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Work Love Triangle Pt. 01

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I’ve never been a player, really. Once I’m with a girl I don’t go behind her back. Not out of any moral rectitude on my part, or because I don’t find other women attractive. In fact the opposite is true: I find all sorts of women attractive, and I’m not shy about checking out women even in front of a date or girlfriend. But I guess in the end I’m satisfied with one girl at a time. I’ve always been kinda lazy about putting in the time to get a girl in bed, so I can’t really imagine having a regular girlfriend and making the effort to hook up with someone else. But one time, things lined up just so and everything got…interesting.

When I was 24 years old I started bartending at a restaurant. I noticed pretty soon that there were a lot of cute waitresses on staff. Best of all, they were all really cool and down to earth. We all became friends and hung out a lot, and we went out for drinks a lot after work.

There was one girl, though, who was a little more shy. Her name was Rebecca. Not only was she shy, she was really focused on finishing college. So she didn’t really come out for drinks with us a lot, and some of the other staff kinda looked down on her for it and said she was a stuck-up nerd. Besides, you know how catty women are. But personally, I really liked her. It might have just been the fact that we always worked together, but I got to know her pretty well and it turned out we had a lot of the same interests. I’d finished college a couple of years before, so I think she liked that she could talk to me about school. And even though she didn’t dress very flashy, I could tell she had a nice curvy figure. And hiding behind her glasses was a pretty face, with big brown eyes that made me wild. Most important of all: she was smart, and I’ve always found intelligence sexy.

Problem was, she didn’t have time for any kind of romance. She came from a poor background. She had to work her ass off just to pay the portion of her tuition that he scholarships didn’t cover. All her free time was given over to studying, and there was no way she was gonna put her grades at risk. I could tell she liked me too, but she was disciplined. I respected that about her, but in the mean time I was cruising through life on Easy Mode, with zero responsibilities, and enjoying my twenties. So even though we flirted openly at work, it wasn’t in the cards for us to start going out

So one night when I went out drinking with the gang after work and a hot little blonde waitress named Kelly sat on my lap, I didn’t complain. I found Kelly attractive esat escort but we didn’t really have much in common, and to be honest she’d never expressed any interest in me. So even though I’d spent plenty of time checking her out, I was surprised when she plopped her gorgeous behind on my lap. At first I chalked it up to her being tipsy and wasn’t really planning to make a thing out of it.

Kelly had great legs and didn’t mind showing them off, and that night she was wearing a white flared skirt, almost like a tennis outfit. She had a tennis player’s build, too, tall and skinny and well-tanned. So when I noticed my hand was near her ankle I got bold and started caressing her leg. She gave no reaction, so I let my hand move further and further up her leg. I had too many drinks in me to be shy, but I let my fingers glide over her smooth skin without much pressure, unsure how far she was willing to let it go. She didn’t complain at all, in fact as I put my hand on her thigh just below the hem of her skirt she nuzzled her ass right onto my hardening cock, so I knew it was on.

Once the bar closed and everyone went to their cars, I didn’t even say a word, I just took Kelly’s hand and led her to my car’s passenger seat. She was grinning at me, so I decided to push my luck a little. I made like I was gonna kiss her, but instead I reached behind her and opened the door, playfully pushed her onto the seat, and shut the door. Then I just walked around and got in the driver’s seat. When I got in the car she was still grinning but avoiding eye contact. I knew I’d made the right move.

We drove to my apartment in silence. I turned the radio off. The weather was cool and breezy after the sweltering spring day, so I rolled down both our windows. She seemed to enjoy the breeze too, as she mussed her hair around and let out a contented moan. Then she finally turned to look at me and we locked eyes for a few seconds. “Don’t worry,” I said, “My place is really close.”

When we got to my apartment I got out and went around to her side and opened the door. She took my hand and I helped her out of her seat, and as she stood I let my hand caress her down her back to her ass, then I dropped all pretense and let my hand slide under her skirt to gently grab her cheek. I felt her cotton panties underneath, and used that hand to guide her along to my door. She didn’t say anything, or look at me. I’d known Kelly for a few months now, so I knew she wasn’t a prude, but the way she was playing coy was really electrifying.

