.

She ran her tongue up and down its girth, skirting around the crown of the head but never really giving him what he wanted.

Impatient, Tristan bucked against her, trying to push her head down onto his aching flesh.

She teased him with her light touches, her half-sucks, until his cock stood rock-hard, trembling.

Then, meeting his eyes with hers, she pressed her tightened lips down the full length of his cock, taking his entire girth into her throat.

His eyes rolled back into his head as he surrendered to the pleasure.

After she had sucked him near into ecstasy, Tristan sat up abruptly and flipped her onto her back.

“Enough,” he said gruffly. He pushed her legs apart, angled himself at her entrance and pressed his hips into her.

He entered her deeply, and she gasped at the sweet pleasure of his full, hard cock filling her.

He dropped his head into her clavicle and flexed heavily into her. They were slick and moist where they were joined, her juices coating both their crotches, and she felt nothing but sensation as he thrust strongly into her, feeling his stiff cock pushing against her deep ache inside and his abdomen running over her engorged, wet clit.

He propped himself up on his forearms and laced his fingers with hers, pressing her arms above her head and into the pillows.

“You wanted me to fuck you,” he breathed, pumping into her.

“Yes, yes,” Faye gasped, shaking with the force of his thrusts.

“Is this what you wanted,” he asked, trembling as he eased his cock into her wet pussy.

“Yes. Oh, yes,” she breathed.

He pumped into her, each thrust pushing her closer and closer. As she was about to cum, he reached down and stroked her slick clit vigorously with his fingers, and she convulsed around him, her pussy muscles clenching on his cock, but he kept thrusting past the resistance.

Head thrown back, she shuddered around his pumping hips, his hand pleasuring her between her legs, her eyes rolling back, her mouth open.

Darkness, and the bliss of orgasm.

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