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You Series Pt. 02: Remote Control

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The Remote Control (You)

A waiter adeptly switched my recently finished beer for a new one, I took it in my hand and tilted it back to get a better look at the label, it’s an unfamiliar draft, but I shrugged mentally and took a deep sip. I glanced around the room, bustling with other customers and the staff smoothly zipping between them. There is still no sign of you and instead of letting out a sigh I took a deeper, bigger pull from the bottle and stifled the second-thoughts, as they tried to creep their way to the forefront of my mind.

I propped my head on my hand and began to draw circles on the table with the perspiration off the beer bottle. After minutes that crawled by like hours I pulled up the sleeve of my, charcoal dress shirt, to glance at the time. 8:30 PM.

Thirty minutes late, I thought to myself as I took another sip, finishing the beer.

The waiter comes by and is in the middle of suggesting another beer and I’m in the middle of telling him that I’ve been stood up and to send for the check, when I suddenly stop talking and the door opens up and I see you step across the threshold. I could feel the smile, now, wide on my lips.

“Two more,” I said to the waiter, who hurried off with a nod.

I look back to see you standing just inside the door, your head slowly looking over the crowd, and a strand of your softly curled hair pulled back behind your ear, revealing the bright silver of your earring.

My smile widened and I continued to drink in the sight of you, so much more satisfying than my beer.

You wore a deep purple sundress that held itself greedily to your curves, the cut revealing a moderate and tantalizing amount of cleavage. The lines of the dress only interrupted by your stomach-knottingly prominent hip bones, and the dress finally loosened its grip on your curves at your hips to let the hem fall just above your knees, flashing just enough of your thighs for my breath to lose itself on the way to my lungs. Black pumps raise you a few inches above the rest of the crowd and it’s only then that your gaze finds me, just as I was regaining my breath, those hazel eyes–a flash from a memory of those brilliant eyes glancing up at me–knock it away again.

I forced myself to look away and sucked in a deep breath, before looking back to find you making your slow way through the room. I stood up as you reached the table and didn’t sit back down until you were properly seated.

I smiled.

You smiled back, I could see your lips trembling slightly with nervousness, and set a silver-colored clutch on the table.

“So,” you said after a moment filled too long by silence.

“Hey,” I replied the smile back on my lips.

The waiter returned with two bottles of beer, which he placed in front of each of us. He placed two menus on the table and then took a longer-than-necessary look at you and shot a glance that said “she was worth the wait” and I could only agree. He placed two menus on the table.

When he was finally gone I said, “You look amazing.”

A blush found its way to your cheeks and you muttered thanks.

“Don’t tell me you’re one of those women I always have to convince that they’re beautiful. I mean, you are beautiful and I’d tell you that every day, but I hope to shit you believe me.”

Your smile returned and the tension in my shoulders, that I didn’t even realize was there, vanished.

“I believe you,” you said and that smile widened enough to show me the white of your front teeth.

A deep hunger made itself known to me then.

“You ARE late, though,” I said my smile now only half of one.

I could see the nervousness you were feeling fall away and your gaze harden a little as you looked at me.

“We DO live in a city, you know, with other people that help make TRAFFIC.”

I laughed a little. “You did have me feeling like I got stood up, for a minute there. You can even ask the waiter, when he comes back, I was almost in tears.”

You rolled your eyes. “Why are you always so melodramatic?”

“I try to make every day of my life like those Mexican soap operas,” I explained with a half shrug. “Besides, you like it.”

You rolled your eyes with even more exaggeration.

“Now who’s being melodramatic!?”

We laughed.

I checked my watch again. 8:43 PM. “Where’s that wait–” when I looked back up you had fit those shapely lips of yours to the mouth of your beer and I lost my words and all I could do was watch as you sipped at your beer. When you saw that I was watching you, intently, you covered your mouth with your hand, a little embarrassment coloring your cheeks.

“What?” you asked.

I mentally shook myself and then shook my head and looked around the room “Where’s that waiter?” I could see you smiling at me in the corner of my eye.

I turned back to you and gestured at the menus. “So what do you want to eat?”

