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Worth the Wait

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I took a deep breath and sighed, then made a face as I noticed the thin sheet slipping further down my naked breast. Damn! He was going to be here any minute and I was accidentally undoing the setup I had worked so hard for. I pulled experimentally against the bond at my wrist again, but it held fast. Ah well, he’d have to live with a bit more exposed flesh than I’d planned. In my excitement waiting for him, I was breathing harder than I had expected, and it was difficult to keep my soft covering in place.

It had been several weeks since I had seen him last – despite being four states apart, we had been seeing each other every other week or so until a series of sudden commitments broke the pattern. Now finally he was flying in again and I had wanted to do something special, to surprise him with something. A brief visit to the Literotica store turned up the perfect idea. Early in our relationship, we had gone there “together” over the phone and talked about the different products listed. One in particular that had caught our eye was a restraint kit that used straps circling the mattress to hold the cuffs in place – perfect since neither of us had a headboard at the time…

The picture shown for the straps seemed to have quite an effect on Alex, the girl pulling vainly against the wrist cuffs, feet held apart and just a thin strip of bundled sheet running between her spread legs. I had tried to duplicate the pose as closely as I could with my own body, first strapping my ankles into the soft Velcro cuffs, then arranging the sheet across me – a thin strip between my legs, trace up across half of my belly, then spread out to cover both nipples. I wasn’t showing as much flesh as the model did in the picture, but I thought he might just enjoy being able to uncover me himself, and I wasn’t leaving that much to the imagination. If I kept up this heavy breathing, though, the sheet was going to slip beyond recovery and leave my breasts bare. Not that I think he’d mind that, of course, but I was determined to preserve my pose.

As I waited, my mind wandered back over my setup. Getting that last wrist into the cuff had been quite an ordeal – have you ever tried to close a cuff around your wrist without using the other hand? It’s not easy. I had practiced it quite a bit in the week before he was supposed to arrive, though, and although it wasn’t quite as tight as the other hand, I was confident that it would do the trick. If he didn’t like it, he could always readjust when he got here. I had picked up a blindfold to complete the deal, but I left it out on the bed beside me instead of actually wearing it. I wanted to see his reaction when he rounded the corner and found me like this. I struggled against the impulse to fidget, my mind firmly fixed on the sheet threatening to slip away from its tentative hold on my body. Bah, when was he going to get here?

As if on cue, just as my mind reached the word “here” I heard the door opening down the hall. I had sent a friend to pick him up with explicit instructions that he was to come on in and not knock on the door. I don’t know what excuse he was given, but apparently it had been enough.

“Chloe?” his tentative voice echoed down the hallway. I smiled despite myself, opened my mouth to reply, then thought better of it. I heard him pause, then softly close the door behind him. Footsteps. “Are you here?” Good, he was headed in the right direction. Any minute now, my hand would come into his view, then a foot… “Ah, there you –” He stopped dead in the doorway, eyebrows leaping upward as quickly as his jaw plummeted çubuk escort toward the floor. “Oh my god…” he murmured, eyes traveling rapidly from my head to my feet and back again.

I grinned devilishly up at him, quite pleased with myself for the carefully-planned display and its rather obvious effect on him. “Oh hello, fancy meeting you here!” I feigned a supremely unabashed and innocent greeting, though the rapidly spreading blush over my face and body must have given me away. I heard his traveling bag hit the floor with a thump. “Well? Aren’t you going to kiss me hello?” I asked after a long moment.

He lurched into motion at my invitation, managing to get his shirt and shoes off somewhere between the door and the bed, but leaving it at that. He paused just short and carefully sank his hands to the mattress, apparently taking pains not to jostle the soft white sheet that commanded his attention. “Hello, beautiful.” Finally, he spoke, and between the tone of his voice and the sparkle in his eye, I felt I had already been repaid for all of the trouble it had taken to set this up. Once more his eyes traveled my body, then he locked them on my own as he leaned in for a long kiss, soft and sweet but still with a passion behind it that had my nether lips getting slick with anticipation.