We etimesgut escort got to my door and I unlocked it and threw it open. I flipped the switch for the light, then turned to her smiling and gestured for her to go inside. She did, grinning again, and I followed her and closed the door. She hadn’t gone far into my living room, she was just standing a foot or so away looking around the room. But I had no time for pleasantries. I took her by the elbow, gently but firmly, and turned her around. Then I kissed her. Softly at first, but as she returned the kiss I got bold and gave her some tongue too. She returned that as well. As we began making out hard, I let my hands roam down her back to her ass again. I’d been looking at that ass for a while now, and tonight I intended to have my way with it. I felt the cotton of her panties again, but this time I didn’t linger long on her round cheeks. Instead I found the waistband, and breaking off the kiss, I pulled her panties straight down. She didn’t hesitate when I knelt down, and helpfully stepped out of them without needing a prompt. I saw then that they were a cute lemon yellow color, and that they were moist. I immediately wanted to make her wet, as wet as she’d ever been. So I decided I was gonna play the generous lover and instead of standing up to kiss her or do anything else, I gently pushed her back against the wall, parted her legs, and started eating her bare pussy.

Some guys won’t eat pussy, or won’t admit to it. Not me. I love burying my face in cunt, and I guess I must be pretty good at it because I don’t get any complaints. I don’t have a set technique or anything, I just change it up. But there’s always been something really hot to me about a woman standing up getting her pussy licked. It reminds me of all the times I’ve had girls on their knees sucking my cock. I thought about this as I went to town on Kelly and decided to improvise. I grabbed her bare ass and held her firmly against my face and started giving her clit a blowjob. Using only my mouth, I teased back her hood until I revealed her pretty little clit. I licked and sucked it, even gently used my teeth to hold it while I flicked it with my tongue. Her clit got surprisingly big for how small it had appeared at first. She began moaning and rubbing herself hard against my face, and at that point I really was almost sucking her off the way I had been many times before.

I felt her pussy start to get soaked. That made me even more hungry, so I put one her legs on my shoulder to ankara escort get a better position. I drove my tongue past her swelling lips and into her pussy while massaging her clit hard with my upper lip. It wasn’t long before she was letting me know that she was cumming.

As her orgasm subsided I went more and more gently, until she was completely spent. I gave her pussy one final kiss and stood up and put my lips on hers again. She kissed me back hard and sloppy, relishing the taste of herself on my mouth. She even licked some of her juices off my chin. A few seconds of that and I just picked her up and finally took her into my bedroom. I debated having her suck my cock, which was throbbing like a pump by then. But I was enjoying the semi-dominant role I’d assumed, so instead I just put her on the bed, unzipped my pants, and just took out my cock and put it right inside her soaking pussy. I was also enjoying the fact that we hadn’t said a word the entire time. So before that could change I put my lips on hers again and didn’t stop kissing her until I was cumming inside her. I don’t usually risk pregnancy by not wearing a condom, and I usually ask a girl to tell me where she wants my cum (which I find gets my partner more into my orgasm) but this time there was no hesitation. And I could tell by the way she grabbed my ass and pulled me close that she was into it too. I felt her pussy contract and squeeze my cock, as it got even more wet, and I knew she’d cum again.

Finally as my orgasm washed over me I became gentle again, caressing her. We kissed for another minute, then broke off and I rolled off her. I closed my eyes for a second and sighed, then opened them again and turned to look at her. She was lying breathing heavily with a contented look on her face, eyes closed. Without opening them, she sighed, “That was great.”

I leaned up on one elbow, letting my eyes take in her body. Then I started undressing her and said, “Plenty more where that came from.” And true to my word, we fucked all night and into the morning.

The next day I took her back to the bar to pick up her car. As I pulled up I gave her a big grin and asked, “So, what are your plans for the day?”

She gave me a coy smile and started digging into her purse for her keys. “I don’t know…no real plans, I guess. I’m off today.”

I was liking this hard-to-get routine we were doing, so I played it cool and just said, “Yeah, me too.”

She looked up at me, keys in hand, grin on her face. “And what are YOUR plans for the day?”

I looked off and pretended to think about it. “I don’t know…I guess get some lunch…maybe see if anyone wants to come over and spend their day off with me.”

She gave a little laugh and said, “Sounds like a good time. So where should I meet you for lunch?”

Continued soon…

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