You picked up the menu and started looking through it as I watched you. Your eyes flicking over the images and the descriptions and your fingers tapping here or there, you seemed to be thoroughly beşevler escort engrossed.

“I have a question I said,” after mustering up some courage.

“Shoot,” you said, your eyes only briefly glancing up at me before returning to the menu.

“There’s chemistry here, right? It’s not just me?” you slowly put the menu down. “I mean, I know we’ve always had the physical attraction and we got along and all that jazz and that’s fun, but there’s more to it, right? There’s chemistry.” I force my mouth shut.

There’s a tight, amused, smile on your lips as you looked me over.

Just as the silence was stretching into the unbearable, “Of course, well, I think so anyways.”

I sucked air into my grateful lungs.

“I have absolutely no idea if or how this is going to work,” I could see the nervousness at the edges of your movements and gestures as you spoke. “But it’s there; I couldn’t even tell you how relieved I was when you asked me out.”

“Relieved?” I asked with a smile.

“Yeah, for, like, ever I had this big crush on you, but everyone basically warned me off, I knew… I know of your reputation, but I couldn’t stop myself. Then we hooked up those few times and each time it was great, you know, but it hurt a little too… I’m rambling, anyways I was just afraid that that’s as far as your interest in me went and… Sooooo, I’m relieved.” After you finished speaking you instantly picked up the menu and hid your face behind it.

I set my forearms on the edge of the table, propped my upper body on them and leaned across the table, setting my nose on the top edge of the menu and looking down at you, and hiding.

“You had a big crush on me, huh? How big? Do you have like a notebook filled with my name and your name in hearts or something?”

You pulled the menu from under my nose, closed it, and slapped me in the face with it, playfully. You laughed and shook your head.

“No, I’m not twelve!”

“No?” I sat back, my eyes never leaving your face.

“Well…” you began.


“Well, I did use your name in Words with Friends a few times.” The blush returned to your cheeks, and your eyes darted away from a moment.

I fluttered my hand in front of my face, pretending to cool the heat on my cheeks. “I might swoon,” I said in a falsetto.

You rolled your eyes and through the menu at me. I caught it and put it back on the table with a laugh.

The waiter came back and took our orders and told us that the movie would be starting soon. So we got out of our seats and started to make our slow way towards the theater room. I reached behind my back and took your hand and pulled it across my back and rested it on my side so I could comfortably drape my other arm across your shoulders.

“You know,” I began, “there are a few hefty entries in my dream journal about you.”

You attempted to push me away, but I held on tight so you couldn’t. “Liar!”

“Okay, okay, I don’t have a dream journal, but if I did, you totally would be in there.” I glanced at you from the corner of my eye and the blush was there again.

“You know,” I said, “I didn’t take you for a blusher.”

The color deepened.

“It’s cute, totally endearing.”

You shoved me, this time succeeding in pushing me away, and I laughed. I took your hand and gently pulled you towards me, slipping my arm around your waist and using it to pull you against me. Those hazel eyes of yours looked up into mine, and the hunger rumbled. I used my free hand, on your chin, to tilt your head back slightly and placed my lips against yours. Your lips were soft, and full, and the skin of our lips were lightly sealed together by the adhesiveness of the gloss on your lips so when I finally pulled away from the kiss, our lips peeled away from each other like a sticker off its contact paper. Your eyes searched mine and I grinned.

“You taste good,” I said. I let go of your waist, took your hand in mine and headed toward the theater entrance, tugging gently to prompt you to start walking again.

We found our seats near the perfect center of the theater. I pulled the armrest up so it didn’t get in between us and leaned a shoulder against you, as the waiter delivered a couple more beers, placing them on the small table in front of us.

We talked about little, meaningless things as we watched each other’s mannerisms and waited for our food. I tried to make you laugh and smile as often as I could and every time I succeeded my stomach knotted a little tighter.

After some time, you pulled away and leaned forward; you grabbed your clutch and began sifting through it. I could see the hesitation in your fingers as you slowly pulled your hand out of the bag. You held something I couldn’t make out and after fighting that hesitation you took my hand and pushed a plastic rectangular object into it. I looked at you questioningly, but you wouldn’t meet my eyes so I looked down to see what was in my hand.