“Mmmmmmm.” I kept my eyes closed for a long moment after his lips left mine, then slowly lifted the lids and smiled sweetly up at him. “Surprise!” I murmured, and gave a tiny little shrug of surrender that proved just enough to push one nipple free of the sheet’s protection. His eyes flicked downward and held, and I saw him swallow and subconsciously lick his lips. It had been too long for him as well. He lifted a hand and reached toward my chest, but instead of cupping my breast with the firm touch I expected, he used a single finger to trace feather-light circles around the edge of the areola, watching with interest as my nipple hardened and pressed upward toward his hand, but carefully avoiding any real contact.

When he was satisfied with the stance, he removed his touch. I took in a deep breath and arched my back slightly, pressing my chest upward, trying to catch his hand as it left me. His eyes shifted to mine and he grinned, evidently quite pleased with my frustrated reaction. I searched his mischievous gaze and decided I was in for quite a bit of delicious torture before he would finally consent to take me. Ah well, what did I expect, presenting myself to him like this. I smiled inwardly and settled back to enjoy.

After a brief pause, he settled a finger on the other breast, tracing the same soft, slow circles and avoiding any contact with the nipple itself. His eyes flickered up and down my body and to my face, sparkling, and I wondered what devilish treatment he was dreaming up as his fingers traced their tiny circles. I fidgeted in place, trying to catch him off-guard and grant a brush of his finger against my already-hard nipple, but he would have none of it. With his other hand, he landed a soft pinch on the flesh of my breast and told me to be still. I quieted my body and resorted to little moans and a press of my head back into the mattress.

Three more slow circles and he was finished. My eyes were still closed, clinging to the feelings of the only male touch, however scant, that my body had known in far too long. Suddenly his hands closed down firmly, one over each breast, nipples trapped between two fingers, and squeezed. The contrast to the past teasing touch had quite an impact and I heard myself demetevler escort gasp softly, arching my back once more and feeling the sheet slip down my stomach and settle just above the pubic bone.

I started to open my eyes only to see the blindfold descending on me. Ah, so he had noticed that after all. I lifted my head from the pillow, allowing him to secure it firmly behind me, then felt a smile cross my face as I embraced the darkness. His warm breath breezed across my chin and I felt my heart flutter and catch in my chest. A tiny kiss landed on my jaw line just as his strong hand settled on the upper part of my stomach. He bestowed a stream of baby kisses from one ear to the other and up and down my neck, all the while inching the pressure of his hand lower and lower. I felt the sheet move as his fingers brushed my abdomen and my breath caught as I debated whether he would go under the sheet, over the sheet, or move it aside as he passed.

His hand rotated to let his fingers lead the way for his palm, slipping beneath the sheet and creeping across the shaven area to ever so slowly approach my slit. With his mouth, he settled in to gently suck on my lower lip, my ragged breathing warm on his face, tiny moans coming more often the lower his hand progressed. Finally, he couldn’t possibly go any further without reaching my clit. I braced myself for the touch, pressing my thighs back on either side and straining my hips up to meet his hand. He gathered himself for the move, tongue running lightly over my lip, and then abruptly split his fingers to travel to either side, again denying me the touch I craved. My moan was loud this time with frustration, my hips bucking under his hand in search of contact. He laughed softly and landed a quick kiss on the corner of my mouth. “Not yet, love. Not yet.”

His hand progressed slightly faster now, one finger to either side of my pleasure center, so close and yet so far from what I desired. I felt my eyes rolling beneath the blindfold, my breath coming in short gasps, and I strained my wrists against the soft cuffs as a pleading groan escaped my lips. After what seemed like an eternity, he again reached a moment of decision; if his hand continued its torturous slide across my body, his palm would soon make contact with my clit. I couldn’t help but hold my breath, though I knew better by now than to expect him to allow such a pleasure… yet.