I held a small remote control with a series of small buttons with labels describing what they beypazarı escort do. It took me longer than it should have to realize that I held the remote to a wirelessly controlled vibrator. When I looked up, you were blushing again, but before I could say or do anything the waiter had returned. He placed our food in front on our table and told us to enjoy the food and the movie and reminded us to shut off our phones. The entire time I was watching you and you stole furtive glances at me through the corner of your eye, but wouldn’t commit to anything meaningful. When I tried to talk to you in whispers, you took a deep pull from your beer. Finally, I gave up and studied the remote.

After a second’s hesitation I clicked a button labeled “PULSE”. I saw your mouth open in shock and pleasure, you glanced at me fully and there was a twinkle of something in your eye and that pit of hunger that had formed earlier yearned for more. But, I clicked the button off, watching through my periphery as you sucked in a breath and closed your mouth.

The lights dimmed and the trailers began to play, everyone turned their attention from their food and conversations to the screen, but I only had eyes for you. I depressed the pulse button once more and smiled as your eyes met mine, your lips parted slightly. I could feel my dick growing slightly. I let go of the button and had to fight hard to pull my eyes away from yours to look down at the remote again, trying to see what labels said in the flashes of light coming from the screen.

I gave up and looked back up to see you still had your eyes on me, those lips still parted and I felt that the top most button was actually on a slide, so I put my thumb on it and moved it very slowly. Your mouth opened further and your eyes opened a little wider and in between the loud crashes and shouts from the speakers I could hear your labored breath. I wrapped and arm around you and pulled you close enough so that I could hear you but could still see your facial expressions clearly and as I slid the button along your breath came faster and shorter. I could feel you sucking in each breath and letting it out in stuttering stops. When the button couldn’t move any further I felt your hand grip my thigh tightly and hear that your heavy breaths were becoming soft moans and my dick grew harder with each one.

I took your hand from my thigh and slid it over so you could feel my hard on through my jeans. I smiled as realization hit your features, your eyes widening and then glancing down to see what you might see in the darkness. You slid in a little closer to me; I let out an involuntary groan from the back of my throat as your hand explored me. I blindly pressed another, unfamiliar button and was rewarded when you rested your head on my shoulder and your moaning was easier to hear over the sounds of the movie. I could only imagine what exactly was going on down there, was the vibrator pressed against your clit? Was it inside of you? My imagination was running wild and it flashed me images of the condition your pussy was in and my dick responded in kind.

Your hand continued to explore my hard on through my jeans and your moans came faster and loader as I pressed buttons. Unable to help myself, I used my free hand to slide over to your thigh, my fingers searching for the hem of your skirt. When they found it I pulled it up slowly and pushed my hand in between your thighs, the skin of which was raised by goosebumps and that hungry part of me growled. With every inch my hand moved up your thighs you drew yourself closer to me, with every inch my hand moved up the air became warmer, with every inch my hand moved up the vibrations became stronger, until my hand had reached the source of the vibration. I slipped my fingers up between your thighs until they reached the small gap, and then my fingers were against your wet and vibrating pussy. I felt you suck in a breath. I let the fingers explore the damp fabric separating them from the flesh of your pussy, fighting the urge to just pull your panties to the side and plunge my fingers into you. Instead, I urged them make slow progress until I could feel the hard cylindrical shape. Your hand gripped me tightly.

I placed my fore finger on one end of the shape and my thumb on the other and then pushed it hard against your clit. I clicked another button with my other hand and felt you take a shuttering breath, moan it out, and take in another, then your body was tightening and your next breath came in sharply. I smiled with a fierce satisfaction. Your teeth bit hard into my neck and your body began to shake and tremble. Finally, the tension in your body released, your teeth let go of the flesh of my neck and you sucked in another ragged breath. I moved the slider to the off position and then let my other hand explore you, the fabric of your panties considerably more damp.

I pulled my hand from between your legs and you slowly pulled away from me so you could look up at me, scenes from the movie reflecting in your eyes. The satisfied smile hadn’t wavered; ankara escort I brought my hand up and popped a slightly wet finger into my mouth. Your eyes went wide and your mouth formed a silent O. I savored the taste of you, when I was done, I leaned down and kissed you, full and hard, catching you slightly off guard so that by the time you started to kiss me back I was pulling away. I gently turned your head and moved my lips to brush against your ear so I could whisper breathily, “You taste good.” I grinned again as I felt you shudder in response and I could even see the goosebumps in the poor light.

“I can’t wait any longer,” I whispered, my lips brushing slightly against your ear as I spoke. “There’s no way I’m going to make it through this entire movie.” Despite the whisper there was an obvious hunger in my tone.

You put your hand on my chest and slowly pushed me back, my eyes fell on yours and I could see you searching my face. You flashed a grin at me, stood up and you were making your way down the aisle before I could even respond. I stood up pulled my wallet out of my back pocket and tossed some bills next to our uneaten food as a tip and quickly followed after you.

I caught up to you on the way out of the theater room, slipped my hand in yours and we hurried through the doors. We were halfway to the exit, a frantic-ness in our pace, when I remembered I hadn’t actually paid yet. I grumbled something unintelligible and told you to hold on. I made my way over to the cashier where I briefly explained that something had come up and we had to leave early, after what felt like an excruciatingly long time I had paid and found you standing by the exit door watching me.

I smiled and held the door open for you, while I slipped my free hand into my pocket and hit the pulse button. I laughed when you jumped and shot me a glare, which turned into something else when you bit into the flesh of your bottom lip.

We stepped out into the night.

Outside we moved quickly, but not quickly enough, you tripped once and I caught you. You stopped, put a hand on my shoulder to balance as you slowly, and seductively pulled your feet out of the pumps. And then we ran for the parking structure. The distance between where we stood when you took off your heels and the elevator in the parking structure was a blur.

In the elevator, I had you pressed against the back wall, our bodies pressed tightly together, and our mouths working as our tongues met for the first time that night. Your arms wrapped around my neck, your heels dangling from your fingers and my arms around your waist. We were breathing hard, there was a slight sheen of sweat on our skin from the run, and we were breathless, so, the kiss was filled with pauses as we fought for balance between breath and passion. Just as we were finding our rhythm, the elevator bell dinged and the doors opened. Reluctantly, I pulled away from the embrace, your teeth playfully biting at my bottom lip as I did so. I groaned in desire and impatience.

We stepped over the threshold into the dimly lit and practically empty garage. Our pace was no longer frantic; the hurried embrace in the elevator having sated some of our hunger, but it wouldn’t last for long.

My car was at the end of this level of the garage, in a rather dark corner, but there was a barricade instead of a wall that afforded us a view of the area. Couples walking up and down the sidewalk, people entering and exiting shops and restaurants, and an occasional car rolling by.

I looked over to see you watching me, a slight smile playing at your lips.

“What?” I asked, my own grin returning.

You shook your head and took a couple of steps back towards my car. I followed you, just barely making out the shape of your ass against the fabric of your dress. I found myself wishing that the light in the garage wasn’t so appalling, just so I could admire the shape of you. You reached the passenger door, your hand reached out to take the handle, but before you could I was pushing myself against you, my arm around your waist, my mouth pressing against the side of your throat, and your ass pushing against my hardening dick; you yelped in surprise and delight.

I felt your free hand in my hair and pushing me into the flesh of your neck as I began to suck at it. My own free hand dug back into my pocket, found the remote and slid the button all the way over. You dropped your heels with a clatter and moaned heavily, and loudly, no longer worried about anyone overhearing. My dick grew harder and you wiggled your hips, grinding your ass harder against me.

I pulled away from your neck, intending to reposition, but you quickly spun about, pushing your chest against mine. Your hands found my ass and pulled, my hard on straining at my jeans, now pressed against your pelvis and our lips met once more. Your tongue slipped into my mouth and danced along mine as your hands moved up the length of my back and you rested your arms on my shoulders, your wrists firmly interlocked behind my neck, preventing me from pulling away had I even wanted to–I didn’t want to. Instead, I put more passion into the kiss. My hands slipped under the hem of your dress, up the back of your thighs until they found the flesh of your soft, plump ass. I groped and kneaded. Our breathing became heavier and in between kissing you would moan against my lips.

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