Sure enough, at the last possible second he removed his touch, eliciting another loud moan and a sound that might have been “please” if I’d been able to think in words. I heard what sounded like a chuckle under his breath, then I felt the air shift with his movement as he abruptly stood and whipped the last remnant of a covering sheet from my body. I drew in my breath again as the cool air caressed and chilled the soaked area between my legs. From his position near my head, I felt him lean over and settle his fingers at the insides of my knees. I could feel part of his bare chest overlapping my torso and reasoned that his head must be somewhere in the vicinity of my – My hips bucked involuntarily at the thought, resulting in another soft laugh from my captor.

His fingertips dug lightly into the skin of my legs as he pulled his hands steadily back toward his body, dragging four points of contact up the inside of each thigh, slowing his progress as he moved, causing my breath to slow at the same rate. “Ohhhhh.” My first real attempt at a word, if that counts as one, since he started his torturous tour of my body. “P… pleeeaaase…” ankara escort There, that was a word, my clouded head tried to claim. He couldn’t be more than three inches away… oh, keep going… Two inches at most… “Mmmmmm, Alex….” But again he stopped short, twisting his fingers off to the side with a mischievous little swivel.

“Aaaaghhhh!” The cry rose unbidden from the back of my throat, the back of my consciousness: “Noooooooo!” I writhed against my bonds, wishing my ankles were just a bit closer together. I wanted to clamp my thighs together, granting a tiny bit of the contact I so desperately needed, but even that small comfort was denied me. There was nothing but the cool air and the hot throbbing of my body.

His breath settled once on my clit as he moved away, and it threw me into overdrive. “Pleeeeeeaaaase,” I begged in a hoarse cry, but I couldn’t even concentrate enough to form the plea itself. I just wanted… needed… Him.

The bed shook and moved as he apparently climbed up next to me, but my fuzzy attempts at discerning his exact position failed. Then suddenly he was there, on top of me, chest pressing into mine, and – oh, god! His hard cock came down perfectly aligned to rest along my slit, his weight pressing the shaft into my engorged clit as he lowered himself quickly onto me. The sudden pressure I had longed for, combined with the knowledge of who and what was giving it, was almost too much for me. I had just enough time to suck in a shallow breath before his mouth closed on mine, tongue probing with as much force as the rest of his body pressing into mine.

I felt myself explode, the arching of my back breaking the kiss as my orgasm ripped through me. He took advantage of the opportunity to slip his arms around and under me, somehow managing to pull me yet closer to him before recapturing my mouth and entwining his tongue with mine. I couldn’t breath, couldn’t think, just felt his warmth over every inch of my body, struggling to reciprocate each touch and motion as a voice somewhere at the back of my mind laughed at me and observed that he hadn’t even entered me yet.

He seemed eager to fix that little detail and as my head began to clear I felt him adjust, sliding down against me to allow the tip of his cock to fall into place at the very entrance of my pussy. He pulled his head back as well and somehow managed to work the blindfold off of me with the combination of his nose and a hand behind my head. Frozen in place against my fading convulsions, he gazed down at me, waiting patiently until my eyes slid open to meet his. My lips parted and I struggled to form words through the haze, but he just smiled, staring down at me hungrily, and said all I needed to and more.

“I love you.”

With that, he slammed deep inside me, sending my mind reeling back into the incomprehensible world of pure pleasure. It didn’t take long at all before he joined me and I heard him cry out as he squeezed my body tighter than ever before, cock buried to the hilt in me and held firmly in place.

As our breathing slowly returned to normal, he stayed right there, pressed against me and occasionally nuzzling his cheek against mine. I reveled in the feeling and moved my hips just slightly, enjoying the reminder of how he felt inside me. After a few long moments, his hands strayed to either side of my head, fiddling with the cuffs until he found the release. Then he returned his arms to their previous hold around me as mine went around his neck. Uncuffing my ankles took more work, but he seemed determined not to have to withdraw from me and eventually managed to get enough hold with his toes to free the Velcro. I hooked my knees loosely around his legs and settled myself under him contentedly with a short, sweet kiss to the side of his neck.

The weekend had begun, and it was definitely worth the wait.